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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and the european union stands up to the united states over the iran nuclear deal members look likely to actively to do that makes it illegal companies to comply with american factions we get the latest live from the summit in the bill guerin capital sophia. also coming up mourning the victims of the gonzalez bloodshed d.w.
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weeks a mother who lost her teenage daughter to israeli fire in monday's protest her family devastated community crushed by the decade long blockade. and of people of goodwill and do vote on whether to extend the presidency for up to sixteen more year tensions are running high in a nation that's no stranger to political vinyl. goods is it a fairy tale or a soap opera meghan market reveals that her father will not be attending a wedding to prince harry so cool way we could down the aisle excitement is building up among the fans of the royals ahead of this weekend's big day. hundreds of millions of muslims around the while begin fasting for the month of ramadan islam's holiest month is a time of spiritual cleansing. hello
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a very warm welcome to you i'm under attack cheema the european union has sent a strong signal that it will keep the iran nuclear deal alive despite the decision by u.s. president donald trump to abandon it the european commission president john called hugo has said big deal with green activist of blocking statute it used more than twenty years ago to counter u.s. sanctions against cuba libya and iran the law makes it illegal for you companies to comply with american sanctions you could announce a decision in the bulgarian capital silphium. and listening to that statement was our correspondent barbara visit in sofia and with me i have done it winter from our business as welcome to both of you let me start with you barbara you've just listened to the final press conference where the e.u. announced it would reactivate its blocking statute on your senses tell us more
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about what god had to say. yeah he of course explained that the european union was really unified and wanting to stand up to donald trump and to his unilateral trashing off the iran nuclear deal they are absolutely against doing that and we heard many heads of state governments say here we're not a vassal state to the united states so we have to do something now this is something in the first instance what we just heard. live month off the blocking statute they have really pulling this out of the draw we have been resting for more than two decades box on the other hand we also listened already to the chancellor angela merkel and she said yes we can compensate smaller and medium sized companies that are dealing with iran and that are under threat of american
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sanctions but we cannot do that for the big corporation and that's the main problem with this measure but as a message this is a very strong message to the u.s. barbara how united was the e.u. on this issue. totally we have the rather unusual unusual experience that we were waiting for somebody to pipe up and say but we would rather have this or that or we wouldn't have it quite as stridently no the european union is so angry about what trump did in the last months because the iran deal is not the only thing we think about the climate agreement we think about trade terrorists of course that was the other big issue on the table here at that they say we cannot let this go we cannot just let ourselves be trampled and so they really came out was a very strong very unified message no once things get sticky we will see how much that holds up however the message to washington is there and it is quite clear and
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quite strident so that the way strong results on the e.u. there let me draw in winter from our business desk that as we heard barbara say and details are still being fleshed out on this a blocking statute but she did mention the nabi at large corporations are not included in this statute what are corporations and businesses hoping to get out of this docking statuette well recently with what we've seen is that become has been scared off by the proposition of new sanctions for the likes of mass to toe taal siemens as well they've made big investments in iran since the nuclear deal that the sanctions sanctions were taken away they're worried that they don't have to pull out these billions of euros that they've invested in iran now the thing is when it comes to medium and small sized companies they can continue their business because they don't get their investment from the united states that's the clear
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thing that the u.s. wants to do to hit big companies where it hurts and cut off their financing if they continue to do business with iran so that's what had european companies scared the big companies they will still be worried whether this blocking statute is enough remains to be seen so they were. we'll be asking the big question and the big companies will include companies like to turn yes well i mean total is a massive oil company siemens is a massive conglomerate of these these companies they live on creating new opportunities for their investors that's why they saw iran is such a big chance for them to get more profit but that is something that they might actually come to sting them right now because that looks like they're going to have to pull out unless this blocking sanction is what they've been calling all right let me go back to you barbara now we see that the details are still being fleshed out as to how this blocking statute is going to work what are the next steps in and this do you think barbara ok that section is already coming
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into force tomorrow they want to do it tomorrow noon in the morning and then the next steps are of course opening streams of the european finance for medium sized companies so that they can carry on with projects in iran should they so wish and sort of opening up ways of alternative finance to circumvent the american banking system that's of course have been involved in financing projects in iran so there is a whole bundle there's a whole bundle of measures that's coming up but of course there's it's step by step and the europeans are still hoping for some sort of positive measure that message from washington from maybe everything on the side of donald trump and of course yes we have to wait and see what reaction we get on this from washington bombed away is there in the at the e.u. summit in the bulgarian capital sofia thank you very much for those initial
