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on the bench for the final as he is still serving at touchline ban the occasion will surely be enough to motivate both sets of players. you're watching t w news is still coming up in business how one phone maker on the brink of collapse has become a bargaining chip in efforts to avoid a trade war between the united states and china that's coming up with ben interesting and also going to help me out. earth the home worth saving google india's tells stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas the environment series of global three thousand on d w and online. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. are going to be growing
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there either be sure you get there with us now or innovations magazine for in. the us from every week and look into the future on the w. dot com science and research for asia. is it a case of chinese whispers or leaders getting their message through the trade telcel between china and the u.s. threatens turning into a trade war but at least they're talking. and the race for tech supremacy has the rivalry between the united states and china left europe in the dust forever i've been physical and let's do business trade tensions continue to rise between the globe's top to work on a mate's china is stepping up inspections of key u.s. imports like paul can cause terror frets from both sides hang over billions of
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dollars of goods that could spark a trade or now another high level delegation from beijing is visiting washington. he might feel like he has china in the palm of his hand u.s. president donald trump placed sanctions on chinese electronics giant z t that almost ruined them but now trump is promising to be more lenient and help them back into business provided china scrapped plans to impose sanctions on u.s. agricultural imports. it is well known that the present president wants to reduce the bilateral trade gap. i think the way you do that is for china to lower barriers across the board in the us export now and do it that also creates growth their growth keeping these barriers down is important for u.s. farmers they would be hit hardest by the chinese tariffs announced in retaliation to trump's plans tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum imports farmers are
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important voters for donald trump and he'll need their support at the mid-term elections come autumn. similar poll is executive director of the german chamber of commerce in china first of all you have a lot to do with german companies operating in the country that tell me a little bit about the chinese first. they really playing along with trump's game right now i mean it's really hard for me as a journalist to work out what's going on but they seem to be playing trump straight game well i think what you have seen from the from the chinese the way they were always reacting when mr trump put it to terrorists in the first place two three two they reacted to it in the same amount and then it was a three a one section and then tariffs there and then also they reacted to this as well so they're keeping their cool but who has the upper hand china or the u.s. i mean the u.s. is the biggest economy shore big china does have it's
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a rising economic power and could take over the u.s. of some stage in the next year is i mean is that a threat to the trump is taking seriously well i think what i can tell you from the german perspective is because we are so intertwined with the german companies in china it is such an important market for them and also in german companies in the u.s. so we are clearly here in the in the middle of that and that's five we are it also creates quite some uncertainty for german companies in china this kind of trade friction between the u.s. and china what does that mean for them being stuck in the middle well we have more than five thousand companies operating in there most of the german companies are producing for the local market there and the asian market but they have clients who could be affected by these tariffs then or overall as i said it creates uncertainty that can have an impact and then also you have german companies in china that i
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getting products from the u.s. that could be affected products or parts that could be affected by these tariffs so overall as i said we are concerned about this and it affected by sanctions as well not exactly but he said t e what about the us is withdrawal from the iran. where does that leave these companies you've represented well i think overall the whole thing creates uncertainty among the german companies and that's why we are also seeing this all should be solved union led or old rules and broken to troll should be solved within i want to read them a framework that's going to be asking where do you see it all going though we've got talks of the moment between china and the us germany the europeans are stuck in the middle as you say where do you see this all going well i think first of all as you can see every day something else is happening there is just a delegation from china that through to the united states and with the aid minister
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so i think one has to also wait and see a little bit of what this talks will come out by the as we as i said before for us i think it is important that we are not getting more terrorists more trade barriers we are clearly asking for less and all being solved in a reliable framework in a global framework could it end up that way could we see lower tariffs and more growth could could this all just be a game as i called it before i don't know if you want to call it a game i think this is. a word i would not use but i think what on our part board we can do i think we will do everything that became and that it will be solved in a multilateral way because i think germany as it is so internationalized as an economy and all the companies that's what we need these calm and reliable global rules paula thank you very much for coming in today thank you ben thanks for having
