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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin israel launches the most extensive strikes in syria in the years israel says it was retaliate ing after rainy and forces in syria fired at israeli positions in the golan heights now this escalation comes a day after the u.s. abandoned the around nuclear deal will be live in jerusalem also coming up in an
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exclusive interview the french president of moneyball mccall says president trump's decision to ditch that nuclear deal with iran was a mistake to be. an american captives released by north korea are due to arrive shortly in the u.s. they'll be green personally by president trump will be there when they touch down. also coming up prove it is never too late to make a comeback i want to mohammad is set to become the world's oldest elected head of government the ninety two year old has pulled off a surprise election victory in malaysia after coming out of retirement. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us a day after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear accord tensions are rising on the front line that separates israel from syria now these images from the. syrian state t.v.
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purportedly show rockets over damascus the reported to have hit a rainy and targets in syria israel says the strikes were carried out in response to a barrage of rockets fired at its outposts in the golan heights which it blames on elite arraigning forces in syria this is the second day of strikes between the two sides. but the very latest on this let's bring in our correspondent in jerusalem tanya kramer for the latest developments a ton of the israeli military is saying these strikes are the most extensive in decades can you give us some context and what were they targeting. yeah the air sirens went off in the golan heights shortly after midnight and according to the israeli army there where incoming rockets being fired from south and syria into israel. by the as it is reza has eclipsed forces.
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the israeli army then responded with air raids in syria and this morning the army released a more comprehensive statement with a target list what they actually targeted and then chose it was quite a large attack according to reports here over fifty targets. for example in the mission storehouse of damascus international airport intelligence sites and of cystic compounds and other army posts. the golan heights border said now syria responded with syrian aerial defense now it has been described as one of the largest attacks invited security officials and operations i have to say it for in decades and that comes of course tensions have been high over the past days and it has warned of an imminent attack because there have been threats that have been exchanged off there and that is very as strikes in the past couple of months on
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syrian and iranian targets in syria ok it's not just warnings about in imminent attack quote high level israeli nor terry sources are saying there's a real danger of a rapid escalation between israel and iran what are your. well we heard the israeli defense minister saying that they they don't want want to go for a full fledged war but of course saying we have to protect our borders who have to protect our look out for always security and it's and has pushing the stands where we must stay don't want to see iranian presence in syria and tensing itself building up military bases and he's also seen a prime minister netanyahu he was and when state had a meeting with the russian president putin they also talked about the russians also involved in the syrian was allies of assad's and also close to iran israel wants to keep freedom of movement in syrian skies so they coordinate so that is what israel
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has been pushing for that iran contra stuff is itself in syria and so the question is nobody wants to go for a full fledged war but iran also won't back down ok what with those goals that you just mentioned the strategic goals how concerned is israel right now about mission creep that there should israel continues its strikes on syria will eventually get drawn deeper into the conflict there. well in recent years during the civil war israel has always said they want to stay out of this civil war and they had their own red lines they've been targeting mainly and of course and have a common sense on that but a lot of strikes are actually due to israel when it comes to weapon transfers from iran to some of this proxies its allies like the liberties hospital are other militias but that has changed now with this very you could say more aggressive stance of that it don't want to see and then grainy and presence in syria so
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they're pushing more for that now we understand the army has said to residents in the golan heights to you know continue now today their normal routine schools have been opened but of course it's to see whether this action these developments will deter the syphon further action or if there's more to come tony a tremor thanks so very much for that tom here from jerusalem this morning. on the french president my mom across as president comes decision to quit the iran nuclear accord is a mistake a call made those comments while in germany to receive the prestigious charlemagne prize and given every year to an individual who's made a special contribution to unity in europe now ahead of today's ceremony the french president sat down with the wu and with the german public broadcaster in our day for this exclusive interview. you tried to to
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a save the iranian. nuclear deal when you were in washington why did you fail. i think the most important thing is to maintain stability and peace in the middle east i'm in washington and i have said this by the way i had understood that president trump wanted to. leave agreement from two thousand and fifteen and during our joint press conference i had suggested that we work on a broader framework and i am very sorry about his decision i think it is a mistake and this is why we europeans have decided like we reiterated yesterday to remain within the agreement from two thousand and fifteen as i reminded president of one a we negotiated and signed the agreement and it allows us to control the nuclear defense activity in iran until two thousand and twenty five but this agreement
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needs to be completed if. you are saying that the europeans are going to try to remain in in the agreement and adopt it but what does it really mean without the united states what is it right without. a proposal that sufficient for iran. but this is going to be our topic in the coming weeks and months and that's the mandate that we gave our foreign ministers in the e.u. and in iran. because. what are you going to be able to propose while it's the agreement that we signed balls. is everything over no because one of the signatories draws out but the others are reaffirming that they are committed but i think in any event. it is a pity because we had until. pated and now we can regret his decision but it's
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important that we all remain obsessed by stability and peace in the region. and you can catch more of this exclusive interview in the second half of the show that's coming up later this morning stay tuned for that as we heard there from the french president european countries say they'll continue with hearing to the ground around nuclear deal president trump is defending his decision but added that he's open to negotiating a new deal he also warned tehran not to restart its nuclear weapons program now in iran the u.s. move has sparked anger and concern not only among iran's leaders but among its people as well. outrage in tehran iranians took to the streets to voice their anger at u.s. president donald trump they blame him for pulling out of a deal made just three years ago. and they also condemned him for signing a memorandum which reinstates harsh economic sanctions on iran. but president trump
