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story so millions can live. this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin north korea threatens to cancel it somewhat redundant from pyongyang says it will not take part in the meeting if the u.s. insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons is this a bump in the road or is that the end of the diplomatic corps also coming up. on the american defines the wrong you kid do you think it's the best way to support peace and stability in the region the german chancellor means the comments on iran
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and a host of other controversial issues in a speech to parliament. and stalemate at the u.n. security council as the u.s. blocks the core to investigate the deaths of dozens of palestinians in clashes on monday. hello and welcome i'm on with that shima north korea has thrown into doubt plans for an historic summit with the united states young young says it did not take part in the meeting if it is going to be quote a one sided affair when it is pressured to give up its nukes earlier the north also canceled a meeting with some of korea in protest of military exercises being conducted by seoul and washington. history being written only
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a few weeks ago at the summit of the north and south korean leaders where pyongyang said it was prepared to denuclearize but now north korea has put the brakes on that. in a possible sign of growing problems the north perspire a shed year old summit with south korea. is the reason. the us the annual us south korea joint military exercises this is taking place south korea was surprised and disappointed by the delay it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally perspire own. it also caught us off guard we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises or that we would not continue planning for a meeting between president trump and kim jong un next month trump has taken credit
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for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace here meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who had been held prisoner in north korea their release was hailed as yet another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air. and for the very latest joining me now from seoul is josh smith from reuters josh talks with south korea with phone dial of the one of the june summit between came and u.s. president trump will take place isn't all korea is not going to try to get out of these talks on its nuclear program is that a move aimed at getting more leverage. for now it does seem like more of a move to gain more leverage perhaps change the tone that's been coming out of washington they explicitly criticised national security adviser john bolton suggestion. that north korea some kind of libya model where they quickly and almost
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immediately and their nuclear weapons and other weapons over to the united states or other countries this is something that north korea rejected outright and specifically criticize the united states for focusing solely on denuclearization. without offering any concessions as north korea puts it of their own and postponing the meeting with the south comes off of the historic meeting between the need is the north and south as we saw it out because just now with all of the huge symbolic implications given that how much of a bill is this for the south. well we'll probably see in the next few days this is something that the north has done before including in recent months as the two sides have tried to reduce tensions and grow their connections between each country in the past north korea also.
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canceled of broccoli some of the lower level meetings only to be seen talks later so we'll likely see within the next few days what north korea's intentions are here and what about the talk share due for july between can and do you think they will go ahead. as of now north korea does seem to be still interested in that day while they specifically criticize but they seem to praise some of trump's past statements and certainly lead to ground tension before that meeting to go forward. again a lot of this will also depend on the united states and we're likely to see what exactly president something's. next while injunction north korea has a long history of isolationism secretive and unpredictable behavior given that is this not the ford start or have we really come to step forward in diplomacy
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well again that's hard to tell right off the bat even folks though who are hopeful for the summit say that this latest statement could be productive in that it might inject something of a reality check and bring some of the sky high expectations that have been going around back perhaps to more reasonable levels and this they say could make this struck him summit more likely to succeed at the practical level josh smith in the so south korea thank you very much for that let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wind. politician has been released from prison the former deputy prime minister was reportedly drawn to a royal pardon the release comes off his opposition alliance won the elections earlier this month under abraham was imprisoned in two thousand and fifteen on controversial charges off sodomy. and indonesia.