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comments and to daniel winter my colleague from the business thank you very much denton of course you'll have more business news coming up later thank you. ok let's now turn to the middle east and the israeli military says it's carried out all the night air strikes in gaza in response to a machine gun fire from the area this tensions run high after more than sixty potus in his were killed by israeli gunfire at the gaza border earlier this week the militant group hamas says most of the dead were its own members with seven minus one amongst the casualties do you dumbass tanya crema spoke to one family in gaza now mourning for their teenage daughter. picture on a phone is all that is left fourteen year old west was killed on monday during the protests here and the refugee camp a mother and sister struggle to cope with the loss. of a man or. prevented her from going ahead lock the door with
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a key and told her i didn't want her to go out that day she said i've been waiting so long for this day please let me go she kept crying. so i let her go. sometime after eleven i got the news that she was to make or bless her soul. wessel was with other protesters not far from the border fence when she was shot in the head her mother says she couldn't stop a youngest daughter from going to the protests. was one of the fifty eight killed on monday by israeli sniper fire. the protests have calmed for now the fence has become a symbol of the tight restrictions on movement of people and goods that israel and egypt have imposed a decade. terek has spent most days near the frontier the seventeen year old doesn't hide the slingshot he uses to launch stones over the fence he says he has
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no fear. i want my rights if there would only be work for the young people but there is no work. if there were work i would have gotten married yesterday but there is no money no electricity no water nothing the blockade is suffocating us. at gaza city's biggest hospital rooms are crowded with injured patients from the protests nurses and doctors are working around the clock the already stretched health sector has reached its limits once again. surgeon dr is busy treating a patient with a gunshot wound to his leg some of the injuries are so severe that limbs have to be amputated. all of these patients will need long term treatment maybe a year or more they need different surgeries plastic surgery orthopedic surgery so
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a lot of things are waiting for them because. it's unclear whether the protests will continue people in gaza wonder if they'll actually bring change at the very least they drew the world's attention to gaza's misery for a few days. let me now bring you up to date but some of the stories making news around the huge clouds of ash spewing from hawaii's kilauea volcano have prompted a red alert for aircraft traveling in the region it's the first such warning since the eruption started twelve days ago explosions have intensified but the volcano shooting out bogus and triggering tremor us some two thousand people have been evacuated. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has agreed to speak with leaders of the european parliament of artists companies data sharing scandal but the meeting may happen behind closed
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doors instead of the public testimony faced in the u.s. last month british firm cambridge analytical shared the data off nearly three million based facebook users without their consent. the first urban case of the deadly ebola virus has been detected in the democratic republic of congo the outbreak has entered a new phase according to the country's health minister after spreading from the countryside it's now been found in the northwestern city of london believed this outbreak has already claimed twenty three lives the fear now is it could spread rapidly in densely populated areas. the first batch of the a bowl of vaccine arrives in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo or storage is a rushing to stop the latest outbreak from spiraling out of control the vaccine itself is still unlicensed but the world health organization says it's proved
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effective in human trials and it's the only thing available that might help stop this deadly virus. our first priority with the vaccinations are the health workers and also those who have been in contact with the confirmed cases not just alerts or suspected cases. this is the ninth time it has been recorded in the d.l.c. and many hundreds of congolese have died it was hoped that this latest outbreak could be contained to more rural areas but with the case now confirmed in the city of banda aka this concern it will become more difficult to control the hope is that with the arrival of the trial vaccine some protection will be provided for those most at risk. and. is monitoring the story from illegals in nigeria and joins me from there high under how wiring is the current situation
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with the first reported case of ebola in a city in the d.r. c. there were some deets specially if you consider that a band is a couple of hundred kilometers away from the small town where the outbreak actually started so the wires has traveled quite far ready and monday aka has more than a million people it is an urban center and if you remember the huge outbreak in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen in west africa managed to kill more than eleven thousand people mainly because the virus went into urban areas into the capitals of sierra leone off liberia and of guinea is so this is indeed very worrisome but on the other hand there's also no need for panic because we also saw rather positive examples in the past i still remember the day when i was in lagos and there was a report of a man from liberia who came to lagos the city had twenty million people and they discovered that he had there was kind of panic here people were very worried that
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the why was could spread very fast and in this make a city but the orthorexic is reacted very quickly they made sure that only very few people got contaminated and they got everything very quickly under control so people in the hope that this will be the same thing now there so what kind of a measures are authorities putting in place to avert any sense of kind of the disease spreading further so first of all the reaction three and two thousand and five in the year two thousand the so-called peace and reconciliation deal was signed helping to end the fighting five years later ten years of relative peace but violence flared up again in two thousand and fifteen when and couldn't season started just. more than a thousand people kid would reports of voter intimidation there now fears could see a return of the deadly violence of recent. in the small village of.
