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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 8:00am-9:00am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from gaza braces for more violence as palestinians prepare to learn what they call the knock box or the catastrophe that comes after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people including children in gaza yesterday israel said it was defending its border palestinians are calling it a massacre also coming up on the show tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug war but who provided the weapon six former employees of german gun maker effect on call go on trial today charged with illegally exporting assault
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weapons to mexico. francis says it has found a way of preventing the radical islamists from spreading hate squalid prison strategy is proving calling for virtual. controversy as german national football team players with turkish roots meet with turkey's president this just weeks before turkey's national election and days before the announcement of germany's world cup team. would. follow on terry martin welcome to the program. tensions are running high in gaza today as palestinians prepare to mark what they call nakba the catastrophe of the creation of the state of israel it will be the climax of weeks of protests yesterday israeli troops killed fifty eight people in gaza the violence was fueled
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by the controversial opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem the u.s. has called has blamed hamas for the clashes the e.u. has called on israel to exercise restraint. palestinians burned tires and hurled stones and firebombs near the border from the other side of the fence tear gas and rounds of gunfire from israeli forces within hours dozens of palestinians had been killed israel says it was trying to quell the violence and defend its border the united states agreed and placed the blame elsewhere. the responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response and as a secretary of state said israel has the right to defend itself. but rights groups have condemned the israeli military has use of force as disproportionate and
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas referred to the day's events as a massacre his office has called for a full investigation. of this war crimes should not go unpunished and that that national committee has a past. that is a possibility to provide that national protection for the palestinian people we called upon an immediate committee in session for the human rights rights council and all of that the fight for a special mission investigation mission and for the crimes committed by the israeli army against our people did it today. deadly unrest here but on the other side of the border a starkly different setting in jerusalem for the relocation of the u.s. embassy i. made the opening of this embassy and this city spread the truth far and wide and may the truth advance a lasting peace between israel and on our neighbors god bless the united states of
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america and god bless jerusalem the eternal devoted couple of visual i thank you guys applause here about vocals. scuffles at the new embassy in a city claimed by both israelis and palestinians. as a path towards peace appears increasingly more allusive. well the u.n. security council hold an emergency meeting later today to address the bloodshed in the violence has triggered scathing criticism across the region it is. the one he called israel a terrorist state that was collaborating with united. for a spring in your a whole warre here she is a fellow at the palestinian policy network. and she joins me from ramallah in the west bank good morning. dozens of palestinians killed more than
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a thousand injured give us your assessment of what happened yesterday in gaza how much responsibility does hamas have yeah good morning and thank you for having me on the program so as your program mentioned yesterday was the day that the u.s. decided to meet its embassy it's serious and as a result there were protests across palestine. in creating outside the embassy itself but then also of course in gaza now tens of thousands of palestinians are protesting on gaza under this banner of the great march for it which started on the thirteenth of march and originally what the these protests were about was that the right of return because of course in gaza there are about to many i'm kind of standing on one point three million of them refugees from his start palestine what is. now yesterday specifically they were protesting against the u.s.
