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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is the w.'s lie from international calls for calm after tensions between israel and iran israel launched massive asteroids overnight on a rainy and targets in syria after rockets landed on israeli positions we'll take you live to the region also on the program pushing for greater european unity in troubled times emanuel michael receives germany's prestigious charlemagne prize for promoting a new vision for europe accepting the award the french president said the time for strengthening europe is now. donald trump welcomes her three american captors
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released by north korea the u.s. president declared himself optimistic about a plan summits with the north's leader. and two germans trust more a lot of new putin's russia on donald trump's america according to a new poll may surprise you. i'm still get welcome to the program international calls for restraint a growing as israel and iran face the most serious militia confrontation in years now this force it uploaded on social media is said to show multiple flares over syria's capital damascus after israel struck dozens of targets in the country israel says it was responding to what it says was an iranian rocket attack on israeli outposts in the golan heights launched from syria israel claims to have struck nearly all of iran's infrastructure in syria. let's see if we can pick this
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with the double correspondent i'm child for who's monitoring developments from neighboring beirut to welcome and show so israel says its strikes were in response to this iranian attack why would iran be targeting vast area. well iran this is a very clever move by iran iran has been under pressure to show resolve and it's to show to its domestic audience that it is not going to be taking down the israeli aggression on its assets in israel lying down opted for golan because golan is occupied territory golan was occupied by israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven it is city and land israel has an extent but it is not internationally recognized by attacking golan iran is saying look we're not targeting israel we are targeting lands that israel has occupied so in a way this is yes. it's a very severe confrontation between iran and israel in syria but also
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a limited strike by iran and that's the message that you don't want to send that we want to hit you back but we don't want to present war now. hour or so before i came out. iran had not confirmed that it sent those missiles has that changed. no that's actually hasn't seen this far but it is believed that the they have done it even though for sure what hasn't yet come in and the iranian system sort of works. slower fashion there. but israel has accused iran and from now will be ploughed from sources on the ground it is in fact iran that has struck is very yesterday in fact still this was expected we've been fearing this since last month when israel has has struck an iranian air base in syria and killed seventy iranians so it was expected that iran is going to move and it was very much expected that iran is going to pull out. what is the expected next move and so. iran hits israeli targets israel hits iranian
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targets then what. well the fear is that we might have our broader regional war at our hands and. a lot of us here were thinking that a proxy battleground this time around might be south of syria and that is happening just south of syria it's an also be lebanon because who is in south syria fighting alongside assad's men in fighting who are these men being trained by the i r g c it is the hezbollah this bill has the strongest force they have experience in fighting israel they've done it in two thousand and six so the fear is that you would have these. skirmishes insult syria and it can fly gratian me eventually turn into war which will obviously come to lebanon and you would have a much worse situation nor sources in both iran and israel see that they don't want a full fledged wars and maybe this ends here for now but we've got to wait and watch out iranian state television has reported that israeli jets entered lebanon's
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aspace where you. are there first are you worried and other fears of this but what about this escalation. but there always is if you remember when he left for saudi arabia and resigned from there he had fears that they would be war so in lebanon this is daily talk that every next week there would be war but now there actually is a fair because yes israeli jets were hovering above. several farms this is also a part of golan and it's claimed by levanon this is the by the skin by lebanon not syria so yes they're very active here as the lebanese army says that israel may strike never non and either way whatever happens in syria lebanon would be engaged as i said it's his blood it's fighting on the ground in both countries so there is a certain sense of what we are but also can't because even his will are does not want an active war just yet they've sent men to syria they've lost
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a lot of men and there is a lot of internal pressure even on them because a lot of young boys have died so neither marty so to say is interested in in a full fledged active war so to say but there are these signs was tell us that anything can go wrong could talking to one show and show for a better thank you. the governments of russia and germany have underlined their common intention to preserve the nuclear deal with iran welcoming his german counterpart mass on his first visit to moscow russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov stressed that all countries involved should discuss how best to keep the agreement alive germany's foreign minister expressed his hope that russia could use its close ties with iran to convince the regime to hold up their part of the deal. but the president of france emanuel macro has been altered with germany's prestigious charlemagne prize it's awarded to individuals for their special efforts to promote european unity the french president to receive the award is
