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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Armen Ashotyan  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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a month is a long time these days in armenian politics long enough for the last president to finish his term in office and take most of his considerable power to the prime minister's. angry crowd. and force him out and now the man who led those protests taking place as well. my guest this week here in your advantage is our man i show john vice president of the republican party that's
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ruled armenia for the last ten years when he and his colleagues now accept defeat or will they make trouble for the new leaders. welcome to comfort zone thank you for everything to me to your party's been in power for so many years how did you fail so spectacularly to understand how unpopular you don't become nice question very provocative and nice question i like the way you posed is there a nice answer i'm going to be as frank as i will try to be always you know. the phenomena of our mean you know revolutionary movement will be investigated john started i think for a long time because it was really very interesting to follow the people to try. but
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all you had to do was look at the opinion polls didn't use the opinion polls i have my own explanation maybe it's too early to make a final conclusions but as far as i understand the processes. the phenomena quite common and general and twenty first century post industrial war were shall. we i mean politicians michel believe are properly what we are going to do and what they are going which would show that you didn't according to a survey last year by the caucasus barometer sixty five percent of our means either completely distrusted political parties here or leaned towards distrusting them another another poll said only a quarter of the population were satisfied with the level of democracy that's quite an indictment. but if their level of democracy wasn't in compliance with the european standard. or the the threshold for landstar european
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political families we could do it i think even you could do work there so that your political family could have been sent to them yet you've had in the greenwood is it with you with the did we did so on several levels let me come back later just i will answer the question you pose for the very beginning of. this phenomenon is quite the general when you follow the political developments in your countries in germany for example look we took it out of my sources so it's not about you or you mean press me by your for inpatients but let me let me finish please. the general movement is the politicians and the population in all countries. i divined it and by by is a gap i think the level of in confidence the level of fatigue. the level of impatience he's quite common in general mr churchill i think that in european countries there is a more stable democratic institutions it was very clear about this mistrust for
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deep and miscommunications on behalf of political the light let's prove the raise over throw parties in all countries in your country as well in france you need their alliance in germany in armenia where as a democratic institutions were not so strong. it came to another manifestation all right mr fink we should consider about it was really anti establishment movement you know you are to a for me you know but if i could just say my question is your view out of all these events of the last few weeks is that there are signs of democracy the president said standing down for instance you said this was the action of a national figure a strong and patchy arctic person keeping our media safe from sharks pieces of wisdom exerting all of us know it all didn't have a choice did he he was forced out of office i think it's not a very honest opinion if you treat the decision of politicians like weeds you would
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put them on the corner next time what we want you know to mean your we i say republican party or for me we wanted at that time. to show to the population for the people that we finally heard their voices it was very important there is a shot to this already maybe a million to two as many are on the street already related to the president the resignation of the president was a real act of non while us policy he would try to follow up for a many years and the second we. you know the security is always prevailing for armenians in armenia the security phenomena for the people living during four thousand years hearing very unstable and volatile the region undergone many wars and invasions it's question number one would you don't want to put at risk the pression of familiar security as
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a state well so you can for you know stories of what you're going to say and it that way. you can spin it that scares me to me but the events tell the difference no of the events you have seen something a different story the events just coming to prove that the logic behind the decision of republican party leadership is the same. population the people of army needs they want another way to go out we are ready to create the environment for that let's just take a look at the same timeline doesn't make sense to say over the last few days and the security issues so people's opinion and security prevailing let's just take a look i think let's just take the larry. nice way of considering these decisions like hugh try to of summarize some opponents opinion i guess let's go back at some of the event was over the last few days april sixteenth your president. was
