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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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when rabin and her friends agreed on peace but an assassin put an end to that train . returning those to the displaced people still funding for their homeland israel seventeen years may twelfth on d. w. all broadcast times online. bush you're from kick off life you know well group c. preview superstar reports all the focus is on. a country where you look at the
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strength in depth and think surely i just have to with. france has a ton of good players maybe too many. private. kickoffs and also knows all about france he tells us why germany won't be able to win it all this year. because out great scenes which i think will pose the biggest threats to germany and russia that some. will see about that and of course there's always the bundesliga which is falling for most guys the brownsburg indiana will leave and void his first ball rival one thousand students led german cricket ball and four of them go to visit up one does league a match. known soccer is not even close to being this fame but i'd love it to be here every day let's start with group say.
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at every world cup there's always one team who scored is just so much better than everyone else's country when you look at the strength in depth and think surely they just have to win it well with the right in that country and it is from. ingrid see les blue will be expected to make serious hay against the likes of australia south american candidates peru and fellow european qualifiers denmark but will it really be plain sailing. take a look at the list of players france could say to this world cup and you'll see that it's basically a who's who of big players big clubs faster and royal united and city buying you very athletic and of course. and that's not to mention many of the players lighting up league on p.s.g. monaco and all the rest in case you need
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a reminder of why i rate this sport so highly let's have a quick run through their best talent shall we. first in goalie go race probably the second best keeper in the premier league over the last few years after diving to hire a sense of back they have lovely get your rafael duran and somewhere them t.t. should just mention in public i could also feature man city signing on merrick the port hasn't even been capped yet. but it's in midfield where we really start to see the barest minutes of riches from his disposal like a selection of delicious hors d'oeuvres yes we're doing french food. when paul pogba has to fight for his place you know it's serious he's out of form that's ok they have blaze mitsui you don't like him fine it's a current town so listen when someone more defensive double premier league champion and go low can say or if you prefer there's always team way back. is it possible to
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play with five central midfielders. white i think i am robbie i am steven song and moses is so good oh forget it anyway let's move on to the forwards easy right. you just have to play on strong greaseman and obviously you need to start killing them back and how could you leave out a man pacified one hundred forty million euros for welcome to the party years. but hang on how did these guys fit together we need to rethink a year and twenty sixteen greaseman linked up brilliantly with a living room who's also scored plenty of goals for france. ok let's get him but then we're leaving out dimitri pyatt who was also excellent two years ago and what about now bill fakir who's been tearing up the french league this season. and kingsley c'mon who's just one he's sick. at the age of twenty one. thomas lamar's reportedly attracted bids of around nine hundred million euros do you just ignore
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him or what about mike is that. camaro. is it possible to play with eleven forwards if you're struggling to work out how to incorporate the new wave of players into an already packed squad then spare a thought for poor dear sean's the man who selection problem has become so nice it's gone full circle and become a pain in the arse again. this was pretty much the issue france had at their home european championship the seans himself admitted during the tournament that he had worked out how to get all his best players into one team and if anything he has more options now. so the first big question for group c. is this is the front squads somehow too talented for its own good there is evidence that even this team can stink like an aged calabash. although they won
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their qualifying group they were far from perfect they lost away to sweden was not so bad but they were also held to two goals draws goalless with that attack. even worse is the opposition for those draws first there was bela roos. may need one fellow yes that's luxembourg the one that only has about half a million people and is this big. talents were flaky. like a pastry from a fresh install so what could spain do to them or germany or brazil. maybe the problem was that they just underestimated small opposition in which case they need to saw that sound before they get to russia otherwise they could end up with another situation like two thousand and two. remember that for those of you too young is a done inspired from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight world cup but it's raining champions and went wrong they lost to debby from senegal in their opening
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game failed to score a single goal and belong trip home from the far east each day. it was pretty funny place really likes playing at last woke up more extreme on that note we've now arrived at the second big question swirling around group c. . if from the government free and come all they definitely are who is going through with the best jump cuts one next to. start with australia the golden generation that made it to the knockout phase of the two thousand and six world cup is a long gone well not quite. unbelievable a tim cahill is still a huge goal threat to the socceroos at the age of thirty eight he basically old father time in football and but he's age like fine wine. eleven goals in qualifying sure he's still got it. you know how to find the net.
