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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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all addressed. managed by. this is news live from calls for restraint from world leaders as israel and iran square off after israel's deadly raid on iranian targets in syria all eyes are now on any possible new military activity israel says it has drawn a red line and that it will not back down also coming up singapore gets set to host
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the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and north korean leader with the world's attention now focused on the southeast asian city state we will hear what its citizens think about the historic summit and the dark side of trade between spain and morocco the moroccan women working as so-called mules carrying heavy merchandise across the border businessmen exploit them to take advantage of the important tax loophole it's morocco's most vulnerable women who pay the price. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. iran's foreign ministry is condemning israel's attack on iranian targets inside of syria the first official reaction to the attack came from the ministry spokesman who called them quote a blatant violation of the country's sovereignty that were conducted on fabricated
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and baseless excuses for israel struck dozens of iranian targets inside of syria in retaliation for rocket barrages on israeli positions in the golan heights now israel's government is blaming iranian forces that are inside syria and has accused tehran of crossing a red line there have been growing international calls for restraint. on its way to destroy and defense system this slowdown fitted freddy's by israel's defense force shows one of the strikes on iranian military sites in syria israel's prime minister gave the justification. of iran has crossed a red line our response was appropriate our army has carried out a large scale attack on iranian targets in syria. we are engaged in a long term conflict and our policy is clear we will not allow iran to establish
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a military presence in syria. israel says its strikes were retaliation for a rocket attack on territory it occupies in the golan heights according to israel iranian militants fired the rockets from syria but none of them reach their target . if so this would be the most serious direct military confrontation between israel and iran and syria. europe russia the u.s. and the u.n. a calling for restraint. there's a risk of escalation and growing tensions we must avoid that that's what i told her i mean president rouhani and i'll pass on a message to prime minister netanyahu and president putin statements in recent days seems to show the goal of stability and avoiding escalation of the. tensions remain high on the golan heights the israeli army has sent reinforcements
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to its northern border. and for more now let's bring in abbas a journalist and a visiting scholar at the center for middle east strategic studies he is running us from tehran welcome to you and i'd like to begin first by asking you because israel says its measures are retaliate retaliatory following what it calls an iranian attack and that particular incident it has been described as a new escalation bring us up to date on what iran's position is. you know among you ran in a foreign policy foreign ministry spokesman most of us i mean that this issue. on this has been done not by run ins by syrian army in the syria and according to the reports it seems that the israelis initiated their reports but the attacks against syria within minutes the syrian army reacted
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by artillery strikes against jolan high and with. syrian army started to fire rockets again at golan heights and iran believes that this has been done by sunni an army and the foreign ministry spokesman said that those claims why is really officials are fabricated and based they slayings and the syrian army and government has its own those it's mits right to defend its sovereignty of its country its ok so it says that it believes that these rockets that were fired and golan heights originated from here but i mean just correct me if i'm wrong we haven't had any official confirmation or denial from tehran on whether the iranian forces indeed fire these rockets have we. we don't have any official comments or statements from iranian officials that iran has done so but iran foreign ministry spokesman comments imply that those responses
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were done by syrian army. ok you know more broadly speaking experts here they say that iran that israel that they have been fighting each other basically in the shadows in syria through proxies for example how big is the risk that we are now entering a new a more direct phase in this conflict. i think the situation in the region specifically when it comes to syria. and in the aftermath of the bestowal of the united states from the next day and i think israelis are taking advantage of this situation and i'm not thinking this as a coincidence that they have started to strike syria right after the united states withdrawal from the nuclear there and in fact it was not the first time by the in the lab past month we've been seeing that israel is for four times they have been
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attacking and striking syria and i think this can continue and make this situation warsi in coming days because through being attention to be. in the region and escalating i think israelis as long as their friends like americans or so those in the region want to put more pressure on iran and they want to do this thing you know it's a skeleton and i think this is elation can be very serious not just for iran and the region but it can go beyond the region and can have effects for consequences for europeans as well because whenever we see any come to lake or extremism in the region right and afaik other parts of the wall we've seen the wave of immigration from the region towards you which is. as for them i think it's not in the interest of anybody to. discourage them in the region ok so it's your view that israel has been in bold into by the us decision with regard to iran and that there is indeed
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a risk that we could see an escalation we thank you so much for joining us to share that view of us of zani a journalist and a visiting scholar at the center for middle east strategic studies joining us from tehran we appreciate it. thank you well now to what will be the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president in a north korean leader president donald trump announced in a tweet that he will meet with north korea's kim jong un in singapore on june twelfth singapore is in the rare position of having diplomatic relations with both washington and pyongyang plus a track record of hosting sensitive encounters. the banner headline in singapore's newspapers the city state will host one of the highest stakes summits in decades that certainly pleased locals. some. coming in and on the scene too and the country just says that he's not. i mean doesn't that leave
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you sure because we've made in militias both sides so i've been having. with the u.s. and china and when you i mean you have been picking up on and off the list. indeed the city state is safe turf for both donald trump and kim jong un for the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader singapore is a strong u.s. ally and its ties to china north korea's greatest supporter i mean kim can feel at home as well. you want this comes after years of threats from north korea and in recent months harsh rhetoric from the u.s. president as well. with fire and fury now president trump is raising the stakes counter to usual diplomatic practice with extravagant promises of success we're going to said that they were going to make a break do you want the are going to reverse south korea japan or china.
