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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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partner and trade between the two countries actually increased last year and there's also this nord stream to project which is a pipeline that is supposed to run from russia through the baltic sea and increase oil and gas exports from russia to germany that's in the works but politically there are of course still huge stumbling blocks between the two countries in particular ukraine is the main stumbling block the illegal an extension of crimea in two thousand and fourteen still very much hangs over the relationship between america and putin like a specter and it doesn't seem that putin is backing down on that at all in fact just before americans visit to such he puts in a kind of bombastically opened the bridge that connects that russia has been building that is going to connect or that connects now the crimean peninsula to the russian mainland in a kind of huge celebration but there also has been
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a huge amount of contact between the two countries ahead of this visit ahead of miracles visit here and such a the the foreign minister came the economic affairs minister came so it does seem that the two open the two countries are open for dialogue despite the difficulties ok there are a lot of stumbling blocks as you mentioned let's take a look now at a report and we will be talking more on this complex relationship. it's an extremely complex relationship friend and i mean partner. this man's action binds them together since u.s. president trump withdrew from the iran deal germany and russia have been sitting in the same boat both want to save the agreement moscow friendly politicians in germany view this as a time for a new beginning with russia. today there back in the game in the middle east there
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will be no issue that cannot be resolved without the russians this must guard us instead of saying they are not friendly to us. lately russia has not appeared at all friendly towards europe. the german bundestag political parties and the government were hacked by russian state agencies germany is now convinced of this at a meeting in berlin the british intelligence chief condemned russia one of the kremlin's central and entirely admirable aims is to build russian greatness on the world stage but it's repeated choices have been to a few that aim through aggressive and initiative actions by its military and intelligence services. duma in syria. russia's partner bashar al assad is suspected of using chemical weapons shocking germany and its
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allies. the are all. we also have the knowledge that russia as an ally of asset shares responsibility in connection with the poison gas attack in syria. there's no question about that kind of hard to get. in general with russia we are experiencing various actions directed at breaking international law or the aims of international law for supporting assad in syria for instance but that does not change the fact that russia is an important political entity in europe. this week vladimir putin dedicated a bridge connecting russia to crimea the ukrainian peninsula the germany views as having been illegally an extent by moscow. it's a move that only adds to the complexity of the relationship. ok i'm lee could iran be the topic where these two leaders come together and cut through all
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these differences and find some common ground. well iran is definitely going to be high up on the agenda for these meetings and of course both russia and germany are looking to salvage this deal and russia could be a key a key factor in this because they have been close partners with iran in syria they've both been fighting on the side of the assad regime on the side of the syrian government so let merkel will be likely looking to leverage that today ok we heard don't trump at the top of the show with transatlantic relations souring as they are right now could such you mark a restart in the raso german relationship what we saw there that of course there are a lot of differences politically there are a lot of stumbling blocks including ukraine but of course the threat of a trade war between the e.u. and the u.s. and also this move of the on the u.s.
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side of leaving the iran deal has almost pushed russia and germany a closer together and you know russia it seems in comparison to trump you know putin is maybe a difficult partner a partner where you know not always the morals and the value is a line between the two countries but at least he is predictable and a little bit more perhaps reliable than trump across the atlantic and we share one all of those talks and so she said well much more from saatchi and emily as those talks get under way thanks very much the arab league has called for an international probe into what it's calling israeli crimes against palestinians and this comes after idea forces killed at least sixty palestinians in clashes along israel's border with gaza earlier this week arab league foreign ministers meeting in cairo yesterday said israeli officials should be held accountable and put on trial they also warned other countries against following the u.s.
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example of moving its embassy to jerusalem. well turkish president of tayyip erdogan was holding an emergency summit of islamic states today to discuss the bloodshed in gaza he reacted with fury earlier this week to the killings accusing israel of quote genocide is common sparked a diplomatic crisis between turkey and israel on to the u.s. now and the way of all kaino continues to keep residents of hawaii's big island very much on edge a new eruption has sent a massive ash of cloud into the sky falls two weeks of rumblings and fissures that have sent lava flowing into a number of neighborhoods authorities have been closing schools and they're warning residents about toxic gas threats but some are refusing to evacuate unless. nature's fury surrounds the killer way a volcano. shortly before dawn
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a cloud of ash explodes from the crater shooting ten thousand meters into the sky it's the mountains most significant rumbling in days. we're still watching things real closely you know we could expect similar events to happen in the future as these kind of interactions between the ground water and the lava can be. locals captured their own images of the ominous cloud. basically what we're seeing here is there's a massive cloud that went up into the sky but it looks kind of stagnant it's kind of just sitting there going really high and kind of spreading out in different directions. residents are being advised to stay inside and authours he's a distributing mosques to guard against toxic gas. and there are increasing levels of sulfur dioxide in various areas that's the reason for the alert. and also has
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been. spitting lava continues to hole rocks for kilometers authorities are planning for the worst not everyone wants to evacuate so what's challenging for us is you know what's going to be the number for the population that we need to exactly like here you know as long as the roads are open and there's a voluntary evacuation you know we're working with the county to see really what the numbers are going to be what they don't know is we believe some of the population leave the state because it's so self-sufficient. killer whale has been active for over two weeks now lava has destroyed at least twenty six homes so far wind is now threatening to carry asked from killer whales to nearby tourist areas the worst could be yet to come. now for some of the stories making news. today u.s. president donald trump says
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a summit with north korea's leader kim jong un is still on track the country's threatened to pull out after trump's national security adviser john bolton suggested the so-called libyan model of unilateral disarmament president promised strong protections for kim if he agreed to denuclearize. in place of raided properties connected to the former prime minister. said they found hundreds of handbags in suitcases stuffed with cash in jury raids are part of an investigation into billions of dollars stolen from state funds has denied any wrongdoing and. the world health organization has raised the national threat level of in a bola outbreak in congo to very high is after the health ministry confirmed eleven new cases of the virus along with two new suspected fatalities that brings the total number of cases to forty five. ballots are being
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counted in burundi after a referendum on extending the president's rule a yes vote would allow internes easer to stay in power until twenty thirty four tensions are high and opponents of extending the term limit say they were targets of intimidation during the campaign. now a big question has been hanging over a royal wedding preparations has finally been answered kensington palace has just announced that megan markel has asked prince harry's father prince charles to walk her down the aisle getting some live pictures right now from windsor excitement in britain and abroad over tomorrow's nuptials is reaching fever pitch at the moment the crowds are already gathering at windsor castle to catch a glimpse of a couple who captured the hearts of millions around the world. with camping bed already in place this woman doesn't want to miss a thing and she's not alone among the police and security ardent fans of the
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british royal family have been descending on the town of windsor outside london for straight. to go really well read all the super is history to. be heard straight right through. crowds gathered in windsor have already had the chance to watch a military rehearsal of saturday's royal event with the pomp and circumstance fit for a prince and princess members of the army navy and air force have been precessing through the town. but while excitement is building ahead of the wedding between prince harry and meghan markle things haven't been so easy for the couple. the american actress has been forced to issue a statement confirming that her father will not be attending have big day because of his health thomas marco was jus to walk his daughter down the aisle but is
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reported to have undergone heart treatment. despite the difficult circumstances fans of the british royal family all still expecting such a day to be a fairy tale wedding. that's all we have time for this is the news live from berlin i'm brian thomas and the entire news team thanks for being with us have a great weekend and rita will be with you again at the top the hour i'm. sure that most people have a well known for information part of the pennines they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. pieces
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. about it and so you know it'll start again some of those are lost by the battlers government that is going to talk. you know this news probably knows you really. don't care to give up on the people he said from those i make sure i'm going to come from spears on the beach almost as if i'm just bad decent or because i was your life you will be given the opportunity to prevent evil then not of them becomes a shot of them leave the caucus reuven for monday night. vision boy would you like a candidate can play. if i go to the
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mob. this case of meat. to. give up yes some people are brilliant and be desolate some people and diagnose stefan has a was one of those people and if it. didn't used to he was an optimist optimism was his political will. the i think it was his opinion that pessimism leads nowhere. at this in eastern the money bar if i miss it was everything a diplomat a fighter a lover he was also a philosopher and a writer so many things on the feet. curing warmonger visual he was curious and eager to exchange ideas with young people he wasn't a very avid more veteran who has what he liked most of all was the dialogue with
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younger people and months roxie shown that make you wonder what moved a man who was well into his eighty's to still want to stir things up also written savoy and. you presented your new book here yesterday and the evening ended with a standing ovation you're a living legend you own in berlin went to france at the age of seven or eight and eventually became a french citizen you worked in the resistance during world war two and survived the boom vied concentration camp after the war you worked in the un and were an observer to the editing of the universal declaration of human rights you became a diplomat and at the age of ninety three published a booklet the bears the simple title time for outrage first of all this outrage is of course just an outburst if you leave it at that you'd say oh yes he wants people to become outraged of course i don't want people to just get upset i want them to
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get involved so that there's then a way toward hopefully. just musicians led to envision fact but the important fact is that this booklet came out at a particular point in our world history. i think it wouldn't have been a success thirty years previously or maybe even twenty months later that it was published but a moment in time in which many societies were afraid about the future in feed and is a chef and forget this he is confident that when he was ninety two years old and this movement of outraged people formed something unexpected happened the first edition of his book was printed in three or four thousand copies well and then it had to be
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reprinted every week ten thousand copies of hundred thousand a million ultimately it sold four million copies worldwide and that you never really thought that was a new development but he didn't change him he was a retired diplomat so he can sound himself with issues of global importance he didn't let the success of his essay go to his head. was. that was.
