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tv   Doc Film - Time for Outrage Time to Act - Stephane Hessel  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2018 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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but he's not in because he coaches a second division team plot and by not doing this he's an expert for state run t.v. images. so i guess his opinion is for next to no. argentina's rise to football same started here six forty years ago when it hosted the ninety seven world cup which was in the stadium right the. next stop up a pub and its bartenders. are all there you know me up i know sunny today. and it's. just. that he seventy eight was there. you know but he had already. one more year worth around. one of them or paul maybe you'll.
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get they're all going for a pair here you know premium or forward you know what on earth your goals i mean on the board orient well i don't want to kill you know. people here say football is like art they like to tango one hit the floor believe it. was. they did it again in one nine hundred eighty six beating germany in the final in mexico and not only became a national hero and oh well what i can afford. no doubt what i want to get a sitter and it also but it will have. my own a study and much of the. so what i want. but i don't know so much a hope of the dollar. cagers money come was one
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of argentina's first female football coaches back to our driver tell him i knew about it and i felt the noise from the freshman class she called us from the well i don't know if you are. nine hundred eighty six was the last argentine m.p. germany in the world. this is germany st and when a site is on the fringes of the city it seems to be the shortest street in the city is this the punishment for germany having beaten argentina four times between one thousand nine hundred two thousand and fourteen zero zero zero indeed. you. might leave the two of them for finals.
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and if you are. and this is a journalist and travels around the world with the argentine national team. and i get it for many here germany will play a deciding role in argentina's quest for a third world cup. in the neighborhood i meet. your bills are going to be minute but everybody made out on that we're going to go to any. place that is going to build a little never have time to fight them on your. and so the know. how the money is on the wall but a bungle the. number would be a little mean whether the. little seed was above the normal me go group.
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is one i don't know are three of them who are up or go i don't know who they are but i mean no you'll join a gringo i don't want to be more prepared or. like it when you do you know but a seller full of it i wanted a well known name but a similar style but it won among the nickel second of you know no. more now with a solid than a which would in mine yes run up a bass yeah well you know in that case i might get them on the show and put it. in . a minute come on two or three levels below germany that's a bit much. now off to la plata an hour outside of going inside it's i made sure with once about that only he was one hundred twenty years greatest players of the last two decades she played in some world cups ninety eight two thousand which he thinks it should have some answers.
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there but it's a good food i remind you of the. and he had been you know about a dude you know i mean did i mean that i was that on the. i will you know what i get on australians here the money that i thought of they read here you know i want . less i think i do want to include a virtual meal and i can you know it's a lot like us you know that's when it's on video days. i don't want to go get me nobody gets an essential i guess if you will. was. but then of course there is demand in the spotlight the unit missy you probably don't do argentina actually almost failed to qualify for the world cup in russia but then came message the messiah in the final match against it was your. i hate that yourself.
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i can take them into the book and get my. own amicalola but i think a mission aligning with good model intimate. missions i think you know. who are not just informing your if you don't know home i was. going to be one of them he says if. you're not in the know about it and this is. funny. and what i saw in that. time he says he got. on a minute they have the best player in the world but they don't appreciate him and yet they built this underground cathedral in his honor the statue is already quite good but an entire subway station transformed into a missing museum is really pretty. messy and argentina's relationship seems to be a complicated one. but there are the drama when you have
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a. hero by government. and then one day out of the most whether you're going to get to know me. you know but i mean you're not going to give it to them i don't know of any other woman called a moment will simply need to be absolute and then this year they may see him a senior. but he also seemed to go. back to somebody but i'm gone but i think anybody would out of the wall he fit into some video he's only one youngest of meaningful so if a human want to. get out of this and only one goal you know. how many a little thing you know. or don't know well i think you're going to be. in argentina one aside this is the one. other thing you couldn't go to school with
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. thousands of kilometers of i wonder and i actually really do for wonder what people here have to say so thanks to all of. you god will come to an idea or something for. this present you know that if you know what i said i know that i think you know this and when you give us you're going to be neighborly wounded but if you're going to. be bigger let me only be a bit of the usual you have a few minutes to do you train your mind you know you know the venue where you're going to when you come in. he says he believes that a million of you know you feel real only it's always going to receive the same something she said when i said it's in your miss eunice i'm going to. show you know you know he said i'm going to i'm going to miss you. handle when i miss him but know that you need me call or bill. hey
