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this is d.w. news live from berlin the u.s. is coase to open its embassy in jerusalem with president trump's most trusted aides on hand the conference will move today is inflaming passions across the region the protests are forming in what is said to be the largest demonstration against the decision in the gaza strip also on the show. an election upset in iraq a coalition led by the national shia cleric i'm told the whole sautter holds a lead in early results a victory could mean they'll decide who heads the country's next government.
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and putting a normal life within reach for amputees a robotic hand that's maker says it's closer than ever to the real thing. and in formula one racing britain lewis hamilton has found his groove again we'll tell you why he was leaping from his car and into the arms of his team in barcelona . i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us well it is a highly controversial move the u.s. goes it alone and moves its embassy in israel to jerusalem today palestinians have planned the largest protest yet in the gaza strip is this now the end of palestinian hopes for that city or at least part of it to be their capital. well last night israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcome president trump's
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daughter of onka her husband gerrard turned other u.s. officials for a special dinner but envoys from more than half of those countries that were invited did not even show up the european union's mission for example was not on handed stead it tweeted that it respected the international consensus on jerusalem the evening definitely belong to the american president i call on all countries to join the u.s. and moving their embassies to jerusalem. move you run through saloon because it's the right thing to do. move your own biases to jerusalem listen to this move your embassies. because in advance is. joining us now from jerusalem is our correspondent tanya kramer tanya good morning
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to you we just heard the bedouin netanyahu they're calling on other countries to follow the u.s. and bring their embassies to jerusalem well they are. well i mean this is certainly what the israeli government is hoping for so far we understand that two countries that are moving to embassies that square tamala will meet move the embassy as early as this week and also by who follows the lead off the u.n. and but as you said at the reception of the israeli foreign ministry on sunday night you see that most of the international community the countries that by invited to this reception have actually not sent their diplomatic representatives and saying with it that the international consensus is still. negotiation should decide over the status of a truce and negotiations between palestinians and israelis that's also the lead of
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the e.u. however have you seen four countries among them all straight and hungry who took part in the reception but they also made clear that that doesn't mean that they're going to move the embassy to jerusalem anytime soon tom what about the political dimensions of all of this what does this move mean now for the two state solution that goes haitians under way in the background and the palestinians and their own dream of their own state. well i think a truce and for many palestinian that's a highly emotional issue and you have to understand that actually most of the palestinians can't even visit to most of those living in the occupied west bank in the gaza strip they need to permits to come to jerusalem now i talked to a lot of people here in the lead up to this u.s. embassy moves and palestinians are saying this is a done deal become too much more about it as has decided to move the embassy others saying it shows the truth taste of the u.s. and never we're interested in palestinian bites and they don't want to see
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a palestinian. what the palestinians want to say as their future capital of their future independent state so it also comes at a highly sensitive time many public scenes don't understand why do they have to do the move on the day that historically israel is celebrating the foundation of its state seventy years ago and the palestinians are traditionally every here mourning the loss of their land in one hundred forty eight what is they're referring to as the nakba day so you see every year you have a lot of protests and demonstrations and not by day which is usually on the fifteenth of may tomorrow and some of these protests have been moved to today's lot of gassings protests in is true so many occupied west bank but the main demonstrations we're looking at will be in gaza have you seen six to seven weeks of demonstrations every friday and who really you know people have called for large demonstrations at the border fence tony kraemer thanks so much for that for now
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from jerusalem tanya what much more from tony throughout the day we will be live at that opening here on you later today. now for some of the stories making the news this hour as well for suicide attackers are dead ten people wounded after a bombing at police headquarters in indonesia's second largest city sort of bio and this comes one day after a bomb blast at three churches in the city killed at least thirteen people police say the earlier attacks were carried out by a family who had just returned from syria. in india at least seventy people are dead after winds of up to one hundred ten kilometers per hour buffeted the country's north worst hit the state of our products in the capital delhi winds destroyed homes and trees crashed in the power lines and disrupted transportation. french authorities say the attacker who stabbed to death one person and wounded four others on saturday in paris was on