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bloodstains a straw mats where a family used to sleep pray for gruesome attack by neighbors to silence he murdered twenty six villages in their homes earlier this month with guns flames and machetes . these killers attacked my family my family is dead and the army did nothing to save them and although they weren't far from here. no one noticed the sure of this attack was related to burundi's referendum but it gives a taste of the tense atmosphere in which the vote is taking place. the not always apparent bundy is deeply divided over its president and his plan to amend the constitution to be able to extend his reign pm currencies believes he has a god given right to rule and while not everyone agrees he has a huge support in rural areas i am here before you turn arounds to all burundians
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that the election will go very well as god is my witness. the opposition says the president's planning a power grab and that it's him and to stop him. who are trying to intimidate us claim that a new vote would push our country back to war this is terrorism let us say no. but saying no to pm isn't easy. when the indians took to the streets to protest his last controversial reelection demonstrations were crushed twelve hundred people died in the violence that followed and hundreds of thousands fled their homes many now live in refugee camps in neighboring countries such as this one in rwanda. those who stayed behind said they live in fear elena and her children watched as their husband and father was taken away in
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a raid. they were afraid we don't have a propagate we tried to block the entrance to the yard with branches so we can hear the police and call for help. then as now the president's ruling party was accused of using violence to stifle opposition the run up to the referendum has been marred by hate speech and intimidation and reports suggest that people opposed to in current season have been arrested and beaten. and now to daniel for more business news that's right and richard talk about it's a league of their economic plans are rattling markets too and the establishment parties are reportedly close to reaching a deal to form a government and they have known withdrawn a proposal to ask for a two hundred fifty billion euro debt write off from the european central bank but markets were sent into a panic by the plans to leave the euro zone entirely the populist five star movement wants to spend seventeen billion euros on increasing welfare payments for the poor as well like the coalition part of the far right wing wants to introduce
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a low fifteen percent flat rate of income tax. meanwhile young people in italy are increasingly desperate one of the reasons that the populace was so successful in the last elections youth unemployment in italy stands at more than thirty percent one of the highest proportions in the e.u. so many young people will go to extraordinary lengths to apply for the few vacancies that are available. salerno south of the italian port city of naples it's four pm and twenty seven hopeful passengers are going on a journey like tens of thousands before them. they're traveling through most of italy to the city of turin where a hospital is advertised five nursing jobs it's an arduous thirty hour journey and probably in vain there are five thousand people applying for five positions. they set off at sundown a large part of the cross-country journey will take place at night they'll travel
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an uncomfortable fifteen hundred kilometers but ensuring they have to be fit for the test the roundtrip journey cost seventy year olds and they hope they're not wasting the money. i'll be tired when i arrive i was more relaxed the last time because i took the train and spent the night but i can spend two hundred euros every time just to take a test more applicants get picked up along the way like here in tornado greco this is where twenty four year old jews f.b.i. did not feed joins the group he's also dreaming of a permanent job in northern italy he finished his training as a nurse in two thousand and six and currently works for the ambulance service as a freelancer it's almost impossible to get a permanent position in southern italy almost fifty percent of the young people there are unemployed. out of it and i don't have a job with a contract so it would be great to get that with paid vacation and sick pay all the
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rights that employees should actually have. a bit of. touring in the morning five thousand applicants have traveled from far and wide. they're at a rented sports hall where they'll begin the battle for five jobs. within just a few hours applicants must finish two exams those who aren't eliminated after the first test stay on to do the second but they won't find out the results for several days. for jews it be it wasn't good news. for it or not but this time was the hardest there were two exams i didn't pass the first one so i couldn't take the second one . but i did you know i would like to say that i'll never take a trip like this again but i probably won't have any other choice and i'll have to
