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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this news coming to you live from berlin north korea threatens to cancel its summit with donald trump pyongyang says he will not take part in the meeting if the u.s. insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons is this a bump on the road or is this the end of the diplomatic corps also coming up.
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a response to french calls for germany to controvert more money to the e.u. during a bunch of debate in parliament we find out how hope ization is going down when judgment lawmakers. and malaysian opposition need him is freed from prison and pardoned by the king after serving time for what many. charges could he be the country's next leader. in the next sixty minutes of film debut focusing on the cultural riches of the german capital the bombings treasure trove which was co-produced by dortch abella looks of the stories behind millions of objects. tell him a very warm welcome to you i'm under thought she. the white house says it is optimistic that a plan summit between the u.s. and north korea will go ahead this offer to pyongyang put the meeting in doubt
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north korea said it would not take to a spot in the talks if it's going to be quote a one sided affair where it is pressured to give up its new. history being written only a few weeks ago at the summit of the north and south korean leaders where pyongyang said it was prepared to denuclearize but now north korea has put the brakes on. and a possible sign of growing problems the north perspire own a summit shed year old with south korea. the reason. the us the annual us south korea joint military exercises that are taking place the u.s. and south korea were surprised and disappointed. it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally perspire on the upcoming high level talks we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate
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that we would not continue conducting these exercises or that we would not continue planning for our meeting between president trump and i can john next month. president trump is taking credit for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace last month meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who have been held prisoner in north korea their release was hailed as yet another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air. i spoke to a korea analyst adan fosdike ata earlier and i asked him if the june summit between kim jong un and is now in danger of being called off. it could be i'm hopeful that it isn't i if i can respect the late call it by what your correspondent just said i don't think this came out of nowhere the north koreans always do this kind of thing they play hardball and they like to keep us guessing it was all going fall to the you're there for those of us
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a bit watching this process for a long time so it doesn't surprise me i'm hoping it's just a negotiating tactic so a bump in the road just received yesterday there are all the hypotheses it's possible that there are divided councils and tell me yeah i can dogood is very much in charge but i can imagine there are military hardliners who have a lot to loose ready outbreak of peace or they could just be cross there was an understanding that the only going u.s. south korea the exercises they would let us scream blue mud or about the thing as such as they normally do but that was simply as the americans were supposed to bring in a lot of extra stuff and they have done so maybe it's a i don't know look playing by our rules so i'm reasonably confident this is a bump in the road to take up whatever metaphor you're like and we will get back on track again. so that was korea but aden fosdike ato for reaction from washington i'm joined now by a bureau chief there on avandia phenomena and examine and if both reaction the u.s. state department said it still expected the camp from summit to go ahead as planned
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is that the feeling and the trump administration failed. well it certainly seems to case we had a statement issued by the white house yesterday just saying that caught in eighteen with its allies today we have heard from sorry the white house press secretary saying that the white house is still very hopeful that step planned keim trum summit is going to proceed as planned so the white house is certainly trying to downplay this new remarks by the north korean regime and the experts here just as the experts that you talked to are saying that it's this these remarks are not coming as a surprise that it's actually back to normal back to what the north korean regime is known for for being inconsistent and trying to use it as and they go sheeting
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tech tick if preparations do crumble how big a blow would that be for donald trump. i think that it would be a major disappointment for his administration and for the president himself because he is convinced that it was his companion's maximal pressure that made it possible that we are talking about a possible meeting between the u.s. president and the north korean leader and trying this also convinced that he is still only one who can close to a deal and to reach this goal that the north koreans are going to get rid of their nuclear weapons so it would be a major disappointment however we have to say that you ask president also say that that he is ready to cancel this meeting in the coming if their conditions are not right and that he is even ready to walk out of such a meeting if he has the impression that's