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i thought i was asking the questions here. missy or how should i know what does your mother now think about our stars. to control your music very much. but i know infinitely as you know british and little or no one english is easy even their robes. in the room about the general but i didn't i didn't move. to the didn't have a home field. and as i strolled through the un sim arcade back in when aside as i had a bit of time to think come on argentina let's be real if not messi who is going to deliver you the world cup the hopes of the whole country lie on his slender shoulders no matter how you look at it. looks like it's time for me to pick up a new shirt. i mean the same chaos and i medicine and momentum and you're going to
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make it it. was our last season when they. met soon. it's assured of your main man dearest argentina. leo missy. finally i even found out that my gemini square kind is quite big not sure if the argentineans will celebrate their two thousand and eighteen world cup victory right here just. one of these few i. i and poor mrs with all the pressure put on but if argentina won the title they would probably just rename the entire country and how would they call it. you know. any ideas
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in the comments below. you are going to get out and out among us you know well about first of all they have to be icelandic gracious and minds and then let's maybe take a. few of you argentina whenever possible. the be. the big.
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the big. the be. the be. the big. the be. the big. the three good international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week moving america's israeli embassy to jerusalem and withdrawing from iraq
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on a lot of programming one better be sure you can you tell us that our innovations magazine for any. of us from every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com of science and research for asia. wouldn't be quite insulting case to be taken seriously in the words of what appears was coming out. of a minimalist talk on t.w. though they do use the film superhero on a mission to chat to smart women smart talks smart strange a legend isn't by no means left out or increasingly dangerous stunt double over. the last event in the shadow of some famous musical play the trombone.
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a stunning time the filter bubble. how can he get it out. with him cuz it always series. shift this week on the w. play . this is the news live from berlin president trump glasses out of germany worse economic ties with russia this criticism comes as johnson machall lattimer putin for talks on iran and on russian gas sales to
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germany we'll go live to our correspondent at the talks you saw also coming up with a new eruption and why he's still away of all keno sends a cloud of ash some and kilometers into the sky authorities are warning about toxic gas for us some residents though are refusing to evacuate. and it's making an aries big day tomorrow fans of the british royal family have reserved their positions outside windsor castle but british businesses are just as excited about the royal wedding and they're making the most of the boost that is delivering to the british economy. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us president trump has some tough talk for germany and russia ahead of a summit between those two countries leaders and saw she now during
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a white house meeting with the nato secretary general jaan stoltenberg the president repeated his sharp criticism of germany for not paying enough words own defense he singled germany out for profiting from nato wall to same time paying the russians billions for energy supplies let's take a listen to that yemeni must demonstrate leadership in the alliance by addressing its longstanding shortfall in defense contributions germany has not contributed what it should be contributing and it's a very big beneficiary far bigger than the united states frankly in addition to that as you know that by massive amounts of gas from russia. paying billions and billions of dollars. well the president's comments coming just as the german chancellor and the russian president meet in tsotsi for talks at the focus on bilateral issues including the iran nuclear deal deal sure one is in the black sea town for us right now good morning emily what's on the agenda where you are in
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such a today well the meeting today is likely to be very short just over one and a half hours but it also comes after a huge amount of contact between the german and the russian sides americal and putin talked on the phone last week the foreign minister visited the german foreign minister visited moscow and the economic affairs minister visited moscow as well so this is a short meeting but there is a lot on the agenda politically and economically the two leaders are going to be discussing syria and ukraine the conflict there but there will be a particular particular focus on iran after the u.s. left the iran nuclear deal last week both russia and germany are trying to salvage that deal and just at the beginning of the week the iranian foreign minister was in moscow as well to discuss potentially saving that deal and keeping it going without