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me. don of privacy versus innovation europeans especially germans don't like companies gathering their information but it's what's powered the tech giants in both the united states and china in particular the prize europe takes home right now is that taking the lead in regulation. europe has been left behind creating tech titans has so far proven the domain of the u.s. but china holding challenger status both countries have been able to take advantage of gigantic domestic markets targeted investment in the mastery of the script of a winner take all models that have allowed the likes of google and facebook to thrive. those are only two out of the five most valuable public companies in the world all tech companies from the u.s. . china is catch up strategy appears to be working its technology champions ten percent and are now both in the top ten european companies are nowhere to be seen
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amongst the global elite. but the seeming omnipotence of tech giants could be waning and it's europe bringing it in. competition commissioner my plate of a stagger has pursued huge antitrust case and against silicon valley's biggest slopping billions in regulatory fines and starting next week europe's general data protection regulation or g d p r will require businesses to increase protections on the data of citizens europe's lead and regulation could be an opportunity for the continent tech industry if it means european companies get better at building socially responsible alternatives to today's big tech but will they. question focus on both head of the german american chambers of commerce in san francisco thank you very much for coming in why doesn't europe or germany have been a quiver learnt of silicon valley and in the united states look i mean silicon
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valley is a really unique ecosystem and i think especially the business to consumer companies that we're talking about that are in the news right now facebook google we did miss the boat on that i don't think we saw that as a viable business model in the beginning we're much more industrial focused and so i think that's where we're lagging and we're probably not in the space right now where we. want to catch up on that particular segment right now will we at some stage see a german google or apple or facebook. look at the i think we could at this point that the ecosystem has developed in a way that we really we have the funding these days we have the talent but i would argue probably we could invest the talent that we have a better ways if we look at the emerging technologies artificial intelligence but probably one of the biggest ones to talk about that's where there's an opportunity to take a leadership position still obviously the silicon valley there's a lot of innovation going on not even talk about china but still i think it's at a point where europe can play a leading role or many would argue that china has taken the lead an artificial intelligence already and that it's managed to do that because of the lax privacy
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data rules in china big daughter is. vital absolutely vital for artificial intelligence how would the germans manage with something like that look i think the chinese ecosystem is very special it's hard to get into that market and i think the g.d.p. ours giving us one opportunity to level the playing field in a sense i think the consumer is now waking up to the fact that their data is being used in a way that they never imagined before. i think i'm just looking at the opportunity for getting the right talent getting the right investment and having the companies that can actually need to use this technology to stay ahead of the curve so i think it's not only an opportunity it's a bit of a necessity that that we invest heavily in that field well those new data rules do come into effect next week it puts users in control of their own daughter. what's going to happen to those us take their operating here. look it's interesting to see
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how they are reacting or right now some of them to seem to take a bit of a wait and see approach very light supply cation of the g.d.p. pushing a lot of responsibility out to some of the partners and we'll see how the european union reacts to their first attempt to comply with the g.d.p. but i do think it will level the playing field. sense and i think it's something the consumer has been waiting for and also the consumers in the us a waking up to so it's not just for the europeans i think the american consumer will also create a sense that oh we're missing out on something here i'd like to control my privacy as well you don't worry though that it will deepen the tech divide by the trans via the atlantic i actually don't think so again i think the consumer is going to dictate a lot of that and the consumer has noticed that it's changed a lot since they started using the internet when they didn't really know what they were giving up and what they're getting in return i think the consumer is becoming much more focused on privacy and and taking control of this virtual identity in
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a sense it's a tricky balance the balancing privacy and innovation basically opening networks so that we can innovate but no to what extent privacy is at stake and look i mean it's a slippery slope and over regulation will stifle investment in in these technologies and that will give other other countries you know for the foot up but again i think the consumer has a right to control that out in a way and if at least on a transatlantic level it probably levels the playing field in a in a good way for us because they will thank you very much for coming in thank you. and i service with you. cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut
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cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut cut. into the conflict zones. this week conflicts on those in selma doing new music to argue because she is a member of the u.k. in column one for various console this is clear strong social you it has a ton of growing divisions and look over religion and migration clearly. politicians love you know using religious issues conflicts so for next.
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monsoons the tropical forests. of the city of the sun comes. to claim its destruction. starting may twenty. this week conflict zone is installing a munich to talk to and give the county she is a member of the european parliament for various conservative christian social union at a time of growing divisions in europe over religion and migration we ask should politicians not the avoiding religious issues.


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