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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 8:00am-9:00am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin and israel and iran pulled back from the brink calls for restraint from world leaders after israel's deadly raid song arraign in targets in syria all eyes now on any possible new military activity after israel draws a red line and says it will not back down. also coming up a rare show of unity between moscow and berlin germany's foreign minister calling for frank and constructive dialogue as he and his russian counterpart agree on the
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need to preserve iran's nuclear deal. and the ousting how long president carlos pushed him off rejects being reappointed as leader of that's about a region and nominates a political newcomer to take the job what does this all mean for cattle on independents who go to barcelona for some answers. and also coming up the next sixty minutes of dam burst in kenya unleashing a scene of water and killing dozens the east african country is reeling from weeks of catastrophic flooding we'll speak to our chorus of correspondent in nairobi about the survivors who lost everything. and your votes for a sack full of saris the indian state of karnataka goes to the polls this weekend our correspondent in delhi shines a light on some common ballot buying practices and one candidate's attempts to stop political corruption.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us on fears are growing that a new escalation may be in the making in the middle east europe and the u.s. are calling for restraint after the most serious military confrontation between israel and iran in years german chancellor angela merkel condemned iranian attacks on israeli positions in a phone conversation with iran's president hassan rouhani and rouhani told her that he does not want quote new tensions in the middle east now those tensions were triggered when israel carried out widespread deadly raids a two nights ago against what it says were a rainin targets inside of syria now this was in response to israeli positions coming under attack in what's believed to be a rainy and rocket fire in the israeli occupied golan heights now israel's prime minister has accused iran of crossing a red line. and misfile on its way to destroy and defense system
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this slowdown released by israel's defense forces shows one of the barriers of strikes on iranian military sites and syria israel's prime minister gave the justification. of iran has crossed a red line our response was a clear we will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria. iran provides political and military back came to the regime of syrian president bashar al assad in the country's civil war israel fears this is part of iran's strategic expansion in the middle east. slummy tribute of the islamic republic of iran as was recently revealed by an intelligence operation is the greatest threat to the peace of mankind in general and the middle east and israel in particular. israel says that strikes were retaliation for rocket attack on territory occupies on the golan heights according to israel it rainy and
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militants fired the rockets from syria but none of them reach their target. it's the most serious direct military confrontation and that between israel and iran. and. here at russia the u.s. and the u.n. calling for restraint. no he's getting this getting moved on there's a risk of escalation and growing tensions we must avoid them that's what i told the reigning president rouhani and i'll pass on the message to prime minister netanyahu and president putin who in statements in recent days seems to share the goal of stability and avoiding escalation steady still need to get. tensions remain high on the golan heights the israeli army has sent reinforcements to its northern border. ok with us escalation headed with me in the studio is khaled sternest and syria alast good morning as ever collins israel says it destroyed most
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of iran's military assets inside syria that's the claim it's making with this week's strikes now is that a realistic claim given how long iran had to dig in and harden its assets there in probably the dug in but what israel did for the first time was hit hard if feed of influence that it's already a presence that the influence of iran and hezbollah in syria extending from areas near to visual and hearts all the way east to the iraqi border so that the iranian coated border suddenly became vulnerable to. force it's it's a change in the previous is the right e.d. hill is that if they think places that he had and this is a concerted attack against a belt of iranian and hezbollah militia presence in syria ok you think those assets were hit you think they were destroyed. you know also the. long war with iraq they have military experiences they might have been hit but not
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not that they destroyed them in the big. prepared to put this let's put it this way is nobody actually would know of the iranians would have been destroyed ok unless you have observers on the ground it's hard to get a complete assessment in spite of satellite photos is that correct jackie ok now russia has threatened to supply syria with the very sophisticated s. three hundred air defense missile system it's supposed to be one of the best in the world that's what jane's defense calls it and that system is would give affectively or end affectively israeli air superiority would that mean that israel would be forced to use ground forces to secure the red line that netanyahu has made and its own cross border security didn't even describe what syria assad's army has been this is meted more or less by defections by the whole transformation of the