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a meeting is not going to be fruitful but i think you mentioned north korea's often inconsistent but this time kyung youngers also directed his anger towards the new u.s. national security advisor john bolton the north korean deputy minister of foreign affairs kim kye gwan spoke about his feeling on repugnance towards him how is that going down in washington. well we have to remind ourselves that john bolton is very very critical of the north korean regime and i can imagine that he doesn't like the somare remarks at all but at the same time the new national security advisor is facing some sort of criticism because he was very demanding in his approach towards north korea and he complained it's north korea to lead the levy i had agreed to give out give up its nuclear weapons and its chemical weapons in two thousand and three and eventually their regime was ousted and get sassy was
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killed in two thousand and eleven so that's as obviously not a very smart move to draw such a conference and when you take into consideration that the only thing that north korean regime is interested is in its survival and we've done a full nominal buter chief in washington thank you very much for that assessment. here in germany chancellor angela merkel fish she's working on a response to e.u. reform proposals by french president. she said a german also would be ready in time for next month's e.u. summit merkel made the pledge in the german bottom meant the understand during a debate on the budget but not all lawmakers are in favor of contributing more german money for brussels we talked to an m.p. from c.d.u. party in just a moment but first this report. it was money time for marilyn the
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bundestag. discussing her proposed budget marital talked about both how much she wants to invest in germany and whether her government is willing to fork out more for the e.u. france's president in one remark or once additional investment in the bloc but merkel is cautious though it is nearly all of it would be pretty difficult to put more in the e.u. budget and more in the eurozone budget while still maintaining a used ability kriti area we'll be talking to france about dilemma in the values of x. and look. for the far right populist if there is no dilemma they say merkel is simply wasting german money. so you will. celebrate for president in manama cost plans don't oppose a massive transfer of german tax money or the creation of an e.u. finance minister or so on the contrary you seem to be in a hurry and to shift responsibility to paris and brussels and to spend tax money
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which you never. get that the fear needed i put out. the center right f.t.p. also accuses the government of wastefulness. other. all of our partners in europe want to know what they're spending their money on. we are the only ones in europe saying we'll give more money without knowing what it's for me not good enough vegetables. because junior coalition partners the social democrats favor more german financial support for the e.u. . was offered as the country that profits most from the e.u. it is our own fundamental self-interest to strengthen the european bloc taree fuse would be to pull the rug from under and feet. in the others it. can make. the very pro e.u. green say that merkel isn't good. in far enough in my calls direction and it's come
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to get that hope and that's the point is for us to project that we're for this vision of a common europe the point is that we've put up the money but this is precisely what you finance minister didn't didn't. get my. class to balance between supporting my cause desire for a stronger you and taking heed of skepticism among german taxpayers the good news is that state revenues are on the rise giving here a bit more your way. with me in the studio i have been comes from the cd you he's the deputy leader of the c.d.u. bottom entry ponty in the bundestag and he's an expert on budget and finances welcome to you mr brink us now we as we heard in the report the french president won in macross proposals gave quite a rule in this budget debate that took place this morning on the back of the chances that she's very optimistic that a d.v.d. be reached ahead of the next e.u. summit what is change are you optimistic this will happen so do you must not mean
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in any case that it is a money deal so a lot of proposals of a modern mark or proposed this was all it any money implications so he was talking a lot about of common foreign policy. common texas about a common africa strategy. a common. policy and i guess we have so many things in common with france we can really improve europe. you should not only focus on the money issue we're looking at the money should because this was a budgetary debate and finances played a key role in the discussions today and. i had to give away the preist portfolio of finance to its coalition of the s.p.d. given that how free is she to go to take this good decisions because the two parties differ fundamentally on certain financial. on the seas so as already
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mentioned we have to balance it and as we have seen we have a very hot debate so we are taken by zopa solution to waste money which is not true and on the other hand we get a lot of pressure from the social democrats and from the green party to invest more money and i guess we have to balance that because people in germany have a risk optical in putting more money to europe and we have always to keep in mind what the people on the street think about this issue and so it's very hard and again we are always focusing on this money issue but mark proposals have been a lot more than in west of money in europe and one of the things that money mccall did mention that he quoted the gentleman fictitious for a balanced budget why is it so important for germany to have this fiscal prudence it's a question of generations so making debts today would mean that the next generation has to be over this has to pay it back and i guess the next generation was in the