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this and you were born in berlin your father francis who was a famous writer how long did you live in berlin and what do you remember about it as an education that can tell you there you know i only have some childhood memories because my family emigrated to france when i was seven i was given that the defense media founded for that and that was in one nine hundred twenty four. but it's not easy to forget a childhood in berlin we remember playing in the park near the zoo and in the one. in a mirror image we loved playing games even though he was a serious diplomatic i think his love for playfulness stemmed from his childhood as a young boy he had a lot of contact to the world of artists his parents moved around in such circles as the younger you got to get children if i went with that i can remember seeing
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drawings of little stuff on it with the car the circus the midnight hour just when he was six or seven and he in turn showed stefan around his little circus you want to fall but if you can maurice a real good one there. it happened and ganske without the earth i have a very special memory of our arrival in paris that was of course a major event during our childhood i wasn't that easy either or either of us conditioned even if we'd attended a german school where we'd had a little french will happen but i had hardly had any and here we were went under the guidance of our mother and her boyfriend at their shifts all went to have their
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auntie it was fine it was a new life i thought i know your sleep. yet it. was you know not i think he had a happy childhood it was quite an unusual one with his parents and this love triangle and jim that all of this is the story that inspired the film. and it all adds up to an unusual childhood while he was growing up he had a lot of contact to artists in ways he lived between two dads and among it's quite an amazing story for that time the one nine hundred twenty s. and nine hundred thirty s. . of our youth i think it on what it book allies and they have.
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to me it's a bit strange for me and at times even a bit embarrassing that people always confuse me with the true formal the a.g.m. they meet me and say oh the little girl from you will asia i'm main fatter and my father was a german writer and i had a very dear french friend and on it. yeah heist osh his name was. fat in he had met my father in paris before world war one and they became such good friends of mine that whenever they met a woman they wondered which one of them would fall in love with her and possibly both indeed if he been or. even as a physical condition of our they said they would try to share these women in the name of great friendship that's there for them new in that was before the war and
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then a young german woman appeared on the scene that she was an aspiring painter have mine and that was my mother when she met my father and they were married in berlin that can happen to the ship then this french friend came for a visit and the two of them fell in love in a new. moon about alice nice to life but it wasn't all easy passion became pain and great suffering made it all ended quite terribly keen. to death as ganske then is going to fathom as to how young i was three years old when this dramatic moment between father lover and mother took place in bavaria during our holidays were to that found how did it make me feel that i am not at all like my brother he had he had a problem with it. against and. he was very close to our father
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and he felt that this story of a love triangle which later became a film she was a harris mintz of my father because she did it and some film border and found it as and why this pattern if. i found it to be more of an enhancement for my mother and in light of the fact that my father participated and didn't resist or i didn't get the feeling that something had been taken away from him yes but instead that something had been given to my mother that she needed how to.
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behave in this right in bed beneath what in during the second world war i fled from france to england to escape the germans and worked as part of general de gaulle's stuff in london. i was responsible for relations between the allies and the french resistance comes in contradiction fiendish. snow and should be of interest to fill the front in march one thousand nine hundred forty four in a small plane dropped me off in occupied france from paris and under the code name greco when i was supposed to reorganize radio communications between the resistance and london and. gather here and. then snap on right here on this corner cemetery is where it happened to me. and
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on july tenth the nine hundred forty four i was arrested to have. done it. but you know that we're getting into this that people visit him was just me on film business don't you know one but he did it on the phone they don't do that one community don't put forth on the phone just feel the need to see them on the cell phone number too much i don't move them but. i remember the moment he came to us what he saw an elderly gentleman light smiling as if he were accompanied by positive waves all around him and that was the magic of the mentioned was poetry but not the kind of poetry you'd read it was that how a tree he carried within himself and which he radioed to any level you can think of he was poetry he embodied it at that moment and he didn't have to resign. you could
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see that you could read them in his face in his smile and in the way he took an interest in others. something instead of. looking for things after he left to join the other participants in the debate we took out smart phones to look up who this old man actually was to us he was first and foremost someone who was likeable and funny and captivating and then we sold the whole long biography of mr stefan as his resistance work schuman rights advocacy his activism also in terms of palestine oh wow not bad but he seems. i mean tom. i'm thinking i wish to mention a few on august eighth one thousand nine hundred forty four two weeks. before the
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liberation of paris i was put on a train with a group of thirty seven comrades and transported to people who never yet. in us and on the ground floor and there were a number of french typhoid patients in their city. and we knew that the resistance fighters had agreed that if any of those ill inmates died who looked anything like. they would be sent to the crime of turiya under our name as. from block time came at the hearing machine. it again so i went to the people downstairs and tried to find out from them who they were you know so that he were
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given their identity would know what they were like. but first tell him man the as a kenyan the horrible thing was that you got to know them and the three people that you knew were probably going to die and they were very sick and didn't speak much and you couldn't get much out of them and they were all very close to death. but every morning people thought they might be feeling a little better maybe they'd live a little longer after all. but that would be dangerous for. you would be better if they died soon because then our story. right and so it's hard to carry that with you later in life. michel what tell was the person i was identified as a very nice young man he was twenty six i was twenty seven funny man trained
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in bad and then he told me a little about the other two who they were and where they were from. from the north from the south and from which part of france or is it just me so while that was going on i was sitting up there with two english people waiting for a signal. organ call gone and who was busy with the whole clan and who had given us this opportunity told us yes ten others were executed today so it probably won't be much longer. and then he died and it was right on my twenty seventh birthday on oct twentieth. so there i was temporarily saved he was sent to the criminal under my name. so it was stefan has someone said he actually had three fathers his biological
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father francis. the leader of the group of allied officers who designated that he would escape execution through this identity switch and a third person who was like a father to him was my father organ cool gone because he organized the switch to organise you. and when the anxiety was over there was mainly a sense of release and right after that chemist feeling of responsibility not true i think it sound soul moralistic but you just felt it. also in regard to michel what tell you how can i accept the fact that he gave me his life gave. me. the visa that could name. and. you
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know the. sixteen years old. when he got out of the concentration camps and invite in doha he became involved with the united nations which to him was the key innovation jury in the postwar period that he was convinced of that until his dying day he was a don't get defender of the united nations default didn't have. mention him and write the book democracy like development is but that means that we all know that as long as there is no development in it you can count very little on human rights on the other hand if there are no human rights that can be no development these human rights universal and it that we say yes they are universally hated it when even that's not only because it is written in the
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universal declaration of human rights. you know it's also true image because whatever a person is that person wants life freedom education health i hate it and they are entitled to that and my. thanks. for you for your help. if it is a good you can get people whether you. do. it wish we didn't win but
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at least. i see. more to come up with if he did it. he would it happen i think it could. if you began this if you could get caught up. into the for the confidence trust that's what characterized him he always had confidence he never felt setback by failures he always found new hope whether it was in regard to international issues such as climate protection or preventing war or in the conflict between israel and palestine conflict he never ever let himself get down whenever you saw that a situation lead to failure or that he himself had failed in some attempt i'm not happened occasionally he knew that the failure would be followed by a new attempt and that it would lead to success at some point people often called
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him the happy sister for us the man who was always pushing a rock up a hill. only for it to roll down again once it near the top but unlike says the first he knew that at some point the rock will stay on the top of the hill. decay and then must be no tolerance for while and scott made it but extremist factions. the picture of our world is crooked. you have to imagine the world in such a way that the dialogue between the powerful and the powerless is always a rather dialogue this some of those without power want to take what the powerful have away from them they want to be powerful to this event that happened people in alchemy and the powerful actually want to keep the powerless right where they are and just help them a little so that they don't fall completely apart headed that's an unpleasant view
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and we all suffer because it has or this is true and i don't get the miss built. off if anything it's the fan has or was a diplomat at united nations and for a while he was based in geneva and ambassador who is one of his contemporaries told me that they had founded a theatre company every year they performed a play and stefan always took on a part as someone who serves him good but i don't think that's a coincidence he didn't care about titles and things you could show off what mattered to him was the relationship with the other person the bisected he was the same person towards people who had nothing as the people with all the power and he himself felt he more closely resembled the servants such as in mali is works yeah. had three man hours men as the prom do things look any different now do you in some
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way to one's contribution as a human being as a diplomat as an international civil servant was fired so you get a little melancholic when you think about what you repeatedly said and what consistently went wrong how that interests him of your fear. he just majak mentee every time you said to yourself that the un had finally achieved something in an golar civil war broke out there a few weeks later and bitter it disturbing that even creek as a suspect that makes you melancholic how that's why i'd say that the creative nature of a diplomat is a melancholic one and then called a sure. sign
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i'm looking at your stuff on hazell was a man of culture culture helped him and saved him so this is also an appeal to him power poetry poetry is a remedy for the soul because it was poetry that helped him to survive the concentration camps. poetry came from his relationship with his mother when he was a very young boy his mother loved the english language she was a very cultivated woman and had had two sons resigned to poems when they were little for his heated up with. theists and basically he continued to do that for the rest of his life but he was passionate about his mother. i think he did it for her in the beginning but then it became something essential in his own life. he often talked about durable boothman violet and about how they had to sleep on cots three people to
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a cot and you weren't allowed to move so the you wouldn't keep the others awake actually in firebug for. me and so to lie still and finally fall asleep he decided perms on night long poetry played an extremely important role in his life well x. third month at the top they feel there's certain in it and. i would say that in any situation or circumstance in which you feel bad and are suffering in some way including physical suffering you're tired hungry downtrodden and things aren't going well and if you can find the strength to come up with a poem that you know by heart to come then you feel joy and i was in the can dentist. hand sat in the year and left
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me even though this did hurt after age that it's not about ambition it's about pride be the kind of pride that tells you your memory still works and you can lift yourself up with something beautiful yet or as hip and that means you're still human to us but. i did mention being. there is if. he could turn just once a glancing back would not be the end of this entire effort that was just unfolding . poetry is resistance it's the opposite of slogans poetry teaches us that words are symbols that cannot be interpreted completely and that you can't leave that interpretation to those in power that's only misting of us and of. course since it's me going to. the magazine if. she could communicate females the kind of. i'm going to write you and take you to
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scary. guy i don't see as it's not. meeting on the recording you. guys thanks are due some are. going to come to you. lying funny you know as submissive and it had a great impact on me just like the whole story of this great man had a huge impact on me but it didn't take long i read the book and the lyrics stopped and coming to me right away on his lap to homes in the us and takes in. far more in mere. outrage became a battle call that spread all across europe many people have referred back to it we
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can never know the concrete thought that the time for outrage happened and the today must movement in spain but we do know its message is one of the things that informed and inspired the day most people would have been told so provided fertile ground for the ninety nine percent movement on wall street there was the and didn't have movement in france it also inspired the new we did what sounds good. and. set down.
