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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 34  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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africa. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent w.'s new t.v. series for africa. dot com for god the more. thought thought to go. time is running out for miracles and last minute heroics the final match day brings it all to an end. but over the last thirty three match days don't really matter
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anymore it was a v.c. what happens when you're on your last breath can everything still be saved and if not. do you go out with pride or burn it all to the ground. hamburg against god but. can the wharves get up in time against cologne. the relegation battle is in their hands and i know exactly what needs to be done. ninety minutes left in the fight for the champions league the last chance on the last match day hoffenheim in a direct duel with dortmund. it's an exciting match up. labor crews in can also make a last minute top four finish but they'll need plenty of goals against had over to do it otherwise their time will run out to.
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time for a kickoff on match day thirty four. fifth's place leverkusen needed three points and even more goals in their last gasp attempt to clinch a champions league spot they met had three points behind and equal on points but three goals behind hoffenheim and they came out with guns blazing chiles our injuries even fancied his chances from the half line. could they score for all. three minutes in a long ball from this time a pass found lukas solaria. and the legend to me unfinished seems perfectly putting a stamp on his death you season in the bundesliga i love rio went wild the crowd went wild everybody went wild. that. everything was.
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that was the stadium announcer from his old club along the santa fe. larry assume that it was to go crazy and get serious with just eighteen minutes go play because in needed goes below now we're getting them and this form could ario be argentina as well top secret weapon. oh yes precisely and even though bendel wasted a penalty believe it coups and carried on scoring. you in france made it rain in the fifty fifth minute with the miracle on celebrity who's an. edge cheika hellish still had an ace up his sleeve stefan can sling the club leader in appearances will be retiring in the summer after twelve years at the club. he got the flowers but would he have to. to make his mark in his final appearance.
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with five minutes to go the ref called a penalty for a foul on car in better rugby. and coach heiko hellish decided this was the moment to bring key swing off the bench. because they had asked if i had the guts and i said sure and he said he'd sub me straight on another exactly right let's. allow rio kindly handed the ball to the striker legend but tragically the video assist would yet again cause controversy on the final day of the season. in this case the cole was right in that you penalty. leyva couzin still needed to school but after all that exertion when out of that one batteries. and how they were used that's opportunity as nicklaus proved who won back in the ninety first minutes of heartbreak when they've accused and was
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i to break it ok. we never stopped trying to score as many goals as possible but we eventually ran out of steam and we felt it. in the fullest minutes of stoppage time lynton my now burned into the buy a box to set up martin harnick that was against the fed and they were kids and the jury was over in god. we wasted too many chances and other matches like at home. and that's what cost us some hand on the table never lies like winning the league or being relegated it's not a question of luck like patience. that presumably also applies to now really missing out on the champions league but nonetheless a nice send off a key swing and leverkusen still qualify for the right to lead a massive improvement over last season when they finished to wade in. well.
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post match pandemonium hoffenheim went one better than labor costs and they've qualified for the champions league for the first time ever and will be welcoming the likes of rail madrid barcelona and man city next season. despite an inconsistent campaign oftentimes have repeatedly shown their mettle by bouncing back after setbacks. confetti for the conquerors and quite the season finale for coach you will they are not. up against dortmund and with leverkusen breathing down their necks often i needed a win to secure a top four finish. and die as i don't know what it was like a motivation i would have to have a screw loose i can't really imagine anyone being motivated. and motivated they were and differing to remove any obstacles in their way footballing or otherwise.
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it was a completely different story with the visitors instead of inspired dortmund have often looked unfocused the season. with twenty six minutes played the moment bertie gifted the great photos the lead up to miss controlling the back as. it wasn't the keeper's first towel over the season and who scored on drake from are at his thirteenth of the season and further boosting his chances of making croatia starting line up at the world cup. soft goals at the back and forth finishing up front on my shoulder firing wind here. the final match pretty much summed up documents entire season. but the visitors did manage to equalise to marco voice ten minutes after the restart i the team still looked everything. but solid despite their champions league sports being at stake i
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thought mention need to reboot i coach payton struggles said this was his last game but changes are also needed within the team. so to take is the word now and we have to analyze and to come back much more stronger next year. noise shocking venting his frustration at his team's season. on saturday off and might look more convincing as a given that i do the time to have them sound live restored their league taking a huge leap towards champions league participation. oppenheim having one in their previous nine games against dortmund. sure the visitors back line wasn't exactly inspiring but half an eye and came through with it really my. go to meeting very the journalists and pundits have said i've grown up and become
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a real coach if we make third i might just put on a little crown at home and celebrate one of dollars of once a month by which. he and his mentors are they seem to want the end of the season when more than their opponents and again as in this ball mouth scramble with seventeen minutes left darkling once more in the desperate rather than determined. that he usually deserved three points for half and high taking them to the promised land of champions league action in the coming season which they gili celebrated at the post match press conference. thanks. to. now we take a step down to the europa league spots after throwing away that. champions league
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chances like sage came out to berlin to consolidate six spot and they came out flying from that corner. heading in a corner in the second two minutes. but when we're pulling no punches either a database of each with the equalizer and that's what it's like to. play even if there was a picture of elbowing but like six struck back right away team obama with the slicked back heel so i did my look and pitch care of the rest of us three goals in eight minutes. past the had a little too long say like six punching power the next leg came from sean kev out of this down the hardest saved by the hof time bell could have so we're left reeling soon after the restart thanks to a precise finish from team obama. and augenstein completed a bruising brace cast so we're looking out for the count.