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next twenty to thirty years has a lot of challenges they have to finance and so we say ok we will be fine with the money view we have but we will not spend money on the cost of additional dept and so it's a question of generations and be an aging society in germany it's a completely different situation as we have in africa and asia and to as apostles the world so we are aging society and so the people who can take back this money are getting less keen on this ticket look at the appearance of the largest opposition in the bundestag the father if tea party the. vida spoke this morning and let's take a listen to what she had to say and how she ended his speech. and using their music which i'm going to touch allow me to end with a quote from for my czech president and it's something you've already heard here and i quote if you live in a country that might penalize you fishing without
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a license but not for crossing the border illegally without a valid pos boot. i guess we have to solve problems and challenges and one of the challenge is migration so no question about it but not on that level of discussion because we have always to keep in mind in talking about migrants you're talking about human beings and the really disgusting culture which came into border so was the safety is talking about human beings as enemies as fierce as a threat and things like that if you have looked into their eyes and a lot of meetings with migrants from refugee scenes the history of what is not as simple as a device mentioned about is wired and briefly if you can the how concerned are you a bot a potty being in parliament and the leader of the opposition many people accuse of
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being provocative and disruptive in the way they carry out the debating culture in the bundestag. so it's not our job to to look at this party but i repeat it's our job to salsa problems and in solving the problems that people have was in the field of migration. or was in the field of renting apartments of buildings and things like that what is happening with the fuel shelf my working place i guess in solving this problem we also solving the populist party problem and the focusing on policy and substance rather than just the and by the way this was the main point of the speech of our here in america today she was talking a lot about of you could tell ization of preparing our society for the industrial challenges we have which is the next twenty to thirty years and i guess this is what people expect right rasping comes from the cd you bought to thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us and coming to us today is today. now the
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iran nuclear deal is expected to be high on the agenda of a meeting of the european leaders in the bulgarian capital sofia today as the e.u. scrambles to keep the deal a life with the united states on tuesday a number of e.u. foreign ministers met the iranian counterpart in brussels to discuss ways to save the agreement on the calle whether they would be able to give iran the economic and legal got entities it wants euros foreign minister home the job of the leaf was cautiously optimistic but also conceded there was a long way to go. he started the process i believe we are on the right track now is a lot depends on what we can do within the next few weeks. presented to you to make a statement on behalf of all of us with the. start we're not there beginning the process and we need to receive those going to us we will see how best
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we can move forward. that was iran's foreign minister mohammad job i'd as lief i hope a new design exploring ways to keep the iran deal alive and there's a lot of business at stake benjamin business desk has a story welcome back thank you amrita one e.t.u. commissioner says they are prepared to use legislation making it illegal for european companies to comply with u.s. sanctions targeting iran u.s. president donald trump has threatened to slap sanctions on firms that do business with iran and he's naming names. has some gun j.v. and checks the news several times a day the arena an entrepreneur is currently in germany visiting his business partners he sells medical technology and is also involved in the computer industry . donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal comes up at every business meeting how will the e.u. react will there be new sanctions against iran.
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done j.v. and has made a lot of contacts through international trade fairs like this one in tehran last year and he has contracts with you or pm companies but now many of his partners are uncertain about the future of the businesses. right now we have to sit down and see what's going on basically the. improvement relations between iran and european companies especially with germany and the. moment you know he's sorry we couldn't see who they are real partner. and to be a spokes bomb speaks to his staff in the middle east several times a day fire video link from darmstadt in southwestern germany he provides high speed satellite internet to customers in afghanistan pakistan and iran. airlines have
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shown a lot of interest but getting the money together for these kinds of orders could become increasingly problematic that's just one of a what would have worked fine a week ago might be impossible next week getting some of the fun these big projects for instance a european bank with branches in the u.s. won't be able to finance them. books is still trying to keep his customers in the middle east happy but if the sanctions go ahead business is like he is might have a difficult future. trade tensions continue to rise between the globe's top to work on a maze china stepping up inspections of u.s. imports like pork and cause terror threats from both sides hang over billions of dollars of goods that could spark a trade war now another high level delegation from beijing is visiting washington. he might feel like he has china in the palm of his hand u.s.
