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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is why from north korea releases three american detainee us presidents don't trump tweets that the man on their way along with secretary of state might. u.s. officials have been pressing for their release as a show of goodwill ahead of a planned summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders also on the program iranian lawmakers react to the news that america is pulling out of the nuclear deal new guarantees for the remaining signatures on german chancellor angela merkel seems to calm tensions in europe
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remains committed to the day. when russia going to shrink the right commemorates the victory of a nazi germany in world war two moscow correspondent explains what's behind this idea will show russian national pride. welcome to the program north korea has released three american prisoners in the lead up to my historic summit with the united states other prisoners left the country immediately accompanied by u.s. secretary of state mike pump a.o. and landed in japan show times later on their way home of a trio included a missionary and two men who were arrested while teaching at the foreign funded p. on the university of science and technology all had been accused of the state's activities u.s. president donald trump described the news is very exciting. let's get more from
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brussels correspondent to josh smith who joins us from south korean capital of seoul welcome just tell us more about these frayed americans as you mentioned u.s. officials said that the men appeared to be in good health they were able to walk on t.v. aircraft and journalists who were accompanying the american delegation there said that they appeared to be in the company of medical personnel the family one of the men twenty came welcomes his release and st officials who were involved in securing their release they've been two of them were detained last year another one has been detained since at least twenty fifteen so this has been a long time coming for them so the president has indicated that a date and venue has been set for the meeting between the two link this did both sides have preconditions and does this mean that those preconditions have been met
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. well the release of these prisoners was seen as something of a hurdle before this meeting so this certainly clears the way for this meeting now obviously the biggest potential sticking point is north korea's nuclear program which will be the main topic of discussion the united states has said that north korea must commit to giving up its nuclear weapons entirely young has said that it is willing to discuss the future of its nuclear arsenal and one of america's current bad faith in withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal has cast them a sort of a shadow over these talks to come. it has certainly made some ripples in the region here south korean officials came out and said that they were going to work to minimize any impact from that american decision on these ongoing
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negotiations with north korea the trumpet ministration has cast this as potentially move that in fact strengthens its hand going into the talks with kim underlining america's position that it will accept nothing less than a complete. new killer deal however many other observers have criticized the decision saying that it sends the wrong message to north korea that the united states can't be trusted right and very important time in relations between the two countries toss smith and seoul thank you thank you. european countries have reasserted their commitment to the iran nuclear deal president trumps that decision germany has even criticized the u.s. for offering no alternative mechanism to monitor iran's nuclear compliance european signatories will meet with iranian representatives next week to find a way forward iran's supreme leader responded to president trump's announcement by
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accusing him of lying while other iranian officials are suggesting that tehran is no longer bound by the twenty fifteen deal. outrage in tehran and parliament iranian politicians wasted no time condemning the u.s. for violating a deal signed only three years ago. on the streets iranians read the news that their economy is once again to face u.s. sanctions. this means more pressure will be exerted on the people of iran and the country will go back to the days of resorting to smuggling goods into the country and bypassing sanctions. will be. short of mission as an iranian citizen i expect our president to withdraw from the nuclear deal just like the american president who pulled out of it. on tuesday u.s. president donald trump signed a memorandum to reinstate harsh economic sanctions on iran most notably in the oil
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and energy sectors all efforts by european allies to dissuade him had been in vain the european union's foreign policy chief federica mugger rini couldn't hide her regret as she urged unity. utopian union we remain committed to the continued and effective implementation of the nuclear. we fully trust the work the competence and the autonomy of the international atomic energy agency that has published reports certify that iran has fully complied with its commitments. even if europe remains firm many fear that trump's move will prompt a backlash in iran president hassan rouhani said his country might resume nuclear activities if a deal without the u.s. will not guarantee its interests.