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is convinced that this will bring iran back to the negotiating table. so we're going to make either a really good deal for the world or we're not going to make a deal at all. red will come back so we don't want to negotiate and of course they're going to say that if i were their position i'd say that's true for the first couple of months we're not going to negotiate but then negotiate. or something will happen. on the other side of the atlantic european leaders responded to trump's decision with disappointment they've gone to fight to keep the deal alive. we need with regret but also with concern the u.s. withdrawal which of course is of great import for such an agreement. we will remain committed to this agreement and will do everything in our power to ensure that iran fulfills its commitments and future. britain has no intention of walking away
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instead we will cooperate with the other parties to ensure that while iran continues to restrict its nuclear program then its people will benefit from sanctions relief in accordance with the central bargain of the deal don't for us all the deal isn't that. france was used to preserve a diplomatic and peaceful approach and this is why we are refusing to let ourselves be drawn down a path that would lead to war. yes but in iran those just just didn't impress the country supreme leader. wolf now it's being said that we can continue the nuclear deal with these three european countries i don't trust these three countries. of the i pressure is mounting on president hassan rouhani the deal he championed is on the line and now he faces the tough task of convincing domestic hardliners to stick to
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it. while russia was one of the seven signatories to the iran nuclear accord for the view from moscow on the u.s. falling out let's bring in russia alison commentator constantine funny good morning to ascertain what is russia going to do now would join the e.u. in trying to keep this the old life. rhetorical yes practically we've already seen the united states in voting more sanctions on russian defense production sites and yet another set of sanctions on russia in general and minister of defense and military intelligence directorate. in this is russia here already is also implicated by by washington and east seen from washington as iran's ally which is actually true what i think wooden's trying to do now he's trying to avoid being drawn much more deeply into
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a possible confrontation between the united states iran and israel that's why he had talks with the israeli prime minister netanyahu in moscow on the night of may i think that most canet is that it doesn't have a lot of resources to take part in this really big regional conflicts and it would like to state a way as much and as long as it can from any kind of conflagration ok as you mentioned there constantine russia is of course aransas ally at the same time though russia would certainly prefer to see iran without nuclear weapons for its own strategic reasons so its goals are actually in line with both the you and the u.s. could at some point relinquish its close ties with tehran to achieve that goal of a nuclear free iran. well let me be a bit more nuanced here i do think that although moscow frog leap doesn't want in
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theory to have iran with nuclear weapons it didn't really much object to the iranian nuclear program over the last twenty twenty five years actually as we all know russian scientists. rogue scientists they say but dissipates as it is it radiant myside of a nuclear program i think that as long as iran is the main or at least one of them a adversities of the united states in the middle east russia has not a lot of problem with iran having nuclear weapons because it knows iran will never attack russia i think that if you look at it from the prism of the ground in the last say it's especially fifty and yes i do think that's bad for america is good for russia that this book is that it's you and i suppose that we have to be much more sort of course when saying that russia's adamantly against the iranian the iranian nuclear program i think that it at the same time understands it is dependent only wrong for basically making up
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a loss of in syria and iran to a large extent net is that russia depends on it i think it's a bit of a you know since the us is mutual mutual sort of supports inside circumstances if it is and the united states try to really go for it it will be quite a difficult thing for her constant thanks so much for that other view from moscow can stay fun haggart there. it's to the u.s. now and shortly we're expecting three american prisoners released by north korea to be landing at andrews air force base where president trump is going to be meeting them the prisoner release comes during the build up to the store summit between north korea and the united states the three released include a christian missionary and two men arrested while teaching at the foreign funded showing your university of science and technology the three left the country accompanied by the u.s. secretary of state mark pompei oh and they are now returning home with all three
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were accused of anti state activities u.s. president trump described their release as quote very exciting and thanked north korea. for the latest on this let's bring in our washington correspondent claire richardson clare how did the three end up in a north korean jail. well as you say they were being held there on charges of anti-state activities however these are widely these were widely seen as politically motivated charges and all three men are korean americans who spend at least a year in detention in north korea including in brutal labor prisons they're being released just as secretary of state might pay is returning from telling the end where he was firming up some details of a potentially historic summit between president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un details including the date and time of when this could take place and their korean americans were seen released were on their way back to the united states as we speak are benefiting from seemingly warming ties between the
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united states and north korea ok we're going to get some live pictures from andrews as we talk here how important is this release in the run up to that summit between donald trump and kim jong il and. well it's certainly seen as a sign of goodwill from north korea that they want this potential summit to go well and it really has lowered it it's a way of lowering tensions ahead of any possible talks now we know that this summit could it take place as soon as the end of this month or in early june we also heard the president say earlier today that it would not take place in the demilitarized zone which leads many to believe that it could be happening in singapore for trump this is a huge victory he sees this as a thanks to his campaign of maximum pressure to bring kim jong un to the negotiating table but other more cautious observers look at it and say look it's too soon to say what is actually going to be accomplished the issue was never that north korea would not be willing to meet with a sitting u.s.