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give him. with three. words. in time for outrage never before has the gap between rich and poor been so wide never before has the admiration of the golden come money and competition been so uninhibited unfettered. that we are all called upon to preserve our society in a way that we can be proud of it not just society of deportation and mistrust of
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immigrants and in which people are forced into illegality not to society in which security in old age and social security benefits have become fragile and in which the rich really the media the media and bash. i wish for a reason for outrage for each and every one of you it is something precious when you are outraged by something like i was outraged by the nazi madness if you become active strong and committed that connects you with the course of history and the flow of history takes its course thanks to the commitment of the masses and. diffusion. to the young people i say look around you you will find topics that justify your indignation facts about treatment of immigrants of illegal immigrants of the roma the gypsies you will find concrete situations that lead you to strong
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citizen action search and you will find you took on nonviolence and the reconciliation of cultures are our future i'm convinced of it that must be the next stage of humanity it up with them inside zion doesn't that is the path we must take if the oppressors and the oppressed can succeed in negotiating the end of oppression then terrorist violence will no longer be necessary that's why we mustn't allow too much hatred to build up doubt get a good man yen and pingo thing go and get a good many and you need to mark even make the make to the even meg you need to mark the make it is to create is to resist to resist is to create noir shuffling highest video stunt life video stunt live in the highest noir shuffle.
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thank you and it's called if anything stefan has always words were a discourse of commitment an action he himself said that it's not enough to be outraged you also have to take action we've seen how that works. we went to spain together to barcelona and madrid to that poor to del sol by love on the mediterranean. there were five hundred thousand people there camping out in tents demonstrating and protesting and some of them got involved and became committed to their cause after that. forget it oh yeah. what are they any good to share one anecdote we went to avignon once when it was july and the sun was shining it was thirty five or forty degrees celsius he'd been
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taken from one debate to the next all day long one at a movie theater the next at a panel discussion people on the streets recognised him they approached him and asked whether he'd speak to them for a moment when he grabbed the microphone and recite a poem or talk about ecology. i remember some nuclear power protestors who asked him to take a stand and say something to the hundreds of people on the street and he did he improvised but it was always right we had left the guard really on in paris at seven in the morning and we're getting back at ten or eleven at night and your near the end of that long day i was sitting in my seat exhausted and stefan he was correcting the proofs of a book. you don't go to a lot he was always awake and had a lot of energy not only was his optimism contagious but so was his energy we arrived in paris close to midnight and i suggested we take
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a taxi. he said no we'll take the bus the bus line sixty three stops right near my place i thought he was full of life and had incredible energy at the age of ninety five it was quite impressive. said that the. he was full of commitment in general those are the types of leaders who inspire others it was normal for him to have that kind of charisma he was a radiant man and had a radiant personality he was very charming and nobody could resist him myself included no more charm. more no proof. that many people have the feeling nowadays that they're at the mercy of forces they can't control in other words they feel defenseless you write that everything is so difficult because the power of money has never been as great as arrogant and his
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ego testicle as it is today with lobbyists right up to the highest ranks of government that's part of what you have written in these me are fifteen pages. but i think it was in your auto biography that you wrote that it was in that you learned how to become a european that's hard to understand how is it possible that you developed and obtained your sense of values in a concentration camp a place of horror among become that then man in and when you're in such a horrendous situation as we were in the concentration camps and then you think about something else you think about the possibilities you were living there among germans it was first opponents were in the concentration camps and they were the functionary prisoners a couple inmates with administratively rights and they were allied with ours. and there were poles and russians or and they were french and italians and the english
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everyone. we felt that what we were experiencing there was the exact opposite of what we desired when we wanted freedom human rights as we are together as europeans when this war is over we must build up europe mind again had shown how the good i did my generation didn't do much but it did do one thing we built a europe that we have years on it still isn't a strong as we'd like it to be or sometimes we say all these europeans they can't work together it's not possible and the hunger ariens do one thing and the austrians do something else but the important thing is that there is a europe that will and that europe has a future and that the future of cooperation with the other great cultures that i'm called as europeans one we can suck see it can definitely speeding.
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it up and of course he did accuse even him to turn down a request his wife christiane was the one more likely to say no more on the gossip walk and it was his temperament to see it all as a fun adventure he was fine with all that. i think it's fun to suddenly come into contact with people and say oh that you're german do you like poetry if the unfortunate person say yes and then i say well then i'll recitals little poem by the half month star and he looked a little moved listen to the poem and then and in the end say thank you they feel that. so he meant yourself just like the desire for love the desire to travel the desire
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for adventure so there is also the desire for death after all you know it's coming that's something with which you should somehow reconcile yourself with it i've never been afraid of death as i could have been afraid that death might soon be upon me that has happened to me several times in my lifetime. but more to say why this why now and never to say oh that's horrible that's terrible i've never felt that me yet maybe that will happen that they say that the last moments of life make you a very different person. someone who was completely religious can suddenly become very anxious and fish in the image and want he meant is there when they're about someone who wasn't religious and it can suddenly become very soft and tranquil pretty we'll see how it goes you'll see it i probably won't see it easy but you
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never know maybe i'll see it.
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classic of his global he was young almost right up to the end he was lucky to be mentally fit his brain intact till the day he died so much so that the night before he died when i asked him whether i should bring his dinant to his bedside he said no i'll have dinner at the table and he had his last dinner at the table on the night before he died staying upright until the very end it was extraordinary. close up.
2:24 pm
stiffish. if it. didn't see it. if it. if it did it said it lifts it it should be easy to. hit.
2:25 pm
the. sled chaffetz says feeling the film's done what you'd expect from cannes film festival. this yeah as well as posing for a web presence as they. want to demonstrate his strength. while back stage them male colleagues at least the class gender split their romance and thirty minutes w. . earth
2:26 pm
a home worth saving. googling to do is tell stories of creative people and a kind of aid of projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global oh i do know it's been done in series of global three thousand on d. w. and online. a blessing. and a curse. the force of nature and in this scheme. monsoon the tropical jungle first chief among the birds are singing the song come to play a source of food the because of the structure the big monsoon starting may twenty third to double the been.
2:27 pm
played. this is the news coming to you live from president trump he lashes out at germany with economic ties with russia his criticism comes as a shock america needs blood in me of putting patrols in on iraq and russian gas seems to gemini we get the latest from our correspondent in such a force a coming up of a chinese anti establishment five star movement reaches a final deal of the far right leaning that it sets up a clash with the e.u. the new coalition who wants to wipe out hundreds of billions of euros. dead. and
2:28 pm
a fresh eruption that's how bodies accumulate will kill no sense a count of almost ten kilometers into the sky a parties of mourning a month of pressure from top to gas and some residents are refusing to evacuate. the bus in the next thirty minutes to make unmocking announces that prince charles will go down the aisle tomorrow the final reading preparations underway it excitement is brewing among fans of the british royals and british businesses i'm shocked as excited gordon beddings that many folks can sleep profits and they're hoping to make the most of. the i. phone a very warm welcome to you. u.s. president donald trump has had some tough talk for germany and russia his comments
2:29 pm
come as german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir putin to hold a summit today during a white house meeting with nato secretary general again stoltenberg president trump once again shopping criticize germany for not being enough for its own defense he singled out for profiting from the nato military alliance one of the same time being the russians billions for energy supplies take a listen evan must have a straight leadership in the alliance by addressing its longstanding short for into fed's contributions germany has not contributed what it should be contributing and it's a very big beneficiary far bigger than the united states right which in addition to that as you know they're buying massive amounts of gas from russia. paying billions and billions of dollars. now one of the projects directly linked to
2:30 pm
russian gas aims to gemini is the north stream two pipeline which will connect the two countries directly under the border to see how they has been some reaction here and berlin to president trump's comments are political correspondent thomas sparrow is tracking that story and joins me now from up on i'm interested in trouble so tell us what's being said here and did trump's comments come as a surprise to german politicians i'm retired i don't think they come as a surprise i think germany and other european countries are starting to painfully realize that the u.s. might be on some issues or not i but in many other regions also are diverse area and that's something that you can sense from the reactions that you've been getting to both these issues on the specific issue of defense spending germany has indeed said that it wants to increase its defense spending although that is below the two percent benchmark of two percent of g.d.p. that has been agreed by by nato members on the second issue we heard from my the
2:31 pm
economy minister saying that the u.s. criticism is probably driven by self interest that the u.s. is looking for markets but that if the u.s. continues with its america first priorities or is america first slogan then the u.s. also has to consider consider the fact that the e.u. will also think of its interests and five for them so again the e.u. stressing on german porridge and stressing that they will fight for their interests if the u.s. also things first and foremost about their own interests and not the interest of other partners as well right on the start of thank you very much for that. as i mentioned the u.s. president's comments come as a german chancellor and the russian president meet in the black russian black sea resort of sochi talks and focus on bilateral issues including the iran nuclear deal a correspondent in new show been told us what we can expect from today's meeting meeting today is likely to be very short just over one and
2:32 pm
a half hours but it also comes after a huge amount of contact between the german and the russian sides americal and putin talked on the phone last week the foreign minister visited the german foreign minister visited moscow and the economic affairs minister visited moscow as well so this is a short meeting but there's a lot on the agenda politically and economically the two leaders are going to be discussing syria and ukraine the conflicts there but there will be a particular particular focus on iran after the u.s. left the iran nuclear deal last week both russia and germany are trying to salvage that deal and just at the beginning of the week the iranian foreign minister was in moscow as well to discuss potentially saving that deal and keeping it going without the u.s. and also german and russian leaders will be discussing most likely the north stream to project the economic affairs minister was in moscow last week kind of preparing
2:33 pm
for that he is trying to make a deal with the with the russian and the ukrainian side because ukraine is worried about its transit fees after all that gas pipeline is going directly planned to go to go directly from russia to germany through the baltic sea so we may see some movement on an agreement on the hugely important economic deal as well. and that was emily sheldon in such as you can see a lot on the agenda really going live to sochi later in the day went mechelle and putin are due to hold a joint press conference after their thoughts let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world doctors in britain say former russian double agent. has been discharged from hospital a month after his daughter yulia they were both admitted to intensive care after being poisoned with a nerve agent in swords very in march the u.k.
