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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is to give you news coming to you live from berlin and gaza braces for more protests as palestinians begin fearing their data it comes after israeli troops killed dozens of people in gaza yesterday including children israel says it is defending its border the palestinians are calling it a massacre also going on tens of thousands of people have been killed in mexico's drug war but who provided the weapons six former employees of a german company go on trial charged with illegally exporting arms to mexico. and
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all eyes on germany's national coach trucking lippy name says a provisional squad for the upcoming world cup will be seeing plenty of germany's established stars in russia but there were some surprises additions to the squad we'll take a look at who made the cut and who didn't. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us people are asked to disperse small groups of protesters in the west bank town of bethlehem there were fears of more violence today yes palestinians mark what they call nakba or catastrophe referring to the creation of the state of israel seventy years ago but one home os official said people were today burying their dead so turnout at protesters was likely to be lower. well thousands of people in gaza have been taking part in those funerals of those killed yesterday the dead included eight month old baby girl or her parents
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buried her this morning she died of tear gas inhalation although how that happened to sound clear she died overnight bringing the death toll to sixty well at least at last to two thousand four hundred people were injured monday was the bloodiest day of the israeli palestinian conflict for four years. cramer is monitoring the scene in gaza i spoke to her earlier about what she's observing after yesterday's bloody violence standing here right at the border near the fence a couple of hundred meters away. it's an eerie quiet yeah i have to say if you many young people down in the area of the fence we don't go that it's rather dangerous to approach and every time we can hear a few shots from the other side and we can see you know and the army on the other side it's all pretty close here and beef been hearing some shots being fired it seems that every times that some people approach that then shots being fired but so
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far it's a very very small crowd there also a lot of journalists down here and it is an eerie quiet i would say you know at the moment in the border area tell you what have people in gaza have been telling you today. well as you said this is the day of the funeral since the early morning people are burying their loved ones and i talk to people here most of them say they're still in shock over what happened yesterday they say we still have to comprehend it all when so calls people went out to the different. and yet the friends and then all of a sudden you know all these news coming in more and more people. being killed by sniper fire the hospital as well as all the people are still trying to comprehend what will happen next actually because they're saying now how will the hamas is controlling gaza how with their respond to that. and it's also unclear how the
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protests will look like might be some protests here in the afternoon so all is still pretty unclear and i think people are still trying you know to get to this situation what has happened here yesterday and tony do they have any hopes that peace of negotiations for a peace process can continue. well first of all there is no peace process and i think repeating gaza it is really a difficult situation gaza has been closed for over twelve years now ever since hamas took control here for most people almost two million people they can't travel you need to punished and then also the border crossings with egypt mostly closed the border crossing to its israel where you would go to the west bank it's for most of the young people that we're seeing here protesting and they don't even stand a chance to get a permit so nobody really talks about a peace process at the moment people would like to see security and quiet for them
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. this is at the moment not the issue of. tenure kramer reporting from gaza for us tania thank you very much. more of this story now with yosef yani he's the head of the berlin bureau of the european council on foreign relations thank you for joining us in our studio is that we've seen very strong international reaction here as we said a south african and turkey recalling their ambassadors and we should say the u.k. said quote the large volume of live fire is extremely concerning we're also seeing this u.n. security council special meeting what can all of this actually do international leaders are trying to signal to the israeli government that this is critical that their response is fueling the fire rather than controlling it and they are also deeply concerned particularly the europeans that now this leads to another period of hardening between the two sides which means there will be no progress whatsoever on any type of a negotiated solution between israelis and palestinians but will expressing those
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concerns make a difference especially now as israel is buffeted by the support of the u.s. well it may not thorough the impress the israeli government but also the french the british the europeans they have to think about their own standing in the region and they cannot remain silent on something that they deem as escalating the conflict so they have to express their concern they have to make clear that they understand the frustrations that exist in among the palestinian people in order to uphold the credibility of their claim that both sides should come to a negotiated settlement well let's talk about those frustrations you mentioned we spoke earlier with that yara hawai'i from the palestinian policy network to ask her about hopes for the peace process let's listen to what she said. the peace process has been well and truly dead for a while i don't think there is any chance of revival under the current format specially with the us as mediator the us has demonstrated very clearly that it
