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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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but what is the sound of a tree not for us the sound of biodiversity tourism community development reliable food and water in the united nations development program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for the future we want if you're hearing what we're hearing find out more. welcome to global three thousand this week we meet cocoa farmers in ecuador who produce the world's most expensive chocolates. and we visit young herders in the soto who are being given the chance to learn to read and fly. but first we head to new zealand where dairy farming is jeopardising the water
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quality. global meat consumption is on the rise on average we humans each consumer around forty one kilos a year in two thousand and seventeen alone three hundred twenty two million tons of beef all can poultry were produced worldwide and that requires a lot of animals planet has more than seven hundred twenty million pigs nearly a billion cattle. and twenty three billion chickens many of which a full still live in overcrowded cages or stalls. and vast areas of land a destroyed soley to grow animal feed or to be used as grazing costus meanwhile the urine and feces of livestock contaminating soils and waterways in germany for instance two hundred eight billion liters of liquid manual was sprayed on to fields last year with terrible consequences for biodiversity.
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joyce hatto still waters are vegetables and water from the tap but she won't drink it anymore not after what she went through in twenty sixteen she and five thousand others in the town of power block north came down with gastroenterologist the cars come philo back in the tap water. i felt so proud. because i just thought i couldn't handle it any longer and he didn't. and i gradually improve but for all the six months i got terrible stomach. now she only drinks bottled water the tap water here is heavily chlorinated after animal feces was found to be behind the bacteria water fail the local newspaper called it it's a somber contrast to new zealand's one hundred percent pure image. and i'm fortunate if i do you know the rhythms and the likes. of me i probably shouldn't
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say but it is trying to. be there is hoping for a quick dip are increasingly met with signs like this. according to many new zealanders these are the main culprits cows over the past fifteen years the country has switched from sheep breeding to herding cattle it's highly profitable says farmer ryan o'sullivan the chinese in particular are big fans of milk powder from meadow grazing happy new zealand cows. the country now has six point six million of them and just four point seven million people. there are six some just thought. we would use is there a found when they don't attribute it to to create some of the food quality issues to end in. don't you know importance in a dairy farmers are also i and for me. the problem is this one cow produces up to
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fifty kilos of urine and feces per day much of which seeps into the ground and contaminates the groundwater new zealand's groundwater has alarming nitrate levels and drinking water is often heavily treated to combat it ryan o'sullivan says the country needs time to find a solution after all the dairy sector employs around fifty thousand people think there is a cafe in the middle of the free will be right if we had a. if old software company or an oracle. with price theory and they wouldn't have a lot of what. we don't have many other options for industry they need to broaden this country and we're very good at there is for it but that comes at a price signs like this one are posted all too frequently next to far too many of the country's waterways. martin taylor works for a hunting and fishing association that's also committed to environmental protection but he says toxic algae are
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a big problem for them. up to three quarters of native fish species face extinction . any. life to go along. starting in c. waited this is a safe river or stream should be the new zealand way you know having to google to see where you going to poison your kid by going to a stream on a hot day is not what new zealand the best and it's not what people if they think you have to feel like ellis me are one of the most polluted lakes in the country it's fed by streams and rivers that flow past vast cattle pastors for years the powerful milk lobby has pushed environmental activists aside says martin taylor pure crystal clear water has long been considered a national treasure something new zealanders are proud of or we're. one hundred you know we've one hundred filed we've let this situation happen and it hasn't just being you know the last nine years of
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a national government it was the previous labor government as well. stamps as far as the eye can see much of the canterbury region once looked like this but things have changed extensive irrigation systems provide the water necessary for luscious grass to grow pastures for more cows the water is taken from the rivers leaving them more vulnerable to environmental damage o'sullivan says there's nothing wrong with using the water for irrigation soon as it would head to the ocean it's worthless. might see as for the economic well being of the country. as it would have for for economic. he says where there is grass there is less ground erosion and that farmers now cultivate many river banks and use less fertilizer what's more modern technology allows for more precise targeting and less wasteful dosing of water in farming the harsh criticism he says is not justified.