2:34 pm
and its allies have been russia for the poisoning. u.s. president donald trump has said a summit with north korea's leader kim jong un is still on track pyongyang threatened to pull out after trump's national security adviser john bolton suggested the so-called libyan model of unilateral disarmament trump promised strong protections for kim if he agreed to denuclearize. the would have organization has raised the national threat level of an ebola outbreak in a congo two very high this after the health ministry confirmed eleven new cases of the virus along with two new suspected deaths linked to the virus that brings the total number of reported cases to forty five. italy's anti establishment five star movement says it's reached a final deal on a coalition programme with the far right league the group and brings together two
2:35 pm
parties keen on challenging european union limits on government borrowing and spending if the parties receive the backing of the supporters the coalition government could take office as early as next week ending eleven weeks of political paralysis the two parties reject post-crisis posterity policies and are promising a mini just spending spree yet to announce who they want to put forward as prime minister. for more on this story let's now go to a philip will and who is covering the story for us in rome philip finally italy's antiestablishment five star movement and the far right have promised a joint government program what are the key elements of this were the key elements are basically the key elements of their election campaigns the signature policies include a far more generous pensions regime flat tax with two rates
2:36 pm
fifty percent and twenty percent which was proposed by the league and citizens incomes for people suffering from of poverty and unemployment which would come out at about seven hundred eighty euros a month which was a key policy proposed by the five star where. there are also plans to record tough on illegal immigration and to close down gypsy camps on the outskirts of major cities both these policies strongly supported by the league. and if you look as you mention their program includes certain elements which could put it to me on collision course with the e.u. so what can the european union expect from the new government. that will be very interesting to see i think it's likely that the new government will
2:37 pm
have turned down its rhetoric towards europe that kind of thing is useful during the election campaign but when one comes to the reality of exercising power. it says probably wise to be a little bit more polite and conciliatory but both parties are pretty much anti establishment and have long been critical of brussels as i think there could be conflict with the european union they want to renegotiate the rules they say or move our should be given to the european parliament and less to run elected bureaucrats and i think there are a whole host of areas where they could come into conflict with brussels and it'll be very interesting to see how that works out i don't want gender leben italy has often had be unstable coalitions how strong and statement does this coalition appear to be. well that's
2:38 pm
a big question the two parties making up the coalition very different from one another the league represents as small businesses in the wealthy north of italy where there is more or less full employment whereas the five star movement has done very well in the south of italy can only depress a lot of unemployment and a feeling of helplessness among many citizens. that was like a lot of them for the five star movement to get this citizens' ink and so this enormous potential conflict between these very different parties but they are to win this election i think it will be interesting to see if they put the interests of the country first managed to overcome their differences for the benefit of italy
2:39 pm
philip when in rome thank you very much for that. yeah joins me now and if you found progress in tennis trade negotiations between china and the u.s. that's right the u.s. side had said on thursday that china has promised to lower the trade surplus it has with the u.s. by two hundred billion dollars annually but china's foreign ministry has not denied that it has agreed to the reduction on friday at the daily news briefing ministry spokesman lou kung said the room was one true blue also maintained that the trade talks with the u.s. were constructive and will continue china also agreed friday to drop an anti dumping probe into u.s. sorghum imports. meanwhile the you eat use that is exegesis the announced that the trade surplus it has with the u.s. has shot up by eighteen percent in the first quarter of this year to thirty six
2:40 pm
billion euro us. now it's a deal that could shake up the e-commerce market u.s. payments giant pay pal says its buying swedish online commerce start up i settled for two point two billion dollars the agreement came as the company was getting ready to make its stock markets did you it handles payment transactions at small businesses and is particularly strong in europe and latin america is pay pal's biggest acquisition to date and bring in our financial correspondent daniel cope in frankfurt he is not there just being told from the gallery so let's come to our next story prince charles will walk mega markel down the aisle when she ties the knot with his son prince harry tomorrow after her father decided he wouldn't be able to come to the royal wedding fuss thousands of other people hourly outside windsor castle hoping for a glimpse of the couple it's not just
2:41 pm
a big day for the royal family analysts say it will provide a big boost to the project homey. the wedding isn't until saturday but many have been camping here since mid week. and i'm not more than a way to go to the toilets this is where i have church bells it won't be the only bells ringing on saturday though cash registers will also be charming in tourism and retail businesses are the most likely to benefit from prince harry and make an markel zbig day we have special commemorative they can flag been very popular in the school. it will be a party for street parties a really popular. shopping bags. with special jumpers on. the boost to trade is expected to be sustained
2:42 pm
over the next four months royal wedding fever is said to raise u.k. retail sales by an estimated one hundred ninety five million pounds equivalent to two hundred twenty three million euros or around point two percent. pubs have been given special permission to stay open until one am on the wedding eve and on the wedding day as well. the british beer and publicised the asian says the extended trading hours could deliver an extra ten million pounds over the bar one windsor brewery has made sure they'll cash in on the event and crafted a limited edition royal wedding beer we've been a brewery here for eight years. we were barely a year old when will and kate got married and we recognise that in the tradition of british brewing we should do a commemorative be around the wedding we call that they went off. and it was so successful that way that eight years later when there's his brother getting married
2:43 pm
and particular that wedding is here in windsor it's natural that we should be if a lot of well. retail analysts predict that the trade surge will fall far short of that which followed the last royal wedding thanks to lower consumer confidence but the british and royals watchers from around the world won't worry about that until the party's over. well coming back to the story that pay pal is buying so. your correspondent in france or is it up and running now i hope that daniel can hear me daniel if you can hear me why is pay-pal getting involved with isaac. yes i got investors are very excited about this new acquisition in the tech market i said listen a swedish mobile payment company that sells credit and debit card readers that then can be plugged into smartphones and tablets so investors they hope for more
2:44 pm
synergies the move boosts pay pods in-store presence at a time when competition in the online payment sector is increasing pay pal wants to increase their presence even more in europe especially europe is a very much behind when it comes to digital payment countries in asia like china for example are way ahead i was just recently in shanghai and was amazed i can tell you that you almost don't need any more cash in the city even as a little street kitchen you were able to pay with an app or talking about pay pal again when the acquisition of eyes at all will be completed pay paul will have an in-store presence in eleven markets in europe and also in latin america. friday today the end of the week what can we expect next week on the markets. yes i think he will when everybody has recovered from the royal wedding week and there's also no trading happening here on monday because of pentecost and yes there
2:45 pm
are some interesting things on the agenda for next week on thursday a daughter of our what have its annual stockholder meeting at that meeting also a new board of directors will be elected the head of their current board. has been criticized for a very long time most likely the board and also the new appointed c.e.o. . will be facing tough questions from investors many of them are frustrated the lender has been creating a loss after loss and then italy will be again on the focus of investor shares there at the milan stock exchange have been also dropping throughout the day investors there are very nervous what this new government let possibly by two populist parties will mean for the country. and friends thank you very much jim and that's. thank you very much. the arab league has called for an international probe into what it calls israeli crimes against palestinians this comes under after
2:46 pm
i.d.f. forces killed at least sixty palestinians in clashes along israel's border with gaza earlier this week arab league foreign ministers a meeting in cairo yesterday said israeli officials should be held accountable and put on trial also warned the countries against funding the u.s. example of moving its embassy to jerusalem. is holding an emergency summit of islamic states today to discuss the bloodshed in gaza he reacted fury earlier to speak to the killings accusing israel of genocide his comments sparked a diplomatic crisis between turkey and israel now for more we have a correspondent dorian jones who joins me from the turkish city of istanbul adoring why is to keep positioning itself as a champion and defender of the palestinian people. well turkey is a head of the organization of islamic cooperation and under those rules specifically
2:47 pm
have called for this emergency meeting in istanbul the president heard one has made for many years his career the defender of palestinian rights part of a wider policy of defending muslim rights not only in turkey but all across the wider region the countries also a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood that's controversial with countries like egypt which considered a terrorist organization but the old one the founding muslim rights beat turkey all internationally is a priority and that is why he's focusing on these protests and it's governing and protests against what's happening to the palestinians and we will see this governing to stamboul where they are expected to focus on efforts to stop further countries from moving the embassies to jerusalem that will bring turkey into a confrontation with the united states of position from the situation of the palestinians is intolerable and the international community and particularly muslim countries have to act. and jordan if this summit expected to see massive demonstrations in support of the palestinians. that's right in
2:48 pm
parallel with this meeting this temple a huge rally has been organized hundreds of thousands possibly even a million could attend this major gathering to protest what is happening to the palestinians and the reason why it will be so large is that there is cross party support in turkey's d.p. polarized political world there is unification over condemnation of what's happened to palestinians but this is very important for earth one because i heard one is in the midst of seeking reelection next month it is an increasingly tight contest and one of the key points for one is he's position of defending muslims rights inside turkey so while this will be a protest against what happens the palestinians the message will be implicit in that rally that one is a man who will stand up for rights both inside turkey and outside of turkey and that is very important because he's a religious base which he's relied on for so many years he's showing signs of softening he's facing competition for those folks but this rally could be seen as very important for the elections going forward door in jos in istanbul thank you.