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a lavish ceremony in athens in western germany chancellor angela merkel spoke in prague in spoke of broken praise of the french president's vision for reforming europe in his address emmanuel mccraw want to guarantee the rise of nationalism in europe going to the temptation in difficult times is yes you need to be nationalistic to know this ourselves and we and to think that on a national level it's easier to muster challenges and to find an answer of around a team. because on the european level it is still nascent and fragile but we have heard the alarms ring with breaks it was on the issues that we are also going to hear it in the italian elections in hungary in the whole and everywhere in europe. correspondent bound to regard has been speaking with regard to british
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historian and political writer timothy garton ash it was in our room for the ceremony. professor garden as why is the french president the holder of this very prestigious metal because he is at the moment effectively the leader of europe he just gave a great speech in which he said we really need a europe that is powerful to defend our interests and the message for me is where are you dram and where is the germany that has the ambition and the vision and the strategic thinking to respond you also heard the reply all the the speech given by the german chancellor you think the german french couple is working so i'm a great admirer of transamerica but i think the problem is in the grand coalition and particularly with the bavarian c.s.u. it's actually very difficult to find a strategic concept but i would still hope for more. many say the french president
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is a kind of a beacon of hope because he's so into the ethic and compassionate about europe you agree absolutely i mean the conviction of the eloquence the courage his message was don't be afraid have the courage to believe in europe and i think that's a really important message for us today because i think where a frightened continent you see also the last chance for europe because he says we don't have any time to lose you know there's never a last chance for europe we've been going for a few thousand years and we'll keep carrying but i think it's a chance we need to seen. ok thank you very much. fifty years ago a student revolt on the country's largest ever general strike brought france to a near standstill it was part of an international movement against the vietnam war and in favor of sexual liberation it started a known ten university to the north of paris today students are blocking off the university again protesting against changes that would liberate university access
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and they're hoping to channel the spirit of may nineteenth sixty eight. the. car is determined to defend her country social welfare system. she and her fellow students are trying to enter one of the universities auditoriums to hold a general assembly they feel that force is their only option leaving them alone and using no one listens to our demands neither the government nor the university we are obliged to stage events that disrupt people's everyday lives to make them pay attention to see who is using the students are protesting against new reforms introduced by the president. the changes would make it harder to get into university they would also make it easier to lay off workers and increase checks on the unemployed. and it also there ripping apart our social model everybody's on the attack students workers the unemployed and we have a sort of historic responsibility here in montana as soon as our university joined
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the movement the media started to pay a lot more attention to our demands made sixty eight is giving us a mental. floor was put on was there when the student movement started fifty years ago the students were revolting against what they saw as an outdated model of society. to remove noise sewage. that was the historic moment when we occupied the administration's boardroom on the eighth floor with more insight before we did it than. a day earlier fellow students had attacked a branch of the us company american express in paris to protest the. the vietnam war one of the students was arrested. and was she said you know i was living on campus we all came together and started yelling free our comrades then we decided to block off the university bash was a march twenty second morsi is a decision one year later huge student demonstrations kicked off in paris we joined
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other students at the soul body and took part in all the demos and blockades of. rigor to go just as. she marched together with prominent student leaders like daniel can bend it shortly after work has joined the demos asking for better working conditions. says maybe nine hundred sixty eight changed her life we knew it and the more the world at the time was so outdated and very authoritarian so what happened then was like an extraordinary breath of freedom we young women realize for the first time that we could be free and had the right not to be just like our mothers grandmothers the feel of the civil but also feels inspired by today's movement she says the students have good reason to fight for their rights. to remove the buku preview of normal so it's not really. the world has become a long tough especially as unemployment has skyrocketed as the students have the
