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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is live from berlin and calls for restraint from world leaders as israel and iran square all after israel's deadly raid on a rein in targets inside syria all eyes are now on any possible military activity israel says it has drawn a red line and will not back down also coming up. a rare show of unity between moscow and berlin germany's foreign ministry calling for a frank and constructive dialogue. as heiko moss and his russian counterpart agree
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on the need to preserve the nuclear deal with iran. brian thomas thanks so much for being with us arounds of foreign ministry condemning israel's attack on iranian targets inside syria now this first first official reaction to the attack came from the ministry spokesman who called them a blatant violation of the country's sovereignty that were conducted on fabricated and baseless excuses now israel struck dozens of targets inside syria that in retaliation for a rocket barrage on israeli positions in the israeli occupied golan heights just across the border from syria now israel's government is blaming iranian forces in syria and has accused tehran of crossing a red line. there have been growing international calls or restraint on both sides
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. a missile on its way to destroy an edifice system this slowdown fit each thread leased by israel's defense force shows one of a barrel of strikes on iranian military sites in syria israel's prime minister gave the justification. of iran has crossed a red line our response was appropriate our army has carried out a large scale attack on iranian targets in syria we're engaged in a long term conflict and our policy is clear we will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria. israel says it strikes me retaliation for a rocket attack on territory it occupies in the golan heights according to israel iranian militants fired the rockets from syria but none of them reach the target. if so this would be the most serious direct military confrontation between israel
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and iran and syria. europe russia the us and the un calling for restraint. no he's getting it's getting moved on there's a risk of escalation and growing tensions we must avoid that that's what i told the reunion president rouhani and i'll pass on the message to prime minister netanyahu and president putin who in statements in recent days seems to share the goal of stability and avoiding escalation steadied them even if it would just get. tensions remain high on the golan heights the israeli army has sent reinforcements to its northern border. ok where's this escalation headed with me in the studio as khaled mustansiriya most good morning is ever calling on israel says it destroyed most of iran's military assets inside syria that's the claim it's making with this week's strikes now is that a realistic claim given how long iran had to dig in and harden its assets there in
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probably the dug in but what israel did for the first time was hit hard if feed of influence their authority presence that influence of iran and hezbollah in syria extending from areas near to visual and house all the way east to the iraqi border so that the iranian could have border suddenly became vulnerable to the israeli air force it's it's a change in the previous israeli threat as you've sort of thing places this is a concerted attack against a belt of iranian and hezbollah militia presence in syria ok you think those assets were hit you think they were destroyed you know also the ideas. before too long war with iraq they have military experiences they might have been hit but not not thought that he destroyed them with it being prepared. this let's put it this way is nobody actually would know of the iranians would have been destroyed ok
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unless you have observers on the ground it's hard to get a complete assessment in spite of satellite photos is that correct jackie you know ok now russia has threatened to supply syria with the very sophisticated s. three hundred air defense missile system it's supposed to be one of the best in the world that's what jane's defense calls it and that system would give affectively or end affectively israeli air superiority would that mean that israel would be forced to use ground forces to secure the red line that netanyahu has made and its own cross border security be attentive in what to describe what syria assad's army has been this meted more or less why defections by the whole transformation of the state started not known long time into just a militia force so we're not talking really about this you know this is a planned organized army which can handle sophisticated systems who is on the
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ground in syria is russia and iran and the syrian army is more or less a set of good regardless whether this is the most of the gated system or not is that it is good for from the solicitors in lebanon to intervene on the ground in another country and then have to have more or less underlying allies on the ground like it had in lebanon so for this to death egypt would take lots of levels of collision ok so you don't think that there would be israeli forces on the ground and you don't think that the s. three hundred would be supplied unless there was a huge boost get police in hugest collation and you know missiles are not just supplied they need training beneath time they need this is not going on it's going to happen this not going to have been in one night the next day and those missile defenses could possibly be manned by russians which would increase the stakes for israel them yes and this is what we have seen. in all of these states from communist dog in egypt for example lots of the hard wood was manned by by
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a russian i'm not sure how much putin would want to escalate this remember israel has had veto power more or less indonesian that it's close to that vital to its security which is that if you go to talking about ok we saw this telephone call between the german chancellor and hassan rouhani the president of iran what does that mean our world leaders concerned about a further military escalation you're sounding somewhat sanguine that that's not in the cards i mean it looks like there is that concern out there it's an embarrassment for photo flow to the west and photogram merkel and for germany because they backed this iran deal and then it became more or less a license for the iran to about more or less a monster that in syria is so iran is embarrassing to the us the moment embarrassing the west do you think donald trump has called romney's bluff is he the winner in this nuclear deal standoff i think iran has lots to lose by having
