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this is news live from girl glenn calls for restraint from world leaders as in israel and the wrong square wrong after israel's deadly raid on iranian targets in syria all eyes are now on any possible new military activity israel says that it has drawn a red line and will not back down also coming up singapore gets set to host the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader with the world's attention now focused on the southeast asian city state we will hear what its citizens think of a historic summit and
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a stark warning from the united nations hundreds of thousands of children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of starvation the u.n. says that conflict between rebel forces and government troops is to blame and says that help is needed fast to save the children's lives. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks so much for joining us. iran's foreign ministry is condemning israel's attack on iranian targets inside of syria the first official reaction to the attack came from the ministry spokesperson who called them quote a blatant violation of the country's sovereignty that were conducted on fabricated and baseless excuses israel struck dozens of iranian targets inside of syria and
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retaliation for a rocket barrage on israeli positions in the golan heights now israel's government is blaming iran forces inside of syria and has accused tehran of crossing a red line there have been growing international calls for restraint. on its way to destroy and a fence system this slowdown fitted freddy's by israel's defense force shows one of a barrel of strikes on iranian military sites in syria israel's prime minister gave the justification. of iran has crossed a red line our response was appropriate our army has carried out a large scale attack on iranian targets in syria we are engaged in a long term conflict and our policy is clear we will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria. israel says its strikes will retaliation for
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a rocket attack on territory it occupies in the golan heights according to israel iranian militants fired the rockets from syria but none of them reach that target. if so this would be the most serious direct military confrontation between israel and iran and syria. europe russia the u.s. and the u.n. a calling for restraint. there's a risk of escalation and growing tensions we must avoid them. losing escalation study the. tensions remain high on the golan heights the israeli army has sent reinforcements to its northern border. and for more now let's bring in abbas lani a journalist and a visiting scholar at the center for middle east strategic studies he is running us from tehran welcome to you and i'd like to begin first by asking you because israel says it's measures are retaliate retaliatory following what it calls an iranian
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attack and that particular incident it has been described as a new escalation bring us up to date on what iran's position is. you know among you running the fishes foreign policy foreign minister spokesman most of us i mean that this issue. on believes that this has been done not by run ins by syrian army in the syria and according to the reports it seems that the israelis initiated the reports that the attacks against syria within minutes the syrian army reacted by artillery strikes against jolan high and with. syrian army is thought to fire rockets again at golan heights and iran believes that this has been done by sunni an army and the
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foreign ministry spokesman said that those claims by israeli officials are fabricated and based ace claims and the syrian army and government has its own those it's right to defend its sovereignty of its country its ok so it says that it believes that these rockets that are that were fired and golan heights originated from here but i think just correct me if i'm wrong we haven't had any official confirmation or denial from tehran on whether iranian forces indeed fire these rockets have we. we don't have any official comment or statement from iranian officials that iran has done so but iran foreign ministry spokesman comments imply that those responses were done by syrian army. ok you know more broadly speaking experts here and they say that iran that israel that they have been fighting each other basically in the shadows in syria through
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proxies for example how big is the risk that we are now entering a new a more direct phase in this conflict. i think the situation in the region specifically when it comes to syria. and in the aftermath of the bestowal of the united states from the knicks to the and i think israelis are taking advantage of this situation and i'm not thinking this as a consequence that they have started to strike syria right after the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal and in fact it was not the first time by the in the last past month we've been seeing that israel is for four times there have been attacking against striking syria and i think this can continue and make this situation wars in coming days because through attention to be. in the region and escalating i think israelis as long as their friends like
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americans or so those in the region want to put more pressure on iran and they want to do this thing you know to have a skeleton and i think this is elation can be very serious not just for iran and the region but it can go beyond the region and can have effects for consequences for europeans as well because whenever we see any conflict or extremism in the region right and afaik other parts of the wall we've seen the wave of immigration from the region towards you which has consequences for. i think it's not in the interest of anybody to have a skeleton in the region ok so it's your view that israel has been in bold into by the us decision with regard to iran and that there is indeed a risk that we could see an escalation we thank you so much for joining us to share that view of us of sunny a journalist and a visiting scholar at the center for middle east strategic studies joining us from tehran we appreciate it. thank you and with the world watching nervously as
