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tv   Sarahs Music - The Band of the Coldstream Guards  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2018 4:15am-4:31am CEST

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global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. by ideas that protect the climate boost brain energy solutions and resource division. was out of people you cannot protect the force to come into interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection of. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation of global ideas feeling bayamon series of global three thousand on t.w. and on line eleven. eleven. eleven to listen.
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good luck elizabeth. through eleven . please. let. me. keep he. let. her. in.
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i mean welcome back to serious music today we're in london and the whole episode will be full of pomp and circumstance and all things british because we are spending the day with the band of the coldstream guards. he. keeps. the balance of the coldstream guards is one of britain's oldest and best known on the town with their faces here at wellington baths and central london very close to buckingham palace and i'm really excited to be allowed to take a back stage look at the day in the light from the back this morning they're
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preparing for a garden meaning they're off to the palace for the changing of the gods. colors sergeant darren hardy guard mount means you accompany the soldiers who are changing yes to god a change in the guard is what it says on the tin you know we take to the new gods from one to barracks to put in the past we change them and we bring new world god. back and that is what you've done everything for three hundred and yeah he was there yes yes that's the main the main bulk of the g t's here change in the guard here and what does it means you have for the persons do you have to rehearse every day before you go out do you have a standard repertoire most is yes i mean that we have sort of two set lists where three sets of music we have the marches and we have what we call the general sort of entertainment music which you see on the square at one thousand barracks where we end it in a trip so that and i once we get to the forecourt booking palace we have the pods
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and then we play more things like overtures and you know pieces to entertain the troops and not the crowds and if that if there was a war what would that what would your job be do you think of yourself as a musician or as a member of the army or i think all of that really i'd like to see primarily a musician because that's were employed as all of us have studied music before joining the army so we trained as musicians before we trained disorders. when military musicians had their set of military rules they were employed as medics and stretcher paris and now it's it's more sort of you can a biological chemical warfare decontamination unit so should there be an event of something as horrific as that which we hope not the whole bomb would be deployed and that's what they would work us with her piece they entertaining oh yes the troops what happens if it rains. right this is an interesting one for the government to be called off it has to be raining at eleven o'clock and it has to be
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conscious be any rain it has to be inclement inclement what do you think lemon tree think it's more than drizzle so then the officer rings the couple or their god rings the palace and says you know can we call it in the they call it eleven o'clock so you're all out there getting to your world changed but you have already to go and you find a lot of the a lot of the musicians become experts in the weather and they get very excited when it's going to really see any musicians in baskets doing the randoms you know for a fact that they're probably trying to get off god eleven o'clock and go home early . is she going to shampoo it's a. really. small show ok gosh how often do you have to do that every month for one. freshly some good.
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rather than must are your own flare actually and i know that but today you're conducting about one what does that mean you're out there on the on the on the porch out and out of the work while i go out there with the band and we can get the fact that we bought the m. to win it back and then i called up i was caught with. your palace and after that and then you come out. you guess i'm much more than not sorry these are all new terms for me inspection marks. so every. one of the biggest events in the british calendar the true colors celebrate the queen's birthday and this year she's ninety years old seems to be even bigger and more spectacular. that means a lot of rehearsals
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a lot of inspection. and.
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i'm. really happy to welcome the horn section of the band the coldstream guards thank you so much boys for coming and talking to me today after all that marching around in your hard boots i was really impressed you must be quite fit to do this job. a little it takes a bit do you ever get out of breath when you're on a march yes going up the hill the winds are when there is on the way to bucking palace there are no hill it's fine around. and you all look really incredible tell me what is a day in the life of the band of the culture and gods like you you were here very early this morning so for god like to tell you put spent at least an hour or two in your kit preparing for your warm up of a real sofa coat but then we have a large aspects which opposite we complete self managed so we all have jobs with
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bow and. stall. mark trains us he's a physical training instructor you make them run up and down hill yeah really makes me very popular. so mark how do people get if the people watching that want to be in this band and play with you wonderful horn players and wear these wonderful uniforms how would they go about applying to be in the band where the army is recruiting home plays him to take the moment and also many other instruments and they would have to audition to development school of music contacts and in the band recruiting teams. and then after that they would go to phase one training there where military discipline injuria and then they would go on to face to the musical side the moment school of music never whole and that would be where they would hone their instrumental playing practice playing and marching and get to the standard
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required said when they can join the wider army bands and they're able to hit the ground running as it were chris can i ask you he went to the army as a horn player or do you feel more a soldier than no horn player or you musician first i was a musician first went into the army as a home player in general one hundred eighty two and i tried to get in the guards bands but there are no vacancies so they said look just join the army you'll be able to transfer or. the first opportunity when it took me ten years nine months before before i could finally do it thank you so much for taking the time i am in awe of what you do i don't know how you do it marching and playing at the same time it's just really quite incredible so you should try i should try to start watching and playing with your time.
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as there is i had a tough time with the band of the cult like you did to see you next time on the program group. so the horn section of the band of the coldstream guards have challenge me to play the horn and march and wear baskin hat no idea if i can but i'm going to have a go. my face. forward. or are the poor. the or with the you're the you're
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the poor the the. i'm back. traces of the past alongside a lively culture art and food seem. i want to take you on a tour around for a minus jewish past and present keeping the memory of yesterday alive and enjoying the present what made you come to berlin a small possibility. for
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a living and a true gem. d.w.b. . the city of. london might. still. be listed here just lurk. youthful i don't at the same time been to the old time to meet the living fortress of the portuguese capsule in forty five minutes on d w. that's essentially shattered some place to get. into trouble. time in the field. how can you get out. with him because you would always see. the ship this week on d w.
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much song choice or to. tomorrow today to w.


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