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embassy me which is controversial for many reasons but not least because it breaks with international norms but also you know it's a violation of international the site of the u.s. consulate is is on no man's land which is considered ok so palestinians were protesting against this and it was met with a horrific amount of violence ok so there were train tracks are expected let's talk more about that violence because there are large numbers of people dead there are scores of people more than fifty and more than a thousand injured who is responsible for that violence is that hamas that was pushing the border there too hard or is it the blame more to be with the israelis so there's no question about who's responsible for the deaths of you know giving fifty eight zero over fifty eight palestinians. those behind the guns. gunning down protesters at the israeli military fronts and this was the bloodiest day that we've
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seen since. yesterday more than doubled the amount of palestinians killed so there's no question who is responsible for. i let's look at the bigger picture here in terms of the peace process or lack there of some say that trumps decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem effectively killed off the option of a two state solution do you see any chance to revive the peace process under these conditions. no i think the peace process has been dead for a while i don't think this and you talk to revival under the current format specially they used yesterday to justify the massacre of these palestinians in gaza with the same language that israel was using it was dehumanizing language. and it's very clear that they are not an honest broker in these negotiations so i don't something you know very serious has to change there are thank you so much that was
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yarra with a palestinian policy in network al shabab she was talking to us from ramallah thank you. so much of what international viewers see gaza centers on violence but what is daily life like there for ordinary people our correspondent tanya kramer met with students in the territory she asked them about their hopes and fears for the future. a nice way to training in the east of the gaza strip sport of those him to switch from the pit to reality. a nice studies english literature at university in gaza city language is his key to the world and the country said he has yet to visit. yet it will be difficult to say what you want to look to the future finish school find a job find a place to live get married but i watch there's no hope there's no hope in
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augusta because the only thing is to finish and travel is at that here in little circle thomas looks up at twenty three a nice has only traveled abroad once to neighboring egypt the protests in gaza an issue at university and these things to demo porton but also too dangerous to head and will the solution is that there should be some ease from the israeli side for the gaza strip a meaning that they open the border crossings and that you know travel to provide them with employment so that they are able to work and to pay attention to something else that is still really looked after as a ten year gaza's tide borders on inescapable reality for most people here for more than twelve years is right in egypt have sealed off the hamas controlled territory . nearby at the islamic university usma and says are looking for new stories about everyday life for their beauty and the hunted twins
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have made a name for themselves on social media and if isn't that then the corn feed on television is to put content on the internet that shows gaza city as a normal city and not a place of war where people are just terrorists in trouble make it easy and i mean one that gaza or is not like this and we are known for these architect to students have also from the demonstration taking place on gaza's borders they say they support the protests because they have put back on the agenda and raise the issue of the right of return for palestinian refugees their own grandparents fled to gaza in the one nine hundred forty eight. but it's been a mystery when it comes to the return much is from the moment they started i absolutely did not expect them to be this big i was very surprised with how people got involved in them even people who would not be very much into such activity is. but. the protests along the border between gaza and israel have been ongoing for
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seven weeks israel says hamas is treating the demonstrations but a news and his friends say that young people have their own reasons for protesting they feel they don't have much left to lose. most of the us would leave if the border crossings were open there's no future here so your life is uproot if you stay here it means that you would use expires i lost thirteen years of my life like that. when i make circumstances and the crossing points these are the aspects that i need to change the most i wish i would see them change everybody wishes the same they want things to get better and to have the prospect of a normal to elusive. younger generation has dreamed about for years. now is take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. first lady millenia trump has undergone surgery for what the white house describes
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as a benign kidney condition her spokeswoman says the surgery was successful the first lady is expected to spend the rest of the week recovering in hospital. authorities on hawaii's big island are warning of more russians from the can away a volcano officials say two new fissures have opened there warning residents of a possible major eruption that could block roads crucial for evacuations so far some forty homes have been destroyed. a painting by the video jani has become the most expensive artwork ever option that saw the bees the reclining nude fetched one hundred fifty seven million dollars on monday in new york a piece called a scandal when it debuted in paris in one nine hundred seventeen and is credited with reinventing the news it's the italian artist's largest paint.