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president it was that the united states did not want to extend that legitimacy we are achieving something first ok claire thanks for now our clergy standing by for us for more. this release prisoners from north korea land that's expected shortly thanks so much clearer. all the arrival of those three americans and secretary of state pompei or at andrews air force base as is expected soon we'll bring you that live here on did obviously with us for that massive political changes underway in italy have investors a little bit anxious today well you know that italy is always a bit different people are used to that but now there are many open questions like will there be fresh elections after the loss of those in march ended in a hung parliament followed by two months of political deadlock all will italy but ups get an anti establishment anti euro and anti austerity government right now the chances of a populist government running into lee are looking more likely a prospect that not only alarms investors but also many ordinary italians. phobia
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cure phoneys day begins very early he sets over two in the morning while the rest of rome sleeps. greengrocer got used to it a long time ago what really. is the state of his country. yes i'm worried because not for me but for my daughter i have a ten year old daughter it was like this now i don't see how i can get better at all made your. italy's political uncertainty is weighing heavily on the country's economy it's putting a brake on investment and consumption it's at least carrying a high debt burden g.d.p. grew by north point three percent in the first quarter but the banking system is still strained. unemployment has fallen somewhat government be formed so many new jobs created so many of them only temporary and the outlook. of your phone is glad to have his work here at the market even if it does involve
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a twelve hour day. but he's already advised his daughter to move abroad when she grows up. for good or the future is bleak so i don't see how anybody is going to be able to stay in italy. the crisis has already seen a lot of young people leave the country and it's by no means over yet either. caught up with the chief economist of i n g banks cast outside the front for stock exchange to find out what the financial world is making of italy these days. so i once again italy is facing the difficult task to form a government how can the economy cope with all of this when the economy has got used to cope with it because we have said so many different governments in italy and what we do see right now it's economic stagnation so obviously the country
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would like to see a clear government but if it's not it's going to be muddling through as we had it over the last couple of years so it's alien banks have severe problems what does it all mean for them now. for them of the need to make a distinction between the the legacy asset problems of the problems of the past they still have high non-performing loans in their books but they've also cleaned up the books so the new non-performing loans are bad loans and the books actually have been reduced extremely well so when he asked the c.b.s. think the problems at the italian banking system are not so severe anymore so i think banks will look relatively relaxed to what is happening in rome let's just imagine the scenario they can't find a solution for their problems what is this going to mean for the euro or the euro i think it's bad news if we don't have a functioning italian government be it a technical government already a newly elected government it means continues problems in italy and italy is the
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third largest economy of the year or so this will keep all speculations in financial markets about a potential break up in the future clearly alive so what's the first half they have to take now i think make up their minds whether it's going to be new elections or whether we're going to get a technical government and i think we had good experiences in the past with technical governments because what italy needs to do right now is really have come up with a good fiscal plan go to brussels present the budget plans combining some investments but with morris territory so that really they're the fiscal plan for the next couple of years is prepared together with brussels and then we send have some rest in then italy thank you very much for talking to us and it's back to you now in berlin. all right it was daniel cope there in frankfurt for us and shares in american retail giant wal-mart dropped three percent on wall street on wednesday following its purchase of india's biggest online retailer the sixteen billion dollars deal to acquire
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a controlling stake in philip cod as one of the biggest e-commerce acquisitions in history wal-mart has been on a spending spree in recent months as it attempts to expand its online presence of the purchase of flip card gives wal-mart access to the indian market estimated to grow to two hundred billion dollars within ten years and a gift flipkart muscle in its fight for market share against u.s. rival amazon retailers are aiming at the country's increasingly affluent consumer us and more and more multinational companies are actually entering the booming indian retail market japanese fashion brands when it khloe say that it will open its first store in delhi by the middle of next year the company is taking advantage of a reason to change to india's foreign investment rooms they now allow it to establish a fully owned subsidiary rather than a joint venture with a local partner swedish manager john ikea will also open its first indian store later this year consultant c p w c says the changes mean india's retail market
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could grow to be worth a trillion dollars annually by twenty twenty we have. so many numbers let's now cross back to brian and i think we wait for donald trump's arrival we're getting our information that he's just arrived let's go now live to andrews air force base in maryland thanks monica we get these pictures right now were president trump has just touched down a head of that release of the three hostages released by north korea we've been talking about in this program is just about two am local time but the president says he wanted to be and bit ahead of time for this event the release of the three korean americans or american citizens was secured during start. very as they prepare those visit to pyongyang yesterday now that's ahead of the expected historic summit between kim jong un and president. is about to see in a storage change of power after
