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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is the w.'s line from berlin a showdown over summit demands plans for a historic meeting between the u.s. and north korea appear increasingly in doubt tonight the white house says the u.s. will still insist on the denuclearization of north korea and that we'll see if the meeting goes ahead well this after pyongyang threatened to pull out of the summit altogether if washington was going to demand that it give up its nukes we're live in washington. with like you don't need me taking
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criticism from you counsel president donald tusk who lashes out at u.s. president donald trump we'll tell you what prompted the e.u.'s leader's blunt attack. with. only iraq thank you very much for a company everyone while we start off with north korea's about face a historic summit with the u.s. now increasingly in doubt president donald trump acknowledged that it's unclear whether the much anticipated meeting was still on insisting pyongyang must abandon its nuclear arsenal to north korea cast doubt on the meeting saying it would not take part in the talks if it is going to be quote a one sided affair where it is pressure to give up its nukes. history being written only a few weeks ago at the summit of the north and south korean leaders. yan said it
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was prepared to denuclearize but now north korea has put the brakes on. and a possible sign of growing problems the north perspire a summit shed year old with south korea. the reason. these the annual us south korea joint military exercises the taking place the u.s. and south korea were surprised and disappointed. that it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally perspire on the upcoming high level talks i don't know if this is something that we fully expected the president is very used to ready for tough negotiations and if they want to me will be ready and if they don't that's ok to. continue with a campaign of maximum pressure that's the case but like i said if they want to meet
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the president will certainly be ready and we will be prepared but if not that's where i think president trump is taking credit for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace last month meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who have been held prisoner in north korea their release was hailed as yet another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air. washroom virtue's alexander phenomenon joins us now our eyes are it's kind of looking increasingly like the talks are off the table or is this just all pre-summit posturing. well the white house seems to be trying to play down the whole issue during a meeting in the oval office president trump briefly respond to questions about summits and north korea he just said we'll see what happens we'll have to see he also said that the administration has not heard and seeing has
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not seen and i think has not been notified at all referring probably to the effect that we have now it's seen and the official cancellation of for the talks by the north korean regime so the wise house is clearly trying to play down the whole issue also showing that you know they have not been too naive and trusting by their viewing or by committing to have this meeting in the first place alexander what seems to have a very north korea are comments made by the new were u.s. national security advisor john bolton what did he say that brought about this dramatic turn of events. well john bolton who is known for his hawkish views on north korea has said that that north korea must commit to a libya style this armaments we have to remind ourselves. agreed to get rid
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of its nuclear and chemical weapons programs in return. for sanction relief but only a few years later. was overthrown and gadhafi was brutally killed sort of course it's not mortal for north korea and so we have to say that john bolton has faced some criticism here in the united states for making this remark some experts even said that they might jeopardize the talks with north korea right and it looks like that is happening right now as we speak i want to first xandra briefly if you can how big of a blow with this before president donald trump if these talks were to fall through it would be disappointing and barras seeing because president trump has repeatedly said that it was he's campaigning maximum pressure that has brought us to this
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point in the first place and that he is the only one who could close the deal and convince north korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons programs didn't use washington bureau chief alexander phenomena reporting thank you. and all of this playing out as the european leaders are gathering tonight in bug area and u.s. diplomacy is very much on the agenda the big hitters from across europe recently arrived from recently arrived from the meet for the meeting and among them german chancellor angela merkel who has criticized the u.s. for its would draw off on the iran nuclear deal british prime minister to resign may and spanish or premier my anoda who are also at the talks which are also likely to address us the imposition of trade tariffs on europe.
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while i mean while a european council president donald to us kaz lashed out at president donald trump a statement came ahead of this meeting of european leaders that is taking place right now where the u.s. withdrawal from the iran deal and the steel tariffs are expected to dominate the discussions. looking at the latest decisions of presidents. so i won't see them sitting. with friends like the enemy. but frankly speaking. you should be grateful by president. because. we have got to rid of old age. because. if you need a hand. you will find. your. stinging criticism there from european council president donald to scare you correspondent
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bob available is in the capital sofia where e.u. leaders are arriving for their dinner barbara just how low can transatlantic relations go before reaching out breaking point. if we talk about rock bottom level of the question is what's below it deep dungeon maybe actually what we are seeing here is really a sort of deep freeze in transatlantic relations that many and most people who will present you and observing this event cannot ever remember even at the height of the anger and fury about the iraq war between president bush and the european union and particularly germany and france when we remember it was never like this it was always we have allies we have problems with different opinions but with elyse now we're at the point where many european countries question this and we heard this just from the council president and he usually talks to e.u.