2:49 pm
it's likely venezuela's president nicolas maduro will win another term when voters go to the post this sunday and several nations including the united states says they will not recognize the election as legitimate and the only candidate with any chance of beating my doodle is khan a former army officer and long term governor but he's battling not only might do to a stranglehold on the country but also of course by the main opposition parties to boycott the vote. hunger has reached a new level in venezuela food shortages and hyper inflation are forcing people to take extreme measures like eating garbage on carlos used to study engineering in venezuela central university but for a few years now he's billy had anything to eat. if. entire
2:50 pm
families and people like me are experiencing hardship and can't find food. so unfortunately we have to look for in the trash to survive. but i don't want to hurt anyone so instead of stealing i prefer to look for food in the trash. some might think young men like one carlos a lazy for not working but even an entire monthly wage in venezuela would barely pay for a single apple. i have looked for work everywhere but i can't find a job and this is the only solution i have left because. it's better than turning to crime. the economy is only one reason why these people have been protesting against me to row since he took office. somebody can
2:51 pm
you give them a life been fighting for twenty years against this regime for nicholas madeira to leave what i am asking him is to quit there is so much misery in our beautiful country so many hospitals with no medicines so many children who die every day i've been without medication for over three months now even. some opposition lawmakers are calling on venezuelans to boycott sunday's elections. it will be this sunday venezuela is not voting. this process violates our rights and on sunday it is our turn to make it known that the people do not choose it is a process of social control and domination by the state the necessary conditions are absent in control of the electoral center by impartial people the military and the electoral arbiter end up being part of the electoral fraud these things being absent is a sign that venezuelans are not allowed to make their own decisions. this is
2:52 pm
a literal authorities assure this system is one of the most transparent in the world even though the company that provided the technical platform for voting machines accused them of fraud last year. look at using that will mean they tried to do was disqualify the national electoral council and they should be very grateful because thanks to us they became famous in the world and what did they say that they had a great experience in venezuela and that thanks to them the elections in venezuela were transparent and by the way then machines of the same ones as the ones being used in the united states. it's metamath. historically venezuela has had high voter turnouts but polls show this election will be different. without
2:53 pm
a doubt we will have the lowest voter turnout in history in the last presidential election i think fifty five to sixty percent of voters went to the polls. i am the only candid it was never had any relationship with chavez i'm neither in a political sense nor in any other way. but even if one of the opposition candidates would become venezuela's new president some people think they'd be acting is the government's puppet you know what or to legitimize a process that the international community has strongly condemned. the iraq tinkler way of working on hawaii's big. on and has sent a massive ash cloud into the sky killing has been active twenty five years but recent leans in fishes of send lava flowing into neighborhoods authorities have closed schools and issued warnings about toxic gas but some residents under fusing to evacuate. nature's fury surrounds the volcano.
2:54 pm
shortly before dawn a cloud of ash explodes from the crazy shooting ten thousand meters into the sky it's the mountains most significant rumbling in days. we're still watching things real closely you know we could expect similar events to happen in the future as these kind of interactions between the ground water and the lava can take. local scatcherd their own images of the allman is cloud. basically what we're seeing is that there's a massive cloud there with up into the sky but it looks kind of stagnant. kind of just sitting there going really high and kind of spreading out in different directions up. residents are being advised to stay inside and all thorazine is a distributing mosques to guard against toxic gas. the by. moving. the.
2:55 pm
contents of beaming films down is just plenty to expect from cannes film festival. about this as well as posing a wedding present tense. demonstrating striking. back stage than male colleagues faced the clans genders. you're romantics next on e.w. . life. takes football personally.
2:56 pm
another edition of all of this world com preview this week. cam leon and massey and argentina when the come through. looking forward to iceland stay view. in sixteen years. the him below the white childless. round is fake you know but the trouble is your favorite eleven. shirt the cult of the entire country chancellor for the last sixty years. for mines.
2:57 pm
inequality. inequality. to the media. hi ron welcome to another edition of your own max i'm your host a meghan lee from springtime in spain to bright ideas for your home we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. first of color we visit the flower festival in the spanish city of sharon not. cashing in on kids should we shop around for weird and
2:58 pm
wonderful souvenirs ahead of the royal wedding. and veggie twenty one year old german alina pets are is the new star on the wii games blogs. where we start off today show not to with prince harry and meghan's wedding that is coming up later on in the show but we want to enjoy the dolls now in the fruits of spring flowers are finally in bloom across europe and one place where the floor is truly celebrated is. in northern spain now in may of every year this town turns into a paradise of flowers centuries old courtyards private houses and churches serve as the exhibition spaces for for works of all kinds. attempt to floor the annual flower festival in the spanish city of. sure is in spring time good pictures two hundred floral artworks that graced the gardens
2:59 pm
monuments and courtyards of your own as hold down. the displays are designed by catalonian florists and artists such as jordan. he's decorated the steps of the cathedral and to him that's a special honor. nothing that i was born here my roots are here so this means a lot to me i'm thrilled on the one hand but i also feel a strong sense of responsibility. i wanted to create something beautiful. that was suited to this landmark building because. creating the lavish display was a labor of love for joining these team. it was money. that we used seven thousand kilos of paint. i tried to make it look from
3:00 pm
a distance as though the colors were blending together into gold. but if i wanted to make the visitors feel like royalty. was it that was the feeling i wanted to when spine. the flower displays need daily care and most importantly lots of water. just nearby florist my head is prepping is making sure her arrangement in the cathedral cluster is still perfect. it's made up of over four thousand flowers and took her and her crew three days to put in place. one day i think i can start them got the young they think that it's thirty degrees hot it's very hard to keep the flowers looking for. it's a great various pointed out why we need to keep them more asked what wet sponges eat repast and if they will sound the one we have to replace them.
3:01 pm
with a population of one hundred thousand girona is the smallest of cattle only has four provincial capitals in the past a better reputation for being a little dull and dreary in fact it has some stunning historical architecture ninety four year old rosa la yet lives in a house that dates back to the fifteenth century during the festival it's open to the public she remembers the festivals beginnings more than sixty years ago seeing out as. one who when there were nine ladies who organized a little flower show on the steps of the municipal feodor when he bought the i thought it was all very improvised there were enough i have to tell you he gave me . these days it's all much more professional. with sponsorship to the tune of four hundred fifty thousand euros it's
3:02 pm
a big business there's a run up. every year to attract some two hundred fifty thousand visitors from around the world. and of course it's a fabulous photo opportunity. sometimes though visitors can get a little too hands on i kinda get requests he said there's always someone who wants to see if the arrangements are actually real of course we don't use a single artificial flower they're all real but some people can't believe it and insist on squeezing the pedals to find out they're just interested but of course it's pretty annoying for all of the people who did the work and became arbitrement that. jordi designed the arrangement of the arab bad. he went. in search of inspiration. to get some ideas for our project. we liked all the water features
3:03 pm
that. and the use of very fragrant blossoms but that's i don't buy the cars. as display is a tribute to spain's famous landmark it's attractive to all people whether they see themselves as catalan or spanish but flower first of all unites them even in these politically difficult times and many people will return again next year to take in the beautiful flower displays of their own. art experts claim that dutch painter rembrandt produced well over six hundred paintings now while most of them are in museums some works are still popping up in unexpected places that plus freddie mercury comes back to life on the silver screen more on those stories and today's express.
3:04 pm
the train wraps of the anticipated film about freddie mercury and queen was released this week. the biopic challenge the pantheon pollution from the days to the trunk of freddie mercury in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. to the will hit the cinema in the autumn. a newly discovered painting by rembrandt went on display at the hermitage museum in amsterdam on wednesday i talked. to a young gentleman from christie's in london to twenty sixteen for just one hundred fifty six thousand euro's its authenticity has been confirmed by an expert with the rembrandt research project it's the first previously unknown painting by rembrandt
3:05 pm
to turn up in nearly half a century unsurprisingly the condo in a plans to put it on sale now. there's another few days to go before prince harry marries meghan markle at st george's chapel at windsor castle but well wishers are already securing their front row seats. are. always short of the toilets. thousands are expected to line the streets on the big day. saturday the nineteenth of may when wedding bells will finally rings for the dream couple harry and maggie. and staying on the subject of the most anticipated a whirl of end of the year prince harry and maggot marco's wedding or merchandise with their images that has been on sale since the two announced their engagement last november you can buy anything from mugs to royal wedding beer and as it's been
3:06 pm
proven in the past when the british royals marry it is a very good for business of all kinds. in the run up to prince harry and american marco's wedding there is a run on royal marriage thing to memorabilia in windsor souvenir shops it's a lucrative business experts estimate that total merchandising sells could be worth some fifty million euros. i'll buy but carry a lady in the leg and the special of it kelly up rather to watch it because that is of course going out well as if there's no truth to tomorrow mugs of the most favorite item this company in england's midlands has been making royal memorabilia since one thousand nine hundred eighty five the mugs are handmade they plan to sell thousands of them. and this official commemorative scent of china
3:07 pm
with the initials of harry and meghan is highly sought after. we've been working almost around the clock on this new royal wedding commemorative ring since the wedding was announced late last year the design team in this work been very busily working away developing the design that we wanted really to be fitting and appropriate for your model for over two hundred fifty years the company has been making china by hand. embellish mints like the royal monogram get hand painted in twenty two carat gold in addition to come some pill boxes plates are available they're sent to collectors all over the world. i would imagine that anyone that is a beautiful piece of commemorative china particularly from the official match dyes should hang on to the very very long time because they do they do become quite valuable of the years in windsor where meghan and harry will tie the knot on saturday a brewery even produced a wedding beer it's
3:08 pm
a special limited edition of the windsor not which was first brewed for the marriage of harry's brother william. the brewery made sure to use only the best ingredients. for wedding is such a popular vote not just here in the u.k. but all around the world so. agree or so safely without particularly often to city of free food here winds are in the shadow of windsor castle using local ingredients like that which is quite a fantastic if you. know barley used to make the beer is actually grown in windsor which is combined with a special blend of british and us west coast hops so to be a perfectly symbolizes prince harry's and meghan marco's transatlantic lab story. the upcoming wedding is putting the royals back in the global limelight. just
3:09 pm
stupid means good business for many companies like lego land windsor where visitors can now marvel at a miniature windsor castle and a mini royal wedding. guests prince harry has obviously always been part of me lad and this is the very first time that we've made for for many and so we've worked hard to try and recreate as best as we can and have tracked the tiny couple and their miniature wedding guests will remain on display at legoland windsor even after the real harry and megan walk down the aisle. and madame tussaud's already boasts harry and meghan as wax figures everyone wants a selfie with a future couple it seems that meghan is giving the windsor brand quite a boost. the rule family is the brand. it's as much a business as anything else you know it's prince philip who refers to it as the so
3:10 pm
how is make and model going to make her a mom she is going to cause her role as a philanthropist has been the last of two that she seeks to emulate princess diana and possibly we will see her carry on as harry does diana's humanitarian. meghan's public appearances are certainly bringing business to the fashion industry as well just like her future sister in law catherine duchess of cambridge megan is revered as a fashion icon and the outfit she wears to public occasions completely sells out overnight and that's probably not going to change anytime soon is. another person who wields a quite a bit of influence as the twenty one year old food blogger lame that fetzer she's got some seventy thousand followers on instagram thanks to her colorful regan dishes now she's only been blogging and posting pictures for about four years now
3:11 pm
and already she has published her first cookbook with over one hundred recipes and our next report she makes us one of her special pizzas with carrots. you. with banana triangle. mushroom. or spanish crips with a white chocolate and bearings. these days begin cookbooks are a dime a dozen people have started to become obsessed with super foods and clean eating. but with. recipes. isn't just jumping on the bandwagon. not only is have food delicious it's also beautifully presented. even though lainer is only twenty one she's devised over one hundred recipes she does all the photography has self. published feels pretty good.