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a surprise election victory by opposition leader monti or one hundred now he said to be sworn in as prime minister later today ending more than six decades of rule by the v.n. coalition the defeated incumbent has accepted defeat the new ninety two year old leader has pledged reforms. a stunning political comeback few had predicted that man had to mohamed would pull off an election victory off to coming out of retirement to run. despite nearing his ninety third best day mahathir led an energetic campaign that galvanized malaysians to vote for his opposition party he set to become the world's oldest prime minister. of course. but. i am still i can still function young. do not have sufficient background so.
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they need somebody with experience and. not many people with experience. i have survived supporters were jubilant as the election results became clear many had thought man had tears victory impossible. before this situation. and. cautious about it. a mood for change in the country has ended the sixty year rule of the coalition led by national braszczok he had been the favorite to win the election despite being a set by corruption allegations. but he was defeated by his one time mentor. my heartiest political career spans decades by many as the father of modern malaysia he was prime minister for twenty two years and
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a world famous politician. under his rule malaysia's economy boomed but critics on him as an author were tarion with little regard for human rights. he jailed his deputy prime minister it brought him in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he called for reforms but in a twist of this election had to has said he will hand over power to him in two years but malaysians will have to wait and see if this ambitious political veteran who would really be ready to retire for good. ok we're going to go oh i've now to for space in maryland where the new u.s. secretary of state might compare has just touched down with the three americans who were released from captivity in north korea as a goodwill gesture let's bring in our claire richardson in washington she's following this for us from there a clear how much of
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a victory is this for donald trump. well trump certainly sees their release as a victory and you can see that just from the pomp and circumstance taking place around this event it's quite unusual to see the president and his wife and also the vice president united states to be out at this base in the middle of the night here in washington d.c. to greet these prisoners and he's really putting it on display as a way to show that he's secured their release ahead of this meeting with kim jong un to highlight warming ties between the united states and north korea ok this is also very important for the trump voters in the united states one of the men being released is a christian missionary can you tell us something about the three prisoners who've been released by north korea sure well all three were korean are korean americans who were held for at least a year in north korea often in
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a brutal labor camps they were accused of anti-state activities which is widely seen to have been a political charges on the house on behalf of north korea and now they have touched down and have returned home. ok there's a touchdown we're expecting to see them in any moment let's bring in those live images from andrews air force base in maryland if we could as we talk there now these. prisoners who were released they were released during the visit to pyongyang by the new secretary of state mike pompei and ahead of the historic summit we're expecting between donald trump and kim jong il and how important is this particular moment the one we're looking at right now for the efforts to reconcile washington and pyongyang after decades of of animosity and cold a cold war standoff. well it's certainly seen as a way of lowering tensions ahead of possible meeting between it and camp it's
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a sign perhaps the north korea wants to see these negotiations go well and if this summit does take place it truly would be historic the first time a sitting u.s. president has met with the north korean leader we know now that this could take place as soon as the end of this month or in early june and we've heard that singapore is the most likely location where the two could mean now for trying he sees this as a major victory thanks to thanks to his maximum pressure campaign on north korea if you remember just months ago he was on twitter and making threats and personal insults to kim jong un and now the two looks set to possibly need in person like yours who are more cautious say look it's far too early. clara going to be there i will what's the what's the consensus if there is one in washington right now about you know what you're calling the strategy of maximum pressure in this case on north korea we're also seeing it of course on iran as well is that it looks like it's
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bearing fruit is there a sense that you know in spite of everything else donald trump is having some foreign policy and diplomatic successes. well it certainly unprecedented by i think the sense is that it's still far too early to actually call this a success because aside from these prisoners who we've seen released it should be said that this is not the first time that north korea has been released american captives it tends to happen every time a high ranking u.s. official goes to north korea to petition their release however it is the first time we could see such a face to face meeting and if trump is able to walk away from that meeting with any sort of progress that would be remarkable however we won't know until we actually see what comes out of it ok so it's pretty much a holding pattern right now we're getting some live pictures there of the president then. andrews there is still awaiting pattern in terms of and analysis
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a final analysis of of where this is all headed diplomatically we're going to have to wait for that some of the as you say is coming up in singapore seems to be that that is the likely location we're going to see there do we know it all what is going to happen with these three former captives were expecting to see them any moment as well are there with the president what are they planning to do when they get back home do we have any idea. i think the first step is they're going to be getting a comprehensive medical check to see if they are in good health we saw them boarding the plane unassisted which seems to suggest that they are at least somewhat reasonable shape however if you remember the last american who was released from north korea was on a warm beer who died under mysterious circumstances shortly after returning to the united states so they're going to be getting a health check and they have said they are very grateful and happy to be back and their families of course are also glad to see them home in the united states where you know we've been talking a lot the last few days of course about the u.s.
