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this is news coming to you live from berlin braces for more violence as palestinians prepare to mark what they call the knock or the catastrophe that comes after israeli troops killed at least fifty eight people including children in gaza yesterday israel said it was defending its border coast indians are calling it a massacre also coming up. tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug war but who provided the weapons with six former employees of a german company go on trial today charged with illegally exporting arms to mexico
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. and two german football players come under fire from posing for a photograph with the turkish president one critic accuses premier league players mezzo. cake when going allowing themselves to be used for cheap propaganda. oh i'm terry martin thanks for joining us tensions are running high in gaza today as palestinians prepare to mark what they call or the catastrophe there they refer to the creation of the state of israel it will be the climax of weeks of protests yesterday israeli troops killed fifty eight people in gaza the violence was fueled by the controversial opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem u.s. has blamed hamas for the clashes the e.u.
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has called on israel to exercise restraint. palestinians burned tires and hurled stones and firebombs near the border from the other side of the fence tear gas and rounds of gunfire from israeli forces within hours dozens of palestinians had been killed israel says it was trying to quell the violence and defend its border the united states agreed and placed the blame elsewhere. the responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with hamas hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response and as a secretary of state said israel has the right to defend itself. but rights groups have condemned the israeli military use of force as disproportionate and palestinian president mahmoud abbas referred to the day's events as a massacre his office has called for a full investigation. of this war crimes should not go unpunished
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and the international community has a past. that is possibility to provide that national protection for the palestinian people we called upon an immediate committee in session for the human rights rights but also in order to provide for a special mission investigation mission and for the crimes committed by the israeli army against our people who are today. deadly unrest here but on the other side of the border a starkly different setting in jerusalem for the relocation of the u.s. embassy i. made the opening of this embassy and this city spread the truth far and wide and may the truth advance a lasting peace between israel and on our neighbors god bless the united states of america and god bless jerusalem the eternal divided up little vision
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i was thinking the rest of plaza here about vocals. scuffles at the new embassy in a city claimed by both israelis and palestinians to monstruous day as a path towards peace appears increasingly more elusive. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting later today to address the bloodshed in gaza the violence has triggered scathing criticism across the region in istanbul in turkey thousands of protesters took to the streets burning american flags and calling for solidarity with the palestinians in response to the gaza violence the turkish government announced it was recalling its ambassadors to both israel and you know states. and turkish president rest of time out of what has echoed those protesters joining with and lashing out at israel saudi. israel is a terrorist state. and the steps they're taking now prove that they're
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a terrorist state. we've declared three days of mourning in our country. to stand in solidarity with our palestinian brothers. case every day. well with me now in studio to talk about this is yosef yachting is head of the berlin bureau of the european council on foreign relations good to see you again now we've just seen some of the international reaction to what has happened in israel and the palestinian territories there the border to gaza from israel were more than fifty people were killed yesterday and over a thousand injured international reaction has been very strong south africa in turkey withdrawing their ambassadors have turkey calling what's happened in gaza genocide in mass occur today the un security council is meeting is is a u.n. security council meeting going to help anything. really i believe it is necessary
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it's necessary that the international community addresses those issues but it has very little needs to affect the situation on the ground you see an eye for an eye tactic employed there where where israeli soldiers and he's already army responds harshly a must is trying to escalate the conflict it's a showdown that goes on there and that that is a very odd situation was the violence that we witnessed yesterday at the israeli gaza border not to be expected in connection with the opening of the u.s. embassy yes it was and has happened has happened before israeli defense forces were prepared probably if they were really prepared they might have responded smarter they might have created a situation where basically the palestinian masses tried to storm the border and it has no effect but i think both sides are aiming for that symbol they are aiming to state their position and that escalates the situation that makes it so complicated
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we. spoke earlier with a representative from the palestinian policy network i. just like to play a bit from her this interview i conducted with her just a short while ago we asked her about hopes for the peace process let's listen to what she said i think the peace process has been one in treaty dead for a while i don't think this any chance of revival under the current format specially with the us as mediate the us has demonstrated very clearly that it's. almost with israel and you can see that from the language that they used yesterday to justify the massacre of these palestinians in gaza it was the same language that israel was using it was dehumanizing language. and it's very clear that they are not an honest broker in these negotiations so i think something you know very serious has to change. and that was yahoo ari talking to us
