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good malaria story for millions live. this is the news coming to you live from. the victims of the gonzalez. mother who lost her teenage daughter to israeli fire in monday's protests family devastated the community crushed by the decade long lucky course of coming out. to keep iran republic of congo resume concerns the deadly virus may prove tougher
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to contain the populated area. i don't welcome on them without cheema thank you for your company the israeli military says it carried out overnight strikes in gaza in response to machine gunfire from the area this as tensions are running high after more than sixty follow since the killed by israeli gunfire at the gaza border earlier this week the militant group hamas says most of the dead were its members but several mine as well mung the casualties did obvious tanya kramer spoke to one of family in gaza now mourning the teenage daughter. a picture on a phone is all that his last fourteen year old west was killed on monday during the protests here and the refugee camp
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a mother and sister struggle to cope with their loss. and. prevented her from going ahead lock the door with a key and told her i didn't want her to go out that day she said i've been waiting so long for this day please let me go she kept crying. go. sometime after eleven i got the news that she was to make god bless her soul. wessel was with other protesters not far from the border fence when she was shot in the head her mother says she couldn't stop a youngest daughter from going to the protests. was one of the fifty eight killed on monday by israeli sniper fire. the protests have calmed for now the fence has become a symbol of the tight restrictions on movement of people and goods that israel and egypt have imposed for over
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a decade. tarika spent most days near the frontier the seventeen year old doesn't hide the slingshot he uses to launch stones over the fence he says he has no fear. i want my rights if there would only be work for the young people but there is no work. if there were work i would have gotten married yesterday but there's no money no electricity no water nothing the blockade is suffocating us. at gus the city's biggest hospital rooms are crowded with injured patients from the protests nurses and docs is a working around the clock the already stretched health sector has reached its limits once again. the surgeon dr is busy treating a patient with a gunshot wound to his leg some of the injuries are so severe that the limbs have to be amputated. all of these patients will need long term
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treatment maybe a year or more they need different surgeries plastic surgery orthopedic surgery so a lot of things are waiting for them i'm back at the end of the. it's unclear whether the protests will continue people in gaza wonder if they'll actually bring change at the very least they drew the world's attention to gaza's misery for a few days. the first case the deadly ebola virus has been detected in the democratic republic of congo the outbreak has entered a new phase the cord into the country's health minister after spreading from the countryside it's now been found in the north west city of bun dhaka the latest outbreak has already claimed twenty three lives the fear now is that it could spread rapidly in densely populated areas. the first batch of the
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ebola vaccine a rising kinship. the capital of the democratic republic of congo or storage fees are rushing to stop the latest outbreak from spiraling out of control the vaccine itself is still unlicensed but the world health organization says it's proved effective in human trials and it's the only thing available that might help stop this deadly virus. our first priority with the vaccinations are the health workers and also those who have been in contact with the confirmed cases not just alerts or suspected cases. this is the ninth time a bowler has been recorded in the d.l.c. and many hundreds of congolese have died it was hoped that this latest outbreak could be contained to more rural areas but with the case now confirmed in the city of banda aka this concern it will become more difficult to control the hope is that with the arrival of the trial vaccine some protection will be provided for those
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most at risk. and. is monitoring the story from illegals in nigeria and joins me from there hi i've been how wiring is the current situation with the first reported case of ebola in the city in the d.r. c. there were some deets specially if you consider them bond is a couple of hundred kilometers away from the small town where the outbreak actually started so the wires has traveled quite far ready and monday aka has more than a million people it is an urban center and if you remember the huge it will outbreak in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen in west africa managed to kill more than eleven thousand people mainly because the virus went into urban areas into the capitals of sierra leone off library and of guinea is so this is indeed very worrisome but on the other hand there's also no need for panic because we also saw rather positive examples in the past i still remember the day when i was in
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lagos and there was a report of a man from liberia who came to lagos the mega city he had twenty million people and they discovered that he had there was kind of panic here people were very worried that the why was could spread very fast into this in this mega city but the or storage fees reacted very quick they made sure that only very few people got contaminated and they got everything very quickly under control so people india see hope that this will be the same thing now there so what kind of a measures the authorities putting in place to alert any sense of kind of the disease spreading further. well first of all the reaction is much quicker than what we have seen in the pasta obviously if there was a lesson learned from this massive great year and in western africa away the four thousand doses of an experimental vaccine where ships do away sense to see they're expected to arrive in the end of the week