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in an attack on the police about it in the town of video police shot and killed four of the assailants and wounded one of them the group slammed a minivan into a gate at the barracks and attacked office says with some right swords. at least sixteen people were killed after a bridge collapse in the indian city of bottom left in the street or that the dish it happened during the busy evening traffic rescuers were able to save several people but some are still believed to be trapped under debris. german chancellor angela merkel has called on a fellow lawmakers to come together to save the nuclear deal with iran making made the comments during a budget debate that highlighted germany's commitments abroad among a host of contentious issues she singled out the recent u.s. withdrawal from the accord as hugely problematic take a listen. yes but there are more issues to discuss like the ballistic missile
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program and or the influence of iran and hizbollah in syria. there are other questions as well. but the one question we have to answer and that we already have answered in opposition to the united states is there a stronger level of dialogue if one abandons the deal or is the dialogue stronger if one remains in the deal we believe that by not leaving the iran deal it will be easier to continue talks which we must do ladies and gentlemen because the ballistic missile program is a great danger most specifically for israel. that we now drawn up political correspondent thomas ferals been listening to that budget debate here tell us first of all why did the chancellor talk about iran in a debate about germany's bunch it. essentially because the chancellor believes that the stability in germany and their well being of germany does not only depend on
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the measures that the government takes here at home where they were talking about investment in schools or another infrastructure but also about the challenges that germany faces internationally we've heard on many occasions from the chancellor and from other members of government the fact that germany's security is also pegged to the security internationally know their words their international challenges also affect germany domestically and that's the reason why i'm going to merkel not only today focused on budget priorities whether we're talking about disinvestment push that we're talking or not acquiring new debts or having a balanced budget but also specifically on some of the most important international challenges where i'm going to call fiercely believes on multi naturalism and that's why she stressed today when we just heard regarding the iran nuclear deal that was a wide ranging address feature on the issues dominated the debate well obviously international issues were the ones that dominated the debate anglo merkel started obviously by discussing some of these elements that we just mentioned the budget
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debate but then obviously stressed all these key elements that she's been talking about internationally with where the whether we're talking about iran or whether we're talking about migration whether we're talking obviously about the transatlantic relationship where we're talking about the german french relationship where we're talking about the eurozone it was absolutely wide ranging debate today a wide ranging speech by angela merkel but obviously the key topic and that's the reason why members of parliament are still debating this issue as was the budget and that's what we also heard from other members of parliament today and tell us the big today was open by at least by the from the far right if tea party it's the largest opposition party in the been destroyed that's was how they listen to how she ended to speech today. india's missing that piece a bit i'm going to tie it to allow me to end with a quote from former czech president milosevic in mn it's something you've already heard here and i quote if you live in a country that might penalize you for fishing without
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a license but not for crossing the border illegally without a valid passport then you would be right in saying this country is governed by idiots slant yet fun if you think it. was. so that was the quality of germany's far right if tea party the co-leader until was because she was booed at the end of her speeches more about the tone of what she said and how it went on with other parliamentarians well this has been a tone amrita that we've heard from the f.t. on various occasions not the first time that they have such a tone when it comes to the debates here at the obviously today the key topic being the budget and that's the reason why i was fired also was the one in charge of of doing it she's got a background in economics investment banking and so on and she clearly stated that
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according to her and according to her party the budget has been presented is not future oriented it's something that's going to to affect future generations whether you're talking about pensions where they are talking about migration absolutely vital topic for the for the a if g i lease vital believes that these that the new budget being presented is not going to be beneficial for germany but rather harm germany and that's also what we heard in that message that we just saw there thomas perez the german bundestag thank you very much for that. retailing to run on as we've heard europe is scrambling to keep the deal alive without the united states the foreign ministers of the germany the u.k. and france met the iranian counterpart in brussels on tuesday to discuss ways of saving the agreement or all sides agreed to look for practical solutions over the next few weeks but it is unclear whether they will be able to give iran economic and legal guarantees that it wants for i'm joined now by
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a man at about that by he's an analyst on iranian affairs and a c. off the center for applied research in partnership with the aryan welcome saddam but i want to use options to encourage iran to stay in the deal i believe what the e.u. has to do is to find mechanisms to immunize european businesses from the u.s. sanctions and therefore an able you businesses to do trade with iran so that iran can get the economic dividend which is part of the text of the nuclear agreement and therefore iran's right now we have a german chancellor angela merkel expressing regret that the u.s. has abandoned the deal and she said di longest crucial to keep the deal going not even leaders are going to be talking tonight in sofia bulgaria what do you think needs to happen there i believe european leaders have to reject this notion that being pro nuclear agreement means being challenging the transatlantic relations i
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think chancellor merkel has made clear last saturday i believe that european commitment to the transatlantic relations remains intact while at the same time rejecting and criticizing donald trump's withdrawal from the agreement so i think this message is important for inner european dialogue but also with with regards to transatlantic dialogue and of course of the united states is isolated in its rejection of the day what role could other key players like russia and china play in saving this accord. when it comes to the economic dividend obviously uranium trade with china which was intact even before the agreement will play a more significant role in the future and russia will be an actor. which iran will seek to to guarantee its security dividend and implications and i think for russia and china it's a win win situation if the j.c. puree remains intact iran is a stronger state which is obviously in their favor but also if the j. c.p.a.