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to iraq where a prominent shiite cleric has emerged as front runner in that country's national elections with more than half the vote counted assad his populist coalition is in the lead in six provinces including the capital baghdad here's a closer look at the man who once led an insurgency against u.s. forces and who is now likely to become a key figure in shaping iraq's future for. his alliances victory caps a long career that's seen him reinvent himself multiple times his party alliance reached across sectarian lines to tap into deep frustration at corruption and poor government services his stated goal to create in iraq safe from corruption terrorism and militias. nonetheless many voters remain wary and cynical at the shuttle and fortunately this election has the same old faces with one exception which means victory for him and failure for his opponent. doesn't differ from other
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lists nothing will change at the same misery for the country. and i'm some of those voters may have been put off by satyrs earlier leadership of a militia he first burst onto the international scene in the years after the us invaded iraq or headed the mahdi army a militia blamed for killings and torture of sunny muslims as well as leading an insurgency against the occupying u.s. army his power base was satyrs city a sprawling low income suburb of baghdad. recently to revive his militia under the name of the peace brigades to fight the so-called islamic state and twenty seven thousand after i-s. was largely driven out of iraq he committed to disarming the brigades. that the. reward them as much as possible and in return the brothers will commit themselves to handing over weapons to the government. it was a decisive moment
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a pivot from militia leader to political figure outsider has also established a reputation for independence in a country fed up with interference from iran and the us since solder didn't run for office he won't be prime minister but he is to be the defacto leader from behind the scenes. you're watching t.v. news still to come the actress who flew with superman we take a look back a life and films of margot kidder who has died at the age of sixty nine. and two german football players with turkish roots far under fire for posing with the turkish president germany's football association accuses them of being misused for political and. well former managers of german gunmaker call are facing trial today that's right terry it's because due to its history
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germany has put strict limitations on its produces they counsel guns into running conflicts for example but some four thousand seven hundred rifles from gun make a heckler and koch arrived in for troubled mexican provinces in two thousand and six and two thousand and seven although there was no export license these rifles were then used to carry all the trustees against civilians now six full whack on cough manages on trial. in twenty fourteen a bus full of mexican students was attacked by mexican police six of the students were killed and forty three others disappeared without a trace since then investigators have determined that the attackers used heckler and koch and guns. proof that the german weapons maker had sold guns to certain mexican states illegally the german government gave the green light to sell to the mexican government under the condition that certain states would not receive any of the weapons critics however say that all parties involved knew that control over
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the distribution would be lost once the weapons entered the country exports to countries with dubious human rights records have proved profitable for a heckler and koch in the past revenue took a hit after an export ban to the middle east in twenty fourteen. in twenty sixteen the company decided to only sell its products to safe and stable democracies eight years after an anti arms trade activist filed charges against the mexico export prosecutors in stuttgart bringing the case against heckler and koch to trial. it's the biggest trial in german history concerning the export of small arms. even stricter controls on gun makers how can the arms trade be regulated and where does a company's liability for its product and questions i want to discuss with our correspondent peter craven who is in still got and following the trial for us peter what are the heckler manages the queues of exactly and what sentences can they expect the found
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guilty. well as you said they're accused of allowing ackland cough weapons to be transported illegally against german export restrictions to for war torn provinces old civil war told provinces of mexico and among the victims are just headlights it's a show you what we can see here in stuttgart in front of the crown court some of the victims of shootings in city. guerrero province one of those four provinces. more than forty young students teachers were apparently its belief killed in a military action vigilante action the parent we used to call. weapons and these are some of the students here and these are down at the back you can see here congress lean here is the main activist here in stuttgart who's been pushing for this trial for more than ten years and so the trial is in
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a military action vigilante action the parent we used to. call weapons and these are some of the students here and these down at the back you can see here congress lean here is the main activist here in stuttgart who's been pushing for this trial for more than ten years and so the trial is beginning today and call him ploys. accused as i said and as you mentioned in the report or flown saying the rules on german arms exports and it is believed that this trial is going to last for twenty five days as you mentioned the biggest of its kind in germany so far and yes it could lead to custodial sentences to prison sentences for maybe all six of the defendants quite possibly the two senior figures who were managing editor. because an energy executives he did this trial raises a very important question what it stands is any manufacturer responsible of what
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happens with its products after sale all how and when the use. well as you mentioned germany does have a job germany prides itself on having the strictest laws on the arms exports are among the strictest around laws on arms exports in the world are not allowed to be exported to crisis sones. countries which are engaged in domestic or international crisis and not allowed to be imported to countries which suppress and repress their own people and the human rights of those people. beyond that once. i'm sorry imported to volatile areas it is very difficult to keep control of where those arms are going to going to remain and that is always been one of the problems these peace demonstrators behind it would say that it's always one of the problems that you can have the highest standards but the standards as in this trial it seems he's going to be proved the standards can be flaunted the weapons can end up in volatile regions and they can fall into the completely the wrong hands. you know
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there are protests on the streets all still got arms sales are always a very controversial issue here in germany why is that. well it's clearly the case that germany still is in that sense a post second world war country still scarred by the memory of the of the second world war a war that germany initially caused germany is believed to have stricter arms regulations than for example the french or the brits who are see these things a little bit more lapsley because they have a military tradition is. a very different kind of true way of looking at going to war and and military matters and i think in germany people eighty percent of people are believed to be against the export of weapons full stop. people crave instead i think you now. u.s. national security advisor john bolton has labeled iran the central banker of
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international terrorism this just days after the u.s. announced it was pulling out of the nuclear deal and that it was reinstating sanctions on iran and any country is doing business with a country iran has given the e.u. sixty days to reaffirm their commitment to the deal european governments are scrambling to form a response. european firms operating in iran are feeling anxious about their future comments from u.s. national security adviser john bolton have so far struck an ominous tone does the united states going to sanction european companies that do business with iran i think the issue here is what the europeans are going to do if they're going to see that it's not in their interest to stay in the deal we're going to have to watch what the iranians do is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran i think it did give the answer you say the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments by the u.s.