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a military confrontation syria lebanon would be hit lots of foot what that would ease have been would be hit by israel is that i'd still have the ability to split it out of the i think iran will would be very good for it to provoke an all out war in that he should live or why still syria analyst thanks very much for being with us today. all these heightened tensions between israel and iran and the fallout from the u.s. leaving the iran nuclear deal where the main topics during a german foreign minister heiko moss' first ever visit as foreign minister to russia and as a new foreign minister he has taken a tougher approach with moscow then his predecessor and spite of seeing eye to eye though with russia on keeping iran's nuclear deal live masa also had plenty to criticize. german russian relations have long been fraught that tension was on display during the german foreign minister's visit to moscow last laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and met his counterpart sergey lavrov of their encounter was far from warm given the west's recent accusations that
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russia is behind a nerve agent attack on a former russian double agent and a cyber attack on the german foreign ministry. i believe that an open and honest dialogue is the key to a solid partnership we have to be able to figure out if we are still playing by the same rules i think. germany and russia aren't at odds on all fronts both want to salvage the nuclear deal with iran fearing the potential instability the collapse could bring. the agreement is vital for regional stability stopping the spread of mass destruction it's important of the signature is a deal with the situation we're doing exactly that with our german counterparts. neither lavrov nor masse went into detail about what a german russian effort to save the iran nuclear deal might entail. it is imperative that the to run fully comply with the deals limits and obligations
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and that it remain on board. we have again discussed what influence the russian government can have as far as iran is concerned fight. over it often. last rob said the two sides had never been in complete agreement but mass added constructive work has been done even if iran is the only issue russia and germany see eye to eye on. some of the other stories making the news today. malaysian opposition leader anwar ibrahim is set to walk free after spending years in jail now that's following the first ever transfer of power in that country the new prime minister marty our mohammed says the king has told him that on war will be pardoned r.t.r. has also promised to hand and war the prime minister's job when he retires. the former cut along leader has rejected being reappointed as leader of that
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spanish region he wants fellow independence backer kim toro to become the region's next president lawmakers must pick a leader by may the twenty second to avoid new elections almost a group. while it will be the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president in the north korean leader president donald trump announced in a tweet that he will be meeting north korea's leader kim jong un in singapore and june the twelfth now singapore is in the rare position of having diplomatic relations with both washington and pyongyang plus a track record of hosting sensitive encounters it is also within flying range of north korea's aircraft which would have to stop to refuel if the two leaders were meeting in europe. the banner headline in singapore's newspapers the city state will host one of the highest stakes summits in decades that certainly pleased locals. some. coming in and around the sink
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to the country to see it says that he's not. i mean definitely even if you would because we made then militia's most nights so i've been having. good agency for the u.s. and china and many of them you know but it is not going to help them it's. indeed the city state is safe turf for both donald trump and kim jong un for the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader singapore is a strong u.s. ally and its ties to china north korea's greatest supporter i mean kim can feel at home as well. you want this comes after years of threats from north korea and in recent months harsh rhetoric from the u.s. president as well. with five years of fury now president trump is raising the stakes counter to usual diplomatic practice with extravagant promises of success
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we're going to share it with a regular make a break here for the our viewers are south korea japan or china. and he already has something to show for his engagement with north korea this week released three hostages to return to the u.s. with great fanfare. for kim jong il and an agreement with the u.s. holds the promise of relieving choking sanctions which could lead to economic growth he said he wants to concentrate on modernizing the hermit nation. but analysts say the singapore talks won't be easy but a host of issues must be sorted out not least the thorny task of persuading kim to abandon nuclear weapons and both sides want to come out looking strong. we have some tennis now rafael nadal set a new record of fifty consecutive set wins on a single surface on route to victory in the last sixteen of the madrid open the
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world number one surpassed the previous record set on carpet by john mcenroe which is good since one thousand nine hundred eighty four the argentinian diego fos one was brushed aside six three six wars the spaniard claimed this twenty first straight victory on clay at all will then be facing the austrian team in the quarter final shots on friday in pursuit of a six madrid top four looking to defend his french open crown that's the latest. all not for sport for those who do not like asking for directions the european or and tearing championships kicked off. why is everyone looking down and they're starting to read their maps and compass is an exhausting mix sprint relay the families of runs over four days to determine the best country at using their wits in durance to find control points along the mistry
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race course norway seemed most excited to cross the finish line but it was the home country switzerland that took the gold in orienteering. this is interview news live from berlin i'm brian todd thomas seroquel is up next for you for me though are great with. stories that people the world over information they provide the pins to reduce stress d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us.


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