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pulling out of the all ran nuclear deal the maximum pressure a strategy worked there as well how does that play into what's happening right now with north korea and the summit we're expecting later this month were the beginning of june in singapore. well that's right trump announced just this week that he's withdrawing the united states from the iran nuclear deal that was signed in two thousand and fifteen north korea and the rest of the world will have been watching this moment and there are concerns that the fact that trump withdrew from an accord that was widely believed to be on urged by all the other sides taking part shows that the united states is not a good faith actor and that parties are trying to negotiate some kind of nuclear agreement like say north korea will not look at the united states as a credible actor and trump says that this just shows how strong he is from a negotiating point of view and that he's unwilling to walk away from the table without getting exactly what he wants to see in
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a deal ok we're talking about what's going to constitute success or failure for this expected summit in singapore are any benchmarks emerging right now in washington to gauge six saw would we be looking at north korea for example surrendering all its nuclear weapons allowing international inspectors on to its testing sites you know does this apply as well to ballistic missiles so certainly a lot of questions and potential benchmarks out there to gauge the success of this maximum pressure policy i mean those with some of those would certainly be the best case scenario but i think the expectations in the united states are quite low so almost any kind of progress that we did see would be heralded as a success. north korea has previously reneged on its commitments and agreements it will depend what they agreed to by i think if we see any kind of progress that's
8:35 am
going to be something that is going to be celebrated here ok there's a of course a potential huge potentially big downside for the president of if absolutely nothing comes out of that summit or very little so it's really a tight rope for for donald trump in a lot of ways isn't. yeah absolutely if you walk away from this empty handed then the united states has essentially gone to the negotiating table with the leader of a brutal dictatorship it is legitimized kim jong un and his regime and it has shown that he can be of equal standing with donald trump rather than trying to negotiate things at lower levels ahead of time as we've seen past administrations do so this is a highly risky move we've never seen anything like this from united states administration and if he's unable to secure any kind of serious concessions from kim jong un then north korea will have to last laugh ok we've just seen a. state there are leave the deer plain and shake hands with the group
8:36 am
on the ground there we should be seeing the prisoners there were released any moment now as well can you tell us what about the korean community in the united states especially those who are former. north korean citizens the defectors who've come to united states what are they saying about this expected summit in singapore how do they view the latest developments. well though of course being particularly happy to see the release of these three korean americans and the fact that they are writing home and seemingly safe safely with you know defectors from north korea being strong critics of the regime they would like to see the united states come away with some kind of concessions from kim jong un. ok as we mentioned those those concessions we don't know what they could possibly be the sherpas are working on those at this moment we're watching
8:37 am
a vehicle with. leave right now with a number of individuals aboard we're not sure if the police prisoners are on that or not they they very well could be. there's also some apparently some security with the secretary of state as well we don't have the president from on screen right now we are expecting him to possibly make a statement at this point where is the democratic party on this what are they saying about these developments are they saying well you know we have to give the president credit but we'll wait. for that until we see what happens at the summit. i think that's a fair assessment with a strong emphasis on waiting to see what happens again you know it's all well and good to be able to have this meeting it's not that north korea would have been unwilling to meet a u.s. president and you can see the kind of the fanfare taking place around this with an american flag strung up between fireworks it's really quite extraordinary to have
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such a scene in the middle of the night when both the president and his wife and the vice president there at to greet the prisoners so you can tell that donald trump and his supporters and the republicans very much want to trumpet this as a success already just from the optics of it ok this would be a very important success right now for the president is the release of these prisoners by north korea considering the difficulties the president still having with his domestic policy i'm thinking right now about the confirmation hearings for his cia nominee a lot is still going the president's way on the hill in washington. yeah that's right we've seen the confirmation hearings of jena housefull this week but you know he does have his new secretary of state and going out to north korea
8:39 am
and bringing these people home so that was a victory we saw for trump we saw my pompei you confirmed in what was supposed to be a grueling senate confirmation hearing and this is second time in north korea he was in fact there when he was still a cia director on a surprise visit and we just found out the details of this trip the other day it was when trump was announcing his decision to withdraw from the iran deal that he mentioned that on peo was in pyongyang to speak to people about this upcoming summit and that really and then as he was returning we found out that they had indeed secured the release of these prisoners ok well thanks for now clear we just got the information that the release prisoners are actually arriving in fifteen minutes on a separate plane will be covering that will be looking at that again when they actually land for analysis my pompei of the secretary of state who screws landed so we're expecting the release prisoners in about another fifteen minutes from now claire richardson washington thanks very much. it's to