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strength of youth and are fighting for a better world we should listen to them as. professionals and we want to follow in your footsteps we have been telling people look at the time they're also fighting against a similar university reform and they managed to stop it but there are things we want to do differently you didn't achieve everything you were asking for. the students are determined to keep fighting until the government withdraws all its reforms. the issue is ongoing political stalemate is worrying of business leaders and workers daniel winter can tell us more that's right a shaky economy fell positive steps though in the last few hours towards forming a government in italy populist a five star and league party saying they're closer to an agreement now they would send italy in a new economic direction anti establishment anti year and anti austerity italians are disappointed in their country's lackluster economic progress of recent years and the absence of a new government since elections in march has undermined their confidence further
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still. kirby archer phoneys day begins very early he sets over two in the morning while the rest of rome sleeps. the greengrocer got used to it a long time ago what really bothers him is the state of his country. yes i'm worried because you know not for me but for my daughter i have a ten year old daughter it is like this now i don't see how i can get better at all maybe you know. it's least political uncertainty is weighing heavily on the country's economy it's putting a brake on investment and consumption it's of these carrying a high debt burden g.d.p. grew by north point three percent in the first quarter but the banking system is still strained. unemployment has fallen somewhat government reform so many new jobs created so many of them only temporary and the outlook. for phoning is
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glad to have his work here at the market even if it does involve a twelve hour day. i don't see how anybody is going to be able to stay in italy anybody without. a crisis has already seen a lot of young people leave the country and it's by no means over yet either. and daniel cooper caught up with the chief economist of i n g back cost and pesky outside the frankfurt stock exchange he says the italian economy is used to political uncertainty. so i once again italy is facing the difficult task to form a government how can the economy cope with all of this when the economy has got used to cope with it because we have said so many different governments in italy and what we do see right now it's economic stagnation so obviously the country would like to see a clear government but if it's not it's going to be muddling through as we had over the last couple of years so it's hell in banks have
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a severe problems what does it all mean for them now. for them of the need to make a distinction between the the legacy asset problems of the problems of the past they still have high non-performing loans in their books but they've also cleaned up the books so the new non-performing loans are bad loans and the books actually have been reduced extremely well so when you asked the c.b.s. think the problems at the italian banking system are not so severe anymore so i think italian banks will look relatively relaxed to what is happening in rome let's just imagine the scenario they can't find a solution for their problems what is this going to mean for the euro or the euro i think it's bad news if we don't have a functioning italian government be it a technical government already a newly elected government it means continues problems in italy and italy is the third largest economy of the year or so this will keep all speculations in financial markets about a potential break up in the future clearly alive so what's the first half they have
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to take now i think really make up their minds where it's going to be new elections or whether we're going to get a technical government and i think we had good experiences in the past with technical governments because what italy needs to do right now is really have come up with a good fiscal plan go to brussels present the budget plans combining some investments but with morris territory so that really they're the fiscal plan for the next couple of years is prepared together with brussels and then we send have some rest in then italy thank you very much for talking to us and it's back to you now in berlin. brant crude search to over seventy eight dollars a barrel before settling low on thursday is hovering near its highest level since twenty fourteen that's as the u.s. ratchets up tension with iran threatening to re-impose sanctions but international oil cartel opec will not yet ramp up production to make up for the expected drop and supply saying
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a change in iranian crude output would take time buyers of iranian oil will have a six month period to wind down purchases due to u.s. sanctions. much has been said about america's introduction of tariffs on steel importers will have to pay up to twenty five percent duty on the stuff the impact on prices for consumers will be minimal estimated that less than one cents for a can of tinned fruit or a couple of hundred dollars on the price of a car still the firms who are using the steel a worried about the cost squeeze. seven hundred million comes for tomato use peaches and pads that's what the agricultural co-operative pacific coast produces expects to use this year. the price of steel has risen by nine percent since donald trump announced his plans for twenty five percent tariffs on steel imports from china. hands are significant component of our costs and if you look at just the
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canned component this fiscal year. can that increase and cancel probably be about fourteen to eighteen million dollars to give you a reference our earnings this year are going to be twenty four million so we have a lot to manage next year with these cost increases. this co-operative in california delivers comfort to the big american supermarket chains which of forced to raise their prices you baltimore the customer the consumer will see some of this impact it's our job along math supply chain to mitigate that through internal cost initiatives innovation and that's our job i understand that. but challenges like this especially when you're on plan or talent just. around one hundred and seventy families what are the co-operative. one of them mr frank muller humanely grace tomatoes. farmers get a double whammy because our products are going to be subject to tariffs where there were shipping worldwide just done