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is exit from the iran deal and the new sanctions threatened to worsen relations already suffering from a transatlantic trade dispute european officials have said they will not allow the u.s. to dictate trade policy here's what german economy minister peter of meyer had to say. this tournament i just thought that i would do everything to protect german companies but that will give them or backing that will discuss with american government agencies are doing that but we're talking about a one sided decision they consider wrong. side to get. up and it's not so one hundred if you have to fight shy but altmire has also said the government can't provide financial assistance to companies suffering losses from the sanctions iran's foreign minister is set to meet his counterparts from germany france and the u.k. in brussels on tuesday to discuss the future of the iran deal without the u.s. but european firms on the ground may find themselves facing the fallout alone.
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german researchers say they have identified major flaws in the crips and methods used in email a pick asians like microsoft outlook or apple mail encryption is used to keep your data private but there is just say the vulnerabilities could pose an immediate risk to finding is likely to be another worry for german law makers who are already grappling to deal with online threats. when cyber crime has hit german institutions hard in recent years from an attack on the government's id system to have been directed to telecommunications companies criminals abroad have managed to infiltrate systems thought to be secure. yet some lawmakers are calling for more action to be taken to tackle the problem head on since you believe as i know raising awareness is one thing but as well as that we need to further develop our forms of protection with phone here at the office for the protection of the constitution where ready placing of bigger focus on defense but we also need to be able to go on the offensive to offensive a couple to own one measure some companies and officials are calling for is
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permission to hock bach and other words to attack the computer is attacking them at present the practice isn't legal in germany. we need computer capabilities that enable us to retrieve stolen data so let's go to the days of the thieves have access to sometimes access their servers or in the most serious cases to shut off servers. as the threat of online attacks grows the debate about the possibility of hockey is likely to intensify. that's all your business the film world is mourning the loss of another star very. heartfelt tribute being canadian actress margot kidder best for playing the character lois lane in the superman films of nineteen seventies eighties kidder
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died in her sleep she was sixty nine we take a look back at the start of what was to become a high flying career. i think planet has shallow for somebody something i haven't mentioned one point zero fault or stop loss why would anyone want to make a total stranger look like and so began a great silver screen romance also great film career superman catapulted margot kidder from relative unknown to overnight sensation playing the fearless journalist lois lane to christopher reeve's socially awkward clock kent a dream couple for film and dear friends in real life a job and when we were hung from a cooling scrap of someone. who gets them now really well where are my brother in christ. certainly more than. words. they acted in full superman films together but fame did not shield her from life's difficulties
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a debilitating car accident in one nine hundred ninety left badly injured and deep in debt mental illness was also a struggle she bravely faced for many years later years were mostly spent on political activism including antiwar advocacy work. she did continue to work in the industry appearing in several television roles but she'll always be remembered and beloved as tough as nails reporter lois lane a strong woman for the man of steel. you're watching the news still to come the head of the tibetan exile government. is
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in germany he'll be here live in the studio in just a few minutes asking him about his views all the time. call me international support the influence of beijing. also be talking about european efforts to revive the nuclear deal all that and much more still to come. copeland is legal highlights. of a roller coaster of emotions. at the end this league season finale the first such pleasure. she is in hamburg. full sovereignty. sixty. bill. clinton
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looking for the white house looking. around is shaking now but the joke that's about folks who is your favorite team play. in the gym is looking to bring them to the church and you'll become a little bit see the entire country champion a free country and for the last sixty years the league for mines. hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus the black and white. in countries like russia china church people are told is that something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about. fear or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was working and i were giving you a. welcome back you would see w. news i'm terry martin and our top story braces for more violence as palestinians prepare to bury their dead after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people including children yesterday and israel said it was defending its border. and. well joining us now in the studio is yawning he's head of the berlin bureau of the european council on foreign relations thanks for coming in this morning that morning so donald trump kept his word he opened the u.s.