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stands for most with israel and you can see that from the language that they used yesterday to justify the massacre of these palestinians in gaza it was the same language that israel was using it was dehumanizing language. and it's very clear that they are not an honest broker in these negotiations so i think something you know very serious has to change. yes if we hear yeah right they're saying that the peace process has been well and truly dead for some time now do you agree yes i agree with her she lays a finger on an increasingly a whole. statement that the old sides are following that of a two state solution now because a lot of the action that has taken place including the move of the american embassy to jerusalem actually is coffin's the nails in the coffin of the two state solution it becomes less and less
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a viable perspective and then the question comes if not that what's the new plan what's the new wrote about how there is no concept to deal with the situation the young and the current paradigm of a two state settlement we should mention yes if as you were speaking we were just looking at some pictures from the border to gaza where there were fears that it would escalate today these are the pictures here it does look like the situation has been escalating up on that border is that we also heard her say that israel is not an honest broker who is the honest broker in these negotiations well honest brokers need to be as accepted as such currently the united states is not in the a position anymore to broker an agreement because it has taken too much of one side the europeans aren't either because they they cannot have essential leverage on his or it israel will only listen to the united states and not even to washington at all times and so that shows you where the difficulty lies the europeans also do not
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have a decisive influence over the political formation of the palestinian people europeans would not have wanted a hamas control over gaza but they are not in a position to prevent that from happening so they are not strong enough on both of the parties to play such a role as we look at images of the violence escalating cool is in the position then to be the honest broker here i think you first need a sort of violence fatigue. need both sides to recognize that this doesn't get them anywhere and once they want to get somewhere this question comes up again and probably then it will have to be a coalition between representatives of the international community like the europeans and people from the region all right yes if you want to be a berlin bureau chief of the european council on foreign relations thank you very much for joining us in our studio pressure well people in gaza have been living under a strict blockade for nearly twelve years and many say it's like being in prison.
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cramer recently met with students in the territory and she asked them about their hopes and fears for the future. a niece of whom on his way to training in the east of the gaza strip sport of those him to switch from the bitter reality around him. a new study english literate university in gaza city language is his key to the world and the country said he has yet to visit . yet it will be difficult and said what do you want to look to the future finish school find a job find a place to live get married but i watch there's no hope there's no hope in augusta because the only thing is to finish and travel is that it will settle thomas which at twenty three a nice has only travelled abroad once to neighboring egypt the protests in gaza an issue at university and these things are demos porton
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but also too dangerous to head and will the solution is that there should be some ease from the israeli side for the gaza strip a meaning that they open the border crossings and that you know travel to provide them with employment so that they are able to work and to pay attention to something else that is still really looked after as a ten year gaza's tide borders on in this capable reality for most people here for more than twelve years israel and egypt have sealed off the hamas controlled territory. nearby at the islamic university usma and. looking for new stories about everyday life for the beauty of the hunted twins have made a name for themselves on social media and if isn't that the acorn feed on television is to the content on the internet that shows gaza city as a normal city and not a place of war where people are just terrorists and troublemakers and even one that gaza or is not like this and we are known for these architect to students have also
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from the demonstration taking place on gaza's borders they say they support the protests because they have put back on the agenda and raised the issue of the right of return for palestinian refugees their own grandparents fled to gaza in the one nine hundred forty eight. but it's been a mystery that's allowed when it comes to the return matches from the moment they started i absolutely did not expect them to be this big i was very surprised with how people got involved in the us even people who would not be very much into such activity as. it out but. the protests along the border between gaza and israel have been ongoing for seven weeks israel says hamas this orchestrating the demonstrations but a news and his friends say that young people have their own reasons for protesting they feel they don't have much left to lose. most of the us would leave if the border crossings were to open there is no future here so your life is abroad if you