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tonight we've witnessed an important historical experience cish thirty how what we've been saying and repeating for the past forty years has now happened once more iran is a country that is low to its commitments and the united states is a country that has never stuck to its commitments. us without us backing the e.u. russia and china must prove that the deal is still worth while for iran much will depend on the next few weeks as european leaders urge iran to remain optimistic. and germany was one of the around deals signature is despite or perhaps because of countries considerable business interests in iran and the united states the german chancellor has expressed regret over mr trance decision and said that european countries will do everything possible to preserve the agreement. that we know with regret but also with concern the u.s. withdrawal which of course is of great import for such an agreement. we will remain
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committed to this agreement and will do everything in a to ensure that iran fulfills its commitments in future. so where do they go from here let's break today don't lose chief political correspondent melinda crane welcome melinda what's the chancellor's next move. well as you mentioned a moment ago she will be meeting with other european union foreign ministers and iranian officials at the beginning of next week to talk about what next steps could be and we're told that the european countries that were signatories to the agreement are looking into how they can protect european business interests in iran going forward any sanctions now imposed by the u.s. would be in relation to new business with iran the recent investment that has occurred as long as the agreement was fully enforced that would not apparently
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initially be affected but the u.s. law has a very long arm u.s. sanctions are extraterritorial as it's known and apparently european union officials and european union foreign ministers of the signatory countries are looking into whether they could in some way protect european businesses going forward when they do invest in iran because clearly if european union if european investment dries up iran will have very little incentive at all to stay with the agreement now there has in the past been occasional resort to by the european union and of what is known as a blocking resolution which essentially tells member countries that they do not need to comply with the extraterritorial application of u.s. sanctions that has been used for example in regard to u.s. sanctions in connection with cuba possibly they may be looking into such a thing here and now but it's still early days and we don't know exactly what steps
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they're considering let me show you a tweet from the united states a newly installed ambassador to germany this is what he tweeted shortly after yesterday's announcement donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately lead to crave how has that been received. it hasn't gone over very well here some of the most polite responses were along the lines of well clearly he needs some time to get used to diplomatic language and customs but in a rather unusual move one of germany's most respected diplomats the head of the munich security conference wolfgang ischinger sent a tweet of his own shortly after that one came out saying dear rick parent me they do know each other let me give you some advice as a diplomat germans do like to listen but it is best if you first approach
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them in a different diplomatic fashion essentially rather than giving them orders and there have been a number of much more harsh reactions as well some german politicians calling this outrageous and we did then see a response from ambassador grinnell saying that this was the language he had been given by the white house. chief political correspondent thank you. turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world series of explosions has hit the capital kabul at least five people were reported killed and several injured and suicide bombers targeted two police stations the death toll is likely to climb authorities say the islamic state group on the taliban have claimed responsibility. to a new vet spearing law got
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a lava and ash have opened the volcano on why it's big island it's been erupting for nearly a week and police say nearby remaining residents have now all been evacuated from their homes but the volcano has destroyed dozens of property since it began to be rocked last thursday. is essential potent on a sticky job on their hands clean up tons of liquid chocolate that spilled from an overturned truck the sweet sludge to block the main motorway between in germany for hours yes but say chocolate spills on the roads are even harder to remove the oil. victory day celebrations have taken place across russia commemorating the defeat of nazi germany in world war two the highlight was a huge military parade in moscow's red square as in previous years it drew massive crowds. in the ninth of may a sacred day for russians the country commemorates its defeat of nazi germany in
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world war two known here as the great patriotic war. every year the crowds gather at red square for a choreographed spectacle showcasing moscow's latest military equipment. an important show of force at a time when relations with the west are at their lowest since the cold war. despite the display president vladimir putin warned against repeating history. but i fear that if the good russia is open to dialogue on all issues of global security ready for a constructive and equal partnership for the sake of agreement peace and progress on the planet but i got us on the planet congratulations happy victory day. my dear dear. order that.
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the red army crushed hitler's advance on stalingrad a turning point which led to the surrender of german forces. not far from home but the soviet victory came at a high price millions of russians perished not only from combat but also starvation and cold at a reception putin paid tribute to the soldiers who fought for the country. that you're going to do things which i want to address the veterans in this hall the veterans in all of our country all veterans of the great patriotic war wherever they may have lived. yes some like me i met with many of them in various countries they are all heroes. we all got our heads before their acts of bravery with. israel's prime minister and serbia's president also attended the festivities benjamin netanyahu is high profile visit comes a day after washington announced their withdrawal from the historic iran nuclear
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deal of which russia is also a signatory. situ up today on the web site of course d w dot com i'll be back on the top of the hour how the day. that the world over information they provide the means they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch.


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