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a lot of experts are already on the ground and the key challenge right now will be the tracing of possible cases so basically what experts have to do now is follow up on those people who where in touch with potential cases and try to see where they are this is a very difficult job they already managed to trace down about four hundred people and now isolate them because if they don't isolate them they could develop symptoms even three weeks after they first got in touch with the virus and then of course the virus could spread much faster through this is the key challenge right now for . that was one hundred three she's monitoring that story for us from lagos in nigeria let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild blue undies president peres and couldn't see there has cast his vote in a controversial referendum that could extend his presidential term on to two thousand and thirty four he's currently serving a disputed third term deadly clashes followed his last reelection there fears that extending his rule could spark fresh bloodshed. huge clouds of ash spewing from
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hawaii's kilauea volcano have prompted a red alert for aircraft traveling in the region it's a first such warning since eruption started twelve days ago explosions have intensified with a volcano shooting out rocks and boulders and triggering tremors some two thousand people have been evacuated. the european commission is taking germany and five other e.u. countries to court over air pollution the e.u. cleans germany has failed to tackle diesel vehicle emissions since the push for cleaner and two thousand and fifteen many german cities suffer from poor air quality mostly due to the economies reliance on constructing diesel vehicles. e.u. leaders have reiterated their pledge to keep the iran nuclear deal alive they also said they will only discuss trade barriers with the united states if washington
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does not impose tariffs on european steel and alum india the leaders are meeting with their balkan counterparts in bulgaria at a summit that is a stance of believe about fostering closer ties between the balkan region and the european union but the growing rift between the e.u. and the us appears to be overshadowing developments. now shortly after she arrived to some a german chancellor angela merkel said the e.u. still plans to support the iran agreement even though washington has abandoned the deal. we also discussed the topic of iran and the iran nuclear deal everyone in the european union says the opinion that the deal is not perfect but that we should remain in it and based on that we should conduct further negotiations with iran on other subjects such as the ballistic missile program. most people and so our correspondent barbara visit is at the summit in sofia and
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just me from that same object chancellor merkel is reiterating that they will actually stick with the iran didn't about what options europe has to keep this deal alive without the u.s. . there is a political side of course to this the europeans have to side to pull together and to stand up to donald trump for the first time really in the history and this moralist signifies probably the end of illusions about cooperation with trump and nothing can be done we have to sort of forge our own way that's the message the europeans are sending here what they can do in the practical side they are considering for instance a blocking law that would prohibit european companies to bend to american sanctions which and then on the other hand means that the e.u. would have to compensate those companies for any losses they would incur in that context it's a complicated situation but europeans are sort of considering
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a whole bundle of measures to counteract what might be coming from washington and they have decided to take a stand. and create is another area of tension between the e.u. and the u.s. barbara the chancellor machall has addressed one aspect of that issue craig challenged on aluminum and sting let's first take a listen to what she said. because we made our position clear regarding trade to the united states of america we want permanent exemption from tariffs and only then would we be prepared to negotiate on how we could reduce trade barriers with the u.s. . the by you can put in hundred it with people. so they strong position there from the german chancellor barbara ah the two sides the e.u. and the u.s. on collision course in terms of diplomacy as best trade. pretty much so and the europeans are have shown here at this summit that they are
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fed up with the treatment that they are experiencing from washington some here found some strong words there was talk about trisha's that. and washington unpredictability and even hostile action against european interests so that much is quite clear but what do you but europeans do here is a bit more nuanced they say we will not negotiate with a gun to our head so trump has to remove this threat of sanctions still hanging over them on the other hand they put our offers on the table they say we will talk for instance about liquid to gas this sale of liquid gas to europe something that trump wants and they track about. other trade barriers that could be removed slowly but surely it's. in the w g o so they make offers to washington and they say we know your interests and we are ready to sort of come across we are ready to talk to you but only if you stop threatening us so that's quite clear from the position and
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now everybody sits here and why it's what trump will do next right barbara bristle at the e.u. summit in the bulgarian captain phil thank you very much. meanwhile developments over the iran sanctions already having an economic fallout god has that story that's right the chinese state petroleum company and it's a c.n.n. p.c.s. says it's ready to take over a huge gas project in iran from the french energy concern total total wants to put it out of the pull out of the deal if the u.s. doesn't make any exceptions to its sanctions the two billion dollar project is one of the biggest european investments in iran since the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and friend sanctions on anyone who continues to do business with iran china seems ready to fill the gap in use as the turbulence in the oil market where brant crude futures hit eighty dollars a barrel today for the first time since twenty fourteen. and in further
