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when you fly from calls for restraint for world leaders as israel and iran square off the hope is to prevent further military reprisals following israel's deadly attacks on the reigning targets in syria israel claims the raids were punishment for iran's attack on the don't want the israeli government described as crossing a red line also on the program. three quarters of a million children in the democratic republic of congo a loss of nearly mt everest unicef says that of that more than half of them could die in a vast jungle region hit by conflicts between the army and government. that's
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what combined spectacle songs dance music and pure kids. the livestrong concerts take place and listen this weekend will take a look at the fight. and still go welcome to the program iran's foreign ministry has condemned israel's attack on iranian military targets inside syria his first official reaction came from the ministry spokesman who described the raids as a blatant violation of the country's sovereignty that was conducted on what he called fabricated and baseless excuses israel struck dozens of iranian targets a retaliation they say for iranian rocket barrage against israeli positions in the golan heights as israel's. prime minister accuses iran of crossing the red line
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international calls for restraint. a mistrial on its way to destroy and a fence system this slowdown fit each bradleys by israel's defense force shows one of a barrel of strikes on iranian military sites in syria israel's prime minister gave the justification. of iran has crossed a red line our response was appropriate our army has carried out a large scale attack on iranian targets in syria. we're engaged in a long term conflict and our policy is clear we will not allow iran to establish a military presence in syria. israel says it strikes me retaliation for a rocket attack on territory it occupies in the golan heights according to israel iranian militants fired the rockets from syria but none of them reach that target if so this would be the most serious direct military confrontation between israel
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and iran and syria. europe russia the u.s. and the u.n. are calling for restraint. if you need getting more done there's a risk of escalation and growing tensions we must avoid that that's what i told the reigning president rouhani and i'll pass on that message to prime minister netanyahu and president putin who in a statement in recent days seems to share the goal of stability and avoiding escalation steady. tensions remain high on the golan heights the israeli army has sent reinforcements to its northern border. a correspondent. has been following this story from neighboring beirut welcome on trial just looking at the context of this escalating these few the attack on the golan heights was not the first chapter of this story was it. no absolutely not in fact of all work few years israel has attacked stance oblique iranian assets and
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city are over one hundred times and in this region israel has also corked of the and d.s.r. the rebel forces by providing the medical help and also by other means up us we met doctors who treated some of these anti us are the rebels but now it has escalated to a very worrying level because israel itself says that they have hit all of our infrastructure allegedly in city of what has he done completely not completely denying but is sort of attacking israel back by saying that israel is violating syrian sovereignty it's all rhetoric and i but it's not as wet a bit this time around they're actively that engaged in an active confrontation so that makes things worse so how close would you say the region is to actual war. when it's on as i can tell you that i am in lebanon are been tracking developments in iran and in syria as well talking to people there and there is a fear of this will turn into a war fought for over
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a year and i beg your pardon we've been hearing that the next battle will be between israel and iran and it will be in self serving and it's actually now beginning to happen although all sources at high level mentee in that neither side wants active war what israel wants is for iranian fighters to get out of syria which is not happening hizbullah is not going to get out of there and with the iranians and hizbullah and the city and says look we have allies we're going to be whatever we want to be and israel has no business telling us off so you've got a tense situation in any anything really can overnight on into or into a war in the region right now or the one hopes that better sense would prevail and one of the reasons for u.s. decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal has an emboldened iva side or perhaps both. well that's just adding fuel to the fire and this essentially is a huge victory for benjamin netanyahu he wanted this for a very very long time and on the truck he's basically docked what he wanted now
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iran's foreign minister is going to be traveling the world he's also going to be going to brussels and meeting the e.u. ministers that he's hoping if you can somewhat souders the deal but what we hear is that this creates a huge problem for honey inside because kamini the spiritual leader has already said that look we don't even have a chance the e.u. countries what should tell us and the will help us in getting all of this missile in a normal way so in a way the hardliners are bound to prevail in iran but this is someone who are sort of making sense are saying that we just hope for dong trump to exit and wait for another american president to work with but that's of course. not happening immediately and in the beirut thank you and with the world at watching the disputed nervously at germany's chancellor angela merkel has addressed the iran nuclear deal speaking earlier on friday chancellor merkel suggested the united states you national withdraw from the deal
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undermined confidence in the global order but she added that america's withdrawal was not a reason to call into question the entire transatlantic partnership is the most sort of few i agree that there are lots of other worrying issues to talk about when it comes to iran to fight with israel the ballistic missile program iran's role in syria well correct pots and log however i think it is not correct to pull out of a deal that has been agreed on that has been voted for unanimously in the u.n. security council. that violates the trust in the international order. it's german chancellor angela merkel now the united nations children's fund is warning that hundreds of thousands of children in the democratic republic of congo at risk of death from starvation unicef says fast action is needed to provide four hundred thousand children in the province with food clean water and medical