3:12 pm
unbelievable the first time i picked it up i was almost in tears. started out posting her recipes on instagram. she's built up quite a career as an influence than. seventy thousand followers and is the most successful german newcomer in the world. it all looks effortless but in fact it's anything but how much time to she invest too far too much at least two hours a day anything less isn't an option you have to be commenting and liking all the time i don't actually need to be partly online on lines i'm. obviously she tries out new recipes off line. she also enjoys tracking down the project. a farmer close to where she lives let's help ourselves to carrots that
3:13 pm
he's otherwise throw out. because i prefer these gnarly carrots i like how they look and they actually taste better you wouldn't find them in a shop because they're wonky you can only find them on a farm they're perfect fish. like the project she uses as recipes are unconventional when you follow a strict t.v. can diet you need to be creative and is endlessly inventive. today she's revamping the good old pizza. instead of the old school calorie fest salami and cheese she's making a carrot crust. they know has been vegetarian for years when she found out that she's lactose intolerant she first began experimenting with reagan food options.
3:14 pm
she makes a mean cash scream she calls sushi waffles. and super healthy bliss ball. tasty new. trisha's and easy to make. blends together dry dragon fruit coconut flakes and oats. plain and fat preparation. i think every dish is a work of art you can really be creative with ingredients colors and shapes and you can really speak to people with food. putting together. a picture taken in a makeshift studio she set up between her bed and take it in shelf and. sometimes i only had two hours of sleep a night i really invested
3:15 pm
a lot in this project so i hope people like it. is taste as good as they look. up next something for all of you do it yourself is out there and now if your home is in need of some bright ideas then our resident d.i.y. expert. has just the right formula and today she shows us how to spruce up our living space where the lighting fixture. i know my name is frank is that and today i had to show you how to make you really original from a model head and you need this sawed of wooden model of hand used for drawings that you use which you can buy from an ass applies football on the internet.
3:16 pm
with a plaque and a switch which you can get from a d.i.y. store online. as big of interest as possible you can find them an interior design shop. a flat picture frame work and the necessary screws. and it causes a screwdriver. attach the hoop to the flat back of the hand. shakes the hoop with the two screws. with a y. yeah shredded through the hand makes the few nails and so take care not to drill through it. and this is how the hand looks like a hook. now screw the bob into the socket. hang the hand on i think nails screw on the wall. wrap the car two or three times around the hand if you like you can fix it with a piece of wire in the same color as the electricity cable and now all you need is
3:17 pm
power. turned the light on and you've got the start of the original lamp that's hardly anyone else has at home. and if you want you can also kind of the head and only pay the navy. sorry francis we love you but that was kind of creepy but if you would like to see that video again or some of france's other ideas and just go to our special you tube channel d.w. interior design finally this year's a continent film festival will wrap up this weekend with the coveted palme d'or award ceremony of the twenty one films in competition only three were directed by women fighting for more women's rights and fair treatment in the film industry has become a major topic of discussion since the need to movement began so here's a look back now at how the week has been at one of the world's most glamorous film
3:18 pm
festivals. the cannes film festival is as much about the red carpet as the films which starred turns from jury president cate blanchett and the star of the opening movie penelope cruz it's an event that puts women center stage. this year against the backdrop of the need to movement eighty two women took advantage of the limelight to take a symbolic walk along the red carpet in a protest for equal rights and against gender discrimination in the film industry. i hope that this will be the beginning of my change. the beginning of the end a follower of things that were not fair for for women everywhere around the world and in. almost every industry. this is the first cannes film festival since the allegations of sexual abuse were made against hollywood producer harvey weinstein he was conspicuous in his absence which made for a very different mood according to scott roxboro european editor for the hollywood
3:19 pm
reporter used to rule this town i mean harvey weinstein was the king of cam and now he's gone and it doesn't look like another thing is going to take its place it looks like maybe it will be a number of queens that will take their place supermodel naomi campbell hosted a star studded fund raising gala the theme was race to equality with proceeds going to initiatives devoted to improving education health and culture but it might take a while to make this traditional festival truly socially aware. even though this year is supposed to be a celebration of female directors and so forth they brought in a lot of very old school male directors. the vendors is also here but in some ways these men represent a type of cinema that i think can would like to go back to that maybe like go back to the night and seventy's where it was all about the pure. in the end to go down the eighty seven year old pioneer of the french new wave movement only made a press conference appearance via cell phone but his latest film the images. which
3:20 pm
premiered in the competition shows he still is experimental as ever. then vendors showed his latest work out of competition a documentary about pope francis disappointingly perhaps the pontiff didn't accompany the director on the red carpet. this spent a year following pope francis closely and made some unexpected discoveries. and children. having. a pretty rock n roll in what he does and brave and also very easy going with that. as a very youthful joy that shines through. and he's even a bit mischievous. push me to. a mid much fanfare the latest installment in the star wars franchise so no
3:21 pm
a star wars story celebrated its premiere. right. it was the only major hollywood studio production and can this year it's screen out of competition. but it was another u.s. movie that got people talking in black klansmen spike lee tells the story of a black cop who infiltrates the ku klux klan as a great chance of winning the door here spike lee hasn't been canned in many many years and way way back he was here with do the right thing which in my opinion should have won the palme d'or it didn't invent this was prez of the jury did not give spike lee it's likely still hates him for it he said if he ever sees the inventor's will come out with a baseball. spike lee appeared on the red carpet supporting knuckle dusters reading the words love and hate. can might have got
3:22 pm
a bit political this year but good intentions. also need to translate into action it's time there were more women directors competing for the awards this year just three of the twenty one films in competition are female directed and that needs to change the time is definitely. and certainly with that we wrap up another show so don't forget to check out our website for more on the program or of course follow us on social media for me and the rest of us aromatics as always thanks for joining and or see again tomorrow. on the next edition of your all next we catch up with the one and only. thirty five years after she shot to international cream with her can she get ninety nine red balloons she's embarking on a major jubilee tour marker for your stage anniversary celebrating name out next
3:23 pm
time on your own facts.
3:24 pm
ok cos like. take football personally. now there are additional days world com preview this week. kindly on l. massey and argentina win the comp first time. looking forward to iceland stay beautiful and their. thirteen w. . x.
3:25 pm
the. technology. market. your business magazine on t w. climate change. pollution six. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire. the folks the environment magazine. w a a how the
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germans came together. in one nation from show the money going to chancellor i'll go from bismarck come up the history of the germans has been shaped by great numbers. by swell always to bring my royal college of bass to protect christendom and spread his line truth i'm going to behave as one learn to forgive the soon to come up all the weeds of quarterback be called the enemy in job unless you fuck and stand up for a courageous decision some place the amount of strozier masseuses we have received the crown of our own from god not from his presumptuous servant not the elements of his holy fuck the arabs soccer player we must please play. the germans every week w. player.