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even more ridiculous is the miller yet not go ten and scored a hatchery sure he takes a strategy of penalties but still ten goals. but enough about the old timers what about the under thirty in the aussie squad. a lot depends on the midfield you owed some rotation are annoyed to provide much of it seems creative flair and keep things ticking over if they fire australia's fighting spirit could carry them through the group. then there's perot's another wild card in this group an unknown quantity especially for a dumb european like me most of their players particularly well known outside of latin america but they do have a couple of familiar faces from abundantly. hamburg and by and striker paolo garo has been their main man for a long time is the country's captain and old time top scorer however he was also recently suspended from football after testing positive for cocaine and of banned
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stimulants. will be back in time for the world cup so let's hope he keeps his nice clean. man he could have fellow been as a gold boy jefferson fan to keep him company his first international goal in two years held for ruby when there. playoff and qualify for the world cup for the first time in over thirty years. maybe these national heroes have one more surprise left in store. but for me it's the other team in group c. that has the best chance of going through denmark i'll be honest with you it mostly comes down to one man kristine eriksson he is like the michelin star chef of a side as an arsenal fan i can't stand him but even i have to admit the guy is a croissant. the republic of ireland were on the receiving end of his brilliance in the playoffs eriksson dismantled the boys in green scoring a hat trick to stamp denmark's ticket and if he's not enough to remember that they
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have the lord himself on their side. own nicklas bendtner the man of a thousand ridiculous story is great international record means he could well help them out into the round of sixteen failing up at least we can rely on him for banter. so here's my prediction for group c. france will avoid a repeat of two thousand and two and qualified top of the great and they'll be joined in the round of sixteen by denmark but it'll be close to australia will push them to the wire but ultimately finished third and although i'm picking curry to finish bottom i'm expecting it to be tight four do you think france live up to their billing as favorites or make another world cup fight. in the comments. if you enjoyed this video please subscribe and join me next time to hash out great. trounces clearly it seems have beat can the bundesliga has preferred also over
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their youngster. french football is on the borders league as the perfect. there are nineteen french players kicking it in the bundesliga something french national team coach didier to sean doesn't seem to mind. you know one show's reporters were from new bel especially all sleepy sound on the crypt he could you know got. laid on they did think he would ya know they. do say look. when you want and that's when the. is just a selection of the french connection cards are flexible hard running and deadly. violence record signing is doing a good job of filling chevy along those oversized. to illicit drugs build up play with intelligent passing and is just as objective finishing chances as he is
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setting them up. kingsley come off speed demon with the technical chops twenty one years young incredibly quick brilliance on the ball. his trademark blistering to the end line and letting violence attack is take their license. and finally showing kevin august i might say deficiency made in paris. he's just twenty years old i'm just clinical in front of any album in this league a problem. you
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need bruce you can. be sure. like. the bundesliga has proved a hotbed for the french top talent the famous french sports magazine even claimed germany has its hands. france and germany seem a good mix but not so fast mccambridge is going to tell us why france is the reason germany won't win the world cup. lovely yogi loves might not like to admit it but germany are the hot favorites to win the world cup this summer and for good reason they're already the reigning world champions and as we discussed in the previous episode they've got the squad the manager and the winning mentality to go all the way again this summer. but then again this is a world cup and they'll be a host of nations who consider themselves just the talented and just as well
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prepared as the mantra so let's take a look at the competition dealt three teams which i think pose the biggest threat to germany in russia this summer first up you guessed it brazil brazil have trained a lot since that famous seven one thrashing in belo horizonte but the desire for revenge still burns as hot as ever brazil were ponderous in a time four years ago thanks to the presence of the burley blunt but the emergence of the twenty one year old gabriel haye zeus' means they now have a potentially well cost talent leaving the line one benefiting from the coaching genius of pep squad the other of manchester city he already has not in goals in his first fifteen appearances for his country the energy and intelligence of liverpool's are perfectly know that the supreme talent is neymar and it's safe to say brazil have now got a pretty terrifying front line terrifying from the defense which famously fell to pieces on home soil has been given a revamp with pierce james martin yost stepping into the hapless shoes. the
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midfield has also been given an upgrade with the energy and invention of casimir oh a good scene no turning them into of course the record. brazil have won the world cup a record five times and while i haven't been at their best in recent tournament . that should never be ruled out of contention unless germany there's a very good chance they meet brazil in the second round and you know we praying his team get off to a dream start in order to avoid that scenario spain have flown under the radar a little in recent seasons but science suggests they might be back with a bang. the glorious twenty ten world cup winning side who were also back to back european when it's either side of that triumph seems like a distant memory of the last world cup where they went how in the group stage the one positive spain can take from that disaster is that they're no longer considered torment favorites and the pressure is off to
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a certain extent. but the midfield quality of germany and xabi alonso looks like it's finally being replaced with thiago alcantara providing an aggressive technically savvy alternative to the spanish legends the back line remain as well organized and as comfortable in possession as ever interviewed the haye a spade also possess the only goalkeeper who can arguably rival mammo moya as the world's finest number one spain's recent friendlies against germany and argentina also provided proof of their quality going forward and one will draw with germany. is more than respectable while the six one drubbing of argentina showed them at their ruthless best even if lionel messi was watching from the stands the days of ticky tack a may be behind us but spain remain a supremely talented side especially on the pull and you love will be hoping to avoid the side until a later stage in the competition or not and if spain fail to get out of arguably
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this year's group of death. next up you guessed it the three lions. the greatest team on earth and a shoo in for their. world cup victory since one thousand nine hundred sixty six. ok just kidding it's no england beginning of fanny's hell we haven't got the squad we haven't got the manager the media get on our backs and we can't score a penalty to save our lives i'm talking of course about france. and look to distant past live blue one of the finest football teams on the planet with players such as hearing on re and then it in sit down bewitching defense is on their way to a world cup and a european championship but the problem with france is you never know which version is going to turn up the sublime and subtle genius of the scene of the incident two
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thousand and six one song all that world cup where patrice evra greenbury and nicolas anelka for everybody and was sent home in disgrace. come to think of it even that song ended in typically french fashion now i'm going to head but. that was a bad move from sudan seriously though france has to be considered among the favorites for russia thanks to arguably the most well stocked squad of talent in the competition just take a look at that front line not many other teams could choose between zero. lakh is it marcel balej and i'm back in attack and have similar issues in pretty much every other position it's not also forget that it was france who not germany out at euro twenty six team and they lost to portugal in the final will surely make them desperate to go one step further this time so there we have it if germany are to win the world cup brazil spain and france will be the team to beat as the old
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saying goes if you want to be the best you've got to beat the rest and my friends he loves boys they go all the way in russia if they can get the better of these teams if they don't meet england along the way that is. this is for three kittens guy so let us know who we've missed out for example could this be the year that lionel messi finally confirmed himself as the greatest player of all time for the world cup victory me a putin ringgits about russia go all the way on home soil england actually prove us wrong we'll see you next time. how did students from moscow and indiana end up in germany why they bet on this league matches and learn german of course. russia and the us once upon a connected by something special. there was much will do you
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believe in torches for stronghold. the bones league a dream for students from russia and the united states on the. trip of a lifetime. issuance offer for you is a little slow to get muslim visas feared if this were your question to see but why these full well they've worked hard for it through a school project from the go to institute germany's world wide cultural institute. fourteen year old maxim has two passions piano. and football he's a keeper for his school team and a c.s.k. moscow found but he likes german football even more than russian football. could he could. but he's not just watching the bundesliga for fun it helps him learn german marks team.
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his class might mark out as a spot i must go fan but would rather be able to visit a bundle a good match. mr ball on the number was thirty. two but of course you could wish that your. brownsburg usa a suburb of indianapolis answered catches nearly every buy and match from his living room. i mean. i like robert love and offsprings a really good striker like watching him play especially the five goals and i minutes that never gets. his body tie also follows the bonus league and would love to live in germany poland and i'm learning the language can try to be fluid so i can somewhat sometimes live there i'm a german americans body. these four boys schools have beaten hundreds of others to when they go to institute. competition
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a challenge to watch german language blunders league of videos from kick off and also questions about. the nation does this. play. that doesn't speak french pushed. the frog behind to move from. green to the ice the trainer on trucks. what if i thought. ok. kobach ok a little utah was a wonderful tool to help my students learn german because it got them excited about the language as you can see as a full spot in yes the media was done all. over the comfort of the duchess pocket the students also predict bundesliga results and collect points based on how they do these two classes with the best and go to send two students to germany to watch abundantly get match. your friend wouldn't zero loser and prize in the torch
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along. here all four students meet one another for the first time the trip kicks off with the stadium tall and shall carry. home when she swallows a sixty two thousand where the capacity of sixty two told until now the boys have only seen such football stadiums on t.v. they usually be in the stands watching the chicago fire all spots like moscow now that finally getting a firsthand look at their favorite link. and you see this is third the famous tunnel in europe or in the world maybe. some last journey been the sneakiness to join you but i can assure securing a foot in spain e.u. . would you be sure. i saw a super impressive like back home soccer's not even close to being this famous but i have wanted to be here every day but of course we also want to test the
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competition winners on the bundesliga knowledge assured quiz russia versus the u.s. . incubus if you. current value goes into it and. if. your lawyer goes forty. five. night well you know that. after the russian team cleaned up in the quiz the group was off to cologne they kick the ball around the real blunders league of prague chris feels a huge the boys kept their cool and want to fight to ask questions about the bundesliga times he's korea. software for of course what i like to get from also
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monkeys is fear and it was very interesting to see anything he said all that much with english ball from you because i feel you see i'm good for you for months on end global and snow in singapore feel because even if i did it was not something of them i have to temper so much while to think i might get thank you for coming because. i'm finally the trips highlights have been if they get much light from the stadium for a loan against shock and a dream come true for the boys yes so i really think it's going to be a crazy game it's my first one so i'm really excited hopefully kong can win so the whole stadium can go crazy for. fifty thousand fans two historic clubs and the bundesliga at his best. the boys consequent whole goals and tons of emotions. for the trip was awesome this is my first time ever coming to germany so i'm got i got to come here
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. be sure below which will be at the board chances so we've got the music media you know just me and jason pretty much as he goes. odd. movement of. the.
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a generation is losing. thousands of young jews are leaving france fearful of anti semitic violence yale is going to create anti-semitism is increasing clearly solution is to go to israel. is emigration the only option to a friend and a new anti-semitism. in thirty minutes on the. committee it's all happening. to come surely jews from africa and the world. two exceptions
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stories and discussions continue until some student news actually program and from the new. generally from the news of easy to ally with safety debited comes to africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. time for an upgrade. from the church bros on buying. a house with. design highlights you can make yourself. in stips in tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with v.w. interior design channel on you tube. how the germans came together in one nation from shanghai money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of
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the germans has been shaped by great learners. i swell always to bring my royal college of best to protect christendom and spread this line true for. me it is most plentiful it. reads ok let you kill the enemy. and stand by courageous decisions placed above suppose your massive researcher see the problem of the room for god not from his presumptuous servant of the romans because. soccer player. we must pull shields. playing. the german starting may thirteenth on g.w. . play
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. this is d.w. news live from calls for restraint from world leaders as israel and the ram square off the hope is to prevent further military reprisals following israel's deadly raid sunday raining targets in syria israel claims the raids were punishment for iran's attack on the golan heights the government describes as crossing a red line also on the program three quarters of a million children in the democratic republic of congo who are severely malnourished unicef says more than half of them are likely to die stuck in a fast jungle region hip.


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