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leaders before they get together to a meeting like this one so he does mirror some of the mood that will be at this dinner and will be in the hall when leaders are meeting twenty eight talking and pretty much everybody will want to have his say because as i said there is a tremendous amount of anger among them and that is not backing down a basically staring down the u.s. over the iran nuclear deal i just wonder barbara how far is brussels prepared to go because isn't it basically powerless in the face of well u.s. power. they are trying not to be i mean that's that's they're really steeling themselves to sort of stand up to trump because if you listen to somebody like the french president among the crowd was furious about the way he was treated more you know paraded around and made a big show off and then send sent away empty handed and so people feel european leaders fear and similar angela merkel they feel that they are being treated with
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contempt and krunk says we cannot and do not want to be vassals to the united states so they are trying to stand up they're trying to devise measures to counteract american sanctions they're trying to devise for instance alternate. sources of investment money to to support investment in iran and its separate banking system to circumvent american banks so there's a whole bundle of measures and the europeans are really trying to have their best to stand comes from these measures that you're reporting on i mean these are long long term programs that they have to implement i wonder if it's too little too late for the immediate future for this deal in particular. they are going to move very quickly let mean the iranians have given them like thirty to sixty days
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just to come up that was a plan to save the deal and europeans know that they have to make it worthwhile for iran to stick to the deal economically that's the most important thing that's to keep the hardliners away from toppling the regime against tehran and turning politics completely around and totally hostile so they are really trying to act very quickly get some money together get some plans together get some measures together to put a check to companies that do want to invest and work in iran and france france has said we're going to continue to buy oil and gas from here on and so there is a lot of defines in europe and they're trying their best you correspondent reporting from bulgaria capital sofia thank you. all right when i bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has agreed to appear before the european parliament in the wake of the global data sharing scandal the parliament's president antonio
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a thai yani confirmed on twitter that sucker berg would clarify issues as early as next week fresh from cambridge analytic usher at the data of nearly three million e.u. based facebook accounts without their consent but a model has opened an embassy in jerusalem guatemalan president jimmy morales and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu attend that the opening which comes a two days after tensions were raised to a boiling point by the opening of the u.s. embassy in the city israeli troops shot dead dozens of palestinian protesters at the gaza border. a man in china has a skate with more than forty five thousand euros worth of items in a daring raid on a jewelry store a chinese state television broadcast this is c.c.t.v. footage there is surveillance showing him squeezing under the store shutters before filling a bag and making off into the night
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a police investigation is still ongoing arts and sports news for you now the europa league final kicks off in france tonight olympic must say and atletico madrid will face off in what is both this club's the last chance to win a trophy this season while the french outfit are known for their attacking prowess at the tico are the masters of defense is sure to be a thrilling spectacle on the pitch. must have been devastating goal scoring form this season stop play to me has not stopped twenty four assists while florrie until vaughan has set up a scene in school twenty six however the french outfit are a long way away from the nineteen nineties heyday when they won the champions league and reached two more european finals. crucial to him all the pros will want to imitate what a famous previous searches did. athletico stands in our way i mean know that it's
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going to be very difficult it's going to be quite a mission but that would make it even more of a sensation if we did get our hands on the trophy. opponents athletico madrid will be a tough nut to crack they have the meanest defense in spain with just twenty goals conceded in the leg and their threat up front two and one creates men has racked up twenty seven goals and fifteen assists and would be a good to impress on home soil as recent winners and champions league regulars at letty co are the favorites. too we need to minimise their attacking prowess or get on with their great side going forward and have a lot of ambition community that had an excellent season in europe and in the french league i think it will be a beautiful mansion in a beautiful final thought and we have two teams have a very similar style but both efficient play direct football and use the ball very well to them within the. coach diego simeone he won't be on the bench for the final
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as he is still serving a touchline ban but the occasion will surely be enough to motivate both sets of players. you're watching the w. news a still coming up in business how one phone maker on the brink of collapse has become a bargaining chip in efforts to avoid a trade war between the united states and china that's coming up with band in just a few and i say god help me out of. the. earth the home we're saving googling to do is tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global oil deals the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.


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