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a little while ago she's a fellow at the palestinian policy network shop a con she spoke to us from ramallah yosef yelling what has to change the u.s. clearly isn't in a position to serve as mediator anymore can europe take on this role i doubt it the situation is that while europeans americans even israelis are committed rhetorical he to a two state solution the things that happen on the ground make it less and less it possible outcome settlement policy the mismanagement in the west bank radicalization in gaza. the american decision to move the embassy to jerusalem which is another one of those steps away from from it two states an area that needs to to the conclusion if it's not possible to have a state to state out of what then now there is no blueprint there is no plan there
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is no paper on which you can work is there no way forward i mean if we were saying ok two states two state solution is really not on the table right now does that mean we should just give up or could someone perhaps friends play a role here french president men want to call and he's already spoken with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas and with israeli prime minister netanyahu could france play a role here well they can try france has probably among the europeans the biggest effect on the thinking in the arab world so they can try to create a situation where there is also an arab engagement for a constructive solution whether that will be sufficient is another question because the arab world at the same time is in a rather difficult struggle about the future of the region now with the irani saudi controversy heating up over basically all of israel's neighborhood so that. is not the kind of scenario in which even the influence of france could play out
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constructively very difficult use of yawning from the berlin bureau of the european council on foreign relations that have been brewing thank you so much for talking with us this morning fletcher. much of what international viewers see of gaza centers on violence but what is daily life like there ordinary people our correspondent tanya kramer met with students in the territory she asked them about their hopes and fears for the future. i knew his way to training in the east of the gaza strip sports and those him to switch off from the bitter reality around him. a nice study english literate university in gaza city language is his key to the world and the country said he has yet to visit. yet it will be difficult so what do you want to look to the future finish school find a job find
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a place to live get married but i watch there's no hope there's no hope in augusta because the only thing is to finish and travel is that i live in little subtle thomas which at twenty three a nice has only traveled abroad once to neighboring egypt the protests in gaza an issue at university and these things the demos porton but also too dangerous to head and will the solution is that there should be some ease from the israeli side for the gaza strip a meaning that they open the border crossings and that you know travel to provide them with employment so that they're able to work and to pay attention to something else that is still really looked after as you turn your gaza's tide borders on in this capable reality for most people here for more than twelve years israel and egypt have sealed off the hamas controlled territory. nearby at the islamic university usma and. looking for new stories about everyday
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life for the beauty of the huggy twins have made a name for themselves on social media and if isn't that the acorn picante our vision is to put content on the internet that shows galleon city as a normal city and not a place of war where people are just terrorists and troublemakers he and i mean one the gods are is not like this and we are known for these architect to students have also from the demonstration taking place on gaza's borders they say they support the post has because they have put back on the agenda and face the issue of the right of free turn for palestinian refugees their own grandparents fled to gaza in the one nine hundred forty eight. but it's been a mystery that's allowed when it comes to the return much is from the moment they started i absolutely did not expect them to be this big i was very surprised with how people got involved in the mess even people who would not be very much into such activity has. always miss it out but. the protests along the border
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between gaza and israel have been ongoing for seven weeks israel says hamas is treating the demonstrations but a news and his friends say that young people have their own reasons for protesting they feel they don't have much left to lose. most of the us would leave if the border crossings were to open there is no future here so your life is abroad if you stay here it means that you would use expires i was thirteen years of my life like that. nomic circumstances and the crossing points these are the aspects that i need to change the most i wish i would see them change everybody wishes the same. they want things to get better and to have the prospect of a normal two elusive goes that this younger generation has dreamed about for years . now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the billionaire financier george soros is moving his foundation from budapest
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to the german capital berlin the organization is blaming political repression in hungary a new government once legislation clamping down on independent organizations and seeks to ban those active in immigration. u.s. first lady maloney a trump has undergone surgery for what the white house describes as about nine kidney condition her spokeswoman says the surgery was successful the first lady is expected to spend the rest of the week recovering in hospital. and authorities on hawaii's big island are warning of more lover up shins from the killer way of all kaino officials say two new fissures have opens they are warning residents of a possible major eruption that could block roads crucial for a back you ations so far some forty homes have been destroyed by the law. you are watching the news still to come two german football players with turkish
