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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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long story short break. this is the news coming to you live from berlin north korea threatening to counseling to some extent donald trump pyongyang says it will not take part in the meeting if the u.s. insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons is this a bump in the road or is it the end of the diplomatic level also coming up. on the mantel defends the iran nuclear deal saying it's the best way to support peace and
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stability in the region the german chancellor made good comments on iran and a host of other controversial issues in a speech to parliament. an unwelcome i'm not touching the north korea has thrown into doubt plans for historic summit with the united states pyongyang says it will not take pot in the meeting if it is going to be quote a one sided affair whites pressured to give up its nukes earlier the north also council a meeting with south korea and two tasks of military exercises being conducted by seoul and washington. history being written only a few weeks ago at the summit of the north and south korean leaders where pyongyang said it was prepared to denuclearize but now north korea has put the brakes on.
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and a possible sign of growing problems the north perspire own a summit shed jeweled with south korea. the reason. these the annual us south korea joint military exercises the taking place the u.s. and south korea were surprised and disappointed. that it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally perspire on the upcoming high level talks we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises or that we would not continue planning for a meeting between president trump and can john next month. president trump has taken credit for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace last month meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who have been held prisoner in north korea that release was hailed as yet
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another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air. joining me now is enforced ecod he's a korea expert from leeds university in the u.k. first of all what do you see these latest developments how much does it mean for this much hyped sun match up between came john warner and donald trump just showed you for next week is it in jeopardy. it could be i'm hopeful that it isn't i if i can respect the late call it by what your correspondent just said i don't think this came out of nowhere the north koreans always do this kind of thing they play hardball and they like to keep us guessing it was all going fall to smoothly you there for those of us stupid watching this process for a long time so it doesn't surprise me i'm hoping it's just a negotiating tactic so a bump in the road just for suggested there are all the hypotheses it's possible
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that there are divided councils and tell me yeah i can draw that is very much in charge but i can imagine there are military hardliners who have a lot to loose ready outbreak of peace or they could just be cross there was an understanding that the on going u.s. south korean military exercises they were going to scream bloody murder about the thing such as they normally do but i was surprised that the americans weren't supposed to bring in a lot of extra stuff and they have done so maybe is saying i want to look playing by our rules so i recently called put on this is a bump in the road to take up whatever metaphor you're like and we will get back on track again but as you said north korea is known for its somewhat unpredictable behavior but this time why did north korea change its fuel not to all of this symbolic reconciliation and woman would still work fine with korea as well as you know the much hyped summit that will stand with donald trump. well yes they this is this is how they do stuff and it never goes completely smooth so i see it as a kind of shot across the bows it is
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a shame about the into korea thing that will seem to be all going very well some very concrete things of course there's a lot to discuss between the two koreas that is separate from the nuclear issue that's obviously paramount the old america's mind like the two railway ministers we're going to meet we could see the railways reconnected i am reasonably confident that the the integration process will go ahead the gates if only because i think kim jong un's game is to try to deal with south korea on the side to say look we've got a peace process going it will take time we can't have everything over right away certainly that's what that's what they're holding helpful even foster cotta an expert on korea thank you very much for your assessment they've been having the up to date with some of the stories making news around the wild international weapons inspectors say killing a gas was likely use an attack on a town in the city and province of italy in february the softer a fact finding mission revealed cannisters determined to have previously had killed during the u.n.
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backed team did not say who was behind the attack which took place in that rebel held town office thought kept. malaysian politician under abraham has been released from prison the former deputy prime minister was reportedly granted a royal pardon the release comes after his opposition alliance won the elections and this month and would have been hanged was imprisoned in two thousand and fifteen on controversial charges off thought to me. and in these they actually found a husband kevin federline the room did an attack on a police barracks in the town of rio police shot and killed four of the assailants and wounded one of them the group climbed a mini van into a gate of a barracks and attacked offices but somewhere i saw one. german chancellor angela merkel has again criticized u.s. president dollar trump for his decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal maclin made the comments during a speech to the german parliament she said it was wrong for the u.s.
