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when. you're watching do that you knew still to come hollywood star salma hayek says her male colleagues should take a pay cut in the name of equality but when it comes to boardrooms that's so far from reality. they're hardly have that story and all of their business headlines coming up in one minute. called the germans came together in one nation from shove their money to chancellor o'toole from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. nice well formed ways to bring my royal college of mass to protect christendom and spread to find truth. all we need to fall back on before the enemy in time he's. done. and steered by courageous decisions
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we must follow treat. the germans every week on t w. as israel turns seventy five it's difficult geography of politics and climate is the global leader in attracting startups the jewish state turned itself into an entrepreneur's dream and what the rest of the world can learn. and us are for some higher demands of male actors take a pay cut in favor of female colleagues and these study shows who's top in boardroom equality across the globe but it's not do you think it might be.
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this is either of your business and galv is welcome. what can a country do when as natural environment is largely desert its neighbors are the best not keen to trade with it yet the domestic market is tiny it is also no raw material security is a daily concern and international boycotts hit exports on a regular basis well it doesn't sound like the place you want to start a business in business but israel somehow seems to make it work in recent years it actually has become a global leader for young entrepreneurs israel has the highest density of startups per capita in the world it is home to eight thousand startups the total population of barely nine million by comparison germany has a population nine times that at eighty three million people the same number of stops well is it time to learn from the israelis how do they do it here's how. come.
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you can feel the ambition in the air tel of even the heart of the israeli startup scene one of the biggest dreams among young israelis is to become a founder. of the culture and for the young people is to go and try to outperform to succeed to go and create their own thinks to be independent and i think this is the main difference between is with another country many other countries new ton of ice dreams of changing the world with one of his ideas. are testing the water in a plastic cup without even touching the water there are so many people with sufferers from. having water problems and there are so many people that are going to hold it all because of food so we believe that we can eliminate and help so many
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peoples by doing it. to start a poem in israel is attracting companies from all over the world hundreds of international firms have offices and research centers here in tel aviv a few months ago german carmaker dimer also arrived in the city very well we have to be open and curious and learning from others as well and that's what we're doing at. one of the driving forces behind the start of culture is the army i mean the ongoing political tensions there's a constant need for new technologies young israelis are required to do military service and their experiences can sometimes spark ideas for a start up career the state also invests a lot of money measured against g.d.p. israel put some of the highest sums towards research and development scientists us has a start up alongside his day job which is not uncommon here he's discovered a way of creating artificial meat and at much lower costs than previous methods.
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the meat is made from cultured fat and muscle cells we don't have enough water resources we don't have enough land resources to grow to meet demands for the. rapidly developing janie's and indian economies u.s. industrial meat processor tyson foods has already invested over two million dollars typically in israel a startup gets bought by foreign investors once it becomes successful that's why for a country brimming with innovative ideas there aren't many big israeli companies on the scene but it's these small startups that are driving the big ideas of tomorrow . well israel's main regional foe iran has given europe sixty days to confirm the status of the nuclear treaty and guarantee they'll stick to its terms
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the iranian parliament said the european union must confirm that the treaty will remain in force even after the u.s. withdraws iran has asked for a pledge from the e.u. that economic agreements will be upheld but that may be difficult due to the u.s. sanctions against european companies doing business with iran u.s. president all trump says he is negotiating with the chinese president to ensure the chinese telecom giant that he isn't affected by an american technology sales ban writing on twitter trump said he had issued instructions for officials to come up with a rescue plan saying too many jobs were at risk trump tweeted president geo of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone companies at ti a way to get back into business fast that to employees eighty thousand people and said last week that its major operations have seized after being banned for seven years from buying critical american technology raising the possibility of its
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collapse. film star summer high act has called for a male actors to take a pay cut as a way to reduce the gender pay gap she made the comments during an interview at the come film festival the day after dozens of female movie makers staged a protest on the red carpet calling for equal pay and opportunities. as not only women in show business who raise their voices their sisters in the corporate world are also fed up with the continuing scarcity of female board members in large corporations a study by the albright foundation which concerns itself with gender equality and management look at the thirty largest publicly listed companies in the countries in question rather surprising result the united states is the world leader in boardroom equality every fourth board member there is a woman in europe sweden takes the top spot with twenty four point one percent then
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comes great britain there every fifth board member is a woman in poland two women have reasonable access to company boards even though polish women occupy only fifteen point five. percent of board positions france's next where universal childcare makes it easier for some women to pursue careers their fourteen and a half percent of board positions are occupied by women and then germany crosses the line with just twelve point one percent despite efforts in recent years to hoist more women into the top excellence of management. to discuss this are no drawing to buy you can understand here in the studio she is with the all right foundation who conducted this study welcome to the studio you can tell. all the companies these days has done have diversity offices expensive programs to promote women are those just figure is why is it so hard for journey companies to place women in leadership roles. actually it shouldn't be harder for germany about any
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other country germany has a lot of very well educated women and they are certainly not less ambitious than women in other countries but they simply don't get chosen to senior management positions. and that's because. german executives tend to recruit small copies of themselves still that's a very comfortable think they. it's very all of the same you don't have to discuss a lot everybody thinks the same thing but that's definitely not to the interest of the company that many of the big blue chips have promoted women to their boards of directors in recent years due to public pressure mainly but surveys indicate that half of those women are no longer in those positions and bruma say if more failed or the issue is dead who is still into such a position after five years there were no more women failing in those parts of
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positions than men were they had just looked at much closer they're more in focus. that's not the issue ok lisa will die it won't go well. i believe that the companies that don't succeed to promote women into top leadership positions will die before the bar that issue. why do we actually question my son he retic to you but why do we actually want more women in boardrooms is there any evidence that companies actually make more money if more women are in charge yes that is so we we know about today that makes teams perform better there is for example a big survived from the peterson institute in washington that showed that it was worldwide study shows that there is a clear connection between the share of women in top management and profitability. why do german companies don't understand that i mean if there is sign is. more
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women in boardrooms and. money for the company why do german companies why don't they understand that's a good question. i think it's most comfortable from fame. they have been doing very well for the caves they're quite satisfied with themselves the target companies don't see the need to adapt to a changing world as much as other countries like sweden are the u.s. to. do you think that is one of the main problems is this effect that you've described earlier the fact that men just recruit men is that yes they do and as long as the c.e.o. doesn't stop that circle this will stop so it's a bar that has to be it's about giving a clear signal from the top that this has to change because it's in the interest of the company. you congressman from the overall foundation thank you very much thank
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you. that's it for me and the business team here and. we'll have an update for you of course in the next hour in the meantime do check out all twitter facebook feeds as well as our web page d.w. dot com slash business with a lot more. stories before you go here's a real time check on the global markets this hour thanks for watching bob.
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i'm. one of germany's best known band tokio hotel. apocalypse for special. look at their beginnings as teen pop stars. the secret of their success. and. the telco hotel phenomenon.
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twenty one special. and let's divide. for many israeli artists flaked is a measure of aging former and skate confrontations. what's their take on the country's anniversary seventy years of israel's existence through the eyes of a botched some. sixty minutes from. earth a home for saving the global in two years tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas being by a series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. european stocks took the girls who performance are the be.
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above concerts every weekend the to good in concert to. love the be a. welcome to the special edition of pub exports are all about the german pop sensation tokyo . give you the latest about their new album and play you some of their biggest hits close to catch up with them on to. tell the tale made a comeback this year with their album tree machine kitted out with a new look and sound.


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