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developments danish shipping group massed tankers on thursday said it would seize its activities in iran due to the u.s. decision to ship is that it would on a customer agreements entered into before may eight but then winding down by november fall due to the sanctions. so drum sanctions against anyone doing business with iran seems to have the desired effect let's cross over to our financial correspondent daniel cope at the frankfurt stock exchange donna what are you hearing there from investors any other deals that we can expect to crash. well it get hard investors are actually very sure that this is just going to be the beginning of the u.s. american business is too important and much bigger compared to the one in german and european companies won't risk bad trades relationship with the united states and u.s. politicians are saying that they will support companies who don't want to pull out of the country but frankly speaking there is not a lot what they can do no government nobody from the european union will reimburse
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companies who are brave enough and continue doing business with iran and putting their us this is at the same time at risk so the damage shipping group is one of the first there are many others that could follow we have talked about wasn't there one hundred plane deal with iran's national carrier it's still not clear what's going to happen b a s f the no we just all and gas company d. and all austria has germany's volkswagen also p.s.a. i could go on and could go on they are all invested in the country these could be just the next d.s. that could crash gas it seems that mostly two countries at the end could benefit china but also russia are already in pole position to jump in and help out. thank you very much and to south africa where the in a city of johannesburg has turned from a posh white shopping district into a buzzing african trading hub hundreds of millions of euros worth of goods is being
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sold here every year by thousands of traders making this the dubai or fafsa but few seems seem to have noticed this as this cash economy operates under the radar of the authorities. over three thousand stalls run mostly by immigrants make this market complex in downtown johannesburg a lucrative pan-african trading hub. shoppers come from all over the continent to find good deals. go for them when i come here but they did. this in the early days the d.n.a. but it did its with c.b.s. . that's why they did in. selling mostly chinese fashions out of cupboard size shops an estimated seven hundred million euros in revenue is made here every year that's twice as much as in africa's largest shopping mall but shop owners like sickly mckale are facing many challenges she
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arrived from ethiopia ten years ago and sells clothing and bags. saif now again but business used to be good because of the many customers coming from zimbabwe mozambique and other places now what is it now because of police raids and other criminal activities as our business is getting more quiet as if. at least once a week the shops are barricaded as police officers arrive to search for counterfeit goods and to weed out illegal immigrants or so they say. the biggest threat in this area is police cross with police confiscated goods from people and take those goods for resale to other people for the down the road this is a massive problem in the study forty percent shop people said that they were making it hard to drive police officers. to traders feel victimized by the often brutal
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police action against them and they retaliate the situation regularly escalates into open street battles and manhunts shoppers and traders flee making any economic activity impossible for the rest of the day is it different is because not true a lot of the potential of the space as the divide of africa their approach is no enforcement and is not a development they have not provided to the infrastructure that is required to make this shocking that it could be. on average cross border shoppers spend twelve hundred euros per shopping trip to johannesburg their goods are carried home in bags and in suitcases on board buses departing from backyard terminals thousands of them arrive every day but they may stop coming if infrastructure doesn't improve and security remains fragile. a fifty carrot girl's best friend has gone under the hammer for five and
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a half million euros at christie's jewelry or action in geneva for the potentially flawless white's diamond ring was the stand out among hundreds of items for sale the stone weighs more than fifty carrots the auctioneer said an anonymous violent trader bought the piece a dazzling twenty carried yellow diamond ring went also on to the one for nearly five million euro and near record prize carrots. if you will sometimes small businesses have to overcome on the usual hurdles on their way to success and one restaurateur in perth australia developed a novel solution to stop his business going to the but it's quite literally it was for diners in a restaurant in the west australian city were tired of being harassed by swooping seagulls the owner of the restaurant has now given to his customers water pistols to keep the birds at bay the seagulls gather to scavenge left overs or wait for
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patterns to throw them a bite now it seems the water pistols are not only a tool to keep diners on the list as well as that they are also attracting the cost of us and this shows how you can turn a challenge into an opportunity absolutely thank you very much for that the hundreds of millions of muslims around the world have begun fasting for the month of ramadan islam's holiest month commemorates the first time in a central religious text if islam the koran was revealed to the prophet muhammad for believers it's a time of spiritual cleansing we call it the ins to focus attention on the less fortunate. home. it's a time of reflection and sacrifice. millions of muslims across the world began celebrating is lamb's holiest month. here in pakistan
