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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is you know the news live from berlin stark contrast the u.s. embassy opens in jerusalem as palestinian protest turned deadly at the gaza border despite widespread international condemnation the controversial relocation from tel aviv to jerusalem has gone ahead if you look at trump and her husband george bush era let the u.s. delegation in a video message from president donald trump that the new embassy has been a long time coming amid the festivities the death toll among palestinians protesting along the gaza border continues to rise israeli soldiers killed at least
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fifty protesters during mass demonstrations making it the single deadliest day since the twenty fourteen israel gaza conflict. only lock things are in which for a company everyone. the u.s. has officially opened its new embassy in jerusalem a move celebrated by israelis and condemned by palestinians protests on the gaza border have turned deadly with fifty two people killed by israeli troops there present decision last year to recognize the city as israel's capital broke with decades of u.s. neutrality on the issue and put it on would most of the international community. donald trump didn't come to the opening ceremony himself instead he sent his daughter ivanka and her husband jared kushner both advisors to the president who
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decided to move the embassy and recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. trump sent a video message to the gathering israel is a sovereign nation with the right like every other sovereign nation to determine its own capital prime minister binyamin netanyahu called this a historic day and said the move didn't stand in the way of peace talks with the palestinians made the opening of this in this spur of the true foreign war and me the truth advance a lasting peace between israel and all our neighbors god bless the united states of america and god. the eternal devoted couple of of the palestinian protests erupted against the relocation of the embassy in the border area between the gaza strip and israel dozens of people were killed witnesses say protesters once again tried to break through the border fence. the
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israeli army responded with tear gas and live ammunition. confrontations also took place in bethlehem in the west bank massive protests have been announced for tuesday when the palestinians commemorate their defeat in the israeli palestinian war seventy years ago. well it's a day full of symbolism but also violence as we just saw we will get analysis from gaza in just a moment first want to take you inside the newly inaugurated u.s. embassy in jerusalem where. my shrader is standing by when the u.s. made that controversial decision to move the embassy it famously never defined jerusalem as the to use the prime minister's words the eternal undivided capital of israel so going by what the prime minister netanyahu or just said as we heard in that report is this a done deal. if you're looking from the israeli side layla it definitely is
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a done deal and speaking with israelis here on the street of course there are a lot of mixed feelings about this move but many people are saying simply look at this is the reality of jerusalem is functionally our capital our congress is here our prime minister lives here this is our seat of government and this is one of the lies and as of now has touted over and over again throughout being prime minister is that jerusalem is israel's capital and it will never be divided and it will be the eternal capital of the jewish people and now with this move this acknowledgement by the us that this the support of the us that that is true it basically means that in his mind there is no disputing this fact even in future peace negotiations that may or may not happen and we have to remember that jerusalem was supposed to be a quote final status issue that means that it was supposed to be the last thing on the list of things to be negotiated in peace between the israelis and the palestinians and not the very first thing that was perhaps taken off the list now
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and my enough so far away from where this a festive opening ceremony took place with all the dignitaries assembled there have been deadly protests in gaza the death toll is rising officials saying no there to nearly a fifty people have been killed today has that been felt where you are. it's an incredibly sad situation in gaza with several dozen killed and perhaps in the hundreds injured and it really is striking to see that you really can't feel it here we're in western lucilla right on the border or in fact i'm in fact standing on the border of where i used to. theoretically starts and it could be a completely normal day here in israel if you didn't know the u.s. embassy was opening you wouldn't know that anything perhaps extraordinary was even happening and it really is emblematic of what life is like for many israelis there could be violence and riots and really people getting shot and killed near miles
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from where they are and you wouldn't even know it is that major disconnect that you portray their prime minister netanyahu showered president donald trump with praise not surprisingly for keeping his promise for for making what is widely perceived as this a controversial move now if we put all the rhetoric aside there is growing fear that israel and iran are inching towards war how bold and is the israeli leadership by the trump administration's unequivocal support. this week has been a big win for netanyahu not only has the u.s. embassy moved to jerusalem officially but the u.s. also announced that they are pulling out of the iran deal this is something the netanyahu had been campaigning for for really years now really even the end of the obama administration he was saying this was a bad deal and that the u.s. should pull out of it and now they have we've also seen israel strike as they say
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several iranian targets in syria so it does look like this escalation is perhaps coming to the fears of many people who are watching the situation and if you're nuts and now you are seeing these moves by donald trump and there is no doubt in your mind that the u.s. is now one hundred percent on your side no matter what you choose to do going forward all right maya schrader reporting from outside the newly inaugurated u.s. embassy in jerusalem thank you mayor for your continued coverage. and earlier i spoke to political analyst on time are abu sat down in gaza and i asked him how palestinians have been responding to the move. to be honest with you the palestinians have decided to start their posters. today is the seventh year that it is you know that's almost in your neck but also on the u.s. decision to relocate to see it on television we don't sort of that's why we have a very big but disturbing now tomorrow everyone's going to be. over national
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mourning i believe although the high number of palestinians there. are now we're going to be there would be here then supporters tomorrow would between the palestinian nonviolent protest does on these where you are to me it would be feared but i think. it's too weird to say that. was just any current storm right or many of those who are in charge of the marshall reappear and has turned up with this or the way it would do in syria which is the first one under very city of the occupation of course thank god and he chose to live by israel and now syria you've heard probably a prime minister benjamin netanyahu netanyahu concluding his speech at the opening of the u.s. embassy by calling jerusalem the eternal undivided capital of israel now palestinians if they ever get their own state have always said that east jerusalem will be their capital how much of
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a said back is this for the aspirations of the palestinians self-determination. want to put it to you whenever there's a short where the mission of the u. us. survives the capital of israel and the litigation of u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem is another matter but at the top of that is that all of them years have gone up twenty years that's just a there will be that capital of kabul start and fire him as in jerusalem as the capital of is where it is a very start this was a small opinion but let me also add to that that this you are submission of goes to them the declaration by never been you know that jerusalem is the caramel and undivided capital of israel is jim contradiction with international. go money you are security council resolutions have. recognized it was given as an option you still can rise up your price cut authority and the future will go with them. results on the negotiating they've been with unilateral action by the u.s.