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. use. the youth of italy are trying to navigate past economic uncertainty but it's a daunting challenge if the newly elected government doesn't address the problem soon it could be a long dark road ahead. but we heard about iran but the u.s. has said the count on taking on another deal nafta the deadline for renegotiating the north american free trade agreement ends today a last minute clinching of a deal is unlikely because there are still huge differences to overcome but there are mixed messages as to what should happen next. mexican car factories are the main bone of contention they manufacture cars using low cost labor and export tariff free to the us where they're sold at high prices the same applies to other goods as well u.s. president donald trump has said nafta has cost hundreds of thousands of american
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jobs he's now demanding a higher minimum wage in mexico at the moment it's only eighteen hundred pesos a month that's less than one hundred dollars. but there doesn't seem to be an agreement on the horizon. canadian prime minister justin trudeau talked to donald trump on monday and demanded that he find a solution. there is very much eminently achievable outcome that will be good for the united states good for canada good for mexico and were very close nafta countries have said today is a deadline to allow time for any deal to pass congress and go into effect on january first mexican presidential elections are also due in july leftist candidate lopez obrador is the front runner but although a self-styled adversary of trump his pick for economy minister is reported to saying the incoming administration would accept a deal struck before the election will. the european commission is presenting its
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ideas for autonomous vehicles today it's already said it will set aside four hundred fifty million euros to build a telecommunications network all along and europe streets ethics commission will now determine how autonomous vehicles should react if it detects an accident is imminent public transport experts think that autonomous driving will change the flow of traffic in general but the technology are still in the early stages carmakers from china the u.s. of course europe of vying for dominance in the sector. now when you think of glitz and glamour these days you think of two things the royal wedding and. thank you so . the years actress american mother has confirmed her father will not be attending a wedding to britain's prince harry it follows reports that thomas a locker has undergone heart surgery the couple of years you married windsor castle on saturday and excitement is growing among fans of the royal. with
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camping bed already in place this woman doesn't want to miss a thing and she's not alone among the police and security ardent fans of the british royal family have been descending on the town of windsor outside london for straight. really. super is. a straight road through. crowds gathered in windsor have already had the chance to watch a military rehearsal of saturday's royal event with the pomp and circumstance fit for a prince and princess members of the army navy and air force have been precessing through the town. but while the excitement is building ahead of the wedding between prince harry and meghan markle things haven't been so easy for the couple. the american actress has been forced to issue
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a statement confirming that her father will not be attending her big day because of his health thomas marco was jus to walk his daughter down the aisle that is reported to have undergone heart treatment. despite the difficult circumstances fans of the british royal family all still expecting saturday to be a fairy tale wedding. and plenty of france also here in germany for the royal wedding day w we've been bringing you the live coverage of the wedding on saturday if i'm under that she might be back with you shortly bit more news a do stay with us if you can. china is conquering the tomato market knowledge globally business place huge companies sell the country spoleto the lead to results live in chile
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samus tomato industry is suffering going to trial consumers continue to enjoy the french regardless of the empire and strange killed in forty five minutes on t.w. . looking for the white house. rounded straight you know but beyond the talk of who is your favorite to live. in the journalism battling to bring them up to church in europe the politics of the entire country the champion of free insurance for the last sixty years. for mines. births played home to millions of species played a home worth saving the place those are big changes and most start with small steps
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global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. by d. is the protect the carpet. green energy solutions and reforestation. results of people you cannot protect the floors to create interactive content teaching to the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global india's future parliament series of global three thousand on d w and online. you're watching the t.v. news coming to you live from berlin great to have your company i'm. coming up in the next fifteen minutes travelling back to the killing fields of the u.s.