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a counterterrorism watch list it was shot dead by police during the attack investigators say he was a french citizen born in the russian region of chechnya so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. filmstar salma hai act as a call for male actors to may take a pay cut as a way to reduce the gender pay gap she made the comments during an interview at the khan film festival the day after dozens of female movie makers staged a protest out on the red carpet calling for pay and opportunities. well it's to iraq now and more than half of votes have been counted in iraq's parliamentary elections and with that the national shia cleric cleric or total solder could be set to make a surprise political comeback supporters cheering the news in baghdad where the cleric and his communist political allies took the highest number of votes a victory would put all solder in a strong position to choose the next prime minister but will have to overcome
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opposition from iran which is vowed to prevent his block from taking power the current prime minister a body is lagging behind in third place at this hour. we'll talk about the shia cleric mcconnell sautter taking a surprise lead i'm joined now by did a job for abdul karim he's just returned from iraq covering these elections good morning to thanks for being with us. what's the latest on the vote count where is that at this point to ten or fifteen provinces has been counted to know the lead is from there we're seeing now in the picture and when you talk to the supporters of sutter's coalition they are telling you he's going to be the winner when you talk to the supporters of buddy because a province is should be counted then they tell you it's going to be a turning point in concerning mosul because the majority of the people in mosul according to what they saying elected. to say the most is the second largest city
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in iraq so it's open but to know what we know other is leading ok these are his supporters in the back end user orders are on the like and late even yesterday that's i think one of the pictures on the streets is going to be the winner and iran is going to be all because look at us other took a bit kind of distance to iran ok but he's entered didn't start by the prime minister in third place yet another individual the vote is still too close to call right now before we get into the analysis you talked to a lot of people exactly you were in. mosul yes second biggest city just talk about your get up and your goal in the north in baghdad what were they telling you there's a big mistrust in the whole political system in iraq when you talk to people they say nothing is going to change it's all going to be the same you have a big corruption in iraq also blaming the for this corruption you have sectarianism in iraq that's that's part of every day's life and that's what people say sectarianism is the reason why there is day to bloodshed in iraq so this kind of
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mistrust and the whole election is being questions about credibility towards this election and i think that also explains that the low turnout in these election which is are all by forty five percent to what we know till now get back to we're told all solder you know he's the man of the hour because he's in the lead right now. you know he was the head of the former militia the mehdi army militia group killed american soldiers killed iraqi soldiers what's his what's his drawl so i mean does this one side of other but what he did like the last two and three years he he pushed a big area and tie corruption campaign in iraq and. corruption is one of the biggest challenges facing iraqis and he's presenting himself as being part of the people speaking in the name of the people poor people in iraq especially in back that is he goes to poor neighborhoods and talks to the people
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and this is giving him a kind of a push a kind of credibility on his side that he's taking distance from iran he's trying to say we are here independent i'm going to be the voice of the iraqis and decide all this his coalition which is going to say ruin the march the move is part of communists who are part of it and secular. people who are part of it because it is make saying you know it's across sectarian coalition what he presented and people are simply fed up of sectarianism terrorism and the corruption you examined and that that looks like it's been sticking to. the car by minister hydraulic body and sliding in third place what's what's going on with him why is he so far behind exactly because it is right there the last four years. a body had a lot of challenges and one of them was it was corruption but till now corruption in iraq is a major problem if you look to the transparency international ranking it's one of the last places concerning corruption beside that they see if they see him not
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taking a clear decision what's what's concerning the international interference in. iraq concerning iran concerning the u.s. so they say they want to have a change but we have to mention that no there is no clear winner because a province has to be to be counted ok i did we're waiting on those votes to come in now exactly and to be counted and maybe maybe it's going to be a turnout for a body because our bodies and the moves on what we hear till now the most voted for are bad because abadie defeated i as in mosul so you might have some support from especially from mosul and mosul might still play a turning point in the whole elections concerning iraq ok we know later today maybe tomorrow how long as you can it looks like within hours it's supposed to be like forty eight hours after saturday's so maybe today afternoon late afternoon ok i guess to morrow morning might be like the hundred person because they're still counting we'll be talking about it again just sure of the whole karim thanks so