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and he already has something to show for his engagement with north korea this week released three hostages to return to the u.s. with great fanfare. for kim jong un an agreement with the u.s. holds the promise of relieving choking sanctions which could lead to economic growth he said he wants to concentrate on modernizing the hermit nation. but analysts say the singapore talks won't be easy a host of issues must be sorted out not least the thorny task of persuading kim to abandon nuclear weapons and both sides want to come out looking strong. well now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world malaysian politician and former deputy prime minister anwar ibrahim is set to walk free after spending years in jail that's following the first ever transfer of power there the new prime minister marketeer mohamed says that the king has told him that
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will be pardoned martir also promised to hand anwar the prime minister's job when he retires. to indonesia now where a volcano has erupted near one of the country's major cities mt merapi located near yogyakarta is indonesia's most active peak now with his blowing off steam indonesian authorities have ordered nearby residents to evacuate and briefly shut down the local airport. seven people have been found dead on a remote farm in western australia in what appears to be the country's worst mass shooting in decades police are called to the property outside of perth where they found the bodies of four children and three adults they are treating the incident as a murder suicide. many syrian refugees dream of returning to their homes one day but according to a new syrian law just introduced by the assad regime owners of destroyed properties
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now only have thirty days to appear in person to prove their ownership if they don't and the unclaimed land will be seized by the government. or get to shoka met with a syrian human rights lawyer in berlin who is helping refugees afraid of losing their rights to return home. as a human rights lawyer and critic of bashar al assad and while boonie has been trying to bring syrian perpetrators of torture to justice now he's grappling with property rights law we meet him in berlin his new home since he fled syria four years ago. i've been his phone has been ringing nonstop since assad issued his so-called secret number ten refugees all over europe have been seeking his advice many of them still own property in syria here. they're really worried most syrians would like to return home someday when it's safe and people feel they can live in
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freedom but they don't know how they can declare ownership of their property and now they're afraid they'll lose their houses and their land service to create. they're afraid of losing their right to return home. yet to. the new decreased part of the government's strategy to rebuild water on syria. when a local development plan is announced citizens are required to prove their property ownership within thirty days but most refugees from syria lexx such documents and they are afraid of being arrested if they return. if they do nothing the syrian state will take over their homes. the german government here in berlin says the decree is expropriation under dubious pretext and we must assume that wisit conditions in syria will be changed to benefit the regime and its supporters. and you owns an apartment in the west of damascus because he was threatened with
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arrest if you left everything behind this photo is only souvenir of the place. you remember because the. twenty five year. old unlike most syrian refugees. i've been he does have the right paperwork for traveling to syria it's far too dangerous now he could lose his fled because he's certain no one will oppose the decree. that these horrendous crimes have been going on in syria for years and no one in the whole world was really interested. why should the international community intervene now when it only concerns a houses it makes me sad i'm angry i'm very disappointed rouge. time for a break but before long his tone ring sigyn. and vile boonie
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predicts the first development plans will be announced at the end of the months and that his neighborhood too will likely be included but he insists that even if he loses everything he'll never give up hope of returning to syria one day. and with that you're up to date now on t.w. news coming up in just a couple of minutes manifesto of the business headlines i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching after death. with nic different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom for global news that matters d. w. made for mines. israel seventy. two displaced
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nations. homeland featured and i want to go grab.


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