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falls apart iran is more dependent on them so i guess for the russian and the chinese it's it's a win win strategy or a win win situation right now. to buy from the center for applied recession partnership with the audience thank you very much for that analysis five let's get high joins me on the future for the iran also has repercussions the business in europe that's why european businesses are war he'd about getting punished by the u.s. for trading with iran after announcing his intention to withdraw from the iran nuclear agreement u.s. president donald trump is now trying to pressure u.s. allies into following suit he's threatened to place sanctions on european companies that do business with iran it is already naming names has some gun j.v. and checks the news several times a day dear amy an entrepreneur is currently in germany visiting his business partners he sells medical technology and is also involved in the computer industry
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. donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal comes up at every business meeting how will the e.u. react will there be new sanctions against iran. done shavian has made a lot of contacts through international trade fairs like this one in tehran last year and he has contracts with you or p n companies but now many of his partners are uncertain about the future of the businesses. currently right now we have to sit down and see what's going on basically through the improvement relationship between iran and european companies especially with germany and this is very good moment in our history we can see who are real partner. and to various books boehm speaks to his staff in the
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middle east several times a day fire video link from darmstadt in southwestern germany he provides high speed satellite internet to customers in afghanistan pakistan and iran. airlines have shown a lot of interest but getting the money together for these kinds of orders could become increasingly problematic that's what one of what would have worked fine a week ago might be impossible next week getting some of the fun these big projects for instance a european bank with branches in the u.s. won't be able to finance them where you can if you don't think. books is still trying to keep his customers in the middle east happy but if the sanctions go ahead business is like he is might have a difficult future. a high ranking u.s. trade delegation travel to china earlier this month to smooth out trade difficulties with china with little effect now china's vice premier who he
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is coming to the u.s. for a return visit and it looks as if there is some movement according to white house economic adviser larry kudlow the u.s. is indeed seeking a prey deal with china u.s. president has already offered an olive branch when telling his officials to look at lifting sanctions against china's tech companies that he bought he wants something in return. he might feel like he has china in the palm of his hand u.s. president donald trump placed sanctions on chinese electronics giant z t that almost ruined them but now trump is promising to be more lenient and help them back into business provided china scrapped plans to impose sanctions on u.s. agricultural imports. it is well known that the president president wants to reduce the bilateral trade gap and i think the way to do that is for china to lower barriers across the border to what us export now and do it that also creates growth
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their growth keeping these barriers down is important for u.s. farmers they would be hit hardest by the chinese tariffs announced in retaliation to trump's plans tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum imports farmers are important voters for donald trump and he'll need their support at the mid-term elections come autumn. one of the questions is why has donald trump suddenly developed a hoss for siamese let's bring in our financial correspondent delia co from the frankfurt stock instantaneous what are you hearing there why is trump going soft on that. yeah that's a big question we have to remember that trump has accused china many times to be sealing u.s. american jobs and that was facing those sanctions because of illegal trade and shipments with iran and also north korea so everybody was speculating what's behind this sudden change of mind was it a charm offensive to get
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a better atmosphere during those high level talks with china about future trade to relations now it seems that there could be something totally different behind all of this why mr trump is negotiating with china on trade the trump organisation is involved in a deal linked to a chinese developer a stained old china chinese construction company confirmed that they had to formalize plans to develop a theme park in indonesia part is a part of a broader project and the trump organization has existing licensing agreements for other continents on the projects their plan is to put trams name on the golf course on a luxury hotel and also a residential development on the premises so this could be a conflict of interest on the other hand he might also received a call from big asset managers of g.p. morgan and blagrove those are the second and third largest holder off the c.t.e. hong kong hong kong listed cheers it seems said mr trump will be facing tough
