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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is. from berlin or europe in the u.s. on a collision course with the e.u. council president lashing out at u.s. president. bush. it comes as european leaders gather to discuss the nuclear deal and the threat of u.s. sanctions the widening transatlantic rift what's at stake also coming up the white house admits that the plan is historic summit with north korea could be. president
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still insisting on the denuclearization of north korea pyongyang says that could end the negotiations before they even begin. i'm bored go off it's good to have you with us is that special relationship between europe and the united states under threat to the transatlantic relationship on shaky ground as european leaders have gathered for a meeting in bogota it comes at a critical time with the fallout from the u.s. decision to pull out of the nuclear deal weighing heavily on the e.u. and german chancellor angela merkel who has criticized the u.s. for its withdrawal from the deal is among the leaders taking part tonight they're also expected to discuss their response to the threat of u.s. trade tariffs on europe. well ahead of the meeting the european council president
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lashed out at president donald trump he had some very strong words. looking at the latest officials of president. someone could see them fitting. with friends like that then an eighth. about frankly speaking. europe should be grateful by president. because thanks to him. we have got to rid it of all he loses. he has made us realize that if you need a hand. you will find one at the end of your. stinging stinging criticism there from mr let's take this story now to our correspondent barbara bays will she's in the bulgarian capital sofia where there's e.u. leaders are meeting tonight good evening to you barbara i mean when i when i hear
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mr jealous saying words like that i have to ask how low can the transatlantic relationship go before it reaches the breaking point. so the question really what's been the rock bottom is there something like deep dungeons or complete and forever deep frozen it really is a very bad atmosphere and we have to consider that donald trump makes the rounds of e.u. leaders before summits like this he talks to some in person to others on the telephone so when he talks like this it means the mood is like that he mood is largely what leaders have been telling him and everybody is really very angry particularly the french president. who feels like an animal dragged through the arena in washington made a big show off and then sent home and empty handed and a couple of days later trump comes out and says ha ha i'm going to trash the deal anyway and something similar holds true for i'm going to marco so the main european
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really furious was donald trump and they are now really considering what to do how to stand up to him and that's the essential question at the moment and that is what them milling about over did and not much food being eaten but everybody speaks about this yeah and we've heard you know all week that europe is going to stand up in is going to be self-sufficient but you know there's a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk there's news coming out tonight that the french oil giant tall has threatened to pull its business out of iran unless it gets an exemption from those u.s. sanctions that means that brussels is going to have to do some business with washington for that to happen our european union leaders are they starting to feel the pressure now from both sides in this crisis. of course they do feel the pressure and that is exactly what they're up against and it
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seems all symptomatic that this news channel announcing that they're going to turn back at their back on iran and those huge investment in developing a gas field that was planned there that was the biggest foreign investment that was sort of for seen in iran that they were going to pull the spec because they had looking to their shareholder value and they say we have to make our decisions with regard to commercial reasons we can't deal in political considerations so the european union will have to figure out a way to convince washington not to sanction probably you know the development of natural resources in iran making exception for that or come up with some other protective measures and that's what they're talking about all night is what can we actually do to protect business against sanctions from washington. all right of course vulnerable provisional the story ports tonight in bulgaria barbara thank you
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very much. now here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has agreed to appear before the european parliament in the wake of the global data sharing scandal and tonio to johnny the parliament's president confirmed on twitter today that would clarify issues as early as next week the british firm cambridge analytical shared the data of nearly three million base facebook users without their consent what a model has and with an embassy enjoy. the president of guatemala you see right there jimmy morale is from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu attended the opening today which comes just two days after tensions were raised to boiling point by the opening of the u.s. embassy in the city israeli troops shot dead dozens of palestinian protesters at the gaza border into the usual one officer has been killed and several others wounded in an attack on police barracks in the town of. police shot and killed four
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of the assailants and wounded one other the group slammed a minivan into a gate at the barracks and attacked officers with samurai sword. a man in china has a skate with more than forty five thousand euros worth of items in a daring raid on a jewelry store look at this video here chinese state television reported this now surveillance footage showing him squeezing under the store's shutters before filling a bag and making off into the night well that's how you rob a place a police investigation is underway. well after an about face by north korea plans for that historic summit with the u.s. are now in doubt u.s. president donald trump acknowledging that it's unclear whether the much anticipated meeting is still on insisting that p.r. nyang must abandon its nuclear arsenal north korea says that it will not take part in the talks if it is pressured to give up its nukes. history being written only a few weeks ago at a summit of the north and south korean leaders. where pyongyang said it was