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and israel right because it's needed us chose to do you think that has not happened so that brings me to my last question who can your community who can the palestinians turn to now is there anybody left. that is a very good question arlit me say that the palestinians will all think that the u.s. will play an almost a vocal in the mideast peace process between the palestinians and israelis and unfortunately the us had decided to to to support israel and not to be honest to poke out and another thing that is hurting the palestinians is that the other force is also divided between those who are. having could contact with his wife and the others a lot of basically still have very bad relationship which is where it is now let me say that the balancing of us can hoping for international intervention they are hoping for the international community to intervene on put pressure on israel to
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stop its occupation arm's length going to sketch in a firm opinion sort of story and maybe other countries are going to intervene much freedom then union russia or china will quickly have a very important role in the mideast peace process in the future i must say though political analyst in gaza thank you sir for speaking to us it's my pleasure to be with you thank you. and we want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. and italy parties negotiating a new government have asked the president for more time to come to an agreement that of the anti establishment five star movement luis u d mio said they needed a few war days to clinch a coalition deal with the league another populist party catalonia as parliament has elected a new a regional president and in a six month long leadership vacuum kim torah is pro is
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a pro independence politician who has promised to work towards a callout republic he's referred to catalonia as ousted former leader carlos promote as the region's legitimate leader. in iraq supporters of the nationalist shiite cleric most other side that have been celebrating an early lead in the parliamentary election projections suggest he could be on course to win the poll it's a surprise comeback for assad who had been sidelined by iran backed rivals. meanwhile iran's foreign minister mohamad serif has met with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov as part of a diplomatic tore aimed at saving the country's nuclear pact serif received assurances from lavrov that russia will respect the agreement despite the u.s. and were drawn last week. and we have news just coming in that after months of speculation german coach thomas to hole has signed for french club. to go has been out of work for
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a year since leaving dortmund at the end of last season he had two successful campaigns at the club lifting the german cup with bruce at the end of his ten year old has signed a two year contract with the french champions. antinous tennis where the german number one built on his already impressive season to win the madrid open on sunday alexander's there and beat the for middle dominic team and in so doing the twenty one year old put a marker down as one of the favorites for the upcoming french open. germany's big tennis hope faced off with a fellow german speaker austria's dominant team is eighth in the a.t.p. rankings five spots behind some errors but in the previous five meetings team one for spare of broke his opponent seven the first game and took the first set six four under the watchful eye of idol boris becker. team showed more promise in the
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second set but couldn't cope with a clinical opponent who made him work for every point. the school was one small six four at the end of the second the german finishing the tournament without dropping a set and with one point two million euros prize money in his pockets. silver lining right tennis and i'm really all right now with my third last as well in the world and my second on clay actually so right now i cannot describe in words spare of maintains his status as third in the a.t.p. world rankings and as the youngest player in the top twenty he's tipped to be the next big star in the game. are you watching the w. news will still have a lot more to tell you about including coming up in business tensions between the european union and the u.s. continue over america's decision to quit the iran nuclear agreement and impose new sanctions iran has given the e.u.
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sixty days to provide guarantees for the deals continuation of. our band abandon their facility we'll have more for you all night and i'll see you again at the top of the hour with the world headlines. a blessing. and a curse. placed in response to nature and in this scheme global. monsoon to slow the tropical first few months few players are soon to some contemplate the source of blame to cause of enormous destruction player.


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