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much for coming in for that you're welcome. orion's foreign minister has started a world tour to try and save the country's nuclear power act after u.s. president trump left it on the brink of collapse mohamed salary as arrived in moscow where he's met with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov zarif is seeking assurances from tehran's ally that it will still stay in the process and will not cave in to american pressure and reimpose sanctions on iran on his tour zarif has already visited china and after moscow will be stopping off in brussels to meet the deals european signatories here's what's at stake for zarif this week. for iran's foreign minister mohammad javid zarif this week could become the most important of his career his mission to salvage the twenty fifty nuclear deal and he'll be counting on the support of the five other countries involved. for me it is
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very important to enter into dialogue with the nations that still remain in the iran nuclear deal china is the fresh top. iran's president has rouhani joined him in his effort into iran he vowed that his country would honor to deal. with. the if the five remaining countries in the deal join us and for felder commitment and guarantee the arena inside that benefits of the islamic republic from the deal will be preserved in this agreement will remain in place. this stakes are high for iran particularly for the nation's oil industry which would be crippled by fresh sanctions with that in mind japanese confident of iran's commitment. in this interview not only germany has an interest in maintaining this nuclear deal but
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also iran iran needs an economic perspective. in the white house focus has since turned to the upcoming summit with north korea although rebuilding a new deal could still be on the cards to work president trump and president crone have both said we want to get a deal that's right a bigger deal we will be hard at that in the weeks ahead i hope to be a central part of achieving that it would be a wonderful thing if we could get the europeans to do this but that wouldn't be such a wonderful thing for a czar if he wants to stick with the original next stop on his support campaign russia. and with the iranian foreign minister now in russia for those talks today let's bring indeed abuse emily share when he joins us from moscow emily what is around looking for today in moscow. well the iranian foreign and foreign minister has been making a tour of you know all the signatories of this deal and today he's in moscow
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meeting with the foreign minister lavrov from the beginning russia has wanted to salvage this deal and the foreign minister here lover of made that very clear again today he said that they wanted to save the deal and he also said that the u.s. withdrawal from the deal created a crisis situation and iran is likely to be looking for assurances from moscow after all moscow has been working with terror closely in syria they've been the two countries have been fighting on the same side in the war they've been fighting to support the syrian government there in that conflict and there have been frequent meetings last year as well between the two foreign ministers so there's likely to be a fair amount of trust between the two countries we saw a rather warm handshake between lover of and zarif today and of course this is an opportunity as well for moscow to show that it's once again an important go between an important negotiator in the middle east. as it has been in syria and
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potentially will be on this iran deal as well you know emily russia has already indicated that it is open to joining europe and pushing to keep the around deal a lot of the talks today where you are a step in that direction. absolutely love rove said today that russia and europe must work together jointly to defend their interests and already this week putin has been speaking to european leaders he had a phone call last week with america the german chancellor and he'll be meeting with at the end of this week as well in sochi for talks and of course this is also a convenient opportunity for russia in a sense russia has been somewhat of an outcast on the european stage particularly after the screen paul case when russia was accused of being behind the poisoning of a former of
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a former spy and they were. expelled various diplomats and kind of cut cut down on dialogue so this will be seen here in moscow as a chance as well to sit down at one table with the european partners as well you know on an equal footing and to kind of restart dialogue as well sure when following those are a new russian talks in moscow for us today thanks very much for now. let's get over to gary hart now and the u.s. president trump is now trying to rescue a chinese company thanks of c. . trump says he's negotiating with chinese president to ensure telecom giant cea isn't affected by the american technology sales ban writing on twitter trump said he had issued instructions for officials to come up with a rescue plan saying too many chinese jobs were at risk trump tweeted president jay of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone companies a t a
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way to get back into business fast that employs eighty thousand people and said last week that its major operations had seized it after being banned for seven years from buying critical american technology raising the possibility of its collapse. companies here in europe are scrambling to understand what the renewal of u.s. sanctions on iran mean for their business iran has given the e.u. sixty days to guarantee the continued implementation of the nuclear deal after the u.s. decision to leave the issue a life to be a focus of discussions between iranian and european foreign ministers in brussels on tuesday legally european business is not bound by u.s. foreign policy but ignoring sanctions could affect their business interests in the u.s. the e.u. is resistance to the new u.s.
