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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from girl led calls for restraint from world leaders as israel and iran where off after israel's deadly raid on a broadly in targets in syria all eyes now on any possible new military activity israel says it has drawn a red line and that it will not back down also coming up singapore gets stuck to host the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader but the world's attention now focused on the southeast asian states we will hear what its citizens think of the historic summit and out of
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prison and back to politics came the latest former deputy leader is given a boiled pardon it paves the way for him to return to politics after a pledge from the country's new leader. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. iran's foreign ministry is condemning israel's attack on targets inside syria the first official reaction to the attack came from the ministry spokesman who called them a blatant violation of the country's sovereignty that were conducted on fabricated and baseless excuses now israel struck dozens of iranian targets in syria it says in retaliation for a rocket barrage on israeli positions in the golan heights israel's government is
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blaming aronian forces in syria and has accused tehran of crossing a red line there have been growing international calls for restraint. on its way to destroy and defense system this slowdown fitted freddy's by israel's defense force shows one of a barrel of strikes on iranian military sites in syria israel's prime minister gave the justification. of iran has crossed a red line our response was appropriate our army has carried out a large scale attack on iranian targets in syria we are engaged in a long term conflict and our policy is clear we will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria. israel says it strikes me in retaliation for a rocket attack on territory it occupies in the golan heights according to israel iranian militants fired the rockets from syria but none of them reach the target.
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if so this would be the most serious direct military confrontation between israel and iran and syria. europe russia the us and the un a calling for restraint. there's a risk of escalation and growing tensions we must avoid them that's what i told the indian president rouhani and i'll pass on a message to prime minister netanyahu and president putin who in a statement in recent days seems to share the goal of stability and avoiding escalation study the. tensions remain high on the golan heights the israeli army has sent reinforcements to its northern border. and i'm joined now by mayor javedanfar an iranian born middle east commentator based in israel he is also a lecture on iranian politics for a private not for profit research college called the interdisciplinary center thank
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you so much for joining us and i'd like to just begin by asking you israel saying that it was retaliating following an iranian attack saying that iran is to blame for the escalation of violence here but is the golan heights incident really the start of all of us. no it's not you know where iran since it started helping bashar al assad when he needs to move war in two thousand and eleven as try to turn syria into a base for the transfer of weapons to hezbollah and also the and then moved on to building a base for itself to threaten the state of israel i mean according to foreign reports that more than one hundred israeli strikes against missile transfers from syria to to lebanon which was initiated by iran. have been also numerous israeli attacks against iranian targets according to far reports this is all part of the israeli strategy israel tried for many years to put in to try to
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get iran. to reduce tensions not to use syrian territory to threaten it's to threaten security didn't work so now there's a new strategy in israel in the past thirty nine years israel has been treating iranian proxies as the proxies. ballers been treated it has ball up but now israel has a new strategy has which is an iranian proxy from now on will be treated as an iranian entity under simply running a presence in the area ok so there is no hiding behind the curtain now of proxies in your view do you also think that perhaps the strategy though has changed in the past weeks in particular because i mean we've seen an uptick in the violence have we entered a more dangerous phase in this conflict. i think we've reached the stage where you can present a putin has given up on the iranians that he's given israel a more free hand i mean today the russians just announced that they won't will not be supplying a three hundred anti-missile system to the syrians this could have created
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headaches for israel's air force over syria they're not going to do it i think for now after the after the cancellation of the iran deal which actually thing was the wrong decision but in any case israel now knows that every weapon convoy iranian western convoy that it destroys in syria will become more costly for iran to replace because of the upcoming sanctions and also when it comes to destroying iran and infrastructure in there israel knows that every strike today will mean that it's a virgin the mistake they made in two thousand and six when it allowed hizbullah to build up an arsenal it also means that it will be more difficult for iran to replenish them they will be more expensive because the iranian economy is about to hit a very important crisis brought about which is going to be brought about by the u.s. congress i'd like to end by saying that this is not that there are elements in iran who would like to reduce tensions that includes the iranian government but the iranian regime is not listening to them and the announce u.s. withdrawal to the iran t.l.