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stay here it means that you would use expires on the last thirteen years of my life like that. in the mix circumstances and the crossing points these are the aspects that i need to change the most i wish i would see them change everybody wishes the same they want things to get better and to have the prospect of a normal life to elusive goes that gaza's younger generation has dreamed about for years. that's mother stories making news around the world iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif says he is optimistic his country can work with europe to salvage the iran nuclear deal that's after what he called a constructive meeting in brussels with the top diplomat. sorry for is on a diplomatic tour to secure support for the pact after the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last week. u.s. first lady malani a trump has undergone surgery for what the white house describes as
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a benign kidney condition her spokeswoman says the surgery was successful the first lady is expected to spend the rest of the week recovering in the hospital. authorities in a wire warning of more lava russians from the killer whale volcano after two new fissures opened they say a major eruption is possible and could block roads crucial for evacuation officials are educating residents on how to protect themselves against hazardous ash fall and few. and a painting by on the day on monday leon he has become the most expensive artwork ever auction that saw the beats the reclining nude of fetch from one hundred fifty seven million dollars on monday in new york a piece causes scandal when it debuted in paris in one nine hundred seventy and is credited with reinventing the new its italian artist's largest painting. a former managers of the german weapons of manufacture had are a facing trial today cat that's right sumi due to its history germany has put
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strict limitations on its produces the concept of guns into running conflicts for example but in two thousand and six in two thousand and seven some four hundred seven some four thousand seven hundred rifles from gun maker heckler and call arrived in for troubled mexican provinces although it was not covered by the export license these rifles were then used to carry out atrocities against civilians now six former managers are on trial the prosecution says they must have known from the start. in twenty fourteen a bus full of mexican students was attacked by mexican police six of the students were killed and forty three others disappeared without a trace since then investigators have determined that the attackers used heckler and koch and guns that's proof that the german weapons makers guns landed in certain mexican states illegally the german government gave the green light to sell to the mexican government under the condition that certain states would not receive
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any of the weapons critics however say that all parties involved knew that control over the distribution would be lost once the weapons entered the country exports to countries with dubious human rights records have proved profitable for a heckler and koch in the past revenue took a hit after an export ban to the middle east in twenty fourteen in twenty sixteen the company decided to only sell its products to safe and stable democracies. eight years after an anti arms trade activist filed charges prosecutors in stuttgart bring the case against heckler and call to trial. at the district court some fifty protesters demonstrated against weapons exports it's the biggest trial in german history concerning the export of small arms. this trial touches upon an issue that is hotly debated here in germany and has been for decades should a country that started two world wars actually be an exporter of weapons while
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customs clearly think so guns tanks submarines and ammunition made in germany very popular around the world making the country the world's fourth biggest arms exporter after the heavyweights of russia and the u.s. or france last year forty percent sold by german companies went to e.u. and nato countries the remaining sixty percent all went to so-called third countries around the world every single german arms export needs a government license exports to countries outside the un nato are subject to particular scrutiny to make sure they comply with the following criteria a they must have to meet several human rights standards they also must not in danger regional political stability and they shouldn't clash with germany's and the e.u. use political interests guideline is that german weapons should not be used to fuel wars or oppress people but many doubt whether these fundamental principles are
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always it here too and reason weapons are exposed to saudi arabia and turkey have drawn heavy criticism but how can a company control where its products are being used and by whom that's the big problem this trial will for the light on. after five years of nicolas maduro as president see the i.m.f. calculates venezuela's inflation has reached a staggering sixteen thousand percent one survey suggests poverty increased eighty seven percent in the past year madeira blames the economic crisis on what he calls washington backed criminal mafias while his opponents cite mismanagement and prize and are only controlled by his government but are a socialist regime is hugely unpopular yet it's tipped to win next week's election easily. hyperinflation has venezuela in a death grip it's the elderly and the sick who are hit the hardest by the country's
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economic crisis many like freddie martinez have to choose between buying food and buying medicines to save money he avoids the supermarkets. but inflation is rising so quickly that if he buys food first by the time he gets to the chemist he can't afford the medicine he needs as venezuela counts down the days to elections many here feel that president nicolas maduro is bluster and promises of economic prosperity all amount to so much hot air so. the days of chavez almost look good in hindsight. hyperinflation is something completely new in the history of venezuela there's a state of scarcity that's become chronic and severe in items as sensitive as food and medicine and gross domestic product that's shrunk to almost half under. the i.m.f.