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play . this is the w.'s coming to you live from berlin you can gillian joshua better find the differences just in the iran nuclear deal relations have been tense between the two nations but as i'm going to michael and leadin need bush he needs in such a to put this modest charge of the border ties between button and moscow we go live to our correspondent in sochi also coming up. it is anti establishment five star movement reaches the find a deal of the far right leaning that sets up
3:28 pm
a clash with the e.u. the new coalition wants to know why five hundred. billions of euros of debt. and pressured option at hawaii's kilauea volcano sends a cloud of ash almost ten kilometers into the sky apart. from toxic gas but some residents are refusing to evacuate. the next thirty minutes making mom announces that prince charles could down the aisle tomorrow. to excitement is growing among fans of the british royal and british business is shocked and excited. hello and welcome i'm. german chancellor angela merkel is in sochi for talks with
3:29 pm
russian president vladimir putin the meeting which is expected to start shortly we focus on the conflicts in ukraine and syria also. is the u.s. the iran nuclear deal and the plant pipeline being gas from russia to germany its merkel's fast trip to russia in a year and comes amid tense relations between and moscow. when she is with us from outside president putin black sea residence in saatchi emily as we've heard a lot of issues on the agenda between the two leaders but it seems the iran nuclear deal will be one of the most important. well absolutely amrit of this meeting comes directly after the u.s. left iran nuclear deal and both russia and germany are trying to salvage the deal so that will be certainly top of the agenda we saw the iranian foreign minister
3:30 pm
visiting putin excuse me visiting his counterpart love roff here in russia as well at the beginning of the week so that will certainly be one of the main issues on the agenda and syria will also probably be on the agenda as well particularly considering that syrian president bashar al assad made kind of a surprise visit to this sort she residence here behind me yesterday and met with putin and also the german side has made very clear that they think that russia is will be key in any peace settlement in syria going forward so it looks like both iran and syria and the middle east in general will be high up on the agenda to say today amrita and any trade is a hugely important relations between germany and russia what can we expect there. well absolutely germany is russia's second biggest trade partner and actually
3:31 pm
it's interesting because despite sort of some political difficulties german russian trade is actually was up last year but of course the sanctions. sanctions and the u.s. sanctions have kind of gotten in the way of the german business political wrangling there after the taxation the illegal an expansion of the crimean peninsula of course german business has been advocating for years that those sanctions should be lifted or softened but that doesn't seem likely to happen unless there is some progress made on the minsk peace process that's certainly the german position there also has been some political wrangling about the north stream to project which is the gas pipeline that's supposed to run through the baltic sea from russia to germany and ahead of this meeting here today we saw the minister of economic affairs from germany visiting russia as well trying to kind of get get through the
3:32 pm
details he visited the ukraine as well to push forward on the deal and many brief appeared to be seeing a recalibration off relations not so much she mocked a new and different tone in relations between germany and russia given the ties with the u.s. of this time quite difficult. well and rita it's hard to know obviously there are some big stumbling blocks the main one still being ukraine the annexation of the crimean peninsula certainly still looms large over german russian relations and putin doesn't seem to be backing down . in fact rather the opposite this week we saw putin opening a bridge connecting the crimean peninsula to the russian mainland in a rather bombastic ceremony that was shown on state t.v. but in light in light of the activity of donald trump it does seem that perhaps
3:33 pm
putin seems like a difficult but a more reliable partner to america now and michelle an insult she thank you very much for that. he did with some other stories making news around the world doctors in britain say former russian double agent. has been discharged from hospital a month after. they were both admitted to intensive care after being poisoned with a nerve agent in swords very in march the u.k. and its allies have blamed russia for the poisoning. us president donald trump has said a summit with north korea's leader kim jong un is still on track young young threatened to pull out after trans national security advisor john bolton suggested the so-called libyan lot of unilateral disarmament trunk promised from protections for kim she agreed to denuclearize. turkey has called in muslim countries to prevent
3:34 pm
other nations from following the united states and opening embassies in jerusalem it comes as an emergency summit of islamic countries takes place in istanbul turkey called the meeting in response to the killing of protesters in gaza this week by israeli forces. the world health organization has raised the national threat level of an ebola outbreak in congo to a very high this after the health ministry confirmed eleven new cases of the one virus along with two new suspected deaths linked to it and that brings the total number of reported cases to forty five. italy's antiestablishment five star movement says it has reached a final deal on a coalition programme with the far right league the agreement brings together two parties keen on challenging european union limits on government borrowing and spending if the parties receive the backing of this supporters the coalition
3:35 pm
government could take office as early as next week ending eleven weeks of political paralysis the two parties reject post-crisis terra to follow seas and are promising a major spending spree yet to announce who they want to put forward as prime minister. for more on this story let's not go to a philip will who is covering the story for us in rome philip finally italy's antiestablishment five star movement and the far right have promised a joint government program what are the key elements of this. were the key elements are basically the key elements of their election campaigns the signature policies include a far more generous pensions regime flat tax with two rates fifteen percent and twenty percent which was proposed by the league and citizens
3:36 pm
incomes for people suffering from over tea and unemployment which would come out at about seven hundred eighty euros a month which was a key policy proposed by the five star men. there also were plans to reget tough on illegal immigration and to close down gypsy camps on the outskirts of the major cities both these policies are strongly supported by the league. and if you look as you mention their program includes certain elements which could put it in the on collision course with the e.u. so what can the european union expect from the new government. that will be very interesting to see i think it's likely that the new government will have to turn down its rhetoric towards europe. kind of thing is useful during the election campaign but when one comes to the reality of exercising power. it's
3:37 pm
probably wise to be a little bit more polite and conciliatory but parties are pretty much anti establishment that have long been critical of brussels so i think there could be conflict with the european union they want to renegotiate the rules they say that will power should be given to the european parliament and less to run elected your grass and i think there are a whole host of areas where they could come into conflict with brussels and it'll be very interesting to see how that works out well that is still a billion who's covering the story for us and roll it up think you know we have a kid on hawaii's big island has sent a massive ash cloud into the sky killer whale has been active in thirty five yes but recently rumblings and fishes have sent lava flowing into neighborhoods
3:38 pm
authorities have close schools and issued warnings about toxic gas but some residents are refusing to evacuate. the volcano continues to keep race a dense of why is biggest island on age laughter from the fishes destroyed dozens of homes and forced evacuation of some two thousand people. to add to the chaos on thursday a plume of ash exploded violently from the volcanoes crater the powerful eruption was triggered by magma turning underground water into stain like was captured images of the ominous cloud. basically what we're seeing here is that there is a massive cloud that wind up into the sky but it looks got a stag. it's kind of just sitting there going really high interest rate to go different directions. authorities warn people to stay inside and distributed mass to god against dangerous gases. there are
3:39 pm
increasing levels of some sulfur dioxide in various areas that's the reason for the elect. and also the school closures the. pilots were told to avoid flying under the mountain authorities remained on alert for more violent activity but we just want to remind the community and goes on the island to be safe you know to listen to civil beacons you know they are broadcasting on what should be done in this kind of ash you're going to grant you know they should stay tuned i'll boyd the areas where the eruption is active scientists are unable to predict how long the explosive activity will continue. to. to tennis on the italian
3:40 pm
open is reaching its latter stages in rome on cars did gymnast top ranked get alexander said i have watched in action having won his tone when gloucester he is among the favorites for the title but he faced a tough competitor in the last sixteen. a nail biting finish for world number three alexander sviridov sporting an old black number as carl edmond proved a full medical opponent britain's number one kept him on his toes as both sets went into a tie break martha rallies like this one meant that the german was held back to seven match points. eventually he sealed the deal on the eighth attempt at the end of this twenty two bull rally. spirit has cemented his place as the world's third best player with a win at the madrid open last week and is on course for a title defense here. later on novak djokovic also booked his place in the
3:41 pm
quarterfinals beating spaniard out better than most people us in straight sets. it's the very first quarter final appearance of the season for the former world number one who has struggled with injury in recent years to face japan's came to see corey next. news for the world of football and london noirs would come chances have received a boost he's been named in the vine munich squad to face eintracht frankfurt in the german cup final and neuer hasn't played a bind since fracturing kids' foot last september and remains unlikely to make the starting line up on saturday the goalkeepers considered the best in the world this week he made it to these provisional woke up squad but he's facing a raise right to be fit for football's showpiece tournament in russia. you're watching d.v.d.'s coming up ahead. cities with ambition they've wanted to become
3:42 pm
the top tourism destinations but now they're saying be careful what what you wish for all these kind of why and this. and that is been standing by for you right here and. you accidentally shot some of. the troops. spending time in the field. can you get out. with hidden code oh is serious. this week on d w. we make up over three quarters of the unda that's a fight we are. the simple seven percent. want to keep the continent's future.
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for youngsters pressing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of us platform africa. will you be watching the british royal wedding tomorrow well you can hear. a lot of people will be doing it from close up as the british economy profited enjoys princely profits from number of sales and many thousands of tourists. but what happens when you have the opposite problem as visitor numbers keep on growing we'll see how places like venice are coping with a new phenomenon called the tourism locals and many destinations have had enough.
3:44 pm
this is the business as in berlin welcome and it's tense trade negotiations between china and the us in washington the u.s. side had said on thursday that china promised to lower the trade with the u.s. by two hundred billion dollars dollars annually today china's foreign ministry has now denying that it has agreed to the reduction on friday at the daily news briefing ministry spokesman luke young said the room is true also maintains that the trade talks with the u.s. negotiators were constructive and welcome to china also agreed friday to drop an anti dumping probe into u.s. sorghum imports. meanwhile the e.u. statistics agency announced that the trade surplus with the u.s. has shot up by eighteen percent in the first quarter of this year to thirty six billion euros. now it's a deal that could cause
3:45 pm
a shake up in the e-commerce market u.s. online payment giant pay pal says it's buying swedish online commerce start up eyes that's all paper will be paying two point two billion dollars for as it will the swedish company makes credit card scanners for smartphones and tablets the surprise agreement came as the young company was getting a billion dollars i settle is paperless biggest acquisition today the company says it will strengthen its platform for handling payment transactions with small businesses particularly in europe and america now its official prince charles will walk meghan markel down the l. and she ties the knot with prince harry's for more as after a father decided he would be able to come to the royal wedding but thousands of other people already outside windsor castle hoping for a glimpse of the couple it's not just the big day the royal family alice say it will provide a big boost to the british economy. the wedding isn't until saturday but many have
3:46 pm
been camping here since mid week. i'm sitting in this chair and i'm not more than a way to go to the toilets this is where i'll be a. church bells it won't be the only bells ringing on saturday though cash registers will also be chime in tourism and retail businesses are the most likely to benefit from prince harry and make in markets big day we have special commemorative how are you making flags been really popular in the school. parties for street parties are they really popular. shopping bags. or in they can tell you this with a special jump of. the boost to trade is expected to be sustained over the next four months royal wedding fever is said to raise u.k.
3:47 pm
retail sales by an estimated one hundred ninety five million pounds equivalent to two hundred twenty three million euros or around point two percent. pubs have been given special permission to stay open until one am on the wedding eve and on the wedding day as well. the british beer and pub is so see asian says the extended trading hours could deliver an extra ten million pounds over the bar one wins a brewery has made sure they'll cash in on the event and crafted a limited edition royal wedding beer we've been a brewery here for eight years. we were barely a year old when will and kate got married. we recognised in the tradition of british beer and we should do a commemorative be around the wedding we call that they went off. and it was so successful that way that eight years later when there's his brother getting married and particular that wedding is here in windsor it's natural that we should have
3:48 pm
a lot of well. retail analysts predict that the trade surge will fall far short of that which followed the last royal wedding thanks to lower consumer confidence but the british and royals watchers from around the world won't worry about that until the party's over. for the party and soon be over. which pollinates seventy of iran's one hundred crop species that feed roughly ninety percent of the world this is why a recent decline in b population has experts worried many factors are play in the dying of the bees and insecticides are thought to play a role in the u. course has now held a ban on three kinds of insecticides which are thought to be harmful to be used but the companies that make the chemicals insist their products are safe pointing to the fact that even the court said the european union's precautionary principle meant that the e.u. could on the side of caution. it's a good day to be a b.