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veterans seek reconciliation with former enemies in vietnam. and the holy month of ramadan begins muslims around the world observe the time of prayer introspection and fasting. but first the political drama in malaysia police they have searched the home before prime minister najib razak in connection with a corruption investigation officers entered results home and four other locations in the capital of kuala lumpur on wednesday evening they were looking for documents relating to alleged embezzlement in a state fund begun by najib in two thousand and nine the scandal around the one m.t.v. fund has dogged results for the past few years and may have cost him last week's election now a newly elected prime minister mahathir mohamad has already said there is evidence to investigate the scandal he spoke to the press following the police raids that.
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are supposed to police have enough reason to read that. are also haven't received any information. joining us now from the malaysian capital kuala lumpur is correspondent florence far as what does the prime minister mean when he talks about having enough evidence why did he get that at the press conference he was talking specifically also about the graves that police have had no evidence or not reason to conduct those rates but he also that a couple of days ago the better that is enough evidence to reopen an investigation into the question scandal surrounding the state's investment fund one can indeed be now not just ransacked has been implicated in this scandal but we don't yet know what sort of evidence the police are already have in that possession now her lawyer fanatic had said that the search warrant for the for the raid at magic resits
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private residence is related to and keep the ends in money on dream act and he was at the rest of the lawyer now for the rest it's when their brains go awry and he said as far as he knew don't documents in taken at the police did take away several boxes but instead the personal items including that know nothing of importance he said but we have to remember. that in the last few days there have rules or been more allegations against not magic russia now we've had the general that was telling the current prime minister mahathir mohamad that he was getting ready to press charges on the force he was so merrily dismissed and replaced most of the c.e.o. office at the malaysian anticorruption really coming forward to launch police before it's alleged that nudge it had used his hours as prime minister then to block an investigation by in the morning telling us authorities but you know then
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a lawyer for the g.p. ses the police is how do you think his client what exactly are the charges against . well there haven't been charges yet have been made to russia he hasn't been formally charged he has the indicated in the scanner but there are new charges that have been pressed against and yet he has never ever been bought from the country in and his wife in a meeting at the country now the lawyer he should he read we had a press statement on behalf of magic runs out just a couple of hours ago and he said the it was unwarranted harassed and the way that rape of seductive if i had it to go over it was over several hours police had arrived at night to present private residence at ten pm on wednesday night fifteen hours later they were still there packing boxes away. i didn't they were taking
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away as evidence and also the interesting thing is even if you know i was out and. they were still trying to get to pry open that same and it started drilling the say now not to say that they haven't opened in one in twenty years because the key and has reportedly the lost so that leaves us don't believe it you know they were still trying to get into that state and they were telling and that who did not it was holding his family and stuff for him to harass right difficult the drama continues we have to leave it there thank you very much for joining us from the malaysian capital of quite an umbrella. now it was a conflict of bitterly divided in american society and one's opinion but forty three years after it ended the vietnam war still casts a long shadow fought at the height of the cold war it claimed the lives of some four million people soldiers and civilians of those
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a little over fifty eight thousand u.s. forces who'd been sent in to fight along with south vietnamese troops now bear enemy the national liberation front also known as the viet cong and the north vietnamese army lost more than one million troops for decades later the scars of the war remain on both sides many u.s. soldiers are still haunted by memories of their time in vietnam for some regular trips back to what were once the killing fields part of the healing process. it's an improbable pilgrimage. where. these u.s. veterans are on a healing journey through vietnam a journey into their own past. chocked served here in the summer of one thousand nine hundred sixty eight he was twenty three years old he's still haunted by his experience of the war that really old
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demons come back or what. one doubts about the work of the birds are really becoming the moments of severe guilt. and there are other instances when we're just have to go through quite a lot of emotional adjustment in metals gleaming uniforms immaculate these veterans await their former enemies who now come in peace hoping to reach hearts and minds instead of weapons they're armed with smiles. were knocked out fifty years ago the north vietnamese and the americans shot at one another. today at the veterans shake hands the vietnamese speak the more united and the americans listen . the roles are clear cut it's time for a history lesson at a military cemetery. thousands of vietnamese soldiers are buried here killed by