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to ditch the fact that she said trans atlantic dies wust be able to endure all disputes move yes but there are more issues to discuss like the ballistic missile program it or the influence of iran and hizbollah in syria. there are other questions as well. but the one question we have to answer and that we already have answered in opposition to the united states is there a stronger level of dialogue if one abandons the deal or is the dialogue stronger if one remains in the deal we believe that by not leaving the iran deal it will be easier to continue talks which we must do ladies and gentlemen because the ballistic missile program is a great danger most specifically for israel. that we now drawn up a little correspondent thomas ferals been listening to that budget debates here tell us first of all why did the chancellor talk about iran in
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a debate about germany's bunch it. essentially i'm retired because the chancellor believes that the stability in germany and their well being of germany does not only depend on the measures that the government takes here at home with we're talking about investment in schools or in other infrastructure but also about the challenges that germany faces internationally we've heard on many occasions from the chancellor i'm from other members of government the fact that germany's security is also pegged to the security internationally know their words their international challenges also affect germany domesticity and that's the reason why i'm going to merkel not only today focused on her budget priorities where we're talking about this investment push that we're talking or not acquiring new debts or having a balanced budget but also specifically on some of the most important international challenges where i'm going to call fiercely believes on multi naturalism and that's why she stressed today what we just heard regarding the iran nuclear deal so it was a wide ranging address speech on the issues dominated the debate well obviously
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international issues were the ones that dominated the debate anglo merkel started obviously by discussing some of these elements that we just mentioned the budget debate but then obviously stressed all these key elements that she's been talking about internationally with where the whether we're talking about iran or whether we're talking about migration whether we're talking obviously about the transatlantic relationship where we're talking about the german french relationship where we're talking about the eurozone it was absolutely wide ranging debate today a wide ranging speech by angela merkel but obviously the key topic and that's the reason why members of parliament are still debating this issue as was the budget and that's what we also heard from other members of parliament today and tell us the debate today was open by at least by the from the far right if tea party it's the largest opposition party in the been destroyed let's let's have a listen to how she ended his speech today. indians in their leasing age but i don't see tat allow me to end with a quote from former czech president milosevic men it's something you've already
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heard here and i quote if you live in a country that might penalize you for fishing without a license but not for crossing the border illegally without a valid passport and then you would be right in saying this country is governed by idiots slant viet cong if you think it. was. so that was the quality of germany's far right f.t. party the co-leader now tell us we heard she was booed at the end of her speeches more about the tone of what she said and how it went on with other parliamentarians while this is being a tone amrita that we've heard from the f.t. on various occasions not the first time that they have such a tone when it comes to debates here at the obviously today the key topic being the budget and that's the reason why i was fired also was the one in charge of of doing
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it she's got a background in economics investment banking and so on and she clearly stated that according to her and according to her party the budget that's been presented is not future oriented it's something that's going to to affect future generations whether you're talking about pensions whether you're talking officer part migration an absolutely vital topic for the for the i if g. ollie's vital believes that this that the new budget being presented is not going to be beneficial for germany but rather harm germany and that's also what we heard in that message that we just saw there thomas perez the german wonderstruck thank you very much for that. now for some sport in the europa league final it kicks off in nearly all fronts tonight the club's olympic must say in a political madrid we face soften what is the both teams last chance at a trophy this season while the french outfit unknown for the attack in prowess at logical the mostest after france is sure expected to be an exciting match on the
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pitch. goals galore is what must say have been known for this season star player dimitri pyatt has not stopped twenty four assists while flowing on to a via set up eighteen and scored twenty six however the french outfit are a long way away from their nine hundred ninety s. heyday where they won the champions league and reached two more european finals in a two for two more years for you or that cross will want to imitate what a famous previous as did. athletico stand in our way i know that it's going to be very difficult it's going to be quite a mission but that would make it even more of a sensation if we did get our hands on the trophy. opponents of letting her madrid will be a tough nut to crack they have the meanest defense in spain just twenty goals conceded in the league and there are threats up front to. one please moore has racked up twenty seven goals and fifteen assists and will be eager to impress on
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home soil as recent winners and champions league regulars are plenty all the favorites. to win and to minimize their attacker prowess. they're a great side going forward and have a lot of ambition as you know they've had an excellent season in europe and in the french league i think it will be a beautiful beautiful final and we have two teams who have a very similar style as you but both efficient play direct football and use the pull very well to them within the coach diego simeone he won't be on the bench for the final as he is still serving a touchline ban but the occasion will surely be enough to motivate both sets of players. not to something tearing the internet bought today and or you illusion that setting off some fleeting arguments about what we hear what me here to explain all this is chatter social media just let them judge what's this one about or you had something that's causing a lot of light hearted arguments today this piece of audio of someone's name being
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pronounced let's take a listen and see what you hear amrita. yeah. yeah it's either laurel or jani people can decide what they hearing lowell or jani i'm hearing jani but before at my desk i was hearing laurel so let's take another listen maybe and see what we here larry. yeah clearly jani ok it's interesting because before i was hearing laura but now i'm in the studio i'm here and yannis of this is turning into one of those things that's dividing the internet today you might remember a couple of years ago people went crazy over whether this dress was blue or gold and of course today this clip is dividing teresa model christie tighen tweeted it so clearly laurel i can't even figure out why anyone would he johnny and thing at least tweeted i'm sorry but it's jani if you think it's laurel i'm praying for you
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that's why we're hearing different things people say it's about how we interpret how brains interpret different you know words and whether when we look on one thing then we stick on it and can't really understand why someone else might be hearing something about something else it's to do with i and also what device really sitting on so fascinating fascinating view from a social media this we have to leave it there thank you very much. you're watching the news business up next stay with that. you accidentally shed some of. the trolls. spending time in the field. can you get out. with him because of that i always see your english. ship this week on d w.
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