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state started not known thumbing through just a militia force so we're not talking really about this you know this is a planned organized army which can handle sophisticated systems who is on the ground in syria is russia and iran and the syrian army is one or less a sort of good if you've got lists with it this is the most of the gated system or not is that it is good for from the places in lebanon to intervene on the ground in another country and then have to have more or less i'm delighted allies on the ground like it had in lebanon so for this to treat each death egypt would take lots of levels of collation ok so you don't think that there would be israeli forces on the ground and you don't think that the s. three hundred would be supplied unless it was huge and scott policing huge a scale ation and you know these missiles are not just supplied they need training beneath time they need it's not going on it's going to happen this not going to have been in one night the next day and those missile defenses could possibly be
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manned by russians which would increase the stakes for israel them yes and this is what. we have seen in all of these states from communist on in egypt for example lots of the hard work was manned by by it actions i'm not sure how much putin would want to escalate this remember israel has had veto power more or less indonesian that it's close to that vital to its security which is that if you go to talking about ok we saw this telephone call between the german chancellor and hassan rouhani the president of iran what does that mean our world leaders concerned about a further military escalation you're sounding somewhat sanguine that that's not in the cards i mean it looks like there is that concern out there it's an embarrassment for for their worst and photogram merkel and for germany because they backed this iran deal and then it became more or less a license for the iran to back more or less a monster that in syria is so in iran is in but i think there was the moment
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embarrassing the west you think donald trump has called iran his bluff is he the winner in this nuclear deal standoff i think iran has lots to lose by having a military confrontation in syria lebanon would be hit lots of foot what they believe have been will be hit by israel is that i'll still have the military says pretty i think iran will be very careful to provoke an all out war in that he's a hell of a wise general syria analyst thanks very much for being with us today. all those tensions between israel and iran and the fallout with the u.s. withdrawal from iran's nuclear pact where of course the topics during german foreign minister heiko mawson's first visit to moscow a new foreign minister moscow's taking a tougher approach with moscow than its predecessor and in spite of seeing eye to eye with russia on keeping the iran nuclear deal alive was also had plenty to criticise. german russian relations have long been fraught that tension was on display during the german foreign minister's visit to moscow i called ma slater
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wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and met his counterpart sergey lavrov their encounter was far from warm given the west's recent accusations that russia is behind the nerve agent attack on a former russian double agent and a cyber attack on the german foreign office. i believe that an open and honest dialogue is the key to a solid partnership we have to be able to figure out if we are still playing by the same rules i think. germany and russia aren't at odds on all fronts both want to salvage the nuclear deal with iran fearing the potential instability its collapse could bring. the agreement is vital for regional stability stopping the special most destruction it's important to the signatures that deal with the situation we're doing exactly that without german counterparts. neither lavrov nor mosse went into detail about what a german russian effort to save the iran nuclear deal might entail.
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and it is imperative that the to run fully comply with the deal's limits and obligations and that it remains. we have again discussed what influence the russian government can have as far as iran is concerned it was. in. russia's lavrov said the two sides had never been in complete agreement but most added constructive work has been done even if iran is the only issue russia and germany see eye to eye on. so a rare show of unity between moscow and berlin thomas sparrow our political correspondent joins us now for more on that morning thomas what kind of cooperation might we see between russia and germany to keep the deal on track. well brian there are many issues where russia and germany have problems where they do not see eye to
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eye as you yourself said but one issue where they do share a general goal is when it comes to this iran nuclear deal and in particular when it comes to two aspects of the iran nuclear deal first and foremost trying to make sure that iran sticks to its obligations there are international mechanisms in place for that to happen and second also to try and minimize the impact for countries like germany or russia when it comes to to the fact that the u.s. left iran nuclear deal or not that is planning to impose sanctions or to general goals that germany and the other parties involved in the iran nuclear deal share and those are two goals that they will have to work on in order to salvage this deal ok it's always good to see agreement of course between germany and russia but we have to remember the germany still does not recognize crimea as part of russia and it remains a strong backer of ukraine let's take a listen to what hard to muster to say about that issue with the foot of it and it's with the legal an extension of crimea and the destabilization in eastern
