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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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business daily news live from berlin international calls for car after tensions between israel and iran seoul israel launched massive ass trucks overnight against iranian targets in syria after rockets landed on his right the physicians we take you live to the region also on the program. page set a date u.s. president donald trump will meet north korea's supreme leader kim jong un in singapore the twelfth of june mr trump made the announcement after welcoming home free american captives released by north korean. president
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a man your own mccrory's honored for promoting a new vision for europe accepting germany's charlemagne prize he said the time to strengthen europe is now. on the same kenya killing dozens on what witnesses have described as a wall of water east african countries reeling from weeks of catastrophic flooding d.w. news has been speaking with survivors who have lost everything. i'm still gail welcome to the program international calls for restraint talk growing as israel and iran face the most serious military confrontation for years israeli airstrikes if you radian targets across syria overnight sparking fears of a wider conflict breaking out in the region these images released by the syrian military are said to show the aircraft if i. this firing over the capital damascus
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israel says it hit nearly all of iran's military infrastructure in syria responds to what he says were iranian rocket attacks on israeli positions in the israeli occupied golan heights if true it would be the first time iranian forces have fired rockets at israeli held territory. correspondent is that monitoring developments from neighboring beirut welcome and show israel says it was responding to an iranian attack on golan heights why would iran target that area. but the reason iran would do target cool on the ice is because going on this occupied territory it was occupied by israel in the sixty nine hundred sixty seven war israel has since an extent even though the international community does not recognize so essentially iran is saying that we're not targeting israel we're targeting occupied territory. and that sort of is a measured response i'd say which means that iran there's no one just sent
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a very strong message but a measured message there because this is essentially is largely believed to be revenge for the seventy dominance who were killed last month when israeli struck an iranian base in syria so has iran confirmed that d.v. indeed launch those missiles. they actually have been to the contrary they have said that they have not lost any slides and this is all a good sign it's propaganda which means the onus is now on the israelis to prove as they say that these were only in strikes indeed though i have to here add that on monday the army chief did in our mince words see that iran will respond and our will seek its revenge regarding the incident mentioned earlier also the iranian parliament the defense committee says that only iranian advisors on the ground nor fighters which is a little strange because this is iran's proxy they are on the ground that possibly
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next several fighters of several militia militias who been trained by the hezbollah are in this area. on the part which is still under syrian control so these are all of fighters funded and trained by either the i r g c the revolutionary guard all his blood which has been trained by our g.c. so this certainly have a huge presence on the ground and we know that israel has been carrying out strikes on iranian targets in syria for several weeks this is clearly a significant escalation how close are they to all out war. where you know there's always that fear and now with this escalation in. recent subsidy. sources in both iran and israel say that they don't want it to escalate any further they don't want a full fledged war so maybe the better sense will prevail and we will not have a wider conflict nor how can one not have
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a wider conflict the question is that israel has drawn a red nine that they don't want to iranians they don't want to run in assets on the ground in syria they don't want iran to expensive and iran has not done anything or said anything to suggest that they will back off so eventually you really are looking at a serious confrontation it may happen now it may happen later. in beirut thank you so much for joining the dover. the governments of russia and germany have criticised the escalating tensions in the middle east and underlined their intention to preserve the iran nuclear deal despite america's withdrawal welcoming is german counterpart on his first visit to moscow russian foreign minister sergey lavrov stressed that the remaining signatures to the deal should discuss how best to keep it alive heiko mass expressed of germany's hope that russia would use its close ties to iran to convince them to stick with the deal he then went on to outline some of the issues still damaging relations between
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germany and russia. this is that the should fly already mentioned some critical issues this republic case for example or the cyber attack that targeted the german ministry of foreign affairs much indicates that attack might have been conducted from russian territory as it gets. you know what it's like times over this i believe that an open and honest dialogue is key for a solid partnership we have to be able to figure out if we are still sticking to the same rules. now dates and venue for the much signaled summit between us president and donald us president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un has been announced it will take place on the twelfth of june in singapore was the trumpet tweeted the announcement shortly after welcoming home three americans who've been released from detention in north korea he described their release as a sign of goodwill from pyongyang. it was nearly three in the morning but the u.s.