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sanctions on iran could hit european companies where it hurts and that's because most large european enterprises have some sort of business with the united states and are likely to be punished if they continue to cooperate with the run but european policy makers say they won't permit washington to dictate e.u. trade policy. but. yes. i think there is a true realisation a realisation among all european states. that we cannot keep going in the direction that we are headed in today. she direction where we submit we submit to american decisions. we want to submit or do we prefer to become independent in sovereign is what. the question is how to go about protecting european interests lemaire suggested instigating so-called blocking regulations that use most powerful but untested political tool currently at its disposal. the measure would permit
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european companies trading with the run to ignore the u.s. sanctions decisions by u.s. courts would also not be upheld in europe. so far the e.u. has not signaled what measures they could adopt. the foreign ministers of germany france and the u.k. as well as you foreign policy chief for very committed to reading are scheduled to meet iranian representatives in brussels on tuesday they are expected to affirm their commitment to the original nuclear deal. so trouble in tehran let's get the markets take on a dunny of corpus of the functions talking strange for us down you know what are you hearing that investors worried about this first bit of uncertainty. what investors were actually expecting some sort of deadline because one thing is very clear germany the e.u. they all want iran to stick to their nuclear agreement on promise and of course now iran wants something in return but this commitment from you e.u. partners will be very difficult to get on the official level we just heard in the
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report we all force hearing that you are picky in companies can stay inside of the country but just very few believe that this is going to be the case at the end until sanctions will be in place many european companies will try to get as much business with iran down this possible airbus for example they want to speed up their process as now and get more planes early out to iran as originally scheduled we have to remember that airbus for example had this mega deal with a volume of one hundred planes with iran's national carry about once sanctions will be implemented it's not very likely that too many european companies will stay in the country the fear of very painful sanctions by the united states out there and companies are worried that they're very good and we have to face it even more important business with the united states at the end could suffer. it's monday can we expect this week. yes there is quite a lot on the agenda actually it will be interesting to see if it's going to be
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another strong week here at the blue chip index that's we have seen the dax now for seven weeks in the winning zone of class of ten percent during the past weeks and again over the thirteen thousand point mark so yeah let's see how this develops the quarterly reporting season is also set to continue on thursday called mattes banks will be opening their books investors here are prepared for losses again during the last annual shareholder meeting there were lots of promises the entire supervisory board was elected yes but investors are thing that most likely the numbers are going to be quite bad again. in frankfurt thank you. now imagine for a moment if you lost a hand in a work accident maybe one of many worries you probably have is this one will ever be able to work in my old job top quality mechanical takes are too expensive for many people to afford but now italian researchers have unveiled a new robotic prosthetic hand they say will cost around thirty percent less than
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the ones currently on the market but it's more than the price that makes this new hand revolutionary the how mr potter hand hughes's myoelectric technology has a simpler mechanical design than other my electric bill statics senses in the home to react to electrical signals from the brain to the muscles to activate the motors italian retiree marco zambelli has been the hardest handle out somebody to complete tasks that would be unthinkable with most press that x. . driving for example is no problem but there are other day to day challenges like using a knife when i used to eat with others and they were all using knives i just did without but now i've started using them and i'm quite good at it. the hand was developed by the italian institute of technology and the state workers compensation prosthetic center that has just one mo to operate solar fingers so it weighs only
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about as much as a human hand the developers say the simplicity also kept the cost relatively light around five million euros over three and a half years they say the low development cost means they can bring hummus to the market for around thirty percent less than similar pursue the ticks they hope to be selling it in europe next year for around ten thousand euros a small price compared to years of lost productivity in the workforce. back to brian on an unexpected comeback in malaysia the certainly it has been the world's oldest leader malaysia's mohamad is ninety two years old has officially started his second stint as prime minister now the shock victory by the united two year old opposition leader last week ended more than six decades of one party rule the man he replaced ninety bra's arc as accepted defeat but since losing office not job has been banned from traveling as authorities reopen an investigation into
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a massive graft scandal in which he's been implicated. to the u.s. now a whole wise way of ok no has caused two new ruptures in the earth's crust the lava has been spewing out of those fissures one of the fissures is about three hundred meters long and after the new cracks opened up why an emergency services ordered more evacuations the volcano is located on a wise big island has been erupting for about the past ten days it has destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands of people to flee. well let's get you a reminder now of our top stories at this hour authorities in gaza say israeli troops are shot and wounded several protesters in clashes wong's border with israel palestinian activists have called for mass protests in gaza about ahead of the planned opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem that's later today. and the coalition headed by
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iraq's nationalist shia cleric. holds the lead in parliamentary election results more than half of the votes have now been counted but iran has publicly a vow to block all solders coalition forming. and that's all we have time for on brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being with us and don't forget we're back again at the top of the hour.
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long chilling also to. the. loss of her vision a. sage scapegoat. karl hawks and maicon a communism. inspired class struggle. to change
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but also divided. how relevant is he today. is a. good long. as you accidentally shed some light to get the frozen. in time in the field. how can you get out. with your code oh a serious. shift this week on d w. climate change is just. a waste. isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for the better it's up to us to make a difference let him split shut. the key to it took him
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farming magazine. on d. w. . your tuned to tomorrow today coming up. self driving cars who's responsible on the road. slow brain waves why deep sleep is crucial for memory. and.


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