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ukraine much trust has been lost in recent times this own for good or good. so could you krane wind up getting in the way of deeper cooperation. i think the biggest challenge here bryan will be to try and separate issues between germany and russia to try to make sure that on the one hand you have the iran nuclear deal and that common goal that i've just explained on the other hand the issues where they have problems and where they have differences but it is obviously the case that when you look as a general way bilateral relationship you have to understand that there are elements of high cost as joe said where there is mistrust but again the goal be to try and separate them if you look at in general what ukraine could play they always have to consider the fact that there are sanctions imposed you have to consider the fact that there's not stream pipeline project where ukraine is very critical because it obviously sees its role as a gas transit route threat and so those are all issues that have to be included but the general goal between germany and russia and by the way between germany and all
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the other parties involved in the iran nuclear deal will be to try to separate that from all the other aspects really have to negotiate you know the north korean pipeline running through ukraine that is a huge deal over on the side now it's a big if isn't it if moscow and berlin wind of finding some kind of common ground on iran might that mean the germany would then press for an end to the sanctions against moscow i think it is unlikely because the sanctions against moscow were imposed in particular because of the situation in crimea because of the situation in eastern ukraine and they have been specifically pegged to the implementation of the minsk agreement so that is the precondition in order to get rid of those sanctions however obviously if germany and russia do continue these common goals when it comes to iran it might change at least the general environment when it comes to the relationship between germany the e.u. and then russia on the other hand as well thomas as ever thanks very much for and so is thomas sparrow for us there. now if you look at some of the other stories
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making the news this morning u.s. president down from north korean leader kim jong un will be holding their much anticipated summit on june twelfth in singapore that's been confirmed from revealed the place and time in a tweet the two leaders will discuss reading the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons and normalizing relations between the two longtime enemies in south korea one man is dead two others wounded during an attack on a mosque eye witnesses say a number of attackers slipped were first roads in and fled the scene it is still unclear why they attacked the mosque which is located in a town near durban germany's marking the eighty fifth anniversary of the nazi regimes notorious burnings with readings of other events such as here in berlin in one thousand thirty three nazis and their supporters burned those are deemed and german mosques many students and professors enthusiastically joined during those book bonfires. let's get over to monica now and it has been
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a very big week for about a woman from marta and it just shows you brian how time flies because this week marks one year since france elected. president and since then he has wasted little time following through his campaign promises of economic and fiscal reforms the result unemployment figures have dropped slightly and the economy's taking off so has his first year in office been a success well that depends on whom you ask for a few months louis go tears felt like he can breathe again he can finally hire people when he needs to meet short term production goes without risking bankruptcy or the volumes of his small electromechanical company fluctuate constantly. yeah. severance pay settlements camps you know before you didn't know what you might have to pay out. in
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a dispute you could very easily end up around the one hundred thousand euro mark. a make or break for my business. now we're able to take the risk and we've just employed someone. severance pay reform and others such as the lowering of taxes on capital has given employers faith in the government. giving us hope and not just because of his reforms the business climate is simply better. for the first time our country has someone in power who is on the side of business when you give your. trade unionists are critical of my reforms they say he's rapidly demolishing the country social safety net. weeds here these policies are socially unjust and benefit only the richest in the country for example he's raised taxes on retirees and lowered capital tax
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that's a step back to the nineteenth century he's curtailing workers' rights and opening the door for employers to negotiate directly with the workers. and the unions won't let that happen without a fight but the business community says the reforms have not gone far enough. you can't ask a small business to step itself like a big company following thousands of regulations which stem from who knows where. there has to be legislation adapted to small business to lower operating costs are going to be internationally competitive and france has a massive trade deficit. so far france's young president has not been fazed by his critics for the most difficult reforms the public's. this isn't pensions haven't even begun years. where european trade negotiators are scrambling to work out new trade arrangements with the united
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states to avert a hike on steel and export tariffs are the current temporary exemptions expire at the end of this month steel prices for some u.s. customers have jumped by nine percent just an anticipation of the terrace and things could get much worse food processors for example say the price of a standard fifteen ounce metal can will jump from seventeen cents to twenty one cents under the new u.s. tariff scheme and the price of a smaller ten ounce can will rise from fourteen cents to seventeen since those price hikes apply to the twenty four billion cans the u.s. uses annually will create an estimated seven hundred twenty million dollars in additional costs that producers and consumers must pay america's metal can industry wants the tariffs cancelled because it believes higher prices will hit lower income families who buy disproportionately more cound food. seven hundred million comes for tomato use peaches and pads that's what the agricultural
