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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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says it was all about america's security well tonight from london to paris to berlin leaders are contemplating europe's security what to do when your closest ally suddenly seems like your newest threat go off in berlin this is the day. because of the iranian nation i say mr trump you cannot do a damn thing that we have to deal with iran is not dead. yet is a show of us once again that we will face more responsibility era. and obama is going to do i kid you we want to preserve it at all costs that she states speak of the strongest tariffs on the lunacy of the options that the president of the united states is taking. prime minister i have been very clear in a number of conversations with the president of the united states about the belief
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that the united kingdom. j.c.l. a nuclear deal with iran should stay on fun function was put on in germany france and great britain have decided that we continue to adhere to the agreement that will to me there is talk of continuing to deal with these three european countries i do not choose these three countries on either. oh we begin the day with europe trying to pick up the pieces of that broken iran nuclear deal us president trumps decision yesterday to back out of the agreement was no surprise but on the day after the reality began to set in dread and disappointment gave way to humiliation from the paris climate accord to trade tariffs to moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and now the iran nuclear deal many of the most controversial foreign policy decisions made by u.s. presidential. have only served to widen
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a growing transatlantic divide european leaders who expect the u.s. to take its rightful leadership role are now confronted with the white house that does not take kindly to advice and appears to be brushing off european worries i want you to take a listen to what trump's national security advisor john bolton said today we are completely together on what the objective is and now we have to get past this disagreement over the deal i think will do that i'm optimistic it's just a disagreement is this a pretty possible military action that something you've spoken about and pushed for in the palm well those were my private opinions what we're going to try and do now is keep the allies together keep transatlantic unity and put more pressure on iran on notice bolton said there keep the allies together you know if there ever was a plan to do that senior officials at the u.s. state department revealed yesterday that they had not received the memo in fact we
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learned there is no plan b. washington apparently assumes that europe will fall in line with trump's iran policy and they have a macro and tweet to back them up. now this is the transcript from a briefing by the state department to reporters yesterday when a reporter asked how the u.s. government can be sure that europe will cooperate a state department senior official said this i mean i think we have some idea because the president and president when he was here for the state visit the president called it a four pillar new deal and the reporter says but one of the pillars that was keeping the c.p.a. away the nuclear deal which he made certain to emphasize repeatedly the state department official went on to say right but he tweeted today something that seemed to indicate to me a french willingness to work with us and the reporter replied so you
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guys have a positive tweet out of it that's amazing yes the trumpet ministration apparently decided that there is no need for a plan b. because of the tweet written by the french president does emanuel macro not have that kind of sway over donald trump well that is just one of the questions posed to the french president today in an exclusive interview the french president sat down with d.w. news and the german public broadcaster already. well don't miss your. boss a president madam. thank you for taking the time with the basic idea mr president. speak to you because you're going to be awarded the shot of my new price on thursday but we cannot limit ourselves to speaking about europe alone because we have a very important topic that's right you try it to a save the air india and nuclear deal when you were in washington why did you fail
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. i think the most important thing is to maintain stability and peace and middle east i'm in washington and i have said this by the way i had understood that president trump wanted to. leave agreement from two thousand and fifteen and during our joint press conference i had suggested that we work on a broader framework and i am very sorry about his decision i think it is a mistake and this is why we europeans have decided like we reiterated yesterday to remain within the agreement from two thousand and fifteen as i reminded president of wanny we negotiated and signed this agreement and it allows us to control the nuclear defense activity in iran until two thousand and twenty five but this
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agreement needs to be completed on nuclear activities until two thousand twenty five bill is like activities in the region and regional activities of iran in iraq or yemen and syria when i was in washington i said to president trump don't tear everything up but if something were you let strengthen this framework and he decided to create tension i think this was meant. to go. beyond to something broader this is what we have to do among european countries with the e.u. with the united kingdom's germany and france we have to reaffirm that we are attached to the agreement from two thousand and fifteen because the iranian regime cannot take this its activities up again. what you have heard that they are stalling that's what they said in their declaration of yesterday there is
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no escalation and the european decision allows us to stop activities for now and to limit escalation and this is why we have to work together with our partners in order to limit an escalation of tension in the region and this is what we have been trying for months now and this is also why we have to broaden already the topics in order to bring all the parties back to a larger security and stability framework for the region because you are saying that the europeans are going to try to remain in in the agreement and adopt it but what does it really mean without the united states what is it russ that without them is. a proposal that sufficient for iran and if not this is going to be a topic in the coming weeks and months and it's the mandate that we gave our foreign ministers in the e.u. and iran. because. what are you going to be able to propose while it's the
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agreement that we signed balls is everything over a no because one of the signatories draws out but the others are reaffirming that they're committed but i think in any event. it is a pity because we had anticipated and now we can regret his decision bad it's important that we all remain obsessed by stability and peace. in the region. but the situation is very difficult very dangerous and our transatlantic relations damaged well there are some elements of tension back there are also elements of very strong anchor anchoring between us and iran and i think we can go beyond this through a larger negotiation that i proposed already in last september during the u.n.