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tensions soar between iran and israel germany's chancellor angela merkel has addressed the iran nuclear deal speaking earlier on friday chancellor merkel suggested that the united states is unilateral withdrawal from the deal undermined confidence in the global order but she added that america's withdrawal was not a reason to call into question the entire transatlantic partnership have a listen. to the. field i agree that there are a lot of other worrying issues to talk about when it comes to iran to fight with israel the ballistic missile program iran's role in syria well correct talks in clover however i think it is not correct to pull out of a deal that has been agreed on that has been voted for unanimously in the un security council. violates the trust in the international order. for oh. the german chancellor speaking
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a short while ago in other news it will be the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader president donald trump announced in a tweet that he will meet north korea's kim jong un in singapore on june twelfth singapore is in the rare position of having diplomatic relations with both washington and pyongyang plus a track record of hosting sensitive encounters. the banner headline in singapore's newspapers the city state will host one of the highest stakes summits in decades that certainly pleased locals. some. coming in and out on the scene too and the country just says that he's made. i mean doesn't that leave you should because we made it in militias from both sides so i mean you have being. in the u.s. and china and when you i mean you have been picking up on an optimism. indeed the
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city state is safe turf for both donald trump and kim jong un for the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader singapore is a strong u.s. ally and its ties to china north korea's greatest supporter i mean kim can feel at home as well. you want this comes after years of threats from north korea and in recent months harsh rhetoric from the u.s. president as well. with five years of fury now president trump is raising the stakes counter to usual diplomatic practice with extravagant promises of success we're going to share it's a regular make a break here for the war in iraq river south korea japan china. and he already has something to show for his engagement with north korea this week released three hostages to return to the u.s. with great fanfare. for kim jong un an agreement with the u.s.
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holds the promise of relieving choking sanctions which could lead to economic growth he said he wants to concentrate on modernizing the hermit nation. but analysts say the singapore talks won't be easy a host of issues must be sorted out not least the thorny task of persuading kim to abandon nuclear weapons and both sides want to come out looking strong. and our correspondent andrea hang joins us now from singapore so i'm trail walk us through why singapore was chosen to host the summit. well there are a multitude of reasons some and more contentious and this is the start of singapore's course very high on the neutral neutrality scale with little or no historical political baggage security means that a lot of media coverage will be restricted is no protests of course not to mention no experience in running such high profile summits perhaps the most amusing get
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also possible reason that has been reported is that kim's plane is not able to travel slow that in one thousand two hundred kilometers making single quite an ideal spot for him to travel to without refueling another important reason of course is that singapore will be seen as an acceptable choice by a very key it is interested audience member and that's china how has singapore been able to maintain that neutrality because this is a very unique position that it's in retaining ties with both the united states and north korea. is exactly right singapore has been known to be a very well oiled diplomacy machine as it was been a very strong and close knit with the u.s. for decades now particularly interested i am on the other end the same time we've also forged and good alliance with north korea north korea has an embassy in
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singapore and believe it or not to be or be not though is. a law firm and what's what restaurant are sick of all and oh well that's quite fascinating actually so some business is also in their business interests how about the reaction though from the people of singapore to this landmark summit what do they make of it. well it isn't a big surprise as you see me and the ones that was show you know that because you know boy has been a choice location so many such high profile summits and events the most recent be the hosting oath leaders of china from china and i want to take them to fifteen local meetings and jokes aside i think it's a very exciting and yet at the same time intense movement was you know because all eyes are going to be on this is sort of the moment is event and of course you know for like with like the rest of the will is all is successful ok hopefully what the author of will it's i'm trying to hang in singapore thank you
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let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world the former deputy prime minister of malaysia anwar ibrahim is set to walk free after years of time in jail the new prime minister barak here mohamed says that the king has told him that anwar will be pardoned now mohamed has also promised to have avoir the prime minister stop when he retires. in indonesia a volcano has erupted in one of the country's a major cities mount merapi is located near yogyakarta and is indonesia's most active now wind is blowing off steam again indonesian authorities have ordered nearby residents to evacuate and have briefly shut down the local airport. seven people have been found dead on a remote farm in western australia in what could be the country's worst mass