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embassy in jerusalem yesterday he says he's just acknowledging the reality the reality and that it's a step on the path to peace is he right i don't think so until now it has been good practice between europeans and americans to support the principle that jurors of him can be the capital of israel in principle but to make it contingent on a resolution of the conflict with the palestinians and so trump is walking away from this seat he takes a unilateral step in one direction which is not going to make it any easier now many people were killed in yesterday's clashes along the israeli gaza border between the palestinians and israelis tensions are very very high the u.s. is no longer in a position to mediate what about europe is europe capable of playing a bigger role. i have doubts that the europeans can actually affect the situation on the ground because what happens here in gaza is still
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a radicalized palestinian community that is under the control of the hamas leadership and they have used the past days to actually warm up the crowds to a rally on that border because they don't respect it as a border in their view so that was that was forseeable that this was happened and the hamas leadership calculated that so this is not something where europe's needs are best applied on europe can work very well when parties are ready to come to an agreement is anyone in a position to mediate now between the palestinians any not really but have a students have to realize how limited their means are and how how unfortunate their negotiating position is and that's not easy and then gets to the table and then europe can can reward them or have us take a look now at another tricky middle east problem where europe is trying to increase
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its involvement we're talking about relations with round. it's. right when they're looking at pictures now foreign ministers from not britain france and germany meeting their raney and counterparts. are even brussels rather this is happening today he met the iranian foreign minister met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov on monday and has also been in china sorry for has been on an international tour to drum up diplomatic support for what remains of the iran nuclear deal the u.s. pulled out so u.s. of yarning from the european council on foreign relations is still with me here in the studio yes of iran has met with the other signatories of the nuclear
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deal time and china and russia today they're meeting with the europeans we've talked about what europe's role could be in various international affairs what can europe achieve in trying to revive the iran nuclear deal for your piece this is a very difficult situation there first priority is nonproliferation is not to lead the situation into a an escalation of nuclearization so they want to stick to that agreement they want to hold iran to that agreement but they already know that it's going to be very difficult for them to deliver on the economic side of the deal so they have to find something that they can offer iran that what kind of strength of the iranian will to stick to the agreement and that was not about business and that is not easy to see what that could be it could be good political relations it could be additional sig signals to is to say we understand the security that the that iran sees itself
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in but it cannot be the dollars and cents that that basically wars was the core of that agreement. yes of yawning thank you so much for talking with us today andi w. news yosef is the berlin bureau have a burly bureau of the european council on foreign relations thanks for. the future terror attacks be prevented france has presented a new d. radicalization strategy part of it includes isolating radical inmates in special prison wings of two thousand five hundred such places are planned by the end of the year across france but already critics say there's too much repression and not enough prevention or reporter lisa lewis exclusive access to one of these new wings in northern france. this freshly refurbished prison in the town of. host francis potential terrorists at least until authorities have assessed how dangerous they are. livid with right. to
8:36 am
question the inmates with a demon educators officers and psychologists. venue to put them in solitary confinement if they're extremely dangerous and radicalized or they'll be sent to wing that has its own special team that's for those who don't seem on the brink of committing an attack but could incite others to do so. the inmates will then be sent to dedicated prison sections these will be completely sealed off from other prison blocks and have their own dedicated guards and. it's really important to completely isolate radicalised inmates. and ports and make sure that they don't spread their radical salafist ideas. or their specially to vulnerable people or to those who are a bit lost. for. the prison sections are part of the government's new d.