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assembly with and get america and to resent maybe want to work in this direction and we have also plans on the commercial level and i think this has to be respected we are very strong trade power the united states are an ally partner but do we have rules to abide with the w t own rules and we have to respect them and have others respect them as well it is very important that we europeans maintained a multilateral framework we have a true convergence in our views and we work together and fight against terrorism together with the united states in syria we are working together in the international coalition in africa we work together in the sad and sahra zone against islamist terrorism so you see we have some disagreements but nevertheless
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and most importantly we have a common interest the will to work for our common security in the same direction we are now at a historical point and we have to maintain doesn't matter order which we created at the end of the second world war and that is sometimes in jeopardy where we have to create a strong moderate literalism as i said in washington. france germany and great britain and to go sure to to gether with iran now in europe you have reform ideas that we don't endorse are you disappointed with and get american and i'm not at all i am you know waiting for her to reply this is not our only topic that we talk about. germany waited for a long time for france to complete its reforms and i am not here to give good grades bad grades or to say i am disappointed we work together we are partners. and
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i think that the chancellor and her government is going to join us in this historic moment and work together for a stronger europe and more united and more sovereign and more democratic europe that's our challenge. yes but for those who follow the events i think you will see that the german government is not working as quickly as you had expected because we have a different method and we also have different view was if you are speaking about e.u. finance minister but germany is not endorsing that. everything that you envision is not going to be a person possible are you aware of that of course well i never said that everything that i propose as to you have to take it or leave it all i have an ambition i
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make proposals but i am convinced that it was my duty to do so the current status quo in europe is bad for everybody our sovereignty is being tested by everything that is happening the iranian crisis trade crisis the challenges of the digital world of internet and there are g. transition migration and are a capacity to protect ourselves we have to make progress and. we have to be a more integrated european avant garde i would like an economic government a minister but you call it whatever you want actually the end is what counts more than the names i just want a europe that is more democratic and less bureaucratic with one third europe to be more united concerning the essential points able to protect itself against the big
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risks. nothing at all that's why i want stronger political integration in the eurozone i mean a policy of solidarity and responsibility because in the last years europe was of or indeed was divided several times division between the north and the south because of the financial crisis and economic crisis and then it is vision between the east and the west because of the migration crisis do you think we can go on like that forever no we have to create more solidarity in front of all those dangerous and that's the reform that i have proposed i am waiting now for the german reply together with the chancellor we have the target of replying after getting a reply in june i am following the german political life you have elections new government and i think it would be a mistake to formulate
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a reply that lacks an ambition mr president i have a delicious question for you i see you wink. in germany and you have often been called jupiter or c.s.r. one year into the presidency are you still a superhero worth of them to compel i have never presented myself as such as so i leave the responsibility for this comparison to you they are not always. true i think from the first day i have been working hard i was elected president of the french republic by the french people who made a choice between extreme right wing candidate and what i had to propose and many thought that it would be impossible to be elected on the strength of european. program i know that my project is a very hard to carry out and i have been working without respect from day one. if
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you cannot manage for instance to amend the treaty if germany does not have a solution and this is to conclude if we don't find a solution does still have a future i mean i do the job at home that's what i said from the beginning and this is why i waited until september to give my proposals for reform and then you have to explain to be humble to be constant i have no lessons to give i just say what i am suggestion and then i have to go on working and what some are and until things are reality i am not going to choose that option that a scenario because i think that would be a dramatic form of all of us and bad for germany as well germany had the courage and the strength of character to carry out very deep economic
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reform already ten years ago and benefited a lot from the eurozone but the situation where we know is not going to be able to continue like that so even germany should not remain in this situation. during the migration crisis germany was confronted by selfishness from all the other countries and had this experience now we have a more responsible europe where the countries are under pressure to reform. and so we need more transparency more responsibility of the member states but we need more solidarity in europe on economy fine and some migration we need more suffering europe that better protects itself against there is a more united europe and i really want your viewers to understand that it's good for them. yes i think that is very much if he will commit and if he is there.