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president donald trump placed sanctions on chinese electronics giant z.t. that almost ruined them but now trump is promising to be more lenient and help them back into business provided china scrapped plans to impose sanctions on u.s. agricultural imports. it is well known that the president wants to reduce the trade gap. i think the way to do that is for china to lower barriers across the board in the us export now and doing that also creates growth better growth keeping these barriers down is important for u.s. farmers they would be hit hardest by the chinese tariffs announced in retaliation to transplant tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum imports farmers are important voters for donald trump and he'll need their support at the mid-term elections come autumn. similar poll is executive director of the german chamber of commerce in china first of all you have
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a lot to do with german companies operating in the country but tell me a little bit about the chinese first. are they really playing along with trump's game right now i mean it's really hard for me as a journalist to work out what's going on but they seem to be playing trump straight game well i think what you have seen from the from the chinese the way they were always reacting when mr trump put terrorists in the first place two three two they reacted to it in the same amount and then it was three a one section then terrorists there and then also they reacted to this as well so they keeping their cool but who has the upper hand china or the u.s. i mean the u.s. is the biggest economy shore bitch does have it's a rising economic power and could take over the us of some stage in the next year is i mean is that a threat to the trump is taking seriously well i think what i can tell you from the german perspective is because we are so intertwined with our the german companies
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in china it is such an important market for them and also german companies in the u.s. so clearly here in the in the middle of that and that's five we are it also creates quite some uncertainty for german companies in china this kind of trade friction between the u.s. and china what does that mean for the beings you know in the middle well we have more than five thousand companies operating in there most of the german companies are producing for the local market there and the asian market but they have clients who could be affected by these tariffs then all overall as i said it creates uncertainty that can have an impact and then also you have german companies in china that i getting products from the u.s. that could be affected product or parts that could be affected by these tariffs or overall as i said we are concerned about this and that affected by sanctions as
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well what exactly what he said to be what about the u.s. is withdrawal from the iran. where does that leave these companies you represent well i think overall the whole thing creates uncertainty among the german companies and that's why we are also seeing this all should be solved union led or old rules and broken each all should be solved within a month to read the framework that's what we are asking where do you see it all going though we've got talks of the moment between china and the us germany the europeans are stuck in the middle as you say where do you see this all going well i think first of all as you can see every day something else is happening and there is just a delegation from china that through to the united states and with the aid minister so i think one has to also wait and see a little bit of what this talks will come out by the as we as i said before for us i think it is important that we are not getting more tariffs more trade barriers we
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are clearly asking for less and all being solved in a reliable framework in a global framework could it end up that way could we see lower tariffs and more growth could could this all just be a game as i called it before i don't know if you want to call it a game i think this is. a word i would not use but i think what on our part towards me can do i think we will do everything that became that it will be solved in a multilateral way because i think germany as it is so internationalized as an economy and all the companies that's what we need these calm and reliable global rules similar paula thank you very much for coming in today thank you ben thanks for having me. well to japan briefly the economy there shrinking in the first quarter government statistics g.d.p. fell by point two percent compared to the previous quarter it hasn't been helped by deflation is with consumer spending less money and industry staying away from new
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investments to come to the back of the country's longest expansion since the boom times of the nineteen eighties. now from mexico where mosques are a significant part of the culture dating back centuries the latest accessory for the world cup football fan highly detailed mosque's of your favorite footboard super hero the company a group already have has a new line up a dozen mosques so far featuring the biggest names in the sport it's just in time for next month's world cup in russia no coincidence of course and no surprise that will now do and messi are the top seller but mexico's ornette charity too is also
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a hot commodity here about two hundred fifty pesos in case you're wondering that's about eleven euro's a mosque. and let me remind you the top stories that we're following for you on you north korea has threatened to cancel the historic summit too with a u.s. president donald trump pyongyang says he not take part in the meeting if the u.s. insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons the white house says it's too hopeful the summit will take place. and german chancellor angela merkel has said the iranian nuclear agreement is not ideal but it is the best option on the table on the table at the moment a common scheme in a wide ranging speech to the german parliament. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin lots more coming up shortly do stay with me if you can.