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shooting in decades police were called to the property outside of perth where they found the bodies of four children and three adults there treating the incident as a murder suicide. well now we are looking at you ass e.u. trade relations are we want to go down this year some we found a very interesting point about the situation there sara now european trade negotiators are scrambling to work out new trade arrangements with the u.s. to avert a hike on steel and aluminum export tariffs that after the courage temporary extension expires at the end of this month but still prices for some u.s. customers have jumped already by nine percent just an anticipation of the terrorists and things could get much worse food processors say for example that the price of a standard fifteen ounce metal can will jump from seventeen cents to twenty one cents under the new u.s. tariff scheme and the price of a smaller ten ounce can will rise from fourteen cents to seventeen cents and those
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price hikes applied to the twenty four billion cans the u.s. uses annually will create an estimated seven hundred twenty million dollars in additional costs that producers and consumers must pay america's metal can industry wants the tariffs cancelled because it believes higher prices will hit lower income families who buy disproportionately more canned food. seven hundred million comes for tomato you speeches and pats that's what the agricultural co-operative pacific coast produces expects to use this year. the price of steel has risen by nine percent since donald trump announced his plans to twenty five percent tyrant some steel imports from china. cans are significant component of our costs and if you look at just the canned component this fiscal year. can be increased and canceled probably be about fourteen to eighteen million dollars to
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give you a reference our earnings this year are going to be twenty four million so we have a lot to manage next year with these cost increases. this co-operative in california delivers concrete to the big american supermarket chains which is full steam raise their prices you baltimore the customer the consumer will see some of this impact it's our job along that supply chain to mitigate that through internal cost initiatives innovation and that's our job i understand that. but challenges like this especially when they're on plan are challenges. around one hundred and seventy families what are the co-operative. one of them is frank miller who many grays tomatoes. farmers get a double whammy because of our products are going to be subject to tariffs where there were shipping worldwide has done a really amazing job of moving our products worldwide but also we're subject to the imports we buy the come from other countries were subject to paying higher prices
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for them so we get it on both ends and that's what's really frustrating. china has retaliated with tariffs on u.s. imports of agricultural products the american public could be the ones footing the bill for troops trade war with china. and europe is also scrambling with washington's latest iran policy especially the fact that it wants to sanction those who continue to support iran also economically and that could have severe consequences for germany as well cross over now to denville coppola man of the front for the stock exchange daniel for one in terms of exports security that's a quite a big issue there the german economics minister peter al-haj assess today that he doesn't see any reason to change germany's very particular hermes export guarantee scheme for iran doesn't he. no not really and we have to remember what the hemis export agreement you just mentioned actually stands for it was originally introduced second one hundred forty nine for cases where firms could
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find no private insurance today hammers guarantees exploiters to cover themselves against economical risk and also political risk in the radio interview also he say that earlier there's no reason to change what he calls the value of hammers she also pointed out that germany is just starting now a conversation how to prevent negative consequences also for jobs here in germany let me tell you there is so much at stake also for european companies airbus for example they signed a mega deal to supply you ryan air with one hundred planes for nineteen billion euros so far it has only deliver three and the iran really needs new planes most of their fleet is older than thirty years actually are identical just very briefly has been going to protect all those german companies from possible u.s. sanctions yeah that's a thing they cannot even really do a lot besides giving advice is providing legal help just this morning again the
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u.s. ambassador with very strong words towards german companies saying that they need to pull out we have to remember that germany is bound three billion worth of deals with iran but more than one hundred billion every year with the united states almost like they will reconsider and then i eventually pull out of iran all right don't you quote there from the franklin stock exchange thank you so much. shares storage company dropbox have sought around fifty percent since its stock market launch only seven weeks ago and it didn't disappoint investors and its first financial report since it went public revenue was up to twenty eight percent from last year hitting three hundred sixty million dollars beating analyst forecasts the company said the strong figures were thanks to the growth of one quarter in its paid subscriber base but chefs declined on the news. or the
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deaths of two women who were crushed in a stampede at a border crossing has brought to light a darker side of morocco's trade relationship with spain most of morocco's imports come by way of spain some make it the thirty kilometer crossing from the spanish port of us to the spanish enclave of sea uter on maracas northern coast then transported through customs into morocco and some importers take advantage of a loophole of avoiding paying customs duties namely by having the goods carried and that literally and its morocco is most vulnerable women who pay the price. every pace is a struggle hand to hand battle with burdens weighing up to one hundred kilos these moroccan women work as mules moving merchandise across the border from the spanish enclave of seawater into morocco. all this to get fifteen euros per trip the taxi to the border cost four euros before we even start how are we supposed to eat.