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american weapons in the hands of american soldiers. there's a feeling of guilt in the air but the words unspoken. promise for sergeants here all the people who died. this week it's pretty heavy oh ok off the top of them and all about what is it what are all spoilt for a marriage of around us in a family where i was still more than. it just shows you the tragedy. of who it is gary was a sergeant twenty one years old at the time now at seventy one he says doctors weren't able to help him overcome his trauma. but maybe this journey can. memories continue to resurface along with images and old wounds. the veterans long
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for reconciliation both with their own past and their former enemies. it was exactly fifty years ago that u.s. combat troops landed in vietnam some volunteered but many were drafted to serve for a year in the war most had just one goal to survive however they could as a brutal struggle helicopters to millions of flight hours to transport combat troops first of all was the way that we got it somewhere but then those also the way that we got out of there so for me it was an excuse to write you know. very very i always hung on the outside my secret was this because of the wish that i would go on with it i was going to go down on my own at. the battlefields resemble a film set today kay sun was the site of heavy fighting in one thousand nine
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hundred sixty eight the bloodshed may have been fifty years ago but the past still casts a long shadow here. true. to her. mine clearance teams can barely cope with the hidden explosives and unexploded ordnance around the country they still claim casualties today. a lot going on where we found the show when we were playing i was ten years old at the time i didn't think it was dangerous would have exploded my cousins were killed instantly my legs and my right hand blown off and my eyes were badly injured. in the night tells his story to today's youth as a warning about hidden explosives. the americans he meets say their encounters have been absent of accusations or hatred. you know what we've suffered through because you have suffered the same thing so we're brothers and they really mean it and i've
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seen so many veterans literally weep and gratitude that this burden is lifted from their shoulders it's really it's really amazing. and really gratified that. they traveled deeper into the countryside which amounted to a hellish jungle back then. ok ok ok. u.s. forces dropped bombs an agent orange the powerful herbicide that destroyed the forests where north vietnamese fighters hid it also destroyed their crops fifty years later the water and the soil in these areas are still contaminated. meat. this is the third generation of agent orange survivors are doing their best to make the foreigners feel welcome. relief
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to medical center here are subsidized by donations mostly from the united states. when the veterans make donations they receive something priceless in return and this this is my buddy the kids rescuing me. i guess if adopted. at all. it's a paradox that this war of half a century ago brings these people together today especially in the face of such heavy loss on both sides. it's a huge tragedy the lost opportunity we could've avoided we could've averted so many. military engagements and so much pain suffering and death and destruction but we didn't learn the lessons. of. the for many of these veterans the decision to make this journey was difficult but now they have no regrets. this time coming to vietnam was the right thing to do.
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hundreds of millions of muslims around the world have begun fasting for the month of ramadan the known as zahn it's the holiest month in islam's religious calendar which commemorates the revelation of the koran to the prophet muhammad for believers it's a time of spiritual cleansing which also encourages people to think of the less fortunate. home. it's a time of reflection and sacrifice. millions of muslims across the world began celebrating is lamb's holiest month. here in pakistan with the moon in view ramadan has officially started. central to this holy month is fasting from sunrise to sunset muslims abstain from food and drink it's meant to
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bring the faithful closer to god and to those less fortunate. we truly understand those who are able to find food ramadan is very important in this regard i think even those who find fasting difficult should try it to understand those who are hungry. for believers daily routines are replaced by contemplation and strengthening their faith. ramadan brings us all together i hope for unity and peace for the muslim community god willing we'll have a good ramadan hopefully will get to prayers with good health. deserve good almost language services. at dusk it's time to pray and break the day's fast. for the next month that millions across the world will observe this