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prepared to denuclearize. but now north korea the reason these annual us south korea joint military exercises that are currently taking place. in south korea expressed surprise and disappointment at the news. it's regrettable that north korea has decided to unilaterally postpone the upcoming high level talks. back in washington president donald trump said he had been officially notified about north korea's threat to cancel their planned summit next month we haven't seen anything we haven't heard anything we will see what happened very early or the white house press secretary indicated that the president was prepared to roll with whatever decision the north koreans make. we'll continue with a campaign of maximum pressure that's the case but like i said if they want to meet
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the president will certainly be ready and we will be prepared but if not that's apparently trump has taken credit for shepherding the korean peninsula towards peace last month meeting newly freed u.s. citizens who had been held prisoner in north korea. their release was hailed as yet another sign of thawing relations with pyongyang but now out of nowhere things could be up in the air. or in the studio with me now is honest knows where he is a professor at the graduate school of east asian studies at the for university here in berlin a familiar face to our viewers it's good to have you back on the show what are we seeing right now coming from north korea is this a case of kim jong only giving us president donald trump a dose of his own diplomatic medicine you know i think you can put it that way i think there is a the cowboy in the west and he's the cowboy in the east and they know. how to communicate with each other as long as this stays on a level where they catch the very very precarious issue with with care and
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responsibly i think it's fine until now they're just communicating ok communicating and putting on a show i guess but they're also raising the stakes or at least he is raising the stakes for trump isn't it because with each problem that you have that makes a failure in the talks look even more i guess negative for the u.s. president would you agree with their well that's basically correct yes i would agree but it's also important he wants to get his message the message across to trump to the world that they have very high interest in the talks but they wouldn't won't give in very easily so they want a piece of the cake and it's also a message to demand for domestic use they they have to satisfy the hardliners and explain to the public why they don't change and go to would. the proposals given by the u.s. . comments by the new u.s. national security advisor john bolton i mean his comments of anger the north
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koreans i mean what did he say that brought about this dramatic turn of events i mean you see the real reason we're seeing this yeah they were very clear about that they have very annoyed by john bolton because they have the experience but in particular because he mentioned the libya model with gadhafi and we know all how the story went gadhafi voluntarily gave up his nukes and all the other weapons of mass destruction and then a couple of years afterwards he got shot by the rebel forces which were supported by the night oh that's right the worst case scenario it's the red rag for for for the north koreans of course i mean with kim jong un he's aware of what happened to libya he has seen what has happened with iran's nuclear deal and so he's looking at all of this is he actually in a better position. to have. go in to negotiate the don't want to up is that possible yes i really do think so because now the timing is very good also with
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being in place of course it's completely different country and in the region with the chinese with the south koreans very well mediating between the parties which is very important to to reach is the stain of full agreement in the end because both sides both sides can make sure that what they are negotiating will will was. so this is quite different from the on deep end north korea's nuclear weapons ok north korea has nuclear weapons and if there is not change let's assume then that the denuclearization goal is not met and the summit is a failure i mean for us president trump it could be a really low point in his tenure but you know for him he has a term maybe a second term and then that's it for kim jong il and he's losing face let's say if there if it's not a success for him but then he goes back to north korea and then what yeah that's a very good question because he actually now agreed to come out and to continue the
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dialogue with the u.s. and with south korea because he's interested to to develop his country further to have the very slight but existing development and in the economy of north korea to push that further to develop the country to become a normal member of the international community and this will be very difficult i mean i mean how do you backtrack on that and he does control the media you know the information they get is one sided so can you can you go back and forth and yoyo with the public like that and still maintain absolute control yeah i'm pretty sure that he can he prove that for the last couple of years and his father did so this is not really the problem but the bigger problem is to set this fire this very small but growing middle class that's also existing in south korea because they want to develop and they want to live wealthy and they want to. i mean we've got about thirty seconds mr mosley do you think we're going to see more episodes what we've seen this week before we reach that june summit yes i think so and i think
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it's at this point not to worry about it's the normal communication between the two call boys in the east and in the west the cowboy in the east in the west that's an interesting way of putting it always appreciate your insights thank you. and here's a story that we're following for you european leaders are gathering in. expected to be dominated by the u.s. decision to quit the nuclear deal and the threat of u.s. . european council president. president saying with friends like that who needs enemies and you can always get. out from the google play store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that to send us photos and videos when you see news happening.
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