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with the moon in view ramadan has officially started. central to this holy month is fasting from sunrise to sunset muslims abstain from food and drink it's meant to bring the faithful closer to god and to those less fortunate. we truly understand those who aren't able to find food ramadan is very important in this regard i think even those who find fasting difficult should try it to understand those who are hungry. for believers daily routines are replaced by contemplation and strengthening their faith. ramadan brings us all together i hope for unity and peace for the muslim community god willing we'll have a good ramadan and hopefully we'll get to prayers with good health. good services. at dusk it's time to pray and break the
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day's fast. for the next month that millions across the world will observe this ritual of purity and faith. to the u.k. now where last minute preparations are underway in windsor for the much anticipated wedding of prince harry and meghan markle sporting patience and patriotism of joy the fans are already gathering hoping to secure a good spot to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds after saturday's ceremony and british business is off course making the most of the public's appetite for sharing in the celebration hundreds of members of the british armed forces could participate in the vetting and are rehearsed in their moves on the streets of windsor american actress market confirmed today that her father will not walk down the aisle he's reportedly recovering from
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a recent heart surgery ok time for now sports and football fans turn their attention to the buddhist leaders a relegation play off tonight and a chance for a fairytale ascent into the big time for tiny hutch dein key of that's a club that's just moved to germany second division last year and with the stadium so small they lead a major upgrade should they make it to the first year the blue can't touch tankini must get boston was over two legs of this playoff in order to move up the first matches tonight it was the second on monday in the open port city of king. of the world cup in russia is now less than a month away but for the national team in near but nagorno-karabakh playing in such a tournament is the stuff of dreams the players are ready for action but the political situation means said not allowed to compete internationally. if a group of players train on the pitch and no one is around to play them they still
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counts as a team that's the question facing these footballers from nagorno-karabakh they look the parts training five times a week and even receive a small salary but they have no official opponents because the sport's governing bodies don't let them play and so they've had to put their football goals on hold. business by now of a business in the past i was a professional footballer and played in our main is our team for seven years. then i stopped and moved here. i do agricultural work and in general whatever work i can get my hands on well. while. to understand the why is to understand the politics in this region nagorno-karabakh has been the center of a long lasting and sometimes bloody disputes between armenia and azerbaijan i think armenians control the territory inside azerbaijan and wants independence. but the
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region's team can't compete until it's granted you wait for membership and that won't happen until the international community recognizes nagorno-karabakh as an independent state. we have hope we believe that hope those last we're always working by the small. and we're always keeping the boys spirits up and the good times will follow. for now the team has to make do with playing unofficial tournament's against other disputed regions football here a mirror for real life as the search for recognition goes on. and we remember the argentine football legend donna he is heading off to belarus he'll serve as chair of a small top flight club with big ambitions dina breast is the club just last month madonna stepped down as coach of the club in the united arab emirates now a new adventure for the nine hundred eighty six when. i don't.
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think there will. madonna will officially be in charge of dynamo bess's truong folke policy and strategic development hoping to at the club get into a european tournament competition. here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you on the job the first urban case of the deadly ebola virus has been detected in the democratic republic of congo the fear now is that it could spread rapidly in a desperate populated areas the latest outbreak has already claimed twenty three lives and. more on our website dot com i'll see you live in half an hour look forward to death by.
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entering the conflict zone. this week conflicts on these installment debut munich to talk to and give you can you go shares a member of the u.k. in column one for both various conservative christian social union has a ton of growing divisions in europe over religion and migration we. politicians love you voting religious issues complex no.
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one to put a time there was a prince and the naturists. inferiors. come true. prince harry make a model i'll get to. work with the wedding dress look like romantic. and elegant like make him herself. in sixty minutes d.w. . the germans came together in one nation from shallow money to chancellor although from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swell always to bring my culture bassy protect christendom spread the truth. all week to get to the enemy in time. and steered by courageous
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decisions we must fully. expect the germans every week. this week conflict zone is in. munich to talk to and get it she is a member of the european parliament for various conservative christian social union at a time of growing divisions in europe over religion and migration we ask should politicians not be avoiding religious issues. i guess you can.


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