3:49 pm
in the european union from now on they'll be spared the threat of death from three types of chemicals known as nean nicotine oids. so because you know it's are some of the most toxic pieces that have ever been produced and put into the market. they are very remote into the environment so we can use them one day and then for months they're going to be there they are what they are so we were so we cannot control where they go unsurprisingly the companies that make the insecticides don't agree they include pharmaceutical giants buyer to keep the chemicals and syngenta. the european food and safety agency of using excessively high doses in the bar treat tests but the court maintained that the original ban on the three new nicotine oit's dating back to twenty thirteen should be upheld as a precautionary measure is unable to far she's to take action to protect human
3:50 pm
health and the environment even in the case of scientific uncertainty. thieves play a vital role in crop pollination but in recent years their numbers have dwindled dramatically something being blamed on the a nicotine oids the losses have been so bad that the alarm has been raised over the potential impact on food supplies the matter if necessarily settled yet though companies have two months to decide whether to lodge an appeal if they do so it will be up to the e.u.'s highest court to decide whether the ban is to be or not to be. master as is something of a modern day with budget outlines and cheap accommodation like b.n. b. it's much easier to travel some cities though i've been overwhelmed by the influx of visitors and have introduced countermeasures venice for example has twenty two million tourists a year and crowd control can be a major problem the city has now set up gates at the entrances to the historic center to help control the flow and prevent bottlenecks venice has lots of small
3:51 pm
winding alleyways and tourists tend to concentrate in certain areas the dutch city of saddam has also decided enough is enough new shops are now banned from opening in the story center if they mainly cater to tourists theirs is the amsterdam cheese company's top product a ten month mature gooda also available in a gift box with a well known dutch painters name on it. couldn't call for open the fifth branch of his store last october in central amsterdam but at the same time a band came into force that prevented the opening of new tourist shops. that i don't know if you're going to sold anything by closing a chain store i think what you need to do and those are very serious and difficult discussions is to look at the demand side how are we going to manage that so many people come to these european cities and how. so many flights coming in at so
3:52 pm
many bookings are mates and the decisions need to be made on that level i'm certain i am is a vibrant place with a lot to offer which is why seventeen million tourists come every year the city is now trying to stem the flow renting apartments to holidaymakers is now subject to registration and no new hotels are allowed to open the city has also stopped advertising. and there's a new strategy. so what we've decided about a year ago is that we're have implemented a new zoning policy which basically says that we are reducing or we're limiting the number of shops that cater exclusively to tourists so no more new shops that cater to tourists and that she's company is an example of that. the myriad of souvenir shops and fast food places have become
3:53 pm
a thorn in the local side many welcome the move that's been coined operation nutella for the countless nutella stores. i think just perfect. and one of the reasons why no normal stores where you can buy stockings or just bread because. forty is forty four years. twenty years were quiet. the last ten years. it's a fairy in his she. still doesn't know what's happening with his new branch he's taking the city to court saying they passed the ban unannounced when he'd already signed a long term lease and where do you draw the line about what exactly is a tourist charge. that might be up to the judge.
3:54 pm
and that's it for me and the business team here and. in the meantime check out twitter on facebook feeds before you go. check on global markets. thank you very much for watching.
3:55 pm
kickoff likes to take football personally. another edition of all this world com preview this week group take kindly on al massey and argentina when the come first time. looking forward to iceland stave you and they're sitting. next to you. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer
3:56 pm
made it back to the top. in our web special on dot com. football made in germany. every journey begins with the first step and everyone reaches the first word in the nico he's in germany to learn german. why not listening to her. it's simple online on her own while answering. soft. music learning course speak german maybe see. who are fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world. here's what's coming up. on. the superheroes on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart drugs smart strange and
3:57 pm
legit fears and by no means missed out on a brain creasing doing dangerous stuff. made. news in iceland. and he's in argentina. only moving how can a country of just three hundred fifty thousand people compete with giants like germany brazil. how do argentinian feel about this year's world cup
3:58 pm
missing. reports is two countries well today having come and. that's right they both bring you two nations in the same love cup greece iceland and argentina who will come out on top. thanks to take you go fly to find out when you'll be experts to let's get started. the best story in football over the last few years demands a little trip. welcome to iceland. it takes a lot to upstage leo messi but if any team is bigger than the little genius it's iceland the smallest country ever to qualify for the world cup he bjork.
3:59 pm
dc's the viking hold descend on twenty four teams finalists argentina along with a talented nigeria side right around off one of the toughest groups. for most of footballing history iceland went on anyone's radar it was known for stuff like this. and. how can a country of just three hundred fifty thousand people compete with giants like germany and brazil well that's all changed now. by slim finally qualify for the first ever major tournament the twenty sixteen european championship by sundin just my kids here at twenty six they play with the stars of the show. a first in a major tournament win against austria help them finish above eventually champions bullshit goal in the group and they didn't start that in the round of sixteen they beat the country west football. even the english adds a lot of cry. a heavy defeat to eventual finalist from fun.
4:00 pm
because it was still an astonishing performance on the tournament thank you. so what was it like to go from being nobodies to everyone's favorite team in the blink of an eye and can they replicate their year in twenty sixteen form in russia i need some icelandic insight to answer these questions i would say you. my name is crispin have played on some. totem armored ground through the treasure. mission has always been to make every attendee of the stadium or a family i am a supporter of. this goal most by about by two thousand and twelve must lie about repayment of their soldier both achievement the media that showed such an interest to involve the fans in the game just that first match for a friendly against the pharaoh iowans i mean pavement came to the to the bar where
4:01 pm
we used to be made before the games and so it was just him and kind of us and he said that he would do this before every match. amounts but i was great because we don't have said we would do anything in this tournament great with the stuff to suck and give it to the. well to beat him. and was. feeling like no other most of us that love football we grew up with being rich but to have that ties with the country and then. you know it was it was a it was a huge unique feeling that. ties with the country and then. you know it was it was a it was a you unique feeling. that someone enjoyed it so what about the world cup kristin how would you and your boys fashion russia. before every tournament i would go
4:02 pm
through i will always have to with with positivity you know i'm going to enjoy being at my first first world cup ever feels fantastic i mean it's kind of you this similar feeling to. the match against portugal played on alto but you know since we could make room i'll go cry i guess my message is nice of the menu. but i think the strength of the team for me is the unity there's no one need more importantly other you know that's how we grew up and that's how it kind of where culture. so i think in maybe has an effect on how we treat each other even if you have success in your field then you know you're still just a part of the small island you know you're still a part of a small community well you know i always mention to players i mean that's obviously give us a was on the icelandic team is obviously weaker without it and then this. i
4:03 pm
think can definitely expect a cascade of support in the world cup again and the ultimate underdogs but just as david and goliath iceland face a giant there are. many giants there are what is more like you know. we can talk about argentina without directing our attention to the man with skills as beautiful as an ice. landscape the man every football fan in his world for over a decade messi. he's won a ludicrous number of trophies of hundreds of glorious goals and been named the best player in the world five times but something is still missing from what should be the perfect career international success messi has often been criticized phase national team performances perhaps a little harsh considering he's the country's top scorer for some people he won't have you. ever unless he wins the world. and this could be his last chance. although he's got the talent to
4:04 pm
continue for many years who knows if his body will put up with the strain and don't forget he's already quit the national team so i can se when the world cup the fourth time of austria and let's take a look at the supporting cast there are certainly no problems argentina have two of the best strikers in the world sergio quero has just wrapped up a third premier league title once again buying in the gulf for manchester city and events as gonzalo higuaín has kept up his reputation as one of the deadliest finishers in the game unfortunately for argentina the rest of the squad isn't anywhere near the same level. just look at that. the player is bang average as sergio or american record for the ninety caps shows how little quality argentina has between the sticks. so it's a top heavy team that will probably need to score a lot of goals to get to the latter stages if you need any more proof just look at
4:05 pm
their recent match against spain without messi they lost six one you'll need them to do much better in russia. so we've got to iceland. but what about the. let's start with nigeria first and foremost they have an absolutely outstanding kid just look at it. frankly i'd like to see them automatically qualify for the final just on account of the shots but unfortunately a lot of quest so is that let's have a look at who's filling. the premier league alex it would be. to have their exciting young players they look like superstars in the making when they exploded onto the scene they have had a more difficult time of it lately for their clubs but they both produce their best ball for the super eagles and a strong world cup could mark them out as ones to watch for the coming years don't
4:06 pm
be supported by some more seasoned pros like chelsea's victimizes and his former club team might be making the caps with the side i think already knocked out african champions in the qualifiers nigeria and not to be underestimated. that leaves one more country and iceland have already played in qualification croatia actually finished beneath iceland in the group they lost to them in that stadium right leg something they'll be looking to rectify at the tone of them. and they certainly have the quality to do that especially in sense of midfield real madrid's luka mulch reaches the fulcrum of the team alongside rockets which. added. and insists marcello draws a bitch and they have some serious options in the middle of the park they also have
4:07 pm
dangerous attackers in the form of some exponent as we go. into the wing at even paris each and bruising from marion and you get. so who's getting out of this group well i suppose miracle go on will meskimen make it very well nigeria's super bowl or will feel. i thought about it long and hard is my prediction. i. will just about stumble their way through. that means will be saying goodbye. and. i just. might get out of the group because it would no disrespect to any other. place as long as i. are involved if you enjoy this video please like subscribe and join the next group
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. if you. in the world is football the national religion. argentina is one of the world's most football crazy nation. beat out of. this time around argentina wants to win the world cup again. football is a matter of national i don't get to go but i can you know sieberg i. think i know when
4:09 pm
argentina were defeated in the two thousand and fourteen world cup final by germany this seventeen. said. i don't. think it would be because of how the argentinian feel about this year's world cup committee during this time the can they finally beat germany again after thirty two years i came here to fight so let's hit the streets of porno sites. and. see how. many man hours. oh i am. i
4:10 pm
arguing is a football powerhouse but it wasn't always like this let's take it back to