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france now and fifty years ago a student revolt in the country's largest general strike in our country's history brought france to a near standstill was part of an international movement a cultural war against the vietnam war and in favor of sexual liberation and deep changes in society it all started the terror university in the north of paris today students are walking off the university again today they're protesting against a reform that would limit students' access to the university and they're hoping to channel the spirit of may one thousand nine hundred sixty eight our next report from terre is just west of paris and takes a look at that student protest. carlos determined to defend her country social welfare system she and her fellow protesting students are trying to enter one of the university's auditoriums to hold the general assembly they feel that forcing their way through is the only option on the blog. no one
8:41 am
listens to our demands of the government nor the university we are obliged to stage events that disturb people in their day to day life to make them pay attention. the students are protesting against new reforms introduced fair president in. the changes would make it harder to get into universities they also make it easier to fire workers and will increase checks on the unemployed and as a citizen and is it possible that they're ripping apart our social welfare model everybody is under attack students workers the unemployed and we have a sort of historic responsibility here. as soon as our university joined the movement the media started to pay a lot more attention to our demands may sixty eight is giving us momentum for last put on was there when the student movement started fifty years ago the students were revolted against what they perceived as an outdated model of society and the. story that was the historic moment when we occupied the administration's boardroom
8:42 am
on the eighth floor you know they threw a nice question for me to make. a day earlier fellow students had attacked a branch of the u.s. company american express in paris to protest against the vietnam war one of the students had been arrested. there. i was living on campus we all came together and started yelling free our comrade then we decided to block of the university that was on march twenty two one week later the huge student demonstrations kicked off in paris we joined other students at the sorbonne and took part in all the demos and blockades. to do. this she marched together with prominent student leaders like daniel khan bend it shortly after workers joined the demos asking for better working conditions put on says made one nine hundred sixty eight changed. the world at the time was so
8:43 am
outdated and very authoritarian what happened then was like an extraordinary breath of freedom us girls we realized for the first time that we could be free and had the right not to be just like mothers. but also feels inspired by today's movement she says the students have good reason to fight for their rights movie preview of the vote has become a lot tougher especially as unemployment has skyrocketed. the students have the strength of the youth and are fighting for a better world we should listen to them. before. we want to follow in their footsteps at the time they were also fighting against a similar university reform and managed to stop it but there are things we want to do differently they didn't achieve everything they were asking for. well here in
8:44 am
germany the german polling institute in protest about regularly conducts opinion polls to take germany's political pulse regarding domestic issues europe and of course the wider world this time around the pollsters asked which countries are trustworthy partners for germany ninety percent of those surveyed said they trust germany's relations with france thirty percent said russia is reliable partners the united states scored lower than that just twenty five percent of those polled said they have faith in the united states of the bottomless turkey only seven percent of germans polled saying turkey is a trustworthy partner for. i might have been joined now here in the studio by political correspondent simon young good morning simon simon could you fill us in why do germans trust russia more than the united states that's a tough one for me this wall's america yeah well you got to look at the numbers sixty six percent of those of us here said that they don't trust russia so i think this is more about what people think of donald trump perhaps and it just shows how
8:45 am
much the the american president has got people unsettled he obviously doesn't mind . public opinion and of course that has an effect here in germany as well don't forget the majority of germans continue to think of america as the ultimate guarantor of freedom and security in europe and in germany so you know the set so that might change under the president that's that's reflected in these numbers ok so this could be a temporary trend in regards to the united states ok stay with us we have to go to our a live event now and let's go live to andrews air force base in maryland that's where we want to go right now where secretary of state pompei a touchdown short short while ago and has left now we're seeing land right now the plane with the three. captives the prisoners who were released by north korea that that plane separately carrying them the one with the secretary of state pompei it
8:46 am
was already moved on now those three americans were released from captivity in a gesture of good will and they this release comes just prior to the expected summit between the united states and north korea we're getting signals that that summit will be taking place most probably in singapore we don't have a date firmly set it should be the end of this month possibly the beginning of june and the singapore is indefinite either although. all the indicators are pointing to that let's go to washington our correspondent. richard son who's of following this from there for us clare why is this release being hard highlighted so much by the trump administration. when it really is as you say the