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you know quite a counterattack was finished in style as had to stop school rest salomon kalou netted his twelfth of the season. but the definitive knockout blow came with eight minutes to play through my curling and absolute beauty to finally put the game to bet. the raging red bulls from light stage made mincemeat of six two one can look forward to the europa league and start to russia washed up if you look to assist in two goals in the last two games bring on the world cup you can come to. byron's final home games tend to be family affairs this season it also meant to bid farewell to the coach with the most new prime friends. but she just can't work out to gatecrash the party anastasio is dawna's aidan is showed. little love for the
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fire defense. and set up that held in check for a time. show card taking a shot one milliliter the team tyson crowfoot has turned from relegation material into your rope will be contenders a quarter of an hour later it seems like business as usual as problem tentatively so brought the scores level. that's the frenchmen six goal of the season. but just before half time darkness went on and another blistering run down the right except this time he took care of business himself. which took guard feeds my feet biron on their own power. surely some of the stakes are high because as the visitors took the lead into the break. and instead of taking their foot off the gas stood guard wanted more. shut up almost stunned the host to put his team three one our. hands around office glorious afternoon for
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stuttgart pincheck made it for not quite the sendoff time kids had been hoping for . and there are still one game to go of course. it was a hiccup will be well prepared for the cup final and then you'll see a different byron. while hall both levelled off he is once again top goal scorer. their minds might be on the upcoming cup final but a good showing again shelter might help guarantee a spot in the right. but frankfurt came out flat and we saw yet another edition of the league second best result one nil from ditto books in the twenty six minutes at least frankfurt still have that cup final. part of the mind squad celebrated avoiding the draw. in a b.
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so last week despite the destruction they came out badly against raymond john philip the bomb and not just the one bill. bennett answered twenty three minutes later fly at times with the equalizer. a match with little to play for it doesn't stop braman from pushing. the game by some lousy wrap things up ten minutes till final time there winds to one in my eyes. and now off to the bottom of the table freiburg needed a point to cut themselves out of the relegation discussion if you can see the relegation is a horror absolutely dreadful for. dropping the ball against would have been dreadful. to collapse who made it one of nails perfect timing for his first league goal to kind deeds make sure things sliding it head
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into the alcs bookkeepers legs to nail freiburg stays in the league good thing as important as leader without coach to stanch price would be a horror. sport have never been relegated from the top flight although they've only been in it since the late nineties a point against cologne would be enough to stave off the drop. off sports have seen better times of course having won the cup in twenty fifteen and the week in two thousand and nine. distant memories now after struggling all season sport have lost their last three conceding ten goals in the process. for sun it was just too much to bear. i've been coaching for some time now i'm familiar with this kind of situation. i know exactly what needs
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doing to this view of our job is to win the game on saturday. bruno the video was brought in to rescue the club but his record of one win from ten games is anything but encouraging. contrary to expectations the home side got off to a great start just forty three seconds after takeoff josh one hell of a v. fired home before the job but did both sports chances and tomorrow no harm at all with quarter of an hour later the worlds could have doubled their lead have but they were denied by the last myself or so if already relegated cologne were proving more resilient than expected suddenly a burst of flowing football but if the visitors had drawn level of of if you want us have to are evidently still trying to earn
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a world cup selection view. and sport where back in the thick of it they have the worst old record and the worst overall record since the january restart history labadee. the second half things got increasingly visible. but in the fifty fourth minutes you lation for full support of the would be the sport of the ball with the title if you take the lead of thank yous turning into both sports' best performance under law video and their biggest home will of the season with the defensive open nothing they did to me before and in stoppage time your super kahlo also got on the scoresheet making it for one. of the cars that the i think also helped create the other three. but more. simply for sport managed to make the
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playoff spot for the second successive season. thank you but. it's a funny feeling we put in that performance but it's still not over just to be honest it's an uneasy feeling. most consumers are although it could be worse of course and the fear factor. for myself before the game i believed we would make the playoff spots and of course now i firmly believe will progress for sure. they'll be facing lowly killed in the two legged play offs and saturday's performance will at least give their confidence a welcome placed. so as one big top flight side lives to fight another day it curtains for the league's oldest member. of. the hamburg faithful have had their belief tested in recent years narrowly