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president and the first lady were on hand to greet the freed captives from a north korean labor camp to reception with the u.s. president it all happened in less than a day for these three men their release was the moment their families had dreamed of. their. life i. believe great. regularly. the three men are kim jong il tony kim and kim hawke song all are americans who were imprisoned in north korea for between one and two years for quote anti-state
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activities the charges are widely seen as bogus. secretary of state mike pompei i made a thirteen hour visit to the hermit kingdom to arrange the planned summit between trump and came down on us in the process pump air also secured the men's release the country is notorious for its harsh labor camps. around the world we were treated in many different ways. for me i had to do a lot of labor. in. the world money but when i got sick i was also treated by the you know the jewel of the little tramp seems to think this is a sure sign that kim is ready to reconcile he even thanks the north korean leader for freeing the man but kim is every bit as unpredictable as his american counterpart and it's unclear if today show peacemaking will lead to actual peace.
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germany has honored french president emmanuel mccraw warding in the country's prestigious charlemagne prize it's presented to individuals who've made special efforts in promoting european unity president macro received the award is a lavish ceremony in western germany they use his acceptance speech to warn against the rise of nationalism. in her address german chancellor angela merkel pryce the french presidency official for europe for growth the before. i had of the ceremony president sat down for an exclusive interview with d.w. german public broadcaster i.r.t. he told us europe has to evolve to face a changing world. current status quo in europe is bad for everybody our sovereignty is being tested by everything that's happening the iranian crisis is a trade crisis the challenges of the digital world of internet and our g.
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transition migration and our capacity to protect ourselves we have to make progress and we have to be a more integrated european avant garde. and you can watch the full interview with him at home across online the w dot com and on twitter at the w years as take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world attackers armed with guns and knives struck a mosque near the south african city of durban on thursday stabbing to death one man and seriously injuring two others the mosque in the town of vera who was also set alight the motives not known but the suspects are said to be in egypt and men hatem humbert has been sworn in as malaysia's prime minister is shocked election victory on wednesday ended more than sixty years of rule by the parricide national coalition the ninety two year old opposition leader is no newcomer and previously
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served as prime minister for twenty two years it takes over from his former project that he brought back was becoming broader than the corruption scandal. operations to rescue a three polish minus trapped almost a kilometer underground have entered best six day a tunnel collapsed in the ears off of come on in the country's south after an earthquake on saturday two men were found dead and two others have been rescued the fate of the remaining miners is not known. only forty two people are dead and many more missing after a dam burst in kenya's rift valley on wednesday evening homes were swept away as water rushed from the dam down a hillside and submerged the two kilometer area kenya had been previously suffering a severe drought growth or they say seasonal rains have now overwhelmed the parts land and burst the down. so weeks of heavy rain in kenya have been caused the deaths of more than one hundred people and displaced more than a quarter of
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a million many schools in the affected region have either been submerged or are being used to shelters the w.'s are katherine and wander travelled to the hard hit region of melinda on kenya's east coast where displaced people haven't just lost their homes they've also lost hope. another family arrives at one of the shelters in the russian remote area in kenya's close to the region this camp is the temporary home of at least two thousand two hundred people from surrounding villages. christina maui a single mother of six arrived here two weeks ago the family was evacuated by boot is due to time to see their belongings most of what they have is borrowed including her children's textbooks. i'm a farmer that way and i had my little piece of land. i would sell the crops from the land to pay the school fees for my children for you as. i have children and
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primary and secondary school knowing i also had a little shock but that all went with the floods it's all gone so to speak i. christine story reflects that a five thousand people living in shelters in the region many of them would just recovering from the severe drought that hit kenya last year local chief hopes that a majority will be able to return to their land and rebuild their lives have his worried that some farmlands have been so badly affected that some people may not be able to harvest anything for seasons to come. he says weather extremes have worsened over the last decades. even from a people say that this flood is similar to the one that took place in one thousand nine hundred sixty one. this is the worst of the oldest can remember he even the frequent el nino rainfalls that we get here is a one compared to what is happening at by moment require hifi. all across the
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country water sources have been contaminated by the floods thirty help centers two hundred schools and thousands of homes have been damaged. the kenya red cross says it needs about four million u.s. full show to water and sanitation support to survivors. the coastal region is one of the west affected regions aid agencies warned of the high risk of the outbreak and larry not just here in the bus the city but also of the rule areas that have been badly affected and the situation could get worse given that the rains don't seem to be letting up any time. back at the camp she. can't wait to return to school but it's not clear if the schools in the region will open again christine has no idea how she will afford the fees for the next time. you're watching news buy from that's still to come
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a google hopes its digital assistant shuffle mobile devices will take a big slice off on already crowded markets in case you're wondering and come back a restaurant or apartment perhaps all by itself. conquered you have done you a winter well hop out story for you pace of business updates in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the a good day. a blessing. and a curse. for specific nature and.


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