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roots are under fire for posing with the turkish president germany's football association accuses them of being misused for political and it's. well former managers of german gunmaker hecla and call are facing trial today god and that's because due to its history germany has put strict limitations on its produces that console guns and running conflicts for example but some four thousand seven hundred rifles from a heckler and koch arrived in seoul troubled mexican provinces and two thousand and six and seven although it was no export license these rifles were then used to carry out across the seas again civilians now six full that they were called managers are on trial. in twenty fourteen a bus full of mexican students was attacked by mexican police six of the students were killed and forty three others disappeared without a trace since then investigators have determined that the attackers used heckler
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and koch and guns proof that the german weapons maker had sold guns to certain mexican states illegally the german government gave the green light to sell to the mexican government under the condition that certain states would not receive any of the weapons critics however say that all parties involved knew that control over the distribution would be lost once the weapons entered the country exports to countries with dubious human rights records have proved profitable for a heckler and koch in the past revenue took a hit after an export ban to the middle east in twenty fourteen. in twenty sixteen the company decided to only shell its products to safe and stable democracies eight years after an anti arms trade activist filed charges against the mexico export prosecutors in stuttgart bringing the case against heckler and koch a trial. it's the biggest trial in german history concerning the export of small
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arms. and this raises some questions should there be even stricter controls on gun exports how can the arms trade be regulated and where does a company's liability for its products and their use and questions i want to discuss with our correspondent peter craven who is in store for us and is following the trial it's a broken see things are about to start that one of the heckler manages accused off of what sentences they expect if found guilty. well let me just tell you that we've had major demonstrations out here this morning which we together with mr lee i know everybody has gone into the district court house down there and they're experiencing a long and dramatic trial it's the biggest of its kind in german history concerning small arms offenses against the law also a barrier to the expert all small arms it's has been ten years in the making and i think the prosecutors now have gathered enough evidence to for observateur to
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believe that there's a real likelihood of custodial sentences of prison sentences being passed against at least two of the defendants have maybe not all of the defendants that remains to be seen of course what they're charged with is. facilitating the export of. assault weapons to guerrero province in mexico. in between two thousand and six and two thousand and nine and two of the trouble provinces in mexico as you've already mentioned those weapons were then used. in hideous crimes and massacres by carried out by local vigilantes and local mafia groups. peter there is one important question that is of course being discussed now to what extent is any manufacturer responsible for what happens with its product after sale . but it's a question of the extent to which you are directly responsible for in directly an
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ethically responsible and this is very interesting heckler and koch and responded to their own situation of having found themselves in this situation that they had sold weapons that were used in in terrible atrocities and in massacres in mexico they have now completely rewound and as we mentioned in our report they're looking to only make exports to e.u. countries to nato and nato associate countries believing that then the weapons will be much more clearly under control however that you did there are problems there because hitler and call her going to be it's anticipated selling what weapons to the u.s. military we don't know where the u.s. military might be using those weapons in the near future given the policies of donald trump and they are also selling weapons domestically in the united states which is a very uncontrolled market in itself. always very controversial issue here in germany why is that briefly if you can. go because of germany's wartime tradition
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germany likes to view itself as the good guys in it when it comes to these things they believe that they have very good controls and laws and provisions over arms exports but the problem is what happens if those controls are flaunted and that seems to be what has happened in the case of fact langkow here and that's what makes this trial so very important peter craven in still got thank you very much. the dutch government has decided to phase out the use of antivirus software made by conspiracy labs as what it cold a precautionary measure it's told major companies to do the same the dutch justice minister said the move was in response to the russian government's aggressive siva program which had also targeted the netherlands he said as a russian company because he had to follow directives from the kremlin in mid september the us bankers press the from old government systems on suspicions of
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spying also that have the software would be harmful to national security because percy has rejected the accusations and that's all we have business back to terry with football that's right football gets political. football federation has criticized two german players for posing for a photograph with the turkish president russia tough out of one federations premier league players measured. in. head allowed themselves to be used for one's election campaign the incident is expected to be discussed today when the two players are set to be confirmed in germany squad for the upcoming world cup in russia german internationals with turkish roots message is ill and going to one posing with wretched tired bearded one the photo was later distributed by the turkish president's party into one handed it want to jersey on which he'd written