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co-operative pacific coast produces expects to use this year. the price of steel has risen by nine percent since donald trump announced his plans for twenty five percent tariffs on steel imports from china. cans are significant component of our costs and if you look at just the canned component this fiscal year. can that increase and cancel probably be about fourteen to eighteen million dollars to give you a reference our earnings a share going to be twenty four million so we have a lot to manage next year with these cost increases. this co-operative in california delivers comfrey to the big american supermarket chains which of full still raise their prices you baltimore the customer the consumer will see some of this impact it's our job along that supply chain to mitigate that through internal cost initiatives innovation and that's our job i understand that. challenges like
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this especially when the unplanned or challenges. around a hundred and seventy families what are the co-operative. one of them is frank miller humanely graze tomatoes. farmers get a double whammy because of our products are going to be subject to tariffs were shipping worldwide and i just done a really amazing job of moving our products worldwide but also we're subject to the imports we buy the come from other countries were subject to paying higher prices for them so we get it on both hands and that's what's really frustrating. china has retaliated with tariffs on u.s. imports of agricultural products the american public could be the ones footing the bill for trump's trade war with china. the deaths of two women who were crushed in a stump eat at a border crossing has brought to light a darker side of maracas trade relationship with spain most of morocco's imports come by way of spain some make the thirty kilometer crossing from the spanish port
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of the sierras to the spanish and clave off say utah on maracas northern coast they are then transported through customs into morocco some importers take advantage of a loophole to avoid paying customs duties but it's morocco's most vulnerable women who pay the price. every pace is a struggle hand to hand battle with burdens weighing up to one hundred kilos these moroccan women work as mules moving merchandise across the border from the spanish enclave of seawater into morocco. all this to get fifteen euros per trip the taxi to the border cost four euros before we even start how are we supposed to eat. legal commerce across the border between spain and morocco or tax evasion goods carried across the border on foot don't attract import duties depending on what they carry these women earn between ten and twenty five euros
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a load. i am not. going to trade as well organized by wholesalers who make a generous margin. for general medical gain a bit annoyed that the moroccan state gives nothing to women what do you want that they go into prostitution no they come here they transport a packet and then they can feed their children i don't recall that out she was a mother and her blind daughter it's handy kept women the elderly single mothers or widows morocco's most vulnerable women who do this heavy work. a few weeks ago two women were killed in a stampede crushed by the weight of the bundles now spanish authorities have imposed stricter regulations on the trade they've demanded that the women use trolleys many say that this has only made the job harder.
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but these women count themselves lucky to have been able to get over the spanish authorities only allow four thousand porters per day to cross some will have to sleep rough on the spanish side of the border. some will resort to desperate measures to cross undetected with the cargo. also that a few moroccan businessmen can avoid paying import duties. from oracle now back to spain and the latest development in the catalan crisis there have been some new developments want to get us right to spain now where there are signs of an end to catalonia his leadership deadlock after months of political turmoil after the region's failed independence the former leader carlos boozer ma as rejected being reappointed as president instead he's proposing fellow independence backer thought up for the job headlong lawmakers have been unable to
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agree on a president since last december's election they must pick a leader to form a government by may twenty second two heard a new election. on a yacht oh for standing by for us in the catalog capital of barcelona thanks for being with us why it is proved to ma making this move. hello good morning yes. this was because as you said there is that deadline that sent a second of may that's only a has no presidents who have snuff elections again also it is important to mention that this week spain bluffed with someone from being elected president and that's why i put them on chose a new candidate to be elected this next week so if nothing happens the fates everything as expected in tahrir i will be the next president next week king tell me i'm their queen tora is the person has been chosen as the excess ergs of
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political newcomer can you tell us more about him and why he was chosen. yes he's a lawyer a writer cultural to the star a close ally from fulcher month and he's also an m.p. from put some months in catalonia and he has been chosen by puts them on and it's important also to mention that he fits tried to dig up the prime dependence sparky's of having her vision of presley and because of all the prime dependence parties insist that put them on is the legitimate president and that can chart i would the operation of a president to tell you what you know this is a move mean for catalonia his bid to become an independent nation. well away we will see what will happen when. that the elected us expected new president