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nominated for the prime minister's position he accepted it and in doing so he broke a promise that he had made in twenty fourteen specifically he wouldn't try to hold on to power as prime minister or speaker he broke that promise so your party that doesn't keep its promises well let's let's concede that you know such emotional way as you propose such a way it's not the most now so if you want to if you want your can go or alone sleazy years if not if you want to hear more opinion if you want to. respect the pluralism if you want to respect the freedom of expression your. own sounds like to me. so first we explained that the trial are a political decision the main reason standing behind of his decision to nominate. prime minister as a candidate for the prime minister was a security issue on nagorno-karabakh conflict negotiations because he was
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considered as the only man who is burning institutional memory in mind and being compared to your take on the part of his deliberation war in early nineteenth and end of the eighties oh could promote armenian national interest during his negotiations in the second. according to the constitutional mechanism the ruling party won elections in two thousand and seventeen he. has his right to nominate any candidate so this is a constitution which is so much. respected by all democratic countries and they do hope that their meaning is not the next he still he still broke his promise on only to the seventeenth when he took the job the number of protesters in the streets kept on rising and when you decided to try and discourage the protests by having the police roughed up and detained some of the activists tens of thousands let's see people looking more into the slot so very honestly that this revolution was of
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the company but of the violence so much so far not so much but the worst violence you can't avoid any kind of clashes if you hop trance of followers and people on one side of the movement and you have a falls on people on the other side police force them on the international communities was worried i was worried they would you as a restaurant the rights of this doesn't it at that time we go to pump regulations for the europe commission. head of european commission mr jones european council president mr proves just to remind you the organization for security and cooperation in europe warned over the reported instances of the. proportionate use of force by armenian we should also consider which them also to. keep in mind that at that time we had also the storming of the state buildings state institutional buildings as a state of public radio minister so you should probably be very frank to consider
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the situation in a very open minded mr. pruett the twenty second. was clinging to power the demonstrations had risen the last thing on his mind on that day the twenty second was actually standing down he had discussions with the opposition leader the cult passion yet which he broke off after just a few minutes accusing him of issuing ultimatums and blackmailing the legitimate authority miles away is a blackmailing intolerance paul that is still going calling armenia after the war dr who by you or by the way asked have you found any evidence that it's going by us this kind of intolerance and blackmailing is not promoting democracy in armenia because despite the movement has the followers of supporters the rights of the freedom of expression for the opponents and for the people who are feeling think another way should be preserved from guaranteed but all the underdog did not understand you i believe that if you're looking for the opposition to risk the
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excuse me he was arrested for you for oh it's the force of the race for democracy you to force it it's only for some very small for this you know the rest is in violation of his parliamentary he was detained for several hours and fell for just a very much more as an extra thirty for the next acting prime minister mr harper turn of one to deliberate that just a reminder so the question of the democracy is not only is a question of the majority. but also the question of the protecting the rights of the people who are thinking you know another way if you violate it nicko passion you know parliamentary immunity by detaining him it's not right. that's what he said or what their position is he's far from the stipulation just your views of the recent assessment about developments he was touched up. there was no special sitting for the parliament all discussing their immunization i was
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a mr pushing us parliamentary status it's not true and then untrue and then on april the twenty eighth came the sudden change of mind from your new prime minister i got it wrong he said and this passion was released just like that from one day to the next from the twenty second to the twenty third who whispered in his ear that night and told him the game was of who was very nice which also if you want to talk clink your position to the cost or all would you can continue to stipulate in this way when he was clinging to power for all those days only overnight coming back to you it was a meeting between a former prime minister a leader of a position you are from germany and you forward for six months so in negotiations to form a new coalition have you faced this kind of negotiations your life stream how many jordan alist were covering the negotiations between ms merkel believe free
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democrats or social democrats or how many. i remember we're talking about what goes on in the i mean that's no no no this is. right that's because of the interview and you agreed to answer questions on i mean exactly but i want to compare as a situation we have at least through the european public school culture because our media wants to become more democratic country one more european by essence so we can think left european experience you can say that you could have around of political negotiations just in front of the calmer having a live stream because it's impossible you ten have statements in front of the camera you can have a live stream when you are delivering a press conference but nothing too serious that i should just after all these years yes you have you built up an enormous network of patronage with the an elite that this still feasting off the massive corruption that your party embedded to many