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escaping relegation a number of times have a go the only club to have played continuously in the bundesliga since its inception the northerners famously display a pluck look in their time in the top flight confidence was high before kick off despite there being second bottom. in the last few weeks the team have managed to get the fans back with their teams and fans showing a united front of. well not all fans as the story involves book confirm tamba its first ever relegation things turned ugly ultras protested with flares forcing the referee to hole play as riot police were brought in with just two minutes remaining. those scenes are disappointing and have no place your game had to be interrupted because the tiny minority that have disgracefully we don't want. people here since we were so sure
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making me feel i was. the well behaved majority of the home supporters might be reminded the offenders where hamburg and you are not i think all silence was so it was nice to see practically all the fans opposing them they booed the ultrasound showed their support for us that most of the fans had a positive mindset to mention because for the chiefs this involved. and that team appeared to us well the hosts got back under pressure from the stars ten minutes into these the career clearly stopped lewis holtby shot his out. there and hunt stepped up to combat the penalty and hamburg where heads and at least have a chance of staying up. even having a chance is largely thanks to coach christian tits whose previous new life into the side since he took over in mid march. many fans wonder what might have been if only he did arrive soon oh. come on it's been
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a for sure you can debate that but he didn't come sooner and we messed it up and. it's. complex time in the top flight was literally running out of my thanks to glad that i still had that i only get right to lead finish your sit down with the twenty eight minutes and i said. tough time the away fans cheekily displayed their own clock counting down to help us relegation the host state everything in the second half to restore the elite. even with that news coming in from forbes put the question was. louis hope the top twenty way to retake the lead proved to be the winner but still couldn't say how but. i just must be beyond proud of what the team achieved how
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they performed and recently it's got all the fans believing again although today i can assure you that it is all overshadowed by the disappointment on in so i'm going to view it in all indian toys from. up to almost fifty five years it was finally game over once the protest wound down the referee finished out the match. and then the cop stops taking. the lead on the magazine bus and today was another demonstration of the power of this club the energy from the fans is unbelievable this club should definitely be in the top flight to find that so that you can even if you don't. but will promotion be a shoo in most of the big players contracts have uptown clauses for the second division. ditto kusaka and the coach will be staying hamburg
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dubbed the dinosaur g two its longevity has left a planet but does leader it's been a slow and painful decline but the club's exit is at least an honorable one. once again for anyone who doesn't believe it hamburg has been relegated despite a two one win over because full support pulled off a four one when the season ended with the golf at eight in berlin five or later who's in munich thirty six in all the highest scoring match day of the season. as always is and means saying goodbye not just to teams. as well. yeah but if i can't begin to describe what he's done for the club. kind because he is the man of the season he's ok but by and seven months ago when they were five points behind don't meant and let them to that twenty eighth in this league title and at seventy three years old as coach he's won the champions league twice has
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four league titles and a cup victory maybe he'll add another cup win next week against frankfurt he's also got to tip annexing soup to conquer. the competition have to give it their all who believe in themselves and not already say ahead of the season that biron will win it all again gives them the. sun finally for the sixth time in a row it's the good old so obviously i think there are pros and cons to a football lifestyle out of the fish out of the park. fired finished twenty one points about second place shall go to make the champions league with hoffenheim endorsements like the season and lots of qualifying for the europa league whether frankfurt or stuttgart joins them depends on the cup final. there was a heart stopping finale at the bottom of fights in private
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a safe while box book will face whole shankey in the relegation play offs and we will be seeing cologne and hamburg in the bundesliga for at least a year what if it. well signed off this week with hamburg's first division farewell. to the michigan summer to have a presence problem down the reality that to try and sell. it could never have. all that. you beat me to task for it but. in legend. the least silly theory in this today is the fact that a scum bag means that heads are known to me yeah i stood mullard for the fans for the trial and as we had just been in syria.
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last. goodbye i have heard and keep your chin up from kick off. maybe we'll be seeing each other again soon your name. good thing.
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a sense is like the experience of death you can visit but your call comes back. my name is your seafood and i work at the end of it. dozens of palestinians have been shot dead by israeli troops i think on some border thousands had gathered that to protest the u.s. moving its embassy in israel to jerusalem but israel says its military was acting in self-defense against hamas the militant movement that governs gaza. the u.s. first lady malani a trump has undergone surgery for what the white house described as a benign kidney condition mrs trump spokeswoman said the surgery was six.


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