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it would mean the end of article one five five that suspense cut along the us government and he will probably open a dialogue with spangles my rant and we will see what kind of dialogue they have in the spanish government and the cut government and we will see what happens with the prime the pendants issue because they believe chara a close ally from belgium on hugh seized on how to land independence tonight terror public catalunya so we'll see what happens on the yellow for standing by for us there are forty or is rather from the catalogue capital barcelona thank you very much. my pleasure. this is date of you know still to come on the show dozens of people are dead in kenya after a dam burst swept away their villages the entire country has been hit by weeks of torrential rainfall get the very latest from our correspondent there. that much
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more after a short break in this. kick off like we take football personally. and winning. all these world cup preview. this time it's group c. was a clear favorite friends. and tough competitors to. sixty minutes. we make up oh but we watch as a caucus that kind of educate we on the symbolism of the same. name want to
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inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas for the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. welcome back you are due to view news live from the lead our top stories at this hour there have been calls for restraint from world leaders after the most serious military confrontation between israel and the round in years arounds president told a german chancellor he does not want to quote new tensions in the mideast but israel has accused iran of crossing all red line. the german and russian foreign minister saying efforts must be taken to preserve the nuclear deal with around following the u.s. exit from that deal germany's new top diplomat heiko moscow was on his first official visit to moscow also has been a more critical of moscow than his predecessor. and.
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also to africa now at least forty two people are dead many more missing after a dam burst in kenya's rift valley homes were swept away as water rushed down a whole side submerged a two kilometer area wednesday evening kenya had been suffering from severe drought for years but authorities say seasonal rains have now overwhelmed the parched land and caused a dam to burst did abuse catherine joins us now from the kenyan capital nairobi good morning catherine what's the latest you're hearing where you are. well the latest we have is that at least forty four people have been confirmed dead and the second which had a capacity of about four hundred million liters has already burst and the military's on the ground trying to evacuate people who are affected. they're complaining that the purse is taking too long but it's actually happening right now
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people are being moved to higher ground we haven't heard of any casualties and fatalities yet with the second. but right now what we have is forty four people have been confirmed dead forty of missing and the red cross is currently conducting a search and rescue efforts for the previous best loss of kenyans are now questioning how these dams came about according to investigations a preliminary investigation so far at these dams didn't have spillways and they were illegal so their investigations into that as well so that's that's the situation currently ok well what about the incident in county northwest of where you are what do we know about the victims there right now. well right now they're being evacuated because as you know the this particular area had nine nine dams that were within private farm the first dam is the one that
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burst on wednesday night the second dam burst last this morning so the people are being evacuated they're being provided with emergency relief right now but it's not just the situation in the crew this risk situation is reflected across the country because the country is experiencing a lot of floods especially in the coastal region we want to go rushing in where families said that they were given the warning by the metrological department to move to higher ground when rains began but some families didn't opt to move away and they were you know for they were caught in the leave when the floods took place in gosh we spoke to a lady called christine and she told us her story of how she lost everything that she has to her name. another family arrives at one of the shelters in the russian remote area in kenya region this camp is the temporary home of at least two thousand two hundred people from surrounding
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villages. christina murray a single mother of six arrived here two weeks ago the family was evacuated by boot it was just in time to see their belongings most of what they have is borrowed including her children's textbooks. i'm a farmer and i had my little piece of land. i would sell the crops from the land pay the school fees for my children as. i have children and primary and secondary school i also had a little strong but that all went with the floods it's all gone. christine story reflects data five thousand people living in shelters in the region many of them with just recovery from the severe drought that hit kenya last year. local chief hopes that a majority will be able to return to their land and rebuild their lives have his