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a really amazing job of moving our products worldwide but also we're subject to the imports we buy that come from other countries were subject to paying higher prices for them so we get it on both ends and that's what's really frustrating. china has retaliated with tariffs on u.s. imports of agricultural products the american public could be the ones footing the bill for trump's trade with china. and now you're up to date on your business to fell down and thank you so much let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world will start in kenya where at least forty one people. been killed after a dam burst in western kenya in the city of new call of witnesses say most of the victims were asleep when the incident happened after a severe drought or weeks of trench will rains in kenya of course the flooding and mudslides leaving more than one hundred people dead. islam is that militant prisoners at the high security jail the indonesia's capital jakarta of killed five police officers they took officers hostage in a prison riot triggered by
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a dispute about food and they said by resolve the crisis after a tense standoff he's learned state group claimed its fighters were involved in the violence. scientists are warning there to hawaii's killer why a volcano could erupt explosively in coming weeks spraying rocks for miles lava flows has already destroyed nearly forty homes and other buildings or forces have offered nearly two thousand local residents to leave the area killer whale has been throwing out toxic gas and love for the past week three americans who have been held prisoner by north korea back in the united states after a whirlwind diplomatic mission by washington they flew home with secretary of state might pump air travel to pyongyang ahead of the upcoming summit between the two countries' leaders president trump and greeted the man at the airport in sounded a note of optimism describing their release as a positive sign. it was nearly three in the morning but the u.s.
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president and the first lady were on hand to greet the freed captives from a north korean labor camp her reception with the u.s. president it all happened in less than a day for these three men their release was the moment their families had dreamed of. really great. correctly. the three men are kim jong schol tony kim and kim song all are americans who were imprisoned in north korea for between one and two years for quote anti-state
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activities the charges are widely seen as bogus. secretary of state mike pompei i made a thirteen hour visit to the hermit kingdom to arrange the planned summit between trump and came down on us in the process pompei also secured the men's release so the country is new tourists for its harsh labor camps. around the world we were treated in many different ways. for me i had to do a lot of labor with. the women here but when i got sick i was also treated by them you know. it was you know the. tramp seems to think this is a sure sign that kim is ready to reconcile he even thinks the north korean leader for freeing the men but kim is every bit as unpredictable as his american counterpart and it's unclear if today show peacemaking will lead to actual peace.
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that's a day malaysia witnessed its first a transfer of power since independence more than sixty years ago mohammad has been sworn in as prime minister after wednesday's shock election victory over the ruling party stand national coalition for the ninety two year old opposition leader is no newcomer having previously served as prime minister for twenty two years he was even a b. and member until twenty sixteen emerged from retirement two and city's former processor not cheaper reza who had become embroiled in a corruption scandal let's get more on this from correspondent florence louis who joins us from malaysia's capital kuala lumpur welcome to g.w. so the new prime minister came out of retirement to fight this election what is behind this incredible comeback. well a couple of reasons already and there's only two arms in our. mind that if it's to
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be reckoned he's got incredible charisma we saw everything went on the campaign and . during the campaign period people to vote for him now he's a controversial figure as well he's also there's a legal incident in as i mean even the reason behind the behavior of these two she did relationships he crippled the tradition it events of the beatles that we pressed it cannot be denied that he also said. successfully helped develop malaysia intended and culture base to the industrial age the nation is now a developing country it's blood and he's no. more than the age now the enemy is and why he needs the enemy behind it's the coalition success is not just posse it's a late bates and he was campaigning on. championing the late rights it's all that it's something that it is possible to eat it as well so that it's another aspect to
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the coalition and that experience in the labels and the lady ga the population about sixty percent of the population in the edge almost out of his coalition next act into the anger that you mentioned people and also they blamed it on a gun since it's task that many of those we it's his coalition if they get it would do away. with a hundred days off and the others are making its absence you in the end of the book are encouraging. and he did it last campaign speech date for the tool to vote to be so on the ticket to a twenty. eight like it's not much to meet will he get that that and. it's wired. strange.