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questions about that in the senate but one thing it's certainly clear it was not of all those chinese workers scared to lose their jobs. thank you very much. that's all your business especially to thank you very much. the united states has blocked a resolution at the u.n. for an investigation into the killing of some sixty palestinians in gaza on monday the un said israel acted with restraint and blamed the militant group hamas for inciting the violence but the un's middle east envoy said there was no justification for the killings palestinian spent tuesday burying and morning they're dead. a man gets right up to the fence that separates gaza from israel moments like these says israel that justify its response. more palestinian casualties the injured with still way to a nearby hospital. the. hospital
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that overwhelmed and under equipped patients with gunshot wounds fill up wards and spill into the hallways there's a long wait for treatment and to shortage of medical supplies the. thousands of kilometers away at the u.n. a moment of silence for those killed then further international concern over israel's use of excessive force against unarmed protesters and demands to for hamas to avoid provocation but the u.n. resolution to investigate monday's violence was blocked by the united states who among us would accept this type of activity on your border no one would know country in this chamber would act with more restraint than israel has. but these israeli demonstrators disagree some intel of even in jerusalem say that
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outraged insurgent by their country's actions. similar sentiments in the west bank is palestinians marked not bar or the catastrophe commemorating seventy years of displacement since the creation of israel and fears now that the future doesn't appear much brighter than the past. joining me now is indeed obvious middle east correspondent tanya cream a she is in gaza tania those who describe the killing off palestinians in the past couple of days as a massacre what is the situation like in gaza are today. well i'm standing here in the area and it's always here like a quiet but always tense situation. just having the border a couple of hundred meters but behind me at the moment in gaza people are talked also to mother who lost her fourteen year old daughter. but still trying to
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comprehend what happened and what does it mean you know what to come out of the protests there's a certain sense of uncertainty. a sense of mourning here still of course also a lot of people still hospitalised but also people you know getting ramadan which is supposed to start tonight tomorrow morning and israel's news for live ammunition has come under fire but in truth is it has the right to defend its borders it is blaming hamas for the bloodshed what has been the response among the palestinians to this while people don't really understand you know why the palestinians are they are that they're saying but it's still the israeli army and there's just an appeal on the palestinian protesters here i talked a lot of people in the past couple of days they said well we came you because it's important for us to come and protest when told you don't have to be top of hamas or
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fatah to come here but of course some of them you said you know disappointed with no need to stay because they don't bring about any change this is really this question of what will happen next to the protests here but of course hamas is in control in gaza and they also could calm down the situation going to stem this summit is an effort going on with egypt but at the moment it's still. up next. can you claim that the gaza is ready border thank you very much. let's turn to a bit of sport and the european league finally kicks off in your france tonight the club's olympic musée and atletico madrid will face off in what both teams last chance at a trophy this season while the french outfit are known for their attacking prowess a political the last is of defense it's sure to be a spectacle on the pitch. goals galore is what must say have been known for this
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season star player dimitri pyatt has not stopped twenty four assists while flow has set up eighteen and scored twenty six however the french outfit are a long way away from their nine hundred ninety s. heyday where they won the champions league and reached two more european finals tools for two more years. will want to imitate what a famous previous is did. athletico stand in a way i know that is going to be very difficult it's going to be quite a mission but that would make it even more of a sensation if we did get our hands on the trophy. opponents atletico madrid will be a tough nut to crack they have the meanest defense in spain just twenty goals conceded in the league and there are threats up front to. one please moore has racked up twenty seven goals and fifteen assists and will be eager to impress on home soil as recent winners and champions league regulars atleti all the favorites. to win and
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to minimize their attacking prowess or get on with their great side going forward he will have a lot of ambition to have an excellent season in europe and in the french league i think it will be a beautiful football match and a beautiful final showdown and we have two teams who have a very similar style as you but both officials will play direct football and use the pull very well for them within the coach diego simeone he won't be on the bench for the final as he is still serving a touchline ban but the occasion will surely be enough to motivate both sets of players. is a recap of the top story that we're following for you on north korea has threatened to cancel a historic summit with u.s. president donald trump pyongyang says it would not take part in the meeting if the u.s. insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons they've also counts in a high level meeting with south korea. i'll have more news to inhofe not a problem. it's
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