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that the entire country the champion of free and fearless for the last sixty years just look for mines. birth place home to movements of species played a home worth saving play those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and resource issues. was out of people you cannot protect the forest community interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection above using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global india's
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future i am in series of global three thousand on t.w. and online play. you're watching think of the news coming to you live from berlin and i'm a pleasure to have your company coming up in the next fifteen minutes a filipino maids and monitor in kuwait. a deal to improve workers' rights. and in india the experience of flying while staying firmly on the ground. but first to malaysia where a politician has declared a new dawn for the country opposition leader ibrahim has been released from prison and pardoned as part of a deal with newly elected prime minister mahathir mohamad abraham is also set to take over as prime minister after two years his release caps days of historic political change in the country following elections last week. greeted by his
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supporters in the press and why abraham enjoyed his newfound freedom. for the past three years the malaysian politician has been in jail and most recently hospital for what he said were trumped up sodomy charges. he's already served time for corruption but after being pardoned by the king this opposition leader could become the country's next prime minister though there is a new door overbill is. very that people melissa who by the principle is all democracy freedom. that change is already started thanks to last week's shock election result. being prime minister since two thousand and nine was defeated ending the sixty year rule of his coalition for the first time there's a new political party in charge. but there's nothing new about the man at the top
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ninety two year old mahathir mohamad had previously held that job for twenty two years only defecting to the opposition two years ago. he was also the man who first sent anwar ibrahim to prison in the early ninety's however they've been political allies with him serving as his deputy prime minister but their relationship soured in the latest twist it was the prime minister who was behind his old photos released from jail. they said it was i who put him in detention now i set him free but. the. prime minister mohammed has signalled anwar will replace him within two years but for now the hero of the moment is enjoying his liberty. we head to the philippines next where the government has been looking into how filipino workers in. it are treated by their employers this after the brutal murder
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off a woman joanna demo fellas by her employers now she worked in kuwait as a maid and her body was found in a freezer in an employer's home in february her killing prompted philippines president details to two brand filipinos from working in the gulf country an official estimates put the number of filipino workers in kuwait at more than two hundred and fifty thousand they are part of roughly ten million filipino filipinos who work abroad last year this sent home more than twenty eight billion dollars in remittances this my controverted run ten percent of the philippines g.d.p. the one man streamed ties between kuwait and the philippines last week both nations signed a breakthrough agreement on workers' rights that appeared to ease tensions but not before thousands had returned home to the philippines from kuwait home
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last hundreds of overseas filipino workers arriving in manila after their flight from kuwait by god's grace i'm back in the philippines i can i move freely without fear so everything is ok. you know. they were answering the call of their government which had demanded to come home following reports of abuse the most shocking of which shamed a nation. her name was due on a demo felice in twenty fourteen she posted for two of her visit to this organization who were helping her start a new life abroad as a housemaid in kuwait two years later her body was found mutilated and stuffed in a freezer she had been tortured the couple she worked for confessed. it prompted an international backlash with philippines president rodriguez banning
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filipinos from emigrating to the gulf state and calling on thousands living there to come home. government to do its best unit there and reset them. but these i'm. and family. in february on a demo fellas his body was reunited with her family the murder shine a light on the conditions of more than two hundred thousand filipino workers in kuwait. but relations went from bad to worse when diplomats took matters into their own hands videos a marriage purporting to short embassy staff rescuing domestic workers want to know . google and then in the. kuwaiti authorities were furious expelling the philippines ambassador he defended the rescue stunts.