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ritual of purity and faith. football fans still on the attentions of the bundesliga as relegation play off tonight and a chance for a fairytale ascent to the top tier for tiny hartstein keel that's the club we just moved into a gym the second division last year and they have a stevens saw small they need a major upgrade should they make it to the first division. it's time to pray. and break the day's fast. for the next month millions across the world will observe this ritual of purity and face. football fans turn their attention to the bundesliga as relegation play off tonight and a chance for a fairytale ascent into the top tier for tiny hartstein key that's the club we just
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moved into jimmy's second division last year and they have a stadium saw small they need a major upgrade should they make it to the first division of the blue planet harsh try and kill him must get boss to boss work over two legs off this play off in order to up the first match as tonight in both the second on monday in the northern port city of key. italy's iconic goes by john ngugi before says he we played his last match for us this weekend but he's put off retirement to consider offers to play overseas before also known as is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time and many were expecting a retirement announcement in turin but the forty year old says he's received exciting offers which have changed his mind about hanging up his clubs. of the world cup in russia is less than a month away but for the national team of the nearby in the back region playing in
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such a tournament is the stuff of dreams the players are ready for action but the political situation means they are not allowed to compete internationally. if a group of players train on the pitch and no one is around supplying them they still count as a team that's the question facing these footballers from the corner karabakh they look the pounce training five times a week and even receive a small salary but they have no official opponents because the sport's governing bodies don't let them play and they've had to put their football goals on hold. business by now of the business in the past i was a professional footballer and played in armenia for seven years. then i stopped and moved here. i do agricultural work and in general whatever work i can get my hands on. to understand the why is to understand the
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politics in this region nagorno-karabakh has been the center of a long lasting and sometimes bloody disputes between armenia and azerbaijan ethnic armenians control the territory inside azerbaijan and wants independence but the region's team can't compete until it's granted you wife a membership and that won't happen until the international community recognizes nagorno-karabakh as an independent state. i mean. we have hope we believe that hope those last we're always working by this. and we're always keeping the boys spirits up and the good times will follow. for now the team has to make do with playing unofficial tournament's against other disputed regions football here a mirror for real life as the search for recognition goes on.
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oh man if you would recognize that you and gareth diehard fans would know that's the maid came to the game of thrones the hit h.b.o. series death being described stevie's. blockbuster and at the moment the fantasy spectacle has taken to the stage for the game of thrones concert experience in cannes hamstead from the disc is here to tell us more welcome kind love yes this summer well yeah it sounds like a buffet mafeking strategy i think it definitely is because the final season of game of thrones is underway but of course it's not going to be aired until next year and so the fans are hungry and i mean real fans are really willing to take anything they can get to sort of stay close to their heroes and their story so listening to live renditions of the series most epic soundtrack moments accompanied
4:48 pm
by sort of huge tribute montage is of their favorite characters is about as good as it gets which is why the idea of the composer here. to take this as to make this into a live concert experience is nothing short of a stroke of genius and so it took several years to put the show together in this current form it's really very elaborate and opulent is currently touring europe and the show in berlin this week. the concerts are conducted by the series germany raney and composer. hello everyone i'm romeo job and every. thank you japhet he brings the music from the series to the stage together with an eighty piece orchestra a choir and numerous soloists the concert is accompanied by special effects and scenes from the fantasy epic the orchestra plays pieces from the seven seasons that have been a. game
4:49 pm
of thrones is set in the fictional seven kingdoms of west or zero sum the continent of essence here various families and peoples are vying to ascend the iron throne there's plenty of intrigue plot twists and complex characters who develop over the course of the seasons and the music is key in helping to define the characters the music for a job but his music is so special because it reflects the entire range covered in the world of game of thrones and of it from game of thrones we have different climate zones different regions we have the southern elements of the region around as so sore how stark arion and on the other hand we have these celtic elements when the action moves to how stark the cage or when we go to the wall to house dog gate open vandy my dog and. the different peoples have special instruments for instance the didgeridoo is used for the free fall or wildlings from the north.