8:37 am
radicalization strategy it involves a sixty point plan to help detect radicalize people and companies the administration all sports clubs all ha a click is a place to show how to resist radical preaching but critics say the strategy is hardly getting down to the root of the problem. really the government's responsibility to defend the country protect its people and oversee their education but the new strategy is almost exclusively about defense and protecting people there's almost nothing on education and yet that would be the most effective weapon in the fight against radicalization. instead he says french politicians too often stigmatize muslims in a bid to win votes. we muslims often have to justify also and disassociate ourselves from bob barrack accident out of our making.
8:38 am
we are part of this nation and muslims are the main victims of terror attacks. plus by blinding us the politicians are playing into the hands of radical islamists they can then tell marginalize young people that france doesn't like it's muslims any why. but the prison administration just like the government points to the french principle of. the separation of church and state and then when i couldn't get through it it could. come in the fight against radicalization there's the belgian approach they cooperated closely with religious representatives to try and teach their inmates a peaceful islamic you wouldn't have a different approach to we don't want to change people's religious ideas we just want to prevent them from proceeding to action. by.
8:39 am
the government says the strategy is working and that last year alone twenty terror attacks were prevented across france at least one of them was planned from inside a prison. now to tibet a man who's advocating tibet's autonomy from china all over the world but he has never been to his homeland himself saying the head of the tibetan government in exile is visiting germany on monday he met the german parliament's deputy speaker claudio in early on a member of the greens or has long been committed to tibet struggle for full autonomy chinese forces have occupied the territory of tibet for sixty years now sixty six million people live in tibet but some hundred forty thousand live in exile outside the territory seven years ago tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama gave up the reins. of the territories government in exile and he handed them to lope sung saying a who is with us here in studio today
8:40 am
sensei's head of the tibetan government exile thank you so much for being with us head of news so you live in dom sala in india which has hosted the tibet and government in exile now for decades how difficult is it for you to represent your country's quest for alleged liberty having never lived in tibet yourself. personally it's painful that i'm the best and who is not allowed to go to bed and see men own country men and my family members and relatives but at the same time it keeps great pride to the prison the bed and internet because i asked for freedom house you know the index says that tibet is the second least free region after syria and everybody knows it was syria talks of syria but not much of a tibet and it's a matter of great pride that i should present and reflect the aspirations of debate
8:41 am
is in tibet and highlight magnified the sufferings the tibetans inside to bed you mentioned the freedom being restricted in tibet just as one example apparently is forbidden to even show a picture of the tibetan spiritual leader the dalai lama there do you see any chance for improvement in the situation for civil rights and freedom for the people living in tibet. it's odd that china claim itself to be rising spoke power so powerful diffuse or threatened by a single person is all of this that hama the fact that he's so popular and reviewed by tibetans inside tibet everybody wants to get a lesson from him keep a picture of him yet the chinese government doesn't allow it hence the chinese government should see his son isn't that i'm asking a solution to the tibet issue and not a problem that is the crux of the issue i want to talk more about that in just
8:42 am
a moment you know how we might make you might make progress on this issue yet but yesterday you're here in germany right now yesterday you met with claudio. a member of the german parliament to you're going to meet with other members of parliament today i understand you didn't have you didn't get a meeting with the chancellor but chancellor merkel will be in china next week what would you hope to. have her say about your cause while she's there know we always want a good relationship between germany and china having said that we also want you know germany to have good trade relationships so you should do business and make money but you should also stand up for the morals and the values of germany for example germany is an inspiration for many countries around the world because this is where the berlin wall came down does bad the unification is invest when it happened that spirit of berlin wall should be taken to beijing by chancellor angela
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merkel and conveyed to the president of china and other leaders in say the unification is good the bringing down the wall is good so we hope and a marker really you know help us bring down the wall in tibet repression and restore freedom for tibet and people and then he she would urge that they be a dialogue between the envoys and representative the chinese government there have been discussions between the tibet and government in exile and chinese officials in the past apparently those discussions are suspended at the moment nothing is really happening you see any chance of those discussions being revived and what do you think should happen in order to to push the cause of reconciliation one should always remain hopeful that you're right before envoys of the day and chinese government's representative met for nine times but it ended in january two thousand
