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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a controversial move that's sending shock waves across the middle east just minutes from now the u.s. will open its embassy in jerusalem and that these are live pictures that you're looking at right now the relocation of the embassy from tel aviv was a key campaign promise of president of trump but his decision has drawn heavy criticism and sent tensions in the region soaring little blocks to the inauguration in the contested capital. and mass protest in gaza against trucks divisive groups turned deadly as israeli troops fire on palestinian protesters more than three
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dozen protesters are killed and over five hundred wounded. i'm sumi so much common good to have you with us we're bringing you now live coverage from jerusalem of the opening of the new u.s. embassy there and we have our team of correspondents covering this story we have shiny reason he's a middle east analyst with us here in our studio and our correspondents on the ground tanya kramer's an east jerusalem and a standing by for us right outside the new embassy is my office waiter good to see all of you to have you all with us my hour we're going to start with you what message to the u.s. and israel want to send with us embassy inauguration. well very frankly from the american side it's simply
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a matter of saying we stand with israel and from president trump side it's saying trump keeps his promises this has been a campaign promise of him has been a promise of several u.s. presidents before him and now it's finally happened and there is a small crowd of trump supporters who are here are all very very happy with the move tanya let's come to you now because you're in the palestinian part of the city in east jerusalem where they want to have their capital city what has been happening there today what have people been telling you. well i think you are saying you know that they hope for having. capital in the future and depend on palestinian state is really fading away politically they see israel is now more on the winning side and us watching. this regard but most people are now more concerned actually i've been talking to people you know over the past couple of hours saying that muslim sort of what's happening in gaza steadily rising to high numbers and also the many many people from sniper fire and also from to you
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hearing here just what concerns people at the moment. and tanya as we've been speaking with been looking at pictures of the inauguration ceremony getting underway with the u.s. national anthem and also some pictures there. donald trump's daughter ivanka and her husband jared cushion or who are taking part shania i want to come to you we're not asking you know how significant is this move to put this into context for us it's very big as israel is keep talking about this is a historic momentous moment and this is something that for israel they've been waiting for for seventy seventy years well. at least. since the nine hundred sixty seven war so we're talking about the new united jerusalem as a capital was the clear i don't think anybody right and left coalition coalition opposition today everybody is for this move it also has a new president of the implications for the whole region where is this taking the palestinian israeli peace process if still existing after this many questions are
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still pending seems like. things will be different will they be better as trump and his people claim will they be worse as many palestinians and their supporters are saying he had to be seen but no doubt this is a very big historic moment that might change the whole future of this conflict and the middle east conflict historic as you said shiny and incredible symbolism we're looking at here with the singing of the anthem of course to inaugurate this new embassy and we're now seeing the u.s. ambassador to israel david friedman taking the stage he is going to. say a few words here we're going to listen in to what he has to say. distinguished guests and their friends tammy and i welcome you to the opening and dedication of the united states embassy in jerusalem israel the how much
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of them i thank you on this exact day seventy years ago at almost this exact time david ben-gurion declared israel's independence just eleven minutes later president harry truman caused the united states to be the very first nation to recognize the reborn state of israel he
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later regretted that he waited so long thank you seventy years since that memorable event almost to the minute the united states finally takes the next step a stab at its embassy in jerusalem israel how again the united states leads the way as the first nation to do so. so many have worked so hard and for so long for this day to come and they all deserve our thanks but make no mistake. today's historic event is attributed to the vision the courage and the moral clarity of one person to whom we owe an enormous and eternal debt of gratitude president donald j.
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trunk of the house thank you. we have among us an extraordinary gathering of american patriots and israeli leaders i like to recognize a few of them from our host country the president of the state of israel his excellence the roof and rivlin and wishing the best here wife naama thank you how the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu and his wife saw
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how the mayor of jerusalem nir barkat and his wife deborah thank you how the speaker of the knesset you only had a dime and his wife thank you how the leader of the opposition isaac herzog and his wife meet fall thank you deputy chief justice of the israel supreme court on meltzer thank you frail to the fans forces general god the eyes and calm the how the ashkenazi chief rabbi of israel robbed of people out. of the house. thank you so far and chief rabbi of israel obvious stock you say thank you even the former chief rabbi of israel rob use ryle mayor allow thank you how all the ministers cabinet members members of the knesset members of the i.d.f.
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mayors and religious leaders from the executive branch of the united states governments it is my pleasure to welcome the leader of the presidents delegation the deputy secretary of state john j. sullivan thank you house and the seventy seventh secretary of the treasury stephen minutia of the house presidential rahm's senior adviser jared kushner thank you how president trying starter and senior advisor ivana trump i was president trump special represents a difference in national negotiations jason graham buy a house the united states ambassador to italy lou isenberg i have just and secretary of state nicole nascent thank you
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assistant secretary of state david satterfield thank you from the legislative branch we have four senators who support for israel is legendary senator lindsey graham thank you how senator ted cruz with the house senator thank you mike thank ye and from our house of representatives a delegation led by congressman joe wilson thank you how many times right thank you chris mihm steve thank richmond dennis ross thank you. thanks man mario a lot of thanks mean joe do you guys thanks man scott taylor thank you congressman we seldom thank you congressman george holding thank congressman ron santo how
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old just last year congressman the status stood at a podium here in jerusalem and made a passionate and compelling case that this day would come and so it has i'd also like to welcome the governor of my home state of florida who also has been a strong advocate for jerusalem governor rick scott thank you howie in ninety eight ninety five the jerusalem embassy act became law voted in favor overwhelmingly by both houses of congress and led i should add by a former senator who is here today senator joseph lieberman thank you howie that law which was reaffirmed just last year by of ninety two zero in the senate declared jerusalem to be the capital of israel and mandated the move of the embassy
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. twenty three long years have passed since the transfer of the embassy became the law of the land but today we keep our promise to the american people and weeks stand to israel the same right we extend to every other nation the right to designate its capital city thank you but also city i should add which houses all three seats of government with a three thousand year old history dating back to the time when king david major roussillon the capital of ancient israel. jerusalem has inspired americans since well before the founding of our republic john winthrop in sixteen thirty as he approached massachusetts bay spoke of his quest to build the new jerusalem as
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a city on a hill. a phrase later expanded by president reagan to be a shining city on a hill the united states established its consulate in jerusalem in eighteen forty four one hundred four years before the birth of the state of israel and president lincoln relaxing for the first time in years as the civil war came to an end told his wife mary that it was finally time for him to take some rest and he expressed his hope and desire to visit the holy city of jerusalem many say that those were his last words as he sat next to her in ford's theater. i think president lincoln is smiling today as another great republican donald j. trump opens our embassy and the city that lincoln admired so much
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thank you. thank you i would like to thank the faith leaders who are here and the entire faith community for their support and i'd like to now call upon two of them dr robert jeffress of the first baptist church of dallas along with rabbi zalman while awake from hot to offer a few words of inspiration thank. heaven late father we come before you the god of abraham isaac and jacob thanking you for bringing us to this momentous occasion in the last joining us here watching images here of the inauguration of the new u.s.
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embassy in jerusalem. from tel aviv that was david friedman the u.s. ambassador to israel speaking there this was a campaign promise from donald trump but that he followed through on and we did see his daughter ivanka trump trump and her husband question on hand as well as the deputy secretary of state and the secretary of the treasury all joining israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had of the ceremony netanyahu saying this move will bring peace to the region critics able to the opposite of only inflame tensions. and now we have our correspondents covering this story for us to remind you of china was honest with us here in the studio.


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