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as that also change the calculus on the of iranian side would you say. yes well not not seemingly but he will have to carry you know it's iran is already played by mismanagement by deep corruption and now the americans are basically going for the throat of the iranian banking system they're going to make it extremely difficult for you and your banking system to function sooner or later and this is why that and one of the reasons why he said the old support of the financials to be posed iran's going to do some recalculation about the amount of support it gives the bashar assad because the costs because they're going to go up for the union regime when it will be in syria because its funds are going to start to dwindle because of the sanctions we want to thank you very much mayor javedanfar an iranian board middle east commentator joining us with the analysis of the situation we very much appreciate it thank you sir. when i was going to check of some other
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stories that have been making news around the world the philippines top court has voted to oust its chief justice lord said annele has been a fierce opponent of the country's controversial president vehicle to tear her colleagues have removed her for not properly declaring past her names but serrano has told supporters outside of the fourth that she lost her job for opposing two territories authoritarian rule. seven people have been found dead on a remote farm in western australia in what could be the country's worst mass shooting in decades police were called to the property outside of perth where they found the bodies of four children and three adults they are treating the incident as a murder suicide. in indonesia a volcano has erupted near one of the country's major cities mount merapi is located near yogyakarta it is indonesia's most active peak now it's blowing off steam again indonesian authorities have ordered nearby residents to evacuate and
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briefly shut down the local airport. it will be the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president in a north korean leader president donald trump announced in a tweet that he will meet with north korea's kim jong un in singapore on june twelfth singapore is in the rare position of having diplomatic relations with both washington and pyongyang plus a track record of hosting sensitive encounters. the banner headline in singapore's newspapers the city state will host one of the highest stakes summits in decades that's certainly pleased locals. use something up on some. coming and i'm missing too and the country just says that he's neat. i mean definitely if you would because we made then delicious from both sides so i mean you had being. in the u.s. and china and many i mean you have been picking up on and off the list. indeed the
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city state is safe turf for both donald trump and kim jong un for the first ever meeting of a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader singapore is a strong u.s. ally and its ties to china north korea's greatest supporter i mean kim can feel at home as well. this comes after years of threats from north korea and in recent months harsh rhetoric from the u.s. president as well. with fire and fury now president trump is raising the stakes counter to usual diplomatic practice with extravagant promises of success we're going to said it's a regular make a great year for the art of your career or south korea japan or china. and he already has something to show for his engagement with north korea this week on young release three hostages return to the u.s. with great fanfare. for kim jong un an agreement with the u.s.
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holds the promise of relieving choking sanctions which could lead to economic growth he said he wants to concentrate on modernizing the hermit nation. but analysts say the singapore talks won't be easy a host of issues must be sorted out not least the thorny task of persuading can to abandon nuclear weapons and both sides want to come out looking strong. rights groups including amnesty international are condemning a death sentence handed to a nineteen year old sudanese woman on thursday the woman nora was convicted of stabbing her husband to death as he allegedly raped her she says that she was forced to marry him at age sixteen against her will nora supporters and others following the case gathered outside of the courtroom in on durham and sit down inside a judge announced the death penalty for nora after her former husband family refused to pardon her and rejected financial compensation delta malaysian opposition
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leader anwar ibrahim is to be granted a full royal pardon following allowing him rather to leave prison in the coming days and paving the way for a potential political comeback the new malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad says that he will hand power to anwar ibrahim in the few years time is the latest move in a stunning week of political developments in malaysia which had been ruled by the same party for decades historic moment for malaysia's opposition the swearing in of a new government leader anwar ibrahim had to watch it from his hospital room he's serving a sentence for sodomy charges that his supporters say are politically motivated a crowd of his supporters outside with signs reading let's all save malaysia and anwar has returned and his wife as easily one is mailed discussed a pardon with the king and then he actually expressed these personal wish.
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to be unlike the soonest possible but the pardons also it's also important for him to be able to participate in fact it was a take. it comes after former prime minister mahathir mohamad triumphed as head of the opposition against of the barry sun national coalition. the alliance has ruled malaysia for decades and mahathir himself was prime minister for twenty years at the party's head. now in a remarkable turnaround anwar is set to become prime minister mahathir says he'll turn over power once anwar is pardoned that can't happen soon enough for and more supporters who described his joy at the events that mean. this push me up a bit with the full ovals that he owes you know in the context of people move one way that what they'll malaysians as a whole get that in about sixty years. but it's on the kind of government you know
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it's all over obesity with very happy that now the world awaits anwar is release from a jail cell to the heights of power. in tennis rafael nadal has set a new record of fifty consecutive set wins on a single surface and route to victory in the last sixteen of the madrid open the world number one surpassed the previous record set on carpet by none other than john mcenroe which had stood since one thousand nine hundred four argentinian diego schwartzman was brushed aside six three six four as the spaniard claimed his twenty first straight day three on clay then da will face austrian dominic teen in the quarter finals on friday in pursuit of a six the madrid tie the open for looking to defend his french open crown later this month. while they carry the heavy loads on their back so businessmen can avoid the import duties moroccan women pay a heavy price for
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a trade the loophole between spain and morocco that story and a whole lot more is coming up in just a few minutes here on t.v. and news in the meantime i'm sorry kelly heard kelly thank you so much for your company here. to see you again in. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection road and rail. located in the heart of europe connected to the. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. be allagash. managed by.


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