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it's not constructive instead of. trying stars at us when i come and say yes and we can work together as a community to find out what the problem is and fix. it that's for. striking back at lake ellis mere two years ago the government announced it would invest sixty million euros in projects to improve freshwater quality like a drop in the ocean says martin taylor he sees just one answer to the crisis and it has economic consequences. mainly steer yes it does mean a nice theory it means lease chaos lifts milk and maybe families having to switch to something else but this to why it is and i've got to accept that just because some people are making money doesn't mean all the rest of us should have to put up with the poison mark. by twenty forty the government wants ninety percent of all new zealand waters to be clean enough to swim step one on their list lowering standards with instant results overnight waterways have become dramatically cleaner
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at least on paper. each year around four million tons of cocoa are harvested wild wind asserted comes from ivory coast in west africa and other big producers a gone to indonesia nigeria and ecuador the cocoa tree is native to central america and that's still home to the world's oldest and rarest cocoa variety we visit a small plantation in western ecuador. it's. at five am even before his chickens of crowed partridge is up and about making his morning talker it to the accompaniment of early bird
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song he's a farmer his family has been working the land for four generations. he's also raising six children on his own like his forefathers before him so he wants to live at one with nature now large scale cultivation on the chemicals organic farming which makes him something of an eccentric. well me i look at everyone here says i'm crazy but ultimately this isn't my land it's borrowed i'm just visiting that for fifty sixty or seventy years so it has to be here for a future generation of. you know look it up. for a long time other farmers markets for his dedication to small scale cultivation but things changed dramatically when it became clear that he was integrity and saving the oldest and rarest variety of cocoa bean in the world the nothing i. did in real life nationality this variety produces very little kircher liberal
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problem is one phrase that generate a lot of cruachan. on the other low year in means a highly concentrated flavor if quality are the taste are exactly what we're looking looking as though there was camel's. back at all is home to perhaps the world's oldest coca trees and because many locals depend on cocoa for survival righties which produce a lot of fruit a very popular while engine varieties are rapidly disappearing. all were until jerry tough came along he moved to ecuador from the u.s. ten years ago. he spent many of them fighting deforestation when he heard that the rare nasional cocoa bean was facing extinction he went on a trail that's when he met. sevier told them about some particularly old trees in the remote planter valley he knew that from his forefathers although
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illiterate they were very knowledgeable about local vegetation. well that was. my grandmother was not interested in a life in the kitchen she was very child like she loved working in the fields always had her machete with her she was very determined not to put up like a course. and indeed d.n.a. tests proved that a handful of the many thousands of trees were rare original varieties there's only one percent of such ferocity left in ecuador they produce very small amounts of high quality cow for decades local people consider them worthless but the fruit has become a luxury a street this is mindful chocolate consumption give people a reason to kind of stop what they're doing rather than just kind of popping chalk in their mouth and going on their way to really kind of take in what they're doing and sit down and properly taste it the way you taste
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a special bottle of wine and so the world's most expensive cocoa is harvested right here assuming that is that the two farmers don't devour it all and sounds to me. well we all do good job of getting all of our chocolate. oh yeah. it's the first harvest of the season and serbia's neighbors are feeling festive too they and good money on the small amounts they harvest. they say they're paid twice as much as elsewhere there's real pride in a special product and service is no longer a crazy tree hugger he's a local hero. each box is clearly labeled for random quality testing there are regular checks to make sure these are really pure nasional cocoa beans. the local climate with the extreme weather heavy rain and warm temperatures plays a key role in the way the beans taste. it is
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the end this is the explores the on this award chocolate creates a taste explosion in the mouth it lasts for a long time to get satisfying and you just want to keep eating it forever it gets a good community theater. connect little capital quito the bins of an transformed into chocolate under the careful eye of the group's third member austrian akash whites are all of servia and jerry's hard work is now in his hands. when all right he said if you get the timing wrong you end up burning the cocoa beans and you can't make any chocolate from the no. call came to ecuador after finishing school to volunteer with street kids now he makes chocolate very special chocolate to be consumed slowly and with pleasure for. industrialization has caused the loss of so much flavor and quality if you know
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and for my generation it's now time to protect him rediscover such things. but it doesn't come cheaply three hundred ten euro for fifty grams and the price won't fall until there are more nasional cocoa trees. that's one of the aims of the farmers here several want to go the same way as servia cultivating small amounts in a sustainable way. but it didn't as also and you know at first it was just a dream and then it works and that makes us very happy it feels like a real triumph. after this good first harvest the cocoa beans have to ferment which takes a combination of time and seven years' experience but for today at least it's time
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to relax. and now in the global snack we had to vietnam to taste them too nice delicious dumplings this. one is a coastal province in vietnam like everywhere in this country people here attach a lot of importance to good food and they're proud of their local delicacies. just around the corner from the market here in goma lloyd has a small restaurant run by madame tory. she serves freshly made bad luck dumplings. so popular the restaurant even has a small production line of workers. the