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the u.s. and also german and russian leaders will be discussing most likely the north stream to project the economic affairs minister was in moscow last week kind of preparing for that he is trying to make a deal with the with the russian and the ukrainian side because ukraine is worried about its transit fees after all that gas pipeline is going directly planned to go to go directly from russia to germany through the baltic sea so we may see some movement on an agreement on the hugely important economic deal as well just energy policy and economics figuring very prominently in the diplomatic talks today emily sure one thanks very much for that from such a. well these talks in tsotsi come at a time of tense relations between berlin and moscow germany has condemned russia's annexation of crimea and its military support for the government of syrian president bashar al assad but with both countries wanting to save the iran nuclear
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deal could this be enough for a new beginning. it's an extremely complex relationship friend enemy partner adversary. this man's action binds them together since u.s. president trump withdrew from the iran deal germany and russia have been sitting in the same boat both want to save the agreement moscow friendly politicians in germany view this as a time for a new beginning with russia. today there back in the game in the middle east there will be no issue that cannot be resolved without the russians this must guide us instead of saying they're not friendly to us. lately russia has not appeared at all friendly towards europe. the german bundestag
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political parties and the government were hacked by russian state agencies germany is now convinced of this at a meeting in berlin the british intelligence chief condemned russia one of the kremlin's central and entirely admirable is to build russian greatness on the world stage but it's repeated choices have been to pursue that aim through aggressive and punishes actions by its military and intelligence services. duma in syria. russia's partner bashar al assad is suspected of using chemical weapons shocking germany and its allies. we are all. we also have the knowledge that russia as an ally of assad shares responsibility in connection with the poison gas attack in syria. there's no question about that and
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it's hard to get. in general with russia we are experiencing various actions directed at breaking international law or the aims of international law supporting assad in syria for instance but that does not change the fact that russia is an important political entity in europe. this week vladimir putin dedicated a bridge connecting russia to crimea the ukrainian peninsula that germany views as having been illegally an extent by moscow. it's a move that only adds to the complexity of the relationship. i'm joined now by foreign policy spokes. and for the social democrats it's your coalition partner in the german government good morning notion and thanks so much for being with us today with these talks about to get underway in saudi between america and lattimer putin do you think we're about to say or could see a new beginning in relations with russia well i guess we should not expect too much
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from this meeting that is so why the radio fish shoes have the west and the u.n. and germany are in disagreement with russia so it's good to be in talks and as always germany is in favor of an open dialogue with russia but this dialogue needs to reach some results of the last two years there aren't too many of them heard today's their comments coming out of the white house with dollars from talking to young berg the nato secretary general about germany not paying enough words defense and very critical as well of a german energy policy how do you feel when about those comments when you hear that type of talk coming from the white house. well there are some facts we can discuss but i don't like the way the american administration talks to germany it's
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not on the present drumbeats although in the new ambassador to berlin with who always in gauge in public criticism among allies and friends it's better to discuss things out and as old as everybody knows the new government in germany is ready to increase its defense budget by millions of euros so i guess that german defense budget policy is on the right track. ok now the president also took aim at germany's policy of buying russian gas do you think as has been discussed in germany for years now that germany is in fact too dependent on russian gas supplies that has always been the case even during the coldest times of the cold war we imported lots of gas from the former soviet union and it was
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a we have a good record of keeping gas and oil trade out of political turmoil and i believe that russia is much more dependent on exporting gas to divest than the other way around and so this can be a good. point of cooperation because russia is there and cannot be removed from the map and it's better to engage in also in trade with with russia than trust to see it as a an enemy knows met foreign policy spokesman for the social democrats a junior coalition partner in the german government thanks very much for your comments this morning thank you over to garrett now european businesses are keeping a very close eye on those talks in sochi that's right. a lot to talk about in russia today especially when she thinks about the economy at home many small and medium sized businesses in germany and the rest of europe doing business there and
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it's not getting any easier many are confused by all those sanctions and a counter measures that are being slung around between the u.s. russia and the e.u. the uncertainty be uncertainty about an ever changing political landscape makes investing and doing business in general very difficult. german wholesaler metro has a big presence in russia but of late business have been flagging this week the company announced billions in losses attributed in part to a decline in consumer spending in russia fears over the state of the.


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