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we asked public servants of people that are here to promote. and protect the interests of overseas to be more workers anywhere in the world. as these women head for the families they left behind the well being of millions of other filipino workers in the middle east remains an open question. and for more we can go to correspondent an up the son toss in the philippines capital a money honor what are the key elements of the agreement to regulate working conditions for filipino workers in kuwait. the agreement that was signed last friday had a number of different protocols and long the most salient ones were you know the basics like assuring workers that they would have access to their passport and their cellphones at all times there's also a provision to set up a joint committee made up of. nationals and officials so that they can monitor
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these protections for our workers and there's also a provision in there that sanctions abusive employers and recruitment agencies it should be noticed or it should be noted however that a lot of the provisions were very different from the existing direct domestic worker law that kuwait passed in twenty fifteen so while this is a good thing it's always a good thing that the two countries came together implementation of this agreement will be very very paramount how we're going to ferment it in monitor it so given all of that on a how far will this agreement goal in assuring safety full of these workers working in the gulf area. it is a small step in the right direction and hopefully what a lot of labor groups are saying is it will push the other labor sending countries to actually advocate for better protections for their own workers not just the filipino workers but at the same time lot of their always been pointing out that
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the main problem is the kafala system which governs most of employment relations in the gulf countries. system gives so much control to the employer over their work at the big comparing this just conditions of modern day slavery so until the kafala system is radically radically changed or abolished these uses will continue so how common are these cases of abuse and why do maids seek employment in the god given that that position that is so insecure in terms of security. well it's unfortunately i got government data from the libyan officials and there is a recorded one hundred ninety six workers who died in kuwait since one sixteen and embassy has made of six thousand cases of sexual abuse and rape since twenty seventeen or in the year two hundred seventeen and one case of any of those deaths rape and sexual abuse is just too many but unfortunately there aren't enough jobs
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here in the philippines you know that's why there's so many people who live and work abroad to seek a better life and a better job. and happy santos in the philippines in the capital money love thank you very much for that. let me know being you have to fit some other stories making news around the want in indonesia at least one officer has been killed and several others wounded in an attack on police barracks in the town of rio police shot and killed four of the your feelings and wounded one other the group slammed a minivan into a gate at the barracks and attacked officers with someone i saw once. you pull a man in china has escaped with more than forty five thousand euros worth of items in a daring raid on a jewelry store that is according to chinese state television serbians footage showed him squeezing under the store's shutters before filling a bag and making off into the night a police investigation is ongoing you will india has
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a booming aviation industry with dozens of look cost carriers offering flights across the country but for the vast majority air travel still remains out of reach one man has found an alternative for those who may never get a chance to take a real flight as a correspondent nic are found out in delhi. the fact that i believe that it's a deed these children will remember all their lives for many it's the first time aboard an aircraft. but this plane won't be taking off the flight to nowhere is an airline with a difference dreaming up where we are the only worth it officer passengers a taste of flying without ever leaving the ground. many schoolchildren here up or their families cannot afford a real ticket the passengers are treated to a full in-flight experience they receive boarding cards safety briefings. even
4:41 pm
refreshments of the board it's an eye opening experience. i've seen planes in sky i used to think they were really small but now i know they actually huge. i now want to fly to london i've heard that a beautiful things to see a city. some lucky passengers even get to visit the cockpit for what the man behind the project is behind the trunk gupta a retired aircraft engineer he sold his land and bought the decommissioned airbus a three hundred back in two thousand and three for six hundred thousand rupees that's about seven thousand euros a real bargain he charges people according to what they can afford as little as a few euros cents or even nothing at all for the very poor i belong to a very small is good and. becoming then yeah. and then the people from my village days to save your pathetic after they were not
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able to see that. basic idea and basically look at motivation that i work. for people. air travel still remains a luxury for many people in india for those who may never get to take a flight this comes close to the real thing without leaving the ground and it's not the only place for it in delhi. not far away a busy main road that runs battlement to the runway davey's international airport. it's the perfect spot in the evening to watch planes land. trees double up the streets. it's all about getting the right back to twenty. for the poor migrant workers here shelling out four thousand rupees of fifty euros put a cheap flight ticket is beyond their means. it's my dream to someday take a plane and fly to my village in bihar but that's only if i manage to scrape enough money together for a ticket. further on after we'd be crossing