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very concise thank you for that. malaysia's capital kuala lumpur thank you. this is d.w. news live from berlin still to come french president emmanuel mccall tells the interview the president trumps decision to ditch the nuclear deal with iran was a mistake. i've heard germans trust more flooding of putin's russia trumps america the absolute may surprise you. so my photo stores may have more of the day's world news as well the sports i have i have business and culture this is the dump. truck.
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the whole. world. there's a new super food in the fight against world hunger lentils these legumes are rich in protein and they already play an important role in the diets of people in many a marching countries. but can new varieties make them even higher in nutrients lentils food for the future. in forty five minutes on d. w. . is real seventy. two displaced nations at odds over one home alone featured in our program. when rabin and her friends
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agreed on peace but an assassin put an end to that train the movement to returning to his to the displaced people still function for the home loans of these real seventy years. may twelfth on t.w. of all broadcast times online. the germans came together in one nation from shanda manya to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swear always to bring my writing politics to protect christendom suppress divine truth. ali to see if i can declare the enemy in time. and steered by courageous decisions told your master or so you feel around the world is from god. we must forge peace.
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the germans started may thirteenth on g.w. . this is the w.'s highlight from above and i feel good story at this hour israel says it has attacked iranian military targets inside syria and response to rocket strikes strikes on the golan heights russia germany and france of course for a.t.'s collation of tensions between israel and iran. a french presidency by no mcchrystal says u.s. president donald trump decision to quit the iran nuclear deal is a mistake mr macro made the comments while they just need to be safe the prestigious to charlemagne prize is given every year to an individual who's made a special contribution to unity in europe ahead of today's ceremony that mr the french president sat down with the w m to german public broadcasting day for an
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exclusive interview. with your crazy dog boss the president madam. thank you for taking the time with the basic idea mr president. we speak to you because you're going to be awarded the shot of the new price on thursday but we cannot limit ourselves to speaking about europe alone because we have a very important topic that's right you try it to a save the area and. nuclear deal when you were in washington why did you fail. i think the most important thing is to maintain stability and peace and middle east i'm in washington and i have said this by the way i had understood that president trump wanted to. leave agreement from two thousand and fifteen and during our joint press conference i had suggested that we work on
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a broader framework and i am very sorry about his decision i think it is a mistake and this is why we europeans have decided like we reiterated yesterday to remain within the agreement from two thousand and fifteen as i reminded president of wanny we negotiated and signed the agreement and it allows us to control the nuclear defense activity in iran until two thousand and twenty five but this agreement needs to be completed on nuclear activities until two thousand twenty five believe activities in the region and regional activities of iran and iraq or yemen and syria when i was in washington i said to president trump don't tear everything up but if something were you let strengthen this framework and he decided to create tension i think this was meant. to go.