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are you so often in that interview he joins us now from the german city of often where emanuel micron is due to receive the charlemagne prize tomorrow good evening to you max so we heard the french president there saying that leaving the iran nuclear deal that it was a mistake did he talk about what he thinks is going to happen next. he did in a way but it was unclear if he really is convinced it will work so one part of that you heard it brant is that he thinks the europeans should stay committed to the u.n. nuclear deal as we know what but at the same time the go she'd a broader agreement with the red and probably also the united states beyond two thousand and twenty five that wouldn't only include nuclear disarmament of iran but also the use of ballistic missiles and the general role iran is playing in the region we don't have any idea if donald trump the u.s. president is on board with that and of course we all know to really give any punch
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to an agreement you do need the united states. max what about the french president himself you know he's quick to say that the u.s. president has made a mistake but what about mr mack wrong's show of almost like a bromance relationship with the u.s. president just a couple of weeks ago all of that lobbying appears to have been in vain did he talk about his own shortcomings. well he did say that he had dissipated that this would happen he did not say that he made any kind of mistakes and i think it's safe to say that he really gave it his all if you look at those pictures from his visit to washington d.c. but at the same time there's a huge difference between what we see is going on between trump and mcchrystal all those hugs and kisses and shakes and all that and on the other hand what mcchrystal said while he was in the united states which was extremely critical of almost
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energy facts often in the german city of often tonight max thank you very much. here at the big table with me now is luke entre he is the berlin correspondent with the french daily in your own it's good to have you on the show lou so you know we we watched the interview there with mr mack and can you say that he is a weaker or a stronger president now that the u.s. president has exited the iran's nuclear deal. we can say that they hiding and lobster diplomacy did not succeed to bring to keep the americans at the table on the iranian deal and so we can say that appears a bit weak. on the shoulder and i think the question is can from germany in the u.k. have a response to avoid economical sanctions on their own new european companies that still wants to do business with iran in the future i mean that's going to require
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a united effort right because we're talking about europe against the united states here i mean we were talking about a collision course is going to be the european leader who can spearhead this type of unity and this type of force against washington. that's the tool and will mean. it's to what washington because now he's responding like the good guy they then with the person that wants to greed to bring down a lot from within the international community and to keep him here. that he still sounded a little bit like that in that interview that he still believes that the hand has to be extended to double draw to keep him in the international fold but what about . the french people i mean do they have the patience that mr mccrone hands when it comes to dealing with donald trump there's already some criticism against him last
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week for example when donald trump spoke at the n.r.a. said nothing about the outrage is quotes from from donald trump on on the various attacks. there already criticism. so nice to him doesn't give anything back for our viewers i mean just remind the troops that if the regions or the french had been able to have guns then there would have been fewer deaths because they would have been able to defend themselves and i think the former president called it what disgraceful right yeah but micro was silent and. that's was notice that he didn't say anything what about the the the political animal emanuel microland we noticed that when he was in washington two weeks ago he you know obviously these public displays of affection with donald trump they got a lot of headlines and he seemed for at least for
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a moment like the president's new best friend and then he gave a speech to congress and in that speech he basically deconstructed the entire premise of america first. so was he speaking out of both sides of his melt in washington and do the french do they see that i mean how do they judge the president i mean is that that's the way the fin line has to pass yes to go alone to keep a close tie to the united states but criticism but doing criticism on leaving the pirate agreements on the climate fearing trade wars iran the cannot be only denies guy that shakes and with and it looks that are donald trump he has to make is to make its point also but not in a conference that you've waited until now and that's the question also can he change i think you to a very confront that you've stands in the world washington with the credible i
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don't know i mean he doesn't have to do that when he's dealing with london or physically when he's dealing with berlin we still hear about the macro and miracle does this do we're leading europe into a different future. do you get the sense that the strength of it do do will shift if you will is it still there compared to a year ago. difficult to say on the public display of affection with the angle americal also on the same and the same line wants to show that paris and berlin are going to gather on the european topics but we are a few weeks away from a day of particular important deadline for a read the reform of the european union and the differences between paris and berlin are very deep expression only on the euro zone topic where memory when michael made some proposal and believe in the conservative behind on the market are not really. willing to go alone she's not as excited about it as he is and now of
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course they have this albatross around their neck the nuclear crisis while all of that served in to put a brake on. you know european union visions if. to resume are able to create or to find a deterrent to avoid the u.s. to put sanctions on foreign companies dealing with iran then maybe you will bring the europeans closer together and maybe it's a chance that they find a way for reforming the e.u. well you know will have to see what happens there we know with that when we're dealing with the transatlantic ties of the moment a day or two days can be an eternity. it's good to have you on the show thank you. oh they is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you find us on twitter either read news or you can write directly to me off t.v.
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don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. can.
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