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regulars you swear this is the closest you can get as the turbojets takeoff. of god in my village the planes fly really high up in the sky but from here you can see them up close it's an amazing feeling. let him provided personal best and we may not have the money for a plane ticket but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about what it must feel like to be up in the sky. back of the flight to know where passengers simulate an evacuation to finish the experience. rarely has an emergency situation seem like so much fun. facebook has been on a somewhat deleting spree in new figures published this week the social media giant says it's got rid of over half a billion mostly fake accounts from its that form it's also cracking down on posts
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that break its rules on violence sex and hate speech with me here is fredricka. the social media desk. tell us more what a big down these numbers for us but first a shelf point out this is the first time that ever that facebook has figures of what's happening behind the scenes and the figures of content that it's been deleting we can look at some of those numbers it's going to be quite a few so you have to bear with me a little bit. so to get a better idea in the first quarter of this year facebook says he has removed five hundred eighty three million fake accounts from its platform it has also detected and removed eight hundred sixty five point eight million posts that's mostly containing spam but also posts that contain nudity hate speech graphic violence terrorism and what facebook is now saying is that the majority of these
4:45 pm
opposed to the majority of these accounts where detected to magically by its artificial intelligence however this system is not perfect is still a little it still needs some some work some working on given the huge numbers it seems facebook's algorithms i'm not picking up everything you know they're not and i mean it really has to do a lot with the type of content we're talking about there are some categories of content of offensive content that are more difficult for them to pick up. some content is needs the intervention of a human moderator and here are some figures as well we can see that facebook technology in the last in the first quarter of this year was able to detect on its own eighty six percent of posts containing graphic violence for example they were also very precise at detecting terror related content they were able to detect ninety nine point five percent of posts with supporting messages for of for example
4:46 pm
the yes or al qaeda terror groups but take a look at that last. when it comes for example to hate speech that's a bit trickier for an algorithm so we're able on their own to only pick up thirty eight percent of posts containing hate speech and that is because when it comes to culture cultural references and you know things and concepts that need some kind of context realisation that's harder for an algorithm to pick up compared to for example graphic violence that that's something easier to detect but there is a lot of his speech going to run on facebook but to me why is facebook sharing this information with us facebook and its c.e.o. mark zuckerberg are under high pressure at the moment to show that they are doing more and that there be more transparent and of course that pressure has increased massively since the latest death of privacy scandal i mean we know data from
4:47 pm
millions of facebook users has ended up in the hands of analytic. and also facebook has been a key i mean criticize for quite a long time of not doing enough to tackle to tackle for example inflammatory content on its platform or not being fast enough dealing with it so that cover is under a lot of pressure to show that facebook is doing better and i think we. it's fair enough for us also to welcome this efforts that they're doing also though we should keep in mind that i mean we're in a position now that we kind of have to trust what facebook is saying because they are this was a self report for example given the track record i mean some people might argue and maybe we don't really want to trust them and in this world trust is of a big big a budget thank you very much for being that information to us.
4:48 pm
images have a good job you call for duction back had to bring them up to me at night bond there was just museum collections right here in the german capital it's so unique treasury that it was seen by the prussian head of foundation. and with me is the director of the film doc korea welcome doggle first to ford tell us it seems the film's credit really. rich images how long did the production take well i've been working on it now for over two years but funnily enough we are not finished yet because last night we had the premiere of the version of the film that will open in cinemas tomorrow but for t.v. we will expand that version to a two part documentary and that will keep us busy at least till the end of this year and it seems that there were some five million objects and even more want to
4:49 pm
do you got a few no decide to choose rich ones you wanted to focus on well if you start with the options objects and try to make a selection just to figure out which are the most beautiful ones or the most exciting ones or get lost because there are too many so we wanted to create and entertaining citing journey through the history of mankind and we one we try to figure out what are the big issues and questions that probably occupy people's minds in all cultures at all ages those are questions big philosophical questions like do we have to fear death what comes off toward and very personal questions like what makes up my identity who am i and you try to select objects according to those questions very important criteria before we talk for the let's take a look at a part of. fish. cultural heritage foundation has one of the world's largest collections comprising five million objects held by
