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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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the people have been killed in mexico's drug war but who supplied the weapons six former employees of a german company go on trial charged with illegally exporting arms to mexico. that story and more coming right up on business in one minute. like. a blessing. and a curse. force of nature and in this skittles.
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monsoon the tropical joe force chief among the new players are soon going to so come to those players source of blame to close up for mr strong. player monsoon starting may twenty third home to double. up. is germany a war profiteer the stuff of a german gotta make it go one trial for alleged illegal exports used to kill tens of thousands of people in mexico's drugs will. slow growth or europe's economic engine to try to save germany's gorgeous away with no gold in the black eye.
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romanian revival of europe's bad. boy. and the peso plunges the president runs to the i.m.f. to help people with a straight. business on trial for illegal arms exports to directors from the german call to sales executives a salesperson and of mexico representative they're accused of breaching their export license weapons to mexico that ended up in especially violence torn states they could face five years jail. in twenty fourteen a bus full of mexican students was attacked by mexican police six of the students were killed and forty three others disappeared without a trace since then investigators have determined that the attackers used heckler and koch and guns that's proof that the german weapons makers guns landed in certain mexican states illegally the german government gave the green light to sell
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to the mexican government under the condition that certain states would not receive any of the weapons critics however say that all parties involved knew that control over the distribution would be lost once the weapons entered the country exports to countries with dubious human rights records have proved profitable for a heckler and koch in the past revenue took a hit after an export ban to the middle east in twenty fourteen in twenty sixteen the company decided to only sell its products to safe and stable democracies. eight years after an anti arms trade activist filed charges prosecutors in stuttgart bring the case against heckler and koch to trial. at a district court some fifty protesters demonstrated against weapons exports it's the biggest trial in german history concerning the export of small arms. the trial hits a nerve in germany and again raises the question if a country that started to bold walls should be exporting weapons at all guns tanks
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submarines and ammunition made in germany a popular making of the world's fourth biggest downs exporter last year old forty percent of their weapons to e.u. and nato countries e-mailing sixty percent went to other countries around the world every single german arms export needs a government license to leverage the nation's outside the e.u. and nato command a particular scrutiny to make sure they comply with the following criteria they have to meet human rights standards it must not in danger regional political stability and they shouldn't clash with germany's and the e.u. is political interests who he is to the principles. our reporter peter craven is outside the courthouse in stuttgart we asked him what the trial will tell us about companies responsibility for their products off the sale but it's a question of the extent to which you are directly responsible of war in directly
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and ethically responsible and this is very interesting catlin called her back she responded to their own situation of having found themselves in this situation that they had sold weapons that were used in. terrible atrocities and in massacres in mexico they have now completely rewound and as we mentioned in our report they're looking to only make a exports to e.u. countries to nato and nato associate countries believing that then the weapons will be much more clearly under control however there are problems there because heckler and koch are going to be it's anticipated selling what weapons to the u.s. military we don't know where the u.s. military might be using those weapons in the near future there given the policies of donald trump and they are also selling weapons domestically in the united states which is a very uncontrolled market in itself. lots of unanswered questions the eurozone economy is slowing the common currency area was growing by
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a more than promising point seven said now it's only managing to eke out a point four percent analysts attribute the slowdown to temporary fact is the french strikes impending for t.v. and seasonable weather coping construction and the flu outbreak here in germany german g.d.p. growth in the first order to just point three percent caused frank stoltze to slip european equity markets held mostly steady on unchanged growth forecasts for the block. let's go live to daniel cole who's in frankfurt for us just how good is the outlook dead. well i'm glad you're asking how good it is because they have been seeing throughout the day was always g.d.p. is growing down germany's economy is slowing down but we have to remember this is the fifteenth time we have seen a growing g.d.p. this is the longest economic upturn since one thousand nine hundred ninety one investors are a little bit divided though we have to realize the the big boom is certainly over
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some experts feel that there could be a little slow down for the entire eurozone there are still lots of factors that we'll have to monitor in the upcoming weeks like the trade dispute for example with the united states it's still not clear how all of this is going to unfold interesting will be the meeting this week off the united states officials with chinese officials about this issue what's also sticking out right now is that the g.d.p. pushout right now are spain and austria with a g.d.p. plus of zero point seven per cent and we haven't even mentioned easily yet isn't it pulling down growth the block as a whole. well italy is certainly still a problem child of the european union we have to remember italy is the use third largest economy but with lots of problems a very unstable political scene situation and he e.u. parties that could now be even leaving a new government but fair enough we have to say that the g.d.p. growth of italy is just at the same level right now with germany
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a plus there as well of zero point three percent by the way france is also reporting this g.d.p. number so we can't blame everything on the others some numbers here are really sticking out in germany for example that exports are down and also the consumer spending has been less ok to get you take down you go first there in frankfurt. for a long time romania was the poor man of europe now the nations notching up growth because otherwise reserved for china or india more and more remain ians who've fled poverty to other european countries are returning to a burgeoning economy and how the break ignites the country they left behind. carmen is surprised just how much her homeland just changed in recent years after three years in switzerland the i.t. specialist returned to romania and now she raves about the seismic shift that swept the country are so much more engaged and aware of what's going on around them and
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they are still you know very committed to making a change making a difference coming back with their experiences and trying to shape the society and their relationship with their you know friends and people around them. and works for deutsche bank the company has established its global i t. center in romania capital bucharest and boasts almost one thousand employees with one international company after another setting up offices in the country and seven percent economic growth europe's poor house looks more like an engine room the european head of an israeli investment company proudly shows off his shopping center to more are under construction that's when you spend money more than others . or german people for instance it's in the mentality and. the reason. the government is fueling this shopping fever they reduce the v.a. t.
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and sharply raise the minimum wage this has raised questions as to whether the boom is sustainable the last one chris some says no he's just opened his second cafe and as well as benefiting from the boom he's becoming increasingly worried that remaining is accumulating a mountain of debt the administration is way behind they've never i don't think in time invested in their people in their systems in their computers in their strategy so like i said you have this streak of super competitive entrepreneurs in coffee shops in technology and what have you and on the other hand you have the public sector which is the stock in time. but the economy is flourishing here despite the woes will. the administration and of course many romanians hope that will change for the better to. the truth is the economy is in a mess again the president has run to the international monetary fund with his hands held out but people have taken to the streets. demonstrators are collecting money
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in big create some the streets of buenos iris. f.m.r.i. is written on them that's the acronym for the international monetary fund in spanish many argentinians hate the i.m.f. . they were afraid they'll have to pay for their government's mistakes. we're protesting the measures that the government is planning they reduce the quality of life and hunger it will be a problem again we can't let that happen. and. the government has asked the international monetary fund for help which for us represents a return to the past and this deal will come with cuts to our wages our pensions our rights. the current situation is reminiscent of two thousand and one when twenty people died during protests against the austerity
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measures that the i.m.f. stipulated millions were thrown into poverty in the end argentina collapsed under a mountain of debt it was the largest state bankruptcy in history. and now the argentinian currency the peso is rapidly losing value twenty percent in the past six weeks alone the central bank is trying to stop the nosedive by raising interest rates by forty percent they hope argentinians will keep their money in the bank and not change over to dollars but it hasn't helped the trust is broken in recent years the country has spent a lot more than it is earned the mountain of debt is growing further worsening argentina's economic emergency. i think is that.
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