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tv   Interview - Interview with the French President Emmanuel Macron  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 12:45pm-1:00pm CEST

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you're watching the ceremony for the charlemagne prize being the so this year two french president bakiev on my problem a musical interlude there a pretty modern one pretty young by musician daniel there. and now the signing of the guestbook.
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ceremony included french president emanuel my craw receiving the charlemagne prize adding his name to the book there along with the names of so many which have received this incredibly prestigious prize for europe which is awarded to individuals for their special efforts to promote european view to the problem and pressing the jury with his vision of a new young united europe german chancellor angela merkel delivering a speech praising that vision for forming. kong laying out his vision for the future which rests on a number of pillars including. a policy of european sovereignty remaining united and not just for.
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money concluding now perhaps most appropriately with the european union and beethoven's not. the charlemagne prize presented today to french president emanuel. let's get some
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more analysis on what we've just seen transpire over the past few hours the deputy political editor of the there has been following the latest developments here with me in the studio what did you make in particular of his acceptance speech but it was a message of being self confidence that the european project the european union is the way ahead we saw a ceremony that was slight young conventional. younger pop artist. performing a song which is. the kind of promised happiness and that had a message and it says well basically not follow those who promise you the promised land and liberty has to stay behind and this was also seeping through in the message of mark hall who is actually younger than that pop artist. when he was saying that reverting back into national international kind of message is believing
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that it's easier to solve those great challenges that lie ahead at the national level simply isn't the way forward and that the european union should take some risks that now these are all kind of lofty promises what i found really interesting is that he recognized that france itself has a reputation for being reluctant to drive that change forward not to want to open up the european contracts of the past and at the same time we took on that self criticism of france that was unwilling to reform in the past now with him of course at the spearhead of reforms and him facing some protests in is own country at the same time he kind of mix that in with criticism of joe. me once again and really calling for germany to also be more self-confident believing in the european project and not being so afraid of ending up being the paymaster here for you to use those words but that basically was the message that absolutely i mean by
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a large the speech was quite complimentary but there were some critical points as you mentioned and would actually like to hear a manual on in his own words now and then get your reaction. to the temptation. difficult. to. read and to think that on a national level it's been easier to muster a challenge. to find. on the european level it is still nascent and but we have the ring with bricks. but we're also going to get in the italian election. and everywhere in europe. and it's very interesting addressing this rise of nationalism that we have really seen in europe over the past couple of years who do you think he was talking to directly here well yes she disappeared. in
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a way and calling on european leaders really to be. much clearer in their message as well what was not in that sound bite is that he said that the demagogues are clear and that basically european politicians need to be much clearer in their message and how to solve those problems of the future it was interesting because i'm going to medical in her speech raised the whole issue of the promise of prosperity in europe and that that needs to be fulfilled and it's interesting the difference in style because they're really talking about the same things saying about the european you need to demonstrate that there really is an inherent benefit for every single individual that it's just one german chancellor merkel says it sounds. like it's like a cool for her peers to really act and. call phrases that in what he himself was who commandments of the european union so it's much much more clear cut and much more demanding of his own audience which clearly was the pro european
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elite i mean that was not probably not a single critic in the room when he was saying it so in a way it's preaching to the converted but there really is this big challenge in getting everybody on the same page that the european project is the way to go forward and that there's no alternative but further integration absolutely and german chancellor angela merkel for her part she of course also a recipient of this prize introducing a manual mock home with a very complimentary speech we have to say but alternately at the end of the day when we compare her vision and his vision there are some pretty big differences that are probably frustrating mark wrong at this hour yes i mean really he was quite clear also in the interview that he did with you that he still waiting for that response from the new government here in berlin to go along with what he's about doubt they don't differ about terribly much on the direction to go into but
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how to do it in detail and these are rather large details when it comes to questions of whether to have an finance minister and budget to raise taxes well that's one thing that really is or it's part of the whole package that's still being discussed right now and you can sense from i'm going to map the speech the recognition that palin needs to offer that response pretty soon ok take a look of now with the very latest on the charlemagne prize as we mentioned awarded to president emanuel and you have been watching our special coverage here at the view of that award ceremony and before we go we just want to quickly remind you of the other top stories that we have been following for you including the very. one french president. being awarded that charlemagne prize for his efforts to forge greater european unity and call dr europeans to reject nationalism and division and then her speech introducing this is the german chancellor angela merkel said that europe could no longer rely on the u.s.
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tonight lou. this is the debbie of news live from the bird led calls for deescalation after tensions between israel and iran israel launches extensive air strikes on iranian targets in syria with reports of many killed the attacks come on the heels of the u.s. decision to abandon the iran nuclear deal we'll go live to the region plus pushing for greater european unity in troubled times france's president emanuel mccauley is honored with the prestigious charlemagne prize for promoting a new vision for europe.


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