8:47 am
timing of this release of the hostages coming ahead of a possible historic summit between the u.s. president and the north korean leader kim jong un which could take place as soon as the end of this month or in early june now we're seeing at these prisoners being released it seems as a gesture of goodwill as a way of lowering tensions ahead of the talks this would have been a sore point in any kind of discussion that we would have seen between north korea and the united states had they still been in a north korean custody so now we're seeing them arriving home as a kind of indicator perhaps that north korea is at least serious about having having talks with the united states and that they want them to go well ok you know you mentioned their release being one way of clearing the path for the expected summit possibly later this month but what are the other issues are out there that the two sides need to address before this summit you know the build up to the sama
8:48 am
means you know these are the so-called sherpas the people who do a lot of the background work half the do a lot to make sure that the path is smooth when the two leaders get together what are some of the other big issues out there right now. well it's not clear what the preconditions are or whether there have in fact been any preconditions including this release of the hostages and that's what's so interesting about this summit is the fact that we're seeing such a high level meeting between the two leaders of both countries before seeing as so much ground work through lower channels in both in both governments. ahead of time and this is you know this is basically where trump has taken things and flipped on its head usually the idea would be that you would go into this kind of negotiation already having a fair idea of where things might go but he's instead it decided that he wants to meet kim jong un in person and then they can work through issues from there and down you know we were talking earlier about the. policy of maximum
8:49 am
pressure on negotiating partners it looks like that's being brought to bear on north korea and that it's had some fruits we're seeing it with iran is that shaping up to be. what you could call the signature trump approach to negotiating with domestic and foreign partners. that certainly is part of his political flair and it's what he's saying is what is winning him success in this instance he basically says that he is going you know that his heart line on any kind of country that is not giving america a fair deal that is not acting in a way that suits his interests that if he is going to come down hard on the other party then that he's eventually going to be able to bring them to do what he wants and he does say that this maximum pressure campaign on north korea is what has
8:50 am
brought kim jong un to the negotiating table again it's worth mentioning that this is also a huge prize for the north koreans to be seen to be sitting down next to the united states president a regime that would have you know it many ways not be on the map at all if not for its nuclear capabilities to be able to be seen in the public sphere as having equal weight and importance in being able to sit down and negotiate directly with the u.s. president ok let's talk about the the region of the larger regions not just about north korea yesterday we saw a trilateral meeting in tokyo between south korea japan and china that was a meeting the been postponed for three years the three sides sitting together addressing both historic and territorial issues there's a lot moving right now not just on the diplomatic front with iran and israel and the iran nuclear deal but also if you look at asia of the cells trying to see their
8:51 am
two we're seeing a lot of movement right now. right this is taking place on many fronts in the region and what has been important also throughout this process is that many of these countries are some of the most important players in the region like japan and china do not feel as though they're being sidelined in any kind of agreement that the united states might come to with north korea we saw president praising it she for his. for his help in in the way things have been progressing and the united states and trump are really making an effort to try and try and at least indicates that they are not acting in a way that's going to supersede the interests of any of the other allies or powers in the area. there was a we were discussing yesterday about the trilateral meeting in tokyo between japan china south korea the you know there's a possibility of the possibility of deeper regional cooperation could eclipse
8:52 am
america's role in asia in the region is that something that's being looked at in washington right now is there concern about america's presence in the pacific. well certainly i mean that's been a concern dating all the way back to the obama administration and his his wish to pivot to asia which in the end did not seem to actually to unfold. but look this would be the if if this is successful this would be one of view most important moments certainly within foreign policy and president trumps administration but within the history of united states foreign policy and world history is if we're able to see some kind of progress sward new denuclearizing in north korea that would be enormous not just on regional not just in terms of regional politics but in terms of world's politics i mean we've already seen in provo i'd like to my interviews with these live pictures before we go on
8:53 am
a clear from andrews air force base saw the expected or. the three released prisoners expected leave that plane shortly we're looking at the plane right now we just saw a bus of pull up of from the medical facility where the very first thing that will happen will be that the released prisoners or are then checked medically before we move on with someone else's clear details about the procedure what happens now after the when the prisoners touch down once they go on american soil can you walk us through what happens. they will the very first thing will be that they're going to be taken into a health facility to get a full checkup and any treatment that they might need remember they've spent time in the brutal labor camps they've been held many of all of them have been held for more than one year or perhaps two and one of them has been held for two years so they're going to need to check what kind of physical and mental state they're in returning from north korea the early indications seem to suggest that they were in