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worried that some farm lands have been so badly affected that some people may not be able to harvest anything for seasons to come. he says with the extremes have worsened over the last decades. but you may find them a people saying that this plan is similar to the one that took place in one thousand nine hundred sixty one. this is the worst of the oldest can remember he even the frequent el nino rainfalls that we get here is a one compared to what is happening at the moment equal hifi. all across the country water sources have been contaminated by the floods thirty help sent is two hundred schools and thousands of homes have been damaged the kenya red cross says it needs about four million u.s. will show to food water and sanitation support to survivors. the coastal region is one of the worst affected regions aid agencies warned of the high risk of the outbreak everybody leiria not just here in the bus the city but also the rural
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areas that have been badly affected and the situation could get worse given that the race don't seem to be letting up anytime. back at the camp in the russian christine's children can't wait to return to school but it's not clear if the schools in the region will open again christine has no idea how she will afford the fees for the next term. catherine a report there we heard a local leader saying people need the mean need the means to rebuild their lives what do they need right now to help them cope with what's happened. well currently it's about waiting to see because the rains are still continuing that there's thing in shelters majority of these shelters are schools so that means in this new term the new term began on monday so some schools have not been opened kids have been locked out of schools they need education when it comes to the
8:37 am
shelters they need sanitation facilities for the women and the young girls they need sanitary towels they need medicine they need relief seeds as well. currently the government is warning that the want to does have traces of polio so that's a very serious warning to the areas that have been affected so we need you know medical and we need medical doctors on the ground to you know to basically handle the situation so far since the rains began in mid march at least one hundred fifty kenyans have died in the floods are more rains on the way when when can people be expected to begin rebuilding their lives. according to the weatherman it says he says two weeks from now we expect to see some rains for a couple of weeks usually this is the season where we have short rains so we just have showers small showers here and that nobody expected the rains to be this
8:38 am
massive and this destructive so it's a matter of sitting tight and waiting for the for the sun to come out but according to the metrological department this will go on for the next two weeks so those who are in shelters will have to stay in shelters until the raids subside also the sun comes out soon for so many people in kenya after the war thank you for being with us this morning and for your report. well here in europe anti semitism is a resurgent problem with a series of anti-semitic incidents causing a special disquiet in the two largest countries germany and france earlier this year in paris for example an eighty five year old jewish woman was stabbed to death and then set on fire where although you know it is the holocaust only to be murdered in her own apartment packs like this have spurred thousands of jews to abandon france or israel. yeah you grew up here in this suburb of
8:39 am
paris bus as soon as she graduates from high school she's moving to israel where she would have to do military service. as a practicing jew she no longer sees any future for herself in france. i was a thief i used to see myself as a french woman of jewish faith back when but now i just feel like a jewish woman because i wanted something anti-semitism is getting worse now my mother won't even let me wear a star of david my mom the only solution is to move to israel and present for my own massive think if she proudly shows us photos of her big sister who's already done her military service in israel. ya it hopes to follow her example and leave the victim role behind that she feels forced into in france yeah this mother said she had to take a daughter out of the public school and send it to a private one the anti semitic custody from classmates eventually became too much.
8:40 am
oh that doesn't mean all. the attackers are generally young muslims unfortunately that's how it is they think you do is an israeli and israelis are criminals the muslims have imported the middle east conflict to france. and were french jews were not responsible for the problems in israel come and incidents like the arson attack on the scotia shop in january twenty eighth and the anti semitic murders of two women in paris and twenty seventeen on the increase the perpetrators tend to be young muslims but it's an issue not many people from the muslim community want to talk about some try to justify their hatred of jews with far fetched conspiracy theories. the israelis are paying the islamic state to carry out attacks in israel. because rightly so they root of all evil you know what i'm saying. jewish parents are often the ones left
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behind many of them in the tranquil suburban neighborhoods their children have immigrated to israel. to any wm god not a has a daughter son and grandson in israel his son did his military service with an elite unit. god not all supports his children and their plans but it still hurts that they've left. the jewish community in france is very old there is no reason to leave france this is my country and my language. i'm just as close to the french as i am to the israelis. but i never advised my children to go to israel. i wanted them to stay here longer. be kids at school were calling them dirty jews we've really nice that's why they left with. verbal and physical abuse even assaults yell does not think the french authorities afford her and other jews