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for my revered president the scene has provoked a firestorm from fans and german politicians. has been rejecting the german national anthem for years and it has to be said that he is also a product of a failed integration as we are now seeing if one has to ask whether he'd rather play for the turkish national team. punish me often it took a shot and i went off to. going to one has both turkish and german citizenship while israel has had only german citizenship since his eighteenth birthday critics say the photo could be used to help the turkish president's election campaign. so they let themselves be used for a cheap propaganda show for a despot and authoritarian rulers who was obviously afraid of losing fair elections in turkey and they had to do the act soon for i think the players committed a serious foul and i think it's embarrassing to understand of distance between gentleman international and a foreign president is in my opinion completely inappropriate among the british
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woman. apparently surprised by the criticism going to want issued a statement it was not our intention to make a political statement with our photo and even less so to campaign for his election as germany internationals we are committed to the values of the d.f.t. and are aware of our responsibilities there who spotted football must be guided by values and where mr advani is in charge those values are not sufficiently respected . and so one must not allow oneself to be exploited for an election campaign i'm thinking this openness and the photo session with the turkish president has become a political issue just before the announcement of germany's preliminary squad for the world cup. all next paraffin b.w. sports is with us here in the studio to talk through these the latest developments and of course that announcement we're looking at today to so much the a preliminary world cup squad is expected to be announced today but all of this is
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being overshadowed at the moment by the political front because if you will surrounding german players appearing to endorse the turkish president is that likely to affect the squad well i mean they'll certainly be in the squad both of them a real key players to the germany team and no fines or disciplinary action so follow the german f.a. as we heard with quite strong describing you know using terms like manipulation exploitation. but i don't think this will really affect the dressing room to say because it's very diverse germany's known for having players from all sorts of backgrounds including these two. from tucker's background and the team manager all of a b. off is reaffirmed there's no doubt commitment to the cause but i think it will most definitely affect today's press conference that will be covering life from we will be looking at that press conference of course what about the announcement of the team itself what are you expecting well one thing that will expect outside of just
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the players being named as yogi lives contract to be extended several media outlets reporting that that may happen is currently expires off of the european championships and twenty twenty and it could be extended to the two years to twenty twenty two he's been coaching the team since two thousand and six off the world cup then in terms of the squad he's got an embarrassment of riches i mean whatever happens he'll have one of the strongest squads next to france and spain on the june fourth deadline he won't be counting on this playa session auburn he pulled out his injured just before the season's end and had a very good season actually so a real shame for the young german who's on loan often i'm from by munich last intell another story he's injured on which is well twenty eight years old as his debut for the national team last year it was a fairy tale that was waiting to happen for him unfortunately we see here he just got injured again shelter a few days before the season then so he won't be on the plane but surely there will be yours where commish and you want to do all of the white defenders impressed at
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the european championships and the cole from the world cup winning squad in twenty fourteen that still remains twenty crawl so we see here from around the dribs sami could dearer as well another one who will be on the plane also going to run incidentally and israel who have been in the hot water months almost also and another one for me and thomas milla striker who loves scoring at both cup tournament you mention injuries being a problem here neuer at the goalkeeper one of the world's best he's he's just back from injury do you think he'll make the cut it's very difficult i mean he said himself if i have if i'm not match for. and having played games before the tournament i shouldn't go that's the case so far he's taking part in eighty percent of training sessions as club i'm going to have one game left the cup final i'm very certain they won't risk him for that and then there's two more friendly's i think you'll be in the provisional squad today but you'll be live as till june fourth to cut that down from thirty players to twenty three and i think he'll be one of those
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that gets cut out or maybe just makes the bench still a couple weeks ago finally do you see any surprise inclusions in the squad coming up i think the only surprise might be. what kind of strikers will take will certainly take team of but there's a sort of contest going on between sandra wagner and mario gomez for the second spot behind him a van thanks thank you so much max now from d.w. sports. mentioned that press conference for the german squad for the world cup will be announced later today of course we'll be bringing in as well you're watching news we're back at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin thanks for being with us.
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