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early too many vested interests too many people with too much to lose these people are going to start very very shoaling this area in society the way you've. come if you allow me to come back to the first question you pose of why it happens for sure we had for trying to have had the background of the problems not solved finally i mean corruption you could ration level of poverty but i mean you know in this is something indicative swer not so bad if you compare we've you're getting worse if you're if not true this is a new report by the freedom house says your corruption rating is dropped if you compare the situation in europe mean you know we've so called associated countries like ukraine georgia and moldova in all fields army incentives were quite toy were quite high even in comparison with the countries who are european only associated already so despite we had many challenges something new government will continue to
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face these challenges so the problem is that i should. problems exist thinking armenian politics will remain until the new government should face the expectations or raise the expectations of the people and i do want them to succeed because otherwise it will be another failed on to another vicious circle for i mean a political life according to freedom you have contributed mercifully to this corruption they said because you've solidified systemic corruption they accuse your party of consolidating power over the executive legislative and judicial branches and say you weren't prepared to act against high level your research in other words when i just finished the question i let you finish the answer in other words you let the powerful get away with abusing the system that's the view of freedom our freedom house before my respect for longer months from national organisations after
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parliamentary elections in two thousand and seventeen we got quite positive statements from going to zation of security and cooperation in europe parliamentary assembly from european parliament for the council of europe parliaments or somewhere about the recent poll lecture us so please if you refer to any kind of source of information in this case very specific transnational anju or. at the same time as a quotations from his internationally recognised political they're going to be responsible for the election of their wealth they said we have corruption in our media and how do you have a should have a vote by as well. i want to remind you of main idea of the all final statement after parliamentary elections we finally despite all the problems reduced violence are voting the political will of the armenian people has been reflected during the voting for as a result of this war released find exactly freedom said last year there were
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widespread i don't recall of major violations in your twenty's or so elections in which you say were. great but you say you could continue your eruption i never said it was great not a subject i said the people of corruption miss that i should just i know you'd like to clean up your record but one of your party representatives and nothing very damn just expressways so i'll just demick corruption happens to be one of your politics that meeting part of the responsibility for one of your party representatives lady could mean that battalion was actually quoted on the subject of vote buying just before those twenty seventeen elections she was giving you the green light there's a fantastic quote she said anyone who wants to give electoral bribes is just doing charity whoever wants to give an electoral bribe let them give it a new ever wants to take an electoral bribe let them take it i'm quite surprised they were taishan but if you're talking about another proud of your party if you are talking about the world buying it so through please consider the records of
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that time straight month something absurd nations voted for former republican party of four million or were accused in the actions like this and finally for end of the question does that prove you don't question because other personal we're just going to mine the games that make it ok now to troll just to remind us of final statement that the political we were forming in people has been expressed as a final result of the vote freedom house reported on employee it's really too fresh in their way so well and and other human rights organizations as well can i give you an example exactly it wanted all employees being openly pressured in their place of work to vote for your party example they gave over stuff meeting the major supermarket group in which employees were ordered to secure votes for the company's owner who just happened to be a member of your party and they were threatened with dismissal if they didn't secure those votes so the conclusion is that your party has been acting like
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bullies to try and get votes you're finished do you deny that you know who. don't denies the facts but they existed with on the nice evidences but we don't agree with the news in pine you still get all the boaters also starts a bust so let me also you are saying patient you were part of the most patient but may come back for the next time and next time no i do hope that all government will be a. saint juan so we will have no problems you know. that's that's why we want your cards ok i don't want your party to vote for the latest fashion like they did let me let me see do what you post in your previous question so. if we you want truly to understand the political process you know i mean you should take into account so no so i said to you. endeavor to have a holistic picture you pump takes a fact sons assessment that you want to side and say about if that's