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legal commerce across the border between spain and morocco or tax evasion goods carried across the border on foot don't attract import duties depending on what they carry these women earn between ten and twenty five euros a load. i am not. going to trade as well organized by wholesalers who make a generous margin. for general model gain a bit annoyed that the moroccan state gives nothing to women what do you want that they go into prostitution no they come here they transport a packet and then they can feed their children i don't recall that out she was a mother and her blind daughter it's handicapped women the elderly single mothers or widows morocco's most vulnerable women who do this heavy work for. a few weeks ago two women were killed in
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a stampede crushed by the weight of the bundles now spanish authorities have imposed stricter regulations on the trade they have demanded that the women use trolleys many say that this has only made the job harder. but these women count themselves lucky to have been able to get over the spanish authorities only allow four thousand porters per day to cross some will have to sleep rough on the spanish side of the border. some will resort to desperate measures to cross undetected with the cargo. also that a few moroccan businessmen can avoid paying import duties. or that was the last business bulletin produced by a long time editor bill peterson was going into retirement now retired mint today in fact after twenty seven years here at the develop one of the duo to vela originals and i think i speak for all of us here at the team we wish him the very
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best we will miss seeing him every single day working with him. but yeah it's been great to work with the. now we're going to turn to another topic because rights groups including amnesty international are condemning a death sentence handed to a nineteen year old sudanese woman on thursday the woman nora was convicted of stabbing her husband to death and he allegedly raped her she says that she was forced to marry him at age sixteen against her will and nora supporters in other wars others following the case gathered outside of the court room in them inside a judge announced the death penalty for nora after her former husband's family refused to pardon her and rejected financial compensation nor his legal team now has about two weeks to appeal the ruling to hash tag justice for nora has been trending online with activist demanding the charges against her be dropped they say that she was acting in self defense thousands have posted messages and photos in
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support of nora using that hash tag a sudan residents who says that she attended yesterday's court proceeding tweeted i was never sadder than when i saw an aura today she walked in with steady feet and a head held high she is a hero a survivor and a voice that dared refuse oppression and an online petition urging sudanese authorities to intervene in her case is also rapidly gaining signatures close to one hundred thousand people have signed so far. the united nations children's fund has issued a warning that hundreds of thousands of children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of death from starvation unicef says that fast action is needed to provide four hundred thousand children in the province of with food and clean water and medical supplies the cause of the shortage is recent fighting between rebel forces and government troops islands has subsided and the displaced are
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beginning to return home but the recent civil conflict in province has forced hundreds of thousands to the brink of starvation aid workers are fighting an uphill battle to treat malnourished children and prevent the spread of cholera and measles the hospitals that survive the conflict are overwhelmed. i'm actually very shocked by that by what i saw and what i heard in class i visited several hospitals where children were treated for full complication of c.p.s. mentioned these children were struggling to survive and they came back to the same as peter's tree days later. within three days ice i saw that she too and some children had died and i knew more that had the right children that you know took in good condition and told that we have managed. the fighting made food scarce in some areas because side farmers have not been able to plant crops for three seasons the
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conflict also stopped the flow of basic supplies across the nearby angola border as the province waits for crops and trade to return the challenge aid groups are facing is enormous. unicef has only received a quarter of the ninety million it says it needs to provide assistance. in the meantime for the children of. food is a precious commodity. and with that you're up to date on the news don't forget we have more news coming up at the top of the hour and you can find all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. thanks for watching.
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