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adequate protection. although it's right out of bed i was in poland and visited auschwitz the tour guide there told us a people without a land or an army can be destroyed at any time and i told myself if i want to do something for my people i'm going to have to learn how to fight and to do that i have to go to israel and i focus about this i had. an estimated fifty thousand jews have left france to date among them a many young people now serving with israel's armed forces but others and france's jewish community are still skeptical the israeli peace no movement and its french affiliates are dedicated to resolving the israeli palestinian conflict it says it's a mistake for families to let their children serve in israel's army. no limits these kids are posted at a checkpoint in israel where they could be forced to shoot him in. the mirror not going to come away without psychological scars please. quote out even if they had
8:43 am
no choice at that moment i believe they were doing the right thing for. seventeen year old brushes off such warnings it can hardly be any worse in israel than in france she says. my dream is for my parents to come to israel themselves eventually and for us all to live there together. she at least once to live his dream even if it's not in the country she grew up in. or for more let's bring in judy journalist at haaretz who's written extensively on this subject she joins us now from tel aviv thanks so much for being with us this morning judy the young woman in that report yells so she wants to put the victim role she's been forced into in france behind her when you talk to french and other european jews is that
8:44 am
a widely held sentiment. i would say yes and. for sure many of the french jews who have immigrated to israel in recent years have because of fears of rising anti-semitism so there's definitely a connection there ok france has europe's largest jewish population of course about half a million and and some experts are predicting that half of them will have left france by twenty thirty do you think that's a realistic a prediction. you know it's hard to say i don't think so because what we've seen is that there was a huge wage of immigration to israel but it. in about two thousand and fifteen and since then the number of jews coming from france has been much lower and much below expectations and one of the reasons for that it least what i'm hearing from
8:45 am
experts here in israel is that french to suppose suddenly realize that maybe they weren't being targeted as jews but maybe france is self was under attack by terrorism and once they reached this conclusion that it wasn't that they weren't being targeted is to say there was less of a reason for them to come to israel ok still when you look at the comments by a number of jewish leaders in france i'm going to point to one from all the zone all about and you know there is a lot of concern he's the jewish deputy mayor of to lose obvious all of it and he said last month in a radio interview in light of a number of attacks on jews the civically that european jews should not for example where the kippah and public yamaka to do you agree with him is that an approach for jews to be safer in europe. i look put it this way i was just in poland
8:46 am
and there it's not a problem at all despite rising into semitism you would see lots of jews walking around with a keeper not a problem so i assume it depends on where you are in europe france. it could be that right now this is not a good time to wear cipa but as i said before we're not seeing a huge growth in the number of people are leaving it's the one thing you interviewed i'm not sure she's representative of the entire french jewish community because experience of recent years shows that french jews who come to israel have a pretty challenging time in the country and a good percentage certainly not the majority but a good percentage have gone back because life hasn't been easy for them here so. people who are deciding to come to israel it's more than one incident that's going
8:47 am
to be going to push them here ok very though you've been writing on this and from everything you've just said all you know that it's difficult for european jews when they arrive that the situation here might not be as bad as as many think it is for european jews what would you advise european jews right now who are thinking about leaving europe and going to israel what would you say to them. i would say that if they want to come to israel they succumb because they want to be in israel but not because being used to there they feel they need to flee anywhere i mean israel has a lot to offer for people who want to live a jewish life and live freely as jews but there are also many difficulties and especially here there's a difference if you're coming from england where you speak english and many many israelis speak english so it may be less difficult but one of the things we hear for example with french to one of the big problems is french is not widely spoken
8:48 am
in israel many of them don't speak english and the language is an incredible problem and these are things you have to think about the coming with the family good little kids class to adapt to a new language completely new culture you know what are the reasons you're coming so. that's what my advice would be ok the poll the poll of factors have to be bigger than the push ones than judy malton last day at haaretz today thank you very much for joining us this morning from tel aviv my pleasure good morning mall india's about to see a major regional election in the southern state of canada where the ruling congress party is facing a strong challenge from prime minister to hendra modi's hindu nationalist party the b j p but away from all the political action there are major concerns about parties trying to buy voters with cash and with commodities it's an all too common problem in indian elections you have your correspondents on your farm the car and aussie
8:49 am