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dough is made from tapioca flour and hot water. it's needed for ten minutes and then pressed in a pasta machine. even. if. that nothing is added. madam toy sells five thousand bomb lock every day. the dumplings complete boiled wrapped i'm gonna leave and steamed or fried. the real secret to success is the filling which of course makes herself. look. at ethel i think that it contains shrimp pork bamboo shoots and new air mushrooms from our forest yeah the filling in season with salt pepper and chili. creedence have to be very finely chopped and well mixed. but i'm twenty years learn
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to cook them to perfection never overcooked and never to roll. to be at the one yard like my mother showed me how to make when i was still a child and later i started making the from my so far as a gift for friends and relatives. and everybody said they were so delicious so six years ago i decided to open my own restaurant. bon local or a popular snack here in the province of kwan been that usually eaten in the morning or afternoon between meals. and. i've been eating bon luck since i was a little kid there really typical for our region and i love them. that. gives customers quiet spot to snack and unwind
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away from the bustling streets nearby. but. it's a basic human right education yet millions of children and young people still have no access to it now siesta. going to hundred and sixty four million children were unable to attend school around half of them live in sub-saharan africa in the small country of lists otoh families often can't afford to send their kids to school and there's a shortage of schools too the result many children fail to gain even basic literacy skills. when he whistles the herd follows. every day germany takes these cows many kilometers through the highlands of le soto looking for grass and water. he'll soon
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be fourteen and has worked as a herd for more than half of his life. every day i'm out here cruising the animals where you have to make sure they get enough to eat i like their work. it's also the only way to survive here. the cows dramani tends to belong to a farming family in similar kong a small town in central a soldier in exchange for his labor he gets a roof over his head and he gets to keep a calla the end of the year. the young teenager doesn't have time for school his parents have died so germany has to fend for himself. this isn't my first job. but it's the first time i've been treated well. the last farm i worked for for example just didn't pay me. i'm great i things are going
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better. in lesotho one in three boys of school age works full time as a livestock herder often miles away from their family and without any hope of going to school full time most of the boys are illiterate and will likely remain so for the rest of their lives. you know your smile is familiar with the situation. he had to leave school after second grade money so he could look after his mother and two sisters. he says that's common in la soto but it wasn't the life he had hoped for. but because of the. two living there was supposed to. although it wasn't nice because even the farmers with
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greediness like dogs they didn't even feel they'd. like this leaves. us quickly learned that not having an education can make it difficult to fight for your rights. over the years he paid for both his sisters and their children's schooling with the money earned as a shepherd. he also managed to put aside a tiny bit of his pay until he could complete his own education now every evening he shares his knowledge with the young herders in simone kong. when they finished tending to the animals for the day they come to us the shepherd school germany is also here. they study reading writing and arithmetic. teaches on a voluntary basis he believes that
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a basic education can change the young herders lives. and they didn't even know where they. now. almost thirty is that. another subject is health including aids prevention. it's an important issue in the sotto which is the second highest rate of h.i.b. infections worldwide. and a warm meal is sometimes provided when their opinion of the nations for many it's the only proper meal of the day. socializing essential to the time spent here. in the week you have to care for the animals then you were born here. other people but it's already happened here except at school it's where the learn how to sell ace is where they live and how paul speak with others is where they lend if need be
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. to learn everything to her has come from far and wide well germany walks ten kilometers every evening to get here. when i can read well right well i want to teach to. i want to pass on what i can. but germany still has a long way to go the next morning he returns to his solitary work in the health like so many other livestock herders here in the soto. ok to cheat.
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by the names of all the sheriff. and me and i were saying uganda and i'm seventeen years old. i was home no six goals until boys is. makes me happy is playing music. scoring goals when i'm playing for book.
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of you to become a professional player like the missing neymar on ronaldo i would like to play for us in the us alone. in the big you know programs in the wall is being the bald man me no friends on poets. who cares about the foul industry's destructive impact i do you can as about l.g.b. team in australia. hard. as about female empowerment.
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i do want to follow g.w. global society. and that's all from global street sounds and this week as ever we'd love to hear what you see. so let's say right global three thousand dot com or on facebook see you next time. the book. the but. the book.
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how the germans came together in one nation from show the money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swell always to bring my loyal followers of that to protect christendom and spread this line true for me as well until. i reach of course i become the enemy. and stand by courageous decisions placed to close close close or masters reserve or seize the crown of the realm to come from his presumptuous service in the realms of his holy. song playing. we must forge a peace. place the german starting may thirteenth on t.w. .
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place . was a day to live from iraqis go to the polls today the country's first palm tree election since the government proclaimed the defeat of the islamic state militant group despite their security and sectarian tensions are still big issues will take you to packed out to find out how iraqis feel about who's also on the program. might finally be about to get a new government after months of deadlock the leaders of the five star movement on the northern league assess a deadline to make a deal. and it's an action packed.


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