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supplies because of the shortages recent fighting between rebel forces and government troops. the violence has subsided and the displaced are beginning to return home but the recent civil conflict in province has forced hundreds of thousands to the brink of starvation aid workers are fighting an uphill battle to treat malnourished children and prevent the spread of cholera and measles to hospitals that survive the conflict are overwhelmed. i'm actually very shocked by it by what i saw and what i heard. peter's children were treated for complication of see these children were struggling to survive and they came back to the same as peter's tree days later. we didn't treat days. some children had died and i knew more that had the right children that good
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condition at least. the fighting made food scarce in some areas farmers have not been able to plant crops for three seasons the conflict also stopped the flow of basic supplies across the nearby angola border as the province waits for crops and trade to return the challenge aid groups are facing is enormous . unicef has only received a quarter of the ninety million it says it needs to provide assistance. in the meantime to the children of. food is a precious commodity. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world seven people have been found dead on a remote farm in western australia what could be the country's worst mass shooting for decades police were called to the property outside perth where they found the bodies of four children and three articles treating the incident as a murder suicide. south africa's elite police unit has taken over the investigation
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into an attack on a mosque outside durban because extremism is suspected. on person died in two others were wounded in the attack which happened on thursday after midday prayers. malaysia's jailed opposition leader anwar ibrahim is to be granted a full royal pardon allowing him to leave prison in the next few days and paving the way for a political comeback the country's newly elected prime minister mahathir mohamad said the said that he will hand power to mr anwar in a few years it's the latest move in a week of surprising political developments in malaysia which had been governed by the same party for decades. historic moment for malaysia's opposition the swearing in of a new government but leader anwar ibrahim had to watch it from his hospital room he's serving a sentence for sodomy charges that his supporters say are politically motivated. a crowd of his supporters outside with signs reading let's all save malaysia and
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anwar has returned and his wife as easily one is mailed discussed a pardon with the king and then actually it's prince that he's placed no wish. to to be unlike the soonest possible that the pardons also be frontin for him to be able to participate i think while it's. it comes after former prime minister mahathir mohamad triumphed as head of the opposition. of the berri son national coalition the alliance has ruled malaysia for decades and mahathir himself was prime minister for twenty years at the party's head. now in a remarkable turnaround anwar is set to become prime minister mahathir says he'll turn over power once and more is pardoned. that can't happen soon enough for and more supporters who described his joy at the events extremely good news. especially up a bit with the fall over the years you know in the context of people move one way that
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what the militia is as a whole it is about sixty years. about it's a national government and over it's all over obviously very happy that it now the world awaits on mars a release from a jail cell to the heights of power. now for the annual extravaganza a euro vision the first time the international singing contest is being hosted by portugal so we finds of it happening this week in the capital lisbon with twenty six countries taking part that are getting ready for saturday night's grand final. eurovision is as much about the spectacle was the song and as far as that goes estonia's elina niche a vote will be hard to beat the trained opera singer will be wearing a giant down decorated by three hundred sixty elaborate projections that move and change along with the music.
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scene but your vision is also sometimes used for political or social messages and this year france is in the running with a song about the refugee crisis the duo madame miss your are singing mercy which was inspired by the true story of a little girl born on a rescue ship in the mediterranean. sea i. thought one of the hot tips to win is israel's not a barcelona who's also chosen to address a current topic with her song talk this is the answer to. this talk of the strong message of me too and i thought about something funky that can sound. like it's a cycle of. abuse. ouch like. like the fans. and then it goes over and over and over again and second very happy vibe song. back to it has a strong message with between the lines so you write a song
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a message of a different kind as offered by the two thousand and nine winner norway's alexander everything he's back this year with the song explaining just how to write a song. to. listen. to. this. but the current favorite among the book makers is cyprus represented by any fool with the song for a go no political message just a classic sexy dance track. the competition is also known for surprise upsets though and with people from so many different countries voting it can be difficult to predict who will come out the winner on saturday night. reminder of our top stories
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this hour world leaders are continuing to call for restraint in the middle east around foreign ministry has condemned israel's attack on the right to targets inside syria israel's government accuses town of crossing the red line by attacking the golan heights. i set you up to date on talk of the hour i'm going to. go for information. opinions expressed. facebook and twitter today and in touch.


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