4:50 pm
nineteen institutions in the german capital the film berlin's treasure trove brings them to life director doug heye as selected a few of those objects as starting points to explore big questions what is beauty do we need to fear death co-produced by daughter bella and the german broadcasters are b.b. and outer the film premiered in berlin on tuesday evening it invites the audience on a journey through human history. learn a great deal in museums and you get told stories and the better someone is at explaining those things the more fascinating it all is. what significance to these our treasures have for us today the film offers insight into a rich cultural heritage connecting us to the history of our ancestors many of the objects originate from other countries and were brought to berlin from asia south america or africa sometimes their history in provenance are problematic one example is a royal throne from cameroon lushly decorated with precious glass. the film explores
4:51 pm
the items history and goes on a journey to its country of origin. who saw. me do through two or. three cumulus this case you see. the cameroonian royal thrown from the kingdom of was a diplomatic gift from king enjoy to kaiser wilhelm the second one of the consequences for us today it's in berlin legally but we have a responsibility to the museum and. the collection of the pression cultural heritage foundation is a living network it's continually being developed further with the help of new research this film allows the viewer to take part in the adventure of this vital process now berlin's treasure trove is on release in german cinemas. and then you know we saw a boss a friend of what we saw also saw that you also
4:52 pm
a desperate some trisha's would you associate rid gemini's colonial possum that's a hockey debated issue at the moment how do you approach the subject while we chose the object of the throne that we just saw from cameroon and we went there went to a very royal museum and to the royal palace in the kingdom with in cameroon where the throne is from and we were really interested what kind of answers we would get what they feel about the question that the throne is in berlin and. you could feel that it is a sensitive issue and they could have told us well we would love to have the room back but. another aspect seemed more important to them and i think there's a great desire to intensify the cultural dialogue with germany and the throne being in berlin is perceived as an ambassador or to remind us of the fact that we have a shared history and we need to continue that history in
4:53 pm
a positive way and i think if. research needs to that kind of stories it's very valuable and exciting and. then all of a sudden these problematic objects become the most powerful objects in the collections because they have the power to open up a new chapter between us and the society as were these objects were originally from and that's a very interesting perspective now while you're working on this trip i mean was there anything that really surprised to you all kind of struck you and impressed you but i told you that we would try to figure out what the main questions were that mankind was interested in and it was really striking that we could find objects for all of these questions we came up with within the collections of the pression cultural heritage foundation sure it's really a treasure it's huge and i think we can look at one example. this is a painting that you can see in the commander got to be a portrait. painted by. all of the merchant. and he
4:54 pm
surrounds himself with precious objects like a little high tech object from the tile a little table clock and you can see the beautiful carpet on the table and if you want to see these objects you just have to go next door. where there's a museum of art decorative arts and you can see like take a clock like that in the original or you can go to the. museum for islamic art and you can find these kind of carpets and so it's really pretty unique that you can. make these discoveries within one huge collection and the film is they actually called treasure trove it has its premiere yesterday and isn't german cinema it will open tomorrow and german cinema and to see it on t.v. you have to wait for the expanded version that will be on d w next year i think
4:55 pm
you'll be worth waiting for the doctor i thank you very much for coming in and telling us about your film and also giving us insight as to what it contains thank you very much. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you north korea has threatened to cancel a historic summit with the u.s. president donald trump pyongyang fails it will not take part in the meeting if the u.s. insists it must get rid of its nuclear weapons the white house says it's just hopeful the summit will happen. and. has said iran nuclear agreement is not perfect but it is the best option on the table after momentos comments came in a wide ranging speech to the german parliament. going to iraq to be with you shortly with more.
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a term. this you know i mean when you're my noticing growing you get in when you cry i don't want to. be nobody and unanimous. the show could go because as you've already yes it's a. question i. can only say it but i caught it going on with the game fun to. see it because as you say i said. this is it we knew it was live from berlin moving the goalpost north korea
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threatens to pull the plug from the much anticipated historic summit with us the president donald trump the white house keeping firm voicing hope that the talks will go ahead as planned north korea already backing out of high level talks with so so is the north getting cold feet we'll have reaction from washington also coming up pushing back on the american defense the iran nuclear deal saying it's the best way to support peace as to bill.


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