4:50 pm
and the armenian to joke an ancient woodwind instrument stands for the no magic death rocky. who is never watched game of thrones because in. naturally hardly anyone here this concert tour is all about getting to experience romney in java and his game of thrones musical lives in berlin some ten thousand people came to see the show the composer and his ensemble are touring europe until mid june but it's off to north america now for. quite a spectacular production benefit us more about the composer ok robyn's of the so he's probably heard a lot of other music of his because he's also behind the scores of films like pirates of the caribbean for instance or something's gotta give with jack nicholson or even clash of the titans he's forty three was born in germany and he started
4:51 pm
making music when he was about four years old and so very very early on he was inspired by western films and then later on by john williams star wars score and decided that he wanted to write instrumental music and so he went to move to the u.s. and he studied in boston went to the berklee college of music and it was a chance connection the chance of a lifetime obviously that got him upon graduation got him a job working for. germany's very very beloved obviously oscar winning film composer so he learned from the best and he has just never looked back can seem to sting of the kind of music that he has i mean one doesn't assume see it that with fantasy films really it's true you know despite the very medieval realist scene that you could see the setting of game of thrones it's much more modern and that was certainly a deliberate move in fact when he first met with the game of thrones producers he was told no flutes you know just stay away from the sort of really stereotypical kind of celtic. folklore it kind of thing so it's music it's also very multifaceted
4:52 pm
. with very different themes for the different characters and so the score is continually expanding as the show goes on and yet it is so striking so that main title theme was an instant hit and it has been copied certainly an awful lot of times including for instance that we could have a look here at the u.s. t.v. series the simpson. here they are. they are. dressed up in garb they've also been numerous cover versions and parodies produced and posted on social media this is one of the classic video game super marial brothers. and there are even a few homemade country western style videos using that main title theme so it's really something that's had a great impact on popular culture and nothing just an aspect of the game of thrones is being filmed all over the one that's the contributed to international appeal
4:53 pm
that's interesting because it's had some incredible locations for instance in croatia malta very notably morocco spain but also more than ireland and it has definitely generated an awful lot of tourism revenue revenue particularly in northern ireland for but for many of those places but social media has also played an incredible role and apparently the game of thrones is one of the most pirated series you know when it's out there it's been pirated and obviously. the word has gotten out very quickly so i have a quick look at this at the trailer for season eight which everybody is of course waiting for with bated breath we're headed back to northern ireland for that one and in keeping with the very lavish style of the show this one apparently contains one of the biggest and most expensive battles ever to be filmed for television tonight the dragons are no doubt coming to help him like he's. just stick music will bring the drama to. closure of things in iraq and.
4:54 pm
great stuff so you can look forward to more more on the web site. dot com slash cuts or count hempstead to dislike you very much like. watching the news let me remind you of the top stories of being few european union leaders. lucky to actually reach a rule that would ban companies from complying with american sanctions against iran to move a spot of to ease attempt to salvage the iran and nuclear deal off the united states pulled out. and the people of rwanda voting on whether to extend the presidency for up to sixteen more years the poll is taking place amid high tension or fear as it could spark renewed violence. and don't forget you can always get deja news on the gorge is done after a movie clip from the apple store and will give you access to all the latest news
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from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can of course always use the app to send us photos and videos that's it for me on the touch email and content. stay with us standing much should have the news for you in just a few minutes but by. the food. and.
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food. china is conquering the tomato market knowledge mobile business. huge companies sell new code to spawn new for the most. misunderstood chillies famous tomato industry is suffering. while consumers continue to enjoy the fruits regardless of the. rage killed in fifteen minutes t w. my first boss was
4:57 pm
a sewing machine moved where i come from women are always by the social folds even something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me as the business. finally gave up and mentioned buying young bicycles and returns with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing them by. now i want to meet those movement back home where bones by visiting and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the hook and i work at some point of. the. code the germans came together in one nation from show the money into chancellor bismark and. the
4:58 pm
history of the germans has been shaped by great coolers. ice well known ways to bring my royal college of that to protect christendom and spread find truth achievements with this soon. we took a about before the enemy. and stand by courageous decisions we should. the town halls which you chose your master's reserve received the crown of our room from god and not from his presumptuous servant of. display obstruct the moving tomorrow we're going to feature the enemy people will never see one another again place we must pull cheapies claim the germans from every move on to double play.
4:59 pm
players and. this is going to be a news line from berlin fighting back the european union stands up to the united states over the iran nuclear deal the leaders moved to ban european companies from complying with u.s. sanctions were alive at the leaders' summit in the ballgame capital sofia also coming up a controversial referendum in berlin to people in this case african country votes on whether to extend the president's term for up to sixteen more years tensions are high in the nation that's no stranger to.


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