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a new easy way of spinning a show to you that's an easy way of trying to assist in your way out of it just sort of the situation room in your new fora to swear not legitimate why european union signed new comprehensive that's a partnership agreement before me and president sorry sun's output that you would improve that was when he said it was when it was the same as november november but just last year six months of good labor not true not true so yes now you know it's true but this in the sense of duration it's not true because we have no election soft or you can say that there is a hole because they were hoping that you would improve after the agreement had been exactly. what happened one day after that from november what we've eat but what was the mistake or you were allowed on to power as long as you could when it was apparent that the people no longer wanted you that did anybody believe that these mass mobilization will happen nobody. no well they didn't find you know
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where they say nobody except me called pushing on and he'd speak he's in your circle maybe. it's not the right way to say no. irony faith is that you know that everything was bad and you know to me you know you had many problems of this revolution was irrevocable nobody believed that even in it's in his political bloke ok i suppose they're pushing it so it's not just yet it even is that international media from the very beginning were saying that such kind of the relevance you know i mean you were quite unexpected mr i should say mr so but it did happen will happen a kind of revolution did happen which is been very closely watched by your closest ally russia you saw how the kremlin inforced what they see as this fear of influence in ukraine and crimea are you worried that the same thing could happen to
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you here we know it will never put the power of the sweep ukraine creamy on any other countries only think about this by the way it quite commonly nordman your political field mr pushing young also this position of the russia should remain are sort of your partner please find the petition or teams saying bad from the parliament where are the limits of russia has set for you where are the limits russia never put the limits if you are feeling think about any kind of limits please asking the government why the position of mr pushing on has been so drastically changed in six months six months when he says he was a main reporter for our magazine i mean your exit from the ration economic union proposals is a parliament is a committee of the foreign affairs by the way where i am cherry so and what has happened during six months that mr percy has so dramatically changed his whole
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position what are the reasons behind so you know it was this it was afraid of. why we should be afraid of russia don't treat don't mean you know when you when you look at what happens and this happens so often to opponent friend first granted frankly speaking we are more afraid from turkey and this is historical memory you turned out of there to military bases in your country right if you has russia has two military bases and you just heard of a here for her creation chart here has implemented the genocide against the media army us and armenia as a country. territory don't forget about that if you look at the geography but if you want to frighten armenians by russia if somebody wants to believe it's strange because we have turkey next to us and none of european countries where able to protect the public before the media up to now from the blockade. implemented by turkey from the militaristic rhetorical president they are big on trying to quit
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you'll find a new reference but any european leaders was successful or open enough to choose are the governing he's military doric in he's i don't know to take it all the way into this because you want this program or the world many other time is the cause of your taking in mind the armenian genocide you conquer voice the other security otherwise to head back and let's talk about some snow and ice not exactly it's a present future it's present the future it's a presence it's that let's talk about that let's. are you going to assist the new governor are you going to admit that your party has failed and are you going to help constructively the new one to make progress to battle against corruption the battle against vote buying all the things that you promised to do very well and did not true we did we did it and you can't avoid for reporting of the progress and not mean of the system you can't avoid it so we stipulated very clearly that we had two
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criteria or supporting new government formation and prime minister election. end of civil disobedience it happened as a moment. a second enough signature for four pounds of fresh fold necessary for the nomination mr pushing and did it so i think that the republican party or for me in your will cease the election of the new prime minister because the army is a situation where it's better to have any prime minister and any government haven't at all so it's very clear that republican party or for me as a should experience knowledge instead is of quite institutionalized and strong by the way we kept our unity we kept our unity by voting for against for the first stage of the shore to our opponents that
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a republican party for me in your squad to united and quite strong to be a one was a major stakeholders or only a political life we've we've run out of time. been good to have you will come thank you very much thank you. oh and cohen. cohen . the be. the best. the but.
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the be. the be. good. for. a lot more than just. playing with.
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