8:54 am
reasonable health and they were able to walk unassisted to the plane to board it to come to the united states however if you'll remember the last american hostage was released from north korea auto why. beer ended up dying under mysterious circumstances shortly after arriving back in the united states so it's not necessarily that they are right now in the clear after the health check of course they're hoping to be reunited as well with their families who would be very happy to have them home and i think you know there's a lot of support for these people in welcoming them welcoming them back to the united states and happiness about the fact that we are seeing them on u.s. soil alive i think that is a very important point to you know the joy of the families their friends and of course many people of good well will in the nation that these prisoners have been released terms of welcoming the president and. are walking up the stairs now with
8:55 am
the vice president mike pence and mike pompei of the circuitry as they to greet the prisoners of personally entering the plane to do so. we're talking about the strategic background to this and everything that's changing in the region claire events moving so quickly hard to believe you'd see north and south korea's leaders for example holding hands sitting down together and talking that is in sixty years of tension more since nineteen fifty three and the armistice between the two countries that the leaders of the north and south korea would actually sit down that was a moment for me was really. yeah absolutely i mean everything we're seeing not just in these pictures but in the last few weeks is truly unprecedented and any kind of communication really can only be seen as a good thing for now again the final verdict will have to remain and told we see
8:56 am
what is actually going to be able to achieve with his meeting his potential meeting with kim jong un but at least you know the release of prisoners from north korea and the fact that both sides and all sides are. king must be seen as a positive development the president's now in the year he's known to have a very human touch with with people do you think the message right now as he speaks with the release captives there is a very human one what do you think's happening inside that plane right now if we could speculate the three release captives coming from a jail cell all the sudden meeting the president of the united states is wife and this is on to roger must be a very emotional moment certainly for the release of prisoners. no doubt it's an emotional moment but it's also a highly calculated political stunt so you could see all the fanfare on the base
8:57 am
the fact that we see such high level administration officials and the president of the united states himself there to greet them is extremely unusual i mean it's really it's the middle of the night in washington d.c. and we're seeing this big scene and this is trump's way of really really driving home the point that he feels that he has had great success in his policy toward north korea he feels that he's succeeded where past presidents and administrations have failed and this this show of welcoming the released hostages home is a way to. transmit images around the world that he was able to get north korea to have this goodwill gesture i had of these possibly historic talks when you look at how the so many receptions happen that is andrews air force base in washington d.c. you know it's not infrequent that we see large entourage use military bands for example flags waving this looks like in spite of that big american flag we saw
8:58 am
previously it seems pretty low key by comparison. perhaps for welcoming a head of state but in terms of welcoming home release prisoners from north korea i believe the state department had envisioned something much more low key and it wasn't until my pompei i was on the plane on route home that he mentioned that president trump had been informed of their arrival and was planning to attend but with all of this pomp and circumstance as you can see there's a red carpeted staircase leading up to the plane and they've really put on a big show that is highly unusual for this kind of situation and they will be after after the medical tests and imagines also be debriefed by american says they have to words they will be joining their families is that your understanding. that is my understanding that they will once that they have been given the all
8:59 am
clear and receive any kind of medical treatment that they may need from having spent two years through this ordeal imprisoned in north korea that they will then be able to finally be reunited with their loved ones you know we were talking about how emotional this is not only for the release of prisoners and their families and friends how significant is this for the nation right now at a time when it was wondering about what type of leadership it's going to get from where the nation is headed in terms of in terms of the national mood how is that this going to affect that. well if it goes according to trump's plans this will be seen as a very positive development i mean clearly he will want credit for having helped having had his secretary of state helped secure the return of these prisoners as you say there's a lot of insurgency in the united states it's
9:00 am
a deeply polarized country at the moment with people who support donald trump willing to seemingly willing to support him at almost any cost and his detractors also seeing almost everything he does. as insane or totally unhelpful to america's standing as a respected country in the world in a moment like this when you do see americans come home after being held captive in a foreign country it is a it is somewhat of a unifying moment americans are happy to see their compatriots returned home. safely and at least alive so in spite of the deep political divide is inside the united states this is the type of event that could be a bridge to bring people together a point where americans we're all one point of unity we're seeing our fellow citizens come home and and join together in that do you see that happening in the next few days that.


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