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and ten it's high time that in the shingi of being in a second term you know revive that and through dialogue tibet should be resolved peacefully and for that i think a little bit of wisdom and courage on the part of the chinese leadership is very important from our side we always say we have willing to enter into dialogue and in time and it and was with that lama ready i hope fully and there will be dialogue and a solution out of something ahead of the tibetan government in exile thank you so much for being with us this morning on the t.v. news thank you very much terry. speaking of china going to talk about a woman who gives a chance to severely ill orphans lilly is traveling throughout china's vast countryside bringing abandoned babies to beijing where they can get the medical care they desperately need her commitment has saved the lives of many children whose parents were unable or unwilling to pay for their treatment jean she is
8:45 am
just two months old but she's already been through a lot she was born prematurely with serious health problems her parents lily from the aid organization water drops takes care of the little ones and arranges their treatment her work here is much more than just a job without her many of these newborn babies would simply die. through the heads of all of these babies were deserted it would have probably because they were in zero. five and you would the people who found them could not locate their parents so they called the police. then the baby just came to this foster care center and the countryside. and. lily provides them with security and love she supports them through their difficult start in life. was. only going to about how much from the moment these children come to us we photograph them. or give the pictures to the foster care center then their
8:46 am
adoptive parents can see them and learn about the children's past child on the courtroom. jean she will only have a good chance of being adopted if she's healthy. she's traveling from the capital beijing back to the foster care center in shaanxi province the small group has five hundred kilometers ahead of them it will be a long day for lily and james she. yet another train ride with baby and luggage in tow. merely has lost count of the number of times she's made a journey like this one hundreds of times over the last eleven years she's worked with her twenty colleagues as medical companions to sick abandoned babies she travels back and forth almost every week. medical care
8:47 am
is simply too poor in the countryside where the foster care center is located. they now have a three hour drive ahead of them millie tells us of when she first met little jim she. shouldn't i was sure your condition was very poor back then. when she had a lot of problems. dangerous infections that and the rare blood disorder. i was not sure of her would be as if she got survived by. that when i heard that might actually. according to lynn the children with disabilities are often viewed with shame and china the decades long one child policy made the problem worse for a number of years so-called baby safety on ones have existed mostly in the countryside so parents can anonymously abandon their newborns to the care of others here at the foster care center their arrival has been eagerly awaited everyone
8:48 am
wants to know how baby jane she is doing with another patient waiting in line lily hardly has a moment to breathe the next baby is a little girl named jenny on who was born prematurely and urgently needs to go to the children's hospital in beijing. perhaps these children were deserted because their parents didn't have the money for an expensive operation china's basic health insurance pays no more than thirty percent of the costs the families have to pay the rest. here is another patient who gets lily's undivided attention after just an hour it's back to the capital. two adults two little abandoned babies and a packed afternoon train. compared with jane she this baby is a barely alive. she's being too fat home again and only gets a tiny bit of milner's him because she has a serious stomach problem. i mean
8:49 am
a measure of high she's more than a month old but only weighs two kilograms jola. if you. really hopes that her tiny charges will one day lead a normal life with a new family and there have been success stories into. syria we have been showing you this boy was adopted by an american family in may he also had surgery in the u.s. and is now totally healthy. he can walk and ride a bike and even speak english his mother often send me pictures and. lily has never forgotten any of her tiny patients. it's already dark when they arrive in beijing lilly's day had started here twelve hours ago back again the last stop the modern children's hospital in the city center. a place of hope for little
8:50 am
gen leon the doctor had already finished up for the day but he has come back to the intensive care unit for this emergency he and lily know each other well now he has to work quickly lily has yet again given a child a chance at life. but each time there is only a chance that and a lot of hope. she who we accompanied back to the foster care center at the beginning died a few weeks after filming she suddenly stopped breathing even after news like this clearly has to keep on going. well two players likely to be named today to the german national team for the upcoming world cup have stirred some political culture bursey here home and in turkey both athletes are german born from parents who come from turkey on sunday
8:51 am