small hofstra went to rocco's capital bangalore to find out more. brady is campaigning hard for votes in southern bangle. i don't know what party. the independent candidate is running in state elections on just one issue cleaning up politics. it's a message his supporters have been relentlessly pushing out in the streets for months. completely connecting with voters during a campaign stop ready is a software engineer turned social activist about he's known for fighting against corruption in government offices element of the centerpiece of his bid is the one vote one most ski which urges average people to fund his campaign ready says it can raise accountability in elections often tainted by allegations of bribery and voter manipulation india is in misery right now because of bad politics bad electoral
8:50 am
malpractise spend money come to power make more money that is the motto as of now so what we're telling people citizens now give me what powers and rights you are you didn't know if you don't think you are don't give the disrobe son serves a present but his campaign is in stark contrast to the widespread practice of moved by indian elections reports a authorities in karnataka have already seized huge amounts of cash alcohol salaries even pressure cookers aim to sway voters to support certain candidates. most of the handouts adult out in low income neighborhoods. this woman said a major political party came with clothing in hand by the word the party's representatives came and gave salaries for all the women they were distributed by local leader we all know very well election time that with son she is in charge of
8:51 am
guaranteeing free and fair elections in karnataka. and raising awareness that offering money for votes is illegal he says his officials have or grady confiscated more than four hundred sixty million rupees only six million euros in cash meant to bribe voters that's four times more than in the previous election at present throughout the state we have guard more than two thousand five hundred various types of enforcement playing squads and check boss who are checking all types of movement of people and goods. election officials are working closely with the police looking for any suspicious goods that could be used to leo portas. it's a waiting game and they finally seem to have found something a sack full of salaries no one here is authorized to speak on camera. but officials say there are no bills for the salaries that's what raised the alarm. back at
8:52 am
revocation of readies campaign. the anticorruption crusader and his supporters a well aware they face huge challenges in reaching their goals. but they remain hopeful. if people reject money politics cast politics dynastic politics definitely. was already faces an uphill battle however. habits die hard. especially in neighborhoods election season freebies seem more like a way of life. so well those. out joining me now from delhi is the author of that report in the correspondence on a falling car welcome to the show sagna police say they're doing what they can in that report to stamp out the to selling of votes who's giving away one hundred freebies can you fill us in on more for that or how do you know it's not your c.e.o.
8:53 am
absolutely on political parties across the board all right. now that include india speak national hockey the two big national hockey but it also includes. of course the across the country the only. thing is there's just so much unaccounted money when. you know one of you told me the model or corruption of. the period open secret and it's. about a level playing field for all of hockey canada is the mother of all corruption something specific to karnataka where is it a more widespread problem. well it's by no means limited to cannot occur you know unfortunately freebies are a fact of life on the take those allegations of spying i have to say are particularly rampant in india's southern state in connecticut for example many of the political candidates seem to be getting the street to be real estate in mining
8:54 am
battles so elections that always involve big money but even in the southern state of colorado you know politicians are routinely promised a slew of benefits if they get elected and that can include literally anything like the tea like my bicycle even like dr subsidized health care and some politician did not even defend these previous thing the essential welcome is measures into to including the life of the ok that sounds fairly incredible your livestock a laptop so it's illegal it continues to go on in karnataka why how how does this work on a. side i mean it is illegal it sounds incredible but you know i spoke to a number of people when i was there in bangalore and they told me the political parties find really inventive ways to dodge the laws and get relief to the voters you know for example sometimes the cash is hidden between these two this morning you think. one man told me that over the years he's been anything like models in
8:55 am
which he acted surprised even television. arrived in ambulances milk than water for sometimes even as water tankers sagna thanks so very much for that this morning and for your report of course on your home the car or india correspondence course on that this morning. let's get your money now the top stories we're following for you at this hour there have been calls for restraint from world leaders after the most serious military confrontation between israel and iran in the years around the president told the german chancellor he does not want quote new tensions in the middle east but israel has accused iran of crossing a red line. the german and russian foreign ministers say efforts must be taken to preserve the nuclear deal with iran following the u.s. exit from germany's top diplomat heiko mass was on his first official visit to moscow also spent more critical of moscow than his predecessor. that's all we have time for i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for
8:56 am
being with us.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin can israel and iran hold back from the brink calls for restraint from world leaders after israel's deadly raid on a rainy in targets inside syria all eyes now on any possible new military activity after israel drawls our redline and says it will not back down. also coming up a rare show of unity between moscow and berlin germany's foreign minister calling for frank and constructive dialogue as he and his russian counterpart ugh.


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