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beyond to something broader this is what we have to do among european countries with the e.u. with the united kingdom's germany and france. we have to reaffirm that we are attached to the agreement from two thousand and fifteen because the iranian regime cannot take its activities up again. while you have heard that they are stalling that's what they said in their declaration of yesterday there is no escalation and the european decision allows us to stop the activities for now and to limit escalation and this is why we have to work together with our partners in order to limit and that's going to action of tension in the region and this is what we have been trying for months now and this is also why we have to broaden already the topics in order to bring all the parties back to
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a larger security and stability framework for the region because you are saying that the europeans are going to try to remain in in the agreement and adopt it but what does it really mean without the united states what is it rusts without them is . a proposal that sufficient for iran. but this is going to be a topic in the coming weeks and months and it's the mandate that we gave off foreign ministers in the e.u. and iran. because. what are you going to be able to propose while it's the agreement that we signed balls of is everything over a no because one of the signatories draws out but the others are reaffirming that they are committed but i think in any event. it is a pity because we had anticipated and now we can regret his decision but it's
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important that we all remain obsessed by stability and peace in the region. situation is very difficult very dangerous and our transatlantic. relations damaged well there are some elements of tension back there are also elements of very strong anchor anchoring birth you go deeper and i think we can go beyond this through a large a negotiation that i proposed already in last september during the un assembly with and get america and to resent may we want to work in this direction and we have also plans on the commercial level and i think this has to be respected we are very strong trade power our united states are an ally partner but do we have rules to bite with the w t own rules and we have to respect them and
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have others respect them as well it is very important that we europeans maintained multilateral framework we have a true convergence and our views and we work together and fight against terrorism together with the united states in syria we are working together in the international coalition in africa we work together in the sad and sahra zone against islamist terrorism so you see we have some disagreements but nevertheless and most importantly we have a common interest that will to work for our common security in the same direction we i know at a historical point and we have to maintain doesn't matter dr order which we created at the end of the second world war and that is sometimes in jeopardy where we have to create
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a strong moderate literalism as i said in washington. france germany and great britain and to go sure to to gether with iran now in europe you have reform ideas that we don't and. orse are you disappointed with and get american. not at all i am you know waiting for her reply this is not our only topic that we talk about. germany waited for a long time for france to complete its reforms and i am not here to give good grades bad grades or to say i am disappointed we work together we are partners. with women i think that the chancellor and her government is going to join us and this historic moment and work together for a stronger europe and more united and more sovereign and more democratic europe that's our challenge. yes for those who follow the events i think you will see that the german government is not working as quickly as
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you had expected because we have a different method and we also have different views if you are speaking about e.u. finance minister germany is not endorsing that. everything that you envision is not going to be a person possible are you aware of that of course well i never said that everything that i propose as to you have to take it or leave it all i have an ambition i make proposals but i am convinced that it was my duty to do so the current status quo in europe is bad for everybody our sovereignty is being tested for everything that is happening the iranian crisis trade crisis the challenges of the digital world of internet and there are g. transition migration and are
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a capacity to protect ourselves we have to make progress and we have to be a more integrated european avant garde i would like an economic government a minister back you call it what. what you want actually the end is what counts more than the names i just want in europe that is more democratic and less bureaucratic with one third europe to be more united concerning the essential points able to protect itself against the big wrists that would not think that's what i want a stronger political integration in the eurozone i mean a policy of solidarity and responsibility because in the last years europe was of or indeed was divided several times division between the north and the south because of the financial crisis and economic crisis and then at the
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vision between the east and the west because of the migration crisis do you think we can go on like that forever no we have to create more solidarity in front of all those dangerous and that's the reform that i proposed i am waiting now for the german reply together with the chancellor we have the target of replying after getting a reply in june i am following the german political life you have elections a new government and i think it would be a mistake to formulate a reply that lacks an ambition mr president i have a delicious question for you have i see you wink. in germany you have often been called jupiter or c.s.r. one year into the presidency are you still a superhero worth of them become well i have never presented myself as such and so
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i leave the responsibility for this comparison to you they are not always true i think from the first day i have been working hard i was elected president of the french republic by the. french people who made a choice between extreme right wing candidate and what i had to propose and many thought that it would be impossible to be elected on the strength of european. program i know that my project is very hard to carry out and i have been working without respect from day one. if you cannot manage for instance to amend the treaty ever germany does not have a solution and this is to conclude if we don't find a solution does the e.u. still have a future i'm a fighter and i never draw on bad things i'm going to put all my energy into convincing and convincing some more i think the best way to convince is to do the
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job at home that's what i said from the beginning and this is why i waited until september to give my proposals for reform and then you have to explain to be humble to be constant i have no lessons to give i just say what i am search gesture and then i have to go on working and watch some more of it and until things are reality i am not going to choose that option that a scenario because i think that would be dramatic for me of all of us and bad for germany as well germany had the courage and the strength of character to carry out very deep economic reform already ten years ago and benefited a lot from the eurozone but the situation where we know is not going to be able to continue like that so even germany should not remain in the situation.
