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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 3:02am-3:15am CEST

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infection. is germany a war profiteer former staff of a german gun maker on trial for alleged illegal exports used to kill thousands of people in mexico's drug war also coming up our. ruling on air bust paves the way for us to sanctions against the e.u. . on the way sanctions on russia bite back we talk to the german economy minister about the consequences. this is your business update on how in the home free in berlin glad you could join me now weapons exporting can be a murky business and here in germany six former employees of gun make a heckler and koch have gone on for forty three mexican students they say shipments breached germany's weapons control by ending up in especially violent states now if
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found guilty the defendants face prison terms of up to five years. well guns tanks and ammunition made in germany a popular making it the world's fourth biggest arms exports or last year german for firms sold forty percent of their weapons to the e.u. and to nato countries now you can see the sixty percent went to other countries around the world every german export needs a government license deliveries to nations outside of the e.u. and nato came under particular scrutiny to ensure that they comply with the following criteria so they have to meet human rights standards they must not endanger regional political stability and they shouldn't clash with germany's the european union's political interests or who it is to the principles and if the court rules that the company had and call did not it could face a fine or reporter going to kettles went to the town where the firms based oberndorf anneka major center of the german weapons industry those who want to
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understand germany's weapons capital need to go to church says plan for you what if it was here that weapons manufacturing began an open door of about two hundred years ago in august an aeon monastery was actually in this church where we're standing in the whole could be married to god in the highest heaven it was a good and as it is on earth and goodwill to men it's grotesque that with a nice this message of peace weapons were produced beautifully with which millions of people were killed off or do three of would your informant one of the only opinion makes him an outsider and opened off there are three weapons manufacturers in this small town in southern germany and cruising had not own cause. many of the roughly fifteen thousand residents are directly or indirectly involved in the
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arms industry. you don't really think about it they have to be produced somewhere and now they're here i mean the company has to make something one makes sugar others make candy make weapons without weapons what should they make maybe make chocolate or something now. they. learn cost doesn't make it someone else will then somebody else will produce weapons and they're not just making weapons for the military but also for the police and we need them to. guns have been manufactured and opened off for two hundred years the first rifle factory opened in eight hundred twelve the local weapons museum shows the development from the early days to modern military weapons by headline co. so this g thirty six assault rifle takes center stage it's been the standard weapon of germany's armed forces since about two thousand since one thousand nine hundred seven it's actually true that
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the standard infantry arms have come from off to this day except for a very very short break first with the imperial army then for the army of their life during the weimar republic for the value of the nazi era and then for today's bundeswehr. over worked for had gone call in his youth today he's involved in activism against weapons exports from his hometown. everyone knows that every fifteen minutes every fourteen minutes to be precise someone is shot dead with a weapon and made by a heckler and koch it matters to some people this is a he. had and call not just a company like every other even if as seen from off that's easy to forget. the world trade organization says the e.u. has been illegally providing subsidies to european plane maker could retaliate three measures worth billions of dollars from the united states in the ruling is
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the latest twist in a dispute day spat well over a decade. at the center of the disputes are the world's two largest plane makers european aviation giant air bus and its u.s. rival boeing the w t o ruling upholds a claim by the united states that the european union has been illegally subsidizing two kinds of aircraft made by airbus the a three eighty super jumbo and the a three fifty twin aisle jess that says the trade body has led to lost sales for boeing the decision enables the united states to seek the right to impose sanctions against the e.u. u.s. trade representative robert litan hisor had this to say in response. this report confirms once and for all that the e.u. has long ignored rules and even worst aircraft subsidies have cost american aerospace companies tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue the e.u.
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says it will take swift action to ensure it's in line with w t o rules accusing is of illegally subsidizing boeing the outcome of that case won't be known until later this year the tit for tough battle to dominate the skies comes at a time of already soaring trade tensions between the united states and the european union most recently concerning the threat of u.s. tariffs on steel imports the upcoming ruling on alleged u.s. subsidized ation of boeing is likely to lead to further turbulence and in new york standing by for us is our financial correspondent yet in school to c.n.n. we have a note that fascinates in the global trade dispute what response can we expect from washington. at this point it seems pretty likely that the u.s. so will impose a mess of tariffs maybe already at the start of twenty nine thousand and when i say
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mess if expectations are we are talking billions of dollars maybe up to nine billion dollars and those terrorists will probably be not imposed on planes but on any product out of europe that the u.s. pleases we have to wait and see if it is going to comply with the w two your rules rather quickly and then maybe you can avoid some of those tariffs but at least at this point that's the likely scenario by the way there's also a case pending at the w t o regarding boeing that they also received subsidies from the u.s. side but this case is probably going to take years to be decided and of course we also have the chinese trade delegation on a return visit to the u.s. what do we know so far well we do not have that many details yet on the chinese delegates being here in the united states and also the general.
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told out of washington is the narrative is not necessarily consistent on one side we had the u.s. ambassador on china saying that the two sides are still well apart far apart over it it comes to the trade talks on the other side larry kudlow one of the economic advisors to the u.s. president in an interview he was talking about a bromance between the u.s. and the chinese president and this good relationship that the two are having eventually could lead to a successful trade talker but it's really a wide open if those two countries the two biggest economies on the planet will find some common ground all right for us in new york thank you. the worst sanctions on russia appear to be biting back at german wholesaler mitoy
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has posted a quarterly loss of over fifty million euros it's a steep drop since the same quarter last year when mittal posted a fourteen million euro profit russia's one of the group's most important markets but growing economic uncertainty has led to foreign consumer spending metal plans to change its pricing policy to reignite business in russia well the economic sanctions on russia are topic all moscow bureau chief mike salt it just spoke about in the exclusive interview with the german economy minister peter. i mean this is your much more minister who spoke this morning with german business representatives because they're complaining that the sanctions on russia have made it difficult for them to generate the revenues we thought would otherwise been possible on this i think. you go to church after clark german industry wants the sanctions removed at least partially. so it could be can you make that happen. do you suppose you. it was important to me to speak to german business represented yes there are many
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companies here of mid-sized firms but also very big ones are present here they create jobs and make money and it's important to me to be able to protect these companies from the negative effects of the american sanctions. where in gauging into print a discussion. first with the american government to see whether deadlines can be extended in certain cases and exceptions made possible but we're also speaking with the russian government because we want to make certain that russian countermeasures want to exacerbate the situation for german companies. that's what you say with the latest from the world of business from all find us on facebook follow us on twitter and d w business that is a handle on there as well on the c humphrey is mine i'll be back tomorrow same time same place right now has a neck out the wild market thanks. to.
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cut. cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut. cut. cut. thank you. reporting from the white house. around this shaky nobody feels so much about
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