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calculates inflation is running at sixteen thousand percent chronic shortages visible everywhere opposition candidate and refocus on a former soldier acetate governor once back to chavez but now is in opposition he has a plan to beat hyper inflation. a macro economic stabilization plan that first tackles the problem of inflation that really goes in-depth to address a serious problem of that sermon and state of decaying conditions in our primary state owned company. venezuela. but that decaying company is the foundation of president might do those grand plan to rescue the economy and break the hyperinflation cycle a crypto currency pegged to the country's oil reserves. but. when the president talks about the petro cryptocurrency he sends out many uncomfortable signals
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because in the first place he's talking about crypto currencies and crypto currencies not based on trust then he says that it's backed by the oil that's in the orinoco built so he's replacing one asset with another and it would be a mechanism of indebtedness. widespread apathy and abstention are expected to mock next week's vote practically guaranteeing victory for president nicolas maduro. germany's national team coach a human lives has named a provisional squad that he hopes will defend their world cup title in russia as expected germany's stars were called up but there were some surprises and did every sports jonathan harding was at that press conference in dortmund he joins us for more on this story hi jonathan good to see you so i know there was a slick shiny video production of the selections what were your impressions.
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well it was slick i was a little surprised by some of the decisions pattison is obviously the headline making decision the freiburg striker is in the squad and that was a huge surprise considering sandra wagner the prime minister i call was expected to be in my own good so he's also not involved in the squad the man who scored the winning goal in brazil four years ago and as you can see behind me some of the players already being shown on the outside of the museum and one of them is my more noir he is included despite the concerns about his interest that we do have a culture of talking about this unusual situation of choosing a goalkeeper who's been injured essentially for half of the season let's listen to what he said. we should be proxies and i need be it's virtually impossible to go into a world cup after such a long time not playing yet manuel neuer knows that it's now that he's healthy in training we want to see how his foot reacts to it how he is physically has he still
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has some time two and a half weeks that's when he will commit this week he'll train with bae in munich and next week with us we'll talk about it openly at the end of may you'll start of june on the front you leave that moment in this space if you want ok so jonathan mann will neuer is in for now what were the biggest surprises to you. on this patterson has to be the biggest surprise as i said i think sandra wagner has done a great job i mean at this season and i think he probably was very surprised not to be included but the five of striker is the second top scorer in the bundesliga this season and he's certainly got the kind of character to me which suggests he's going to fit right in in this team i get to not being involved is obviously a surprise considering the role he played in the last world cup but he hasn't had the best season adversity almost so that's perhaps a little bit more understandable so do you think this squad can defend its world cup title. absolutely there is no reason why germany can't go on when
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that's when with this squad i think the players that they've selected certainly have the quality to do that and the choices that live is made today suggest to me that he's picked a lot of players a certain players on character and his present being the number one in that regard maybe adding the right touch or a new touch can be and make all of the difference now there was some controversy over a photo op the two of the players took part in the other day with the turkish president . tell us more about that and has it been forgotten now that sounds mint has been made i think the german if i would love for it to be forgotten and lights of the announcement of the squad today but it definitely wasn't it was the number one topic in some respects at the press conference today you know when live said that the players never meant for it to be a political message and the german f.a. president run high ground zero said that people do make mistakes but the underlying message was that both players would be talked to particularly the training compas coming up i think the hope is that it's something that can be dealt with quickly
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and the focus can return to the sport but i'm not sure that will be the case all right. jonathan harding reporting for us from dortmund where the coach has unveiled its provisional squad for the world cup thank you jonathan. the tributes are being paid to canadian actress margot kidder best known for playing the character lois lane in the superman films in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's died in her sleep she was sixty nine we take a look back now at the start of what was to become a high flying career. they had as she was something i haven't mentioned one point zero fault course that last why would anyone want to make a total stranger look like a fool and so began a great silver screen romance also great film career superman catapulted margot kidder from relative unknown to overnight sensation playing the fearless journalist lois lane to christopher reeve socially oakwood clock kent
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a dream couple for film and dear friends in real life and when you're hung from accruing crap to someone. who gets it now really well and we will my brother in christ will rival certainly more than when. they acted in full superman films together but fame did not shield her from life's difficulties a debilitating car accident in one nine hundred ninety left it badly injured and deep in debt mental illness was also a struggle she bravely faced for many years later years were mostly spent on political activism including antiwar advocacy work. she did continue to work in the industry appearing in several television roles but you know was be remembered and beloved as tough as nails reporter lois lane a strong woman for the man of steel.
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