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during the migration crisis germany was confronted by selfishness from all the other countries and had this experience now we have a more responsible europe where the countries are under pressure to reform. and so we need more transparency more responsibility of the member states but we need more solidarity in europe on economy of finance and migration we need more several europe that better protect itself against there is a more united europe and i really want your viewers to understand that it's good for them. in many variants that we have people with little nifty little. well presence about you know a macro speaking to d.w. now what is germany thinking every month polling institute are in for a test team that conducts opinion polls to take the country's political pulse on domestic issues europe and the wider world and their latest survey they asked
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people which countries they regarded as trustworthy partners for germany ninety percent of those surveyed said they trusted germany's relations with france thirty percent said russia was a reliable partner in the united states even low with just twenty five percent of people calling it trustworthy so which country was bottom of the german public's trust for the lest it was turkey only seven percent of germans poll said they consider turkey a trustworthy partner for germany so what else have we learned about what germans are thinking right hard to shrink or is the director of in for tests that day map the polling organization he joins us from d.w. studios in bonn or welcome to you why do germans trust russia more than the united states. well i would put the question the other way around why do more germans mistrust the u.s. and russia because a trust percentage of thirty percent for russia and twenty for the u.s.
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is not a sign of trust yeah but they are more germans in the east of germany which has had a lot of cultural connections with the soviet union the eck soviet union and so the ok russia in the eastern part of germany is considerably higher than it is in the west and that's why the ok for russia is higher than for the us and the women in germany seem to distrust the u.s. maybe the you us president even more than the rest of the population ok let's look at the trust body part of germany's closest ally france to people believe that franco franco german relations are getting stronger. a yes well that's always has been a very special relation between germany and france of course everybody is happy that we have mr mccraw now they trust quite a lot in him but on the other hand we should never forget that germany is the
4:46 pm
number one power in europe that eighty percent in germany say oh economy is fine that we have hardly any unemployment and that whoever says you have to change something you have to change or to lawyers it lays you in expert people quite nervous in germany and saying though we want to keep our worlds to ourselves ok let's take a look at some more of the results from your poll will speak more with you in just a second now people were also asked about the future of the european union and how they feel about deep integration of member states more than half of those surveyed say they want greater european cooperation which also means the transfer of more powers from member states to brussels that said almost twenty five percent want germany to act more independently from brussels and to regain control of certain policy decisions most germans political parties on the far right alternative
4:47 pm
germany party wants powers returned to national governments eighteen percent of those polled said they are satisfied with the status quo so back to iran. most germans polled then seem to favor deeper cooperation with the e.u. but your survey also indicates that many people who support the far right alternative for germany want to roll back why's that. well you know where the f.t. was found it first found it because they were fighting the euro they were fighting against europe is asian of debts of other european states and they said the euro is a failure european union is a failure we don't want to stay in the european union and of course they attracted quite a lot of people either because they said we are no longer must own country we are forced to accept foreigners we are forced to do this and that just because russell is telling us and that's why that part of the success of the f.t.
4:48 pm
is there and european philosophy. we have about two thirds of their voters who say we want to we want germany to decide more than they have been doing up to the oh ok let's see what germans think of emmanuel macross ideas about closer european corporation he's put forward a number of proposals to make him less bureaucratic and more democratic more than eighty percent of germans polled approve of that but nearly half reject his push for greater financial integration meanwhile a clear majority wants the chancellor and the metal to show greater enthusiasm for the european project so why not shrink and why germans against president obama's proposals for an e.u. budget and a eurozone finance minister. you know as i mentioned before germany we don't have too many ideals one ideal is over well being well being of always selves
4:49 pm
eighty percent of the german population say my own financial situation is good and everything that could threaten this well being good life in germany is not really except it and the bracks it after the break said when we are so are you afraid of the brics it what shocks you what are you afraid of the only think people in germany be fraid of not that the union might be weakened though that germany would have to pay more for the union that they have been paying up to now so for me it's not survive no surprise when it comes to money germans say no we want to say we want to have things as they are i say it's all about the money germans wanted chancellor merkel to show more passion and dedication on the e.u. front all they objecting to his style or her actions. what if you could to say you know we had quite
