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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is developing news live from there in the war of words in the middle east escalates a senior iranian cleric threatens israeli cities with annihilation as worshippers of friday prayers chant death to israel and death to america. it israel itself the defense minister calls on syria to throw out of iraq enforcers. also on this program more than seven hundred fifty thousand children in the democratic republic of congo are suffering from severe malnutrition the u.n. says more than half of them could die if they don't get help they're stuck in
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a vast jungle region hit by conflict between the army and anti-government rebels. plus the reds that delicious and over here so-called bubbling lopes there is a plague of louisiana swamp crayfish invading the streams and lakes of the german capital. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a thanks for joining us well the leaders are stepping up their efforts to save the iran nuclear deal with the foreign ministers of germany france and britain due to meet the iranian counterpart next week the diplomatic scramble comes after israel attacked iran's positions in syria early on thursday in response to alleged iranian attacks on israeli positions on the golan heights. two days after the attacks tensions in the middle east. continue to saw heating prayers in the iranian capital
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a senior cleric threatened israel with destruction. all said all this serial this anything foolish. and hyper to the ground of. israel isn't meant sing its words either. have a message for assad or get rid of the iranians get rid of their forces they're not helping you they're only harming their presence will only cause problems and damage . the developments come only days after the us withdrawal from the nuclear deal many iranians see this as another provocation from israel's ally on the streets of iran protesters held by misreading death to america global leaders a calling on iran and israel for restraint fearing the lack of stability in the region could lead to war their gold preserve what's left of the nuclear deal.
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german chancellor angela merkel underlined that intension again throwing harsh words at the u.s. administration on thoughts and lobbies i don't think it's correct to pull out of a deal that has been agreed upon that has been voted for unanimously in the u.n. security council. that violates the trust in the international order. of couldn't iran's foreign ministry signaled in a statement that it's prepared to work with europe to save the nuclear deal but it's unclear whether that would help ease the conflict with israel. ok let's talk now to correspondent who is in the lebanese capital beirut. give us an idea of what the mood is at the moment in the middle east are people preparing for an all out conflict with israel. well the region is certainly on an agile and i've not quite seen it this tense thus far last year and how do you need
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a sign from riyadh and when he came back sure there were tensions that there would be war this always sort of going around the middle east that the reason is preparing for us next war but this time it's quite different even though all sides have been talking to sources in israel as well as a need on in syria and he has eleven on some people in his blood nobody really wants a ball but this is generation is pretty tense and even though we've seen sort of israel a pack a stance of the iranian assets in syria all the as they've conducted over one hundred packs that this is quite a direct hit now is there going to be more of the information war or not that's the big question as we've seen as far as the strikes and sound rhetoric from the iranian side has been measured i know you spoke about a certain cleric but as long as hominy the spiritual leader is not making that trek so how far does israel want to go in sending this message to sit in sending this message to israel that is what we need to wait and see ok until what about lebanon
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there's just been an election in lebanon the iranian backed hezbollah one more than half the seats in parliament they saw major gains on first day we saw major world powers urging the evident to maintain its policy of staying out of regional conflicts is that likely to stay the case of could we see lebanon also getting involved. levin i absolutely would i mean within levanon there's always a debate where. the lebanese nationalists say look we don't want to spoil a lot of infighting in city as we don't want never going to be engaging in a conflict with israel you would like peace but this having said that is hizbullah is a very strong force on the ground and by making political gains essentially they're saying that that cause which is business is to israel isn't it didn't cause now how the willing gauge is quite a different question the fire does in the south the golan heights on the city inside of all his bluff why does these are the fighters who trained shia militias of iraq. which is sitting inside
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a gulag and i'm back several of the myself said so so if there is a war than those fighters i like to do join in is what is present in city of their lives as in numbers and as well that is here in lebanon as well so whatever conflict happens whether in syria or another on his less likely to participate in his level is going to be engaged ok and. not not very good prospects that until vora in beirut many thanks of some of the other stories making news around the world your sexual state might compare said that america could help rebuild north korea's economy if the country gives up its nuclear weapons made the comment at a news conference alongside his south korean counterpart the robust verification of any denuclearize ation would be needed. turkish state media say judges have lifted the house arrest order against journalists by two months after
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he was released from jail i was one of hundreds of journalists detained of alleged ties to be for military coup back in twenty sixty two of the journalists have also been freed. authorities in indonesia have ordered mass evacuations after the eruption of the country's most active volcano mount merapi is the populated island of java eruption. five kilometers into the sky forcing the brief closure of the nearby. town. now hundreds of thousands of children are facing starvation in the democratic republic of congo that's according to the united nations children's fund unicef says swift action is needed to provide food water and medical supplies to more than seven hundred fifty thousand children in the province recent fighting there between rebel forces and
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government troops has caused a complete breakdown of essential services. the violence has subsided and the displaced are beginning to return home but the recent civil conflict in province has forced hundreds of thousands to the brink of starvation aid workers are fighting an uphill battle to treat malnourished children and prevent the spread of cholera and measles to hospitals that survive the conflict are overwhelmed. by what i saw and what i heard. children were treated for. these children were struggling to survive and they came back to the same tree days later. we didn't treat days. that she. had died and. the right. that we reached.
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the fighting made food scarce in some areas farmers have not been able to plant crops for three seasons the conflict also stopped the flow of basic supplies across the nearby angola border. as the province waits for crops and trade to return the challenge aid groups are facing is enormous. unicef is only received a quarter of the ninety million it says it needs to provide assistance in the meantime to the children of. food is a precious commodity. staying in the democratic republic of congo congo there's been an outbreak of eveleigh in the north of the country the u.n. says it's preparing for all eventualities including a rapid spread of the disease to other provinces most of the cases so far have been recorded near the town of b. chordal in province where doctors say they've just received another suspected case the world health organization is hoping that congress will authorize the use of an
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experimental vaccine against the deadly disease has seen eight eveleigh outbreaks in the over the past forty years. kenya's top prosecutor has ordered an investigation into the collapse of a dam on a farm in the country's riff amid allegations that it was built illegally at least forty five people were killed when the dam burst on wednesday evening sending a wall of water down the hill the manager has blamed the collapse on heavy rain but officials say the dam lack the necessary permits and with illegal. russia has stopped the leading german anti doping journalist from entering the country in attending the upcoming welt cup it was announced on friday that previously valid visa is now void. his investigative reporting uncovered systematic state sponsored doping in russia a finding that saw the country banned from the olympics and some of its athletes
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olympic victories in alt. settled had been issued a russian visa now however it's being tinged invalid and he will not be allowed to went to the country for the world cup. it's because we've been critical of russia and exposed that state sponsored doping program and twenty four team of these revelations have caused a chain reaction over the years and this is something that has been frowned upon in the country it looks like this is one of the consequences. and a consequence next. friday not yet commented on the matter but germany's public broadcaster day has criticised russia's decision saying it is an interference with freedom of the press and german politics is all such on d.n. asking russia to reverse its decision and allow settle to went to that country. independent journalism requires a country to allow entry to journalists even if those journalists have
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a criticize that country that is duping abuses in the past. fifteen after friday's revelations separately skeptical about whether he will be allowed to report on the world cup from russia. now they're red delicious and over here in central berlin they're being dubbed. in fact this one crayfish from the u.s. state of louisiana so why are they being found in large numbers in the waterways the german capital just think the small creatures were abandoned as pets and multiplied exponentially the latest attempt to control the numbers involved capturing cooking and crunching. but then snakes are crawling with the new inhabitant might not have noticed but a fart is one that local watches are facing an invasion by the north american crayfish two years ago this is then when you use the net for
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a predator it's in an attempt to eradicate the crayfish but that you simply couldn't eat the crayfish fast enough as they were reproducing at the same time so now the senate but then changed the strategy that allowing us to eat the crayfish but for that we fast have to. ok it seems i haven't got what it takes so i need some. local expert close hit and his team a fisherman help out they've been awarded the official contract to kill and save these creatures in the early morning and late afternoon these professional fisherman catch their heart in the blood and brits cottons it took just a few days for them to bring in thousands of the omnivorous creatures.
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like it often also we think that someone had some in this aquarium when they got to begin to put them out here in the waters. these crayfish are ready to reproduce when they're just six months old and they reproduce rapidly under the. local fish monger ts and this has exclusive rights to say these stunts and the trendy clients back mock tylenol and. mustard cup up first you just twist the head off. and then you turn it over on its back. and you sure thumbnail to crack and peel off the show. and you're left with the belly which you just left out of the bun and big city drops that is said delicacy that might not be on the menu for very long the goal of this license to kill is to exterminate the creature as for the good of the local y. if i. come. that's your world news for now to join us again at the
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top of the hour will have more for you in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest updates on our web site that's get up to talk all thanks for watching. israel seventy. two displaced two nations over one homeland featured in our program. when rubbed into our side of the green on peace but an assassin put an end to that train. returning history of the displaced people still going for their homeland of israel seventeen years may twelfth on t.w. of all broadcast times online.


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