they met turkey's president this about five weeks before a national election in turkey and that's when the trouble started german internationals with turkish roots as it is ill and. posing with wretched tired bearded one the photo was later distributed by the turkish president's party kinda one handed out i want to jersey on which he'd written for my revered president the scene has provoked a firestorm from fans and german politicians. as well has been rejecting the german national anthem for years and it has to be said that he is also a product of a failed integration as we are now seeing if one has to ask whether he'd rather play for the turkish national team. punish me about who took us or not and i want. to get into one has both turkish and german citizenship while israel has had only german citizenship since his eighteenth birthday critics say the photo could be used to help the turkish president's election campaign. they let themselves be used
8:52 am
for a cheap propaganda show for a despot and authoritarian rulers who was obviously afraid of losing fair elections in turkey and they had to do the act soon fine i think the players committed a serious foul and i think it's embarrassing to hide under slack of distance between german internationals and a foreign president is in my opinion completely inappropriate. apparently surprised by the criticism going to want issued a statement it was not our intention to make a political statement with our photo and even less so to campaign for his election as germany internationals we are committed to the values of the d.f.t. and are aware of our responsibilities. but football must be guided by values and where mr advani is in charge those values are not sufficiently respected. and so one must not allow oneself to be exploited for an election campaign i think this lesson the photo session with the turkish president has become
8:53 am
a political issue just before the announcement of germany's preliminary squad for the world cup. get some insight now from max merrill did up in sports is here to talk us through the latest on the german national team put him in a world cup squad being announced today we expect the first list to touch on the issue of german players who appear to have endorsed the turkish president do you think this is going to affect squad well i mean the two players who are most definitely going to be on the plains the russian style players in the squad and the no fines will disciplinary action so fast we can expect them to travel i think the german football association won't want to make a big deal out of it is already transcended football i do think that it is naive move from both of them and sort of backtracked life there with his statement that we just saw but he did sign the shirts with what can be translated as for my revered president he is cool. yes of both nationalities which is important in this
8:54 am
equation but he says it wasn't a political statement that they met wasn't planned they met at this turkish foundation of events it's unclear why really to me because these football is a surrounded by press agents and normal agents and all sorts of people press offices who would take care of this so this isn't an accident the next i don't think it will affect the squad it's a very diverse dressing room and germany's national team is quite famous for having players from all sorts of backgrounds so i think there's a high level of tolerance in the in the dressing room it will however effect the press conference that we're covering lights as they talk to us about the squad we're expecting you're going to announce his team today what are we expecting well aside from the announcement also we expect an announcement of his contract being extended to twenty twenty two is already running till the next european championships and twenty twenty but he's has an embarrassment of riches two players who won't be there says nabil we see him pulling up late in the season a real blow for him because he's not
8:55 am
a fantastic season off and i'm and also lost in the another fairy tale that has had to end because he made his debut just last year at the age of twenty eight a late bloomer in footballing terms and now is out of the world cup to show we see him getting injured and other than that there's some dead certain i mean you were commissioned us hector impressed at the european championships they'll be on the plane and welcome twenty fourteen we have tony crossed some of the direct message as well almost miller who i expect to be on the plane a few surprises there to come on a while noir yes or no i think you'll be in the provisional squad and then we'll have to stay home and he is kind of suffering an injury them myself and you know the sports thanks for being with us. and just forget our money story we're following for you. is bracing for more violence as palestinians prepare to bury their dead after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people including children yesterday israel said it was just finding its border.
8:56 am
you're watching news coming to you live from berlin coming back in just a couple minutes with much more from comes. next move. from. the to.
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the momentum of the war to. meet your business magazine on t w. as you accidentally shed some fake news again. the trouble is. stunning time the photo bubble. how can you get it out. with him because it always series. shifts this week on g.w. . how the germans came together in one nation from shanda money to chancellor o'toole from bismarck. the history of the
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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin gaza braces for more violence as palestinians prepare to mark what they call the knock or the catastrophe that comes after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people including children in gaza yesterday israel said it was defending its border coast indians are calling it a massacre also coming up.


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