4:50 pm
a long period where we had no government and people were doing well it without a government and for many many years medical medical school has markers capability to do i would sit difficulties here highly appreciated but their personal ratings she's ours are down to fifty one percent so we have half of the relations as she is great the other half say no she's not great but for more europe there is everybody besides the right wing party the f.t. and that's why we maybe why she's a bit little bit cautious overreacting too fast in european issues. go finally to a question that in france has the map asks every month if a general election were to take place next sunday which party would you vote for has been little change over the last month chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc is down just one percent of in just over thirty percent of the social democrats
4:51 pm
got eighteen percent the right wing populist alternative for germany is up one percent to fifteen points of business friendly f.d.p. he's down a percentage point eight points on the left party is down one percent at nine points the greens gained a point and scored thirteen average points and it's all about one percent difference over the last month reinhart schlink at the gap between center laughs s.p.d. and far right is quite narrow while the social democrats performing so badly. well the social democrats really the worst the worst card of all the parties after the elections we had last september first chance a candidate and chairman said no we will never ever join a company as. a government again no we will never ever go together with angle america and after three months of another path parties did not have any chance we
4:52 pm
were not successful of forming a government in the very end the s.p.d. gave up and said yes we join the new government again and even the shoals who was so strictly against it first said yes let's try it but it didn't survive it he was out powered and the s.p.d. of cause has a big credibility problem it's only half even of their own followers who say now the petitions we have it up doing a good job we like them it will be tough for the s.p.d. to recover to old to the old strength they had been talking to a very interesting rock hard to shrink it from post infantilized dana thank you. pleasure. major an exhibition of works by the dutch artist mc national is currently in the
4:53 pm
wagner in the netherlands he's best known phrase enigmatic and mathematical prince it's the artistic highlight of the six year european capital of culture the kind of detail you culture is here to tell us all about it welcome carol i got to give you just a sec did i pronounce the city right you did leave out ok will recognize his works he became quite a popular guy starting already back in the one nine hundred fifty s. his prints were really reprinted in a in a commercial sense quite. widely and so he had quite an impact on popular culture and it's interesting that as a student his teachers didn't think that he was promising a tall as an artist they thought he was a bit too tight that he wasn't sort of playful enough to be an artist but thankfully he trusted his own imagination worked restlessly on his incredible technique and really took true to another level you know sort of like entice in life out of these inanimate geometric forms because it's and it's every it's math together it is and for those of us who who aren't good at math why would you
4:54 pm
believe it he said he was never any good at math even though he was costly obsessed with ideas that are generally preoccupying mathematicians for a long time actually as actually even felt that he was very sort of ignored by the art stablish and which made him feel quite outcast alone and lonesome but very early on other mathematicians and scientists actually started to be interested in what he was doing and in fact in one thousand nine hundred fifty four a physicist and mathematician roger penrose who you can see here saw an exhibition of ashes in amsterdam and he marveled at this print which is called relativity from one nine hundred fifty three with these impossible forces of gravity in all directions now that inspired him. penrose to create something that was called the penrose triangle so this looks like a three dimensional object but could never really exist in three dimensions and he said it was in possibility in its purest form so this is totally amazing because penrose took that model showed it to his own father who was
4:55 pm
a geneticist who was also totally into creating these and elaborate puzzles and he came up with a model that later became known as the penrose staircase and when escher got wit wind of top of course he was captivated as penrose was with his initial exhibition and it incited him to make this print ascending and descending from nine hundred sixty nine that shows the typically ask and the continuum and it became one of his most famous images and that that penrose triangle you can also see here resurfacing as an impossible aqueduct and in waterfall so you had this incredible closed loop of inspiration with scientists in the artist actually feeding off one another at that time so fascinating totally fast i think i started you for bringing up karen hopes that more of the website absolute pleasure yes an exhibition is on till the twentieth of october you don't call for slash culture that's it you're upsetting more the talk of the.
4:56 pm
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there's a new super food in the fight against world hunger lentils these legumes are rich in protein and they already play an important role in the diets of people in many a merge in countries. but can new varieties make them even higher in nutrients lentils food for the future. in the fifteen minutes. listening to curse the force of nature and inescapable straight. monsoon most of tropical downpours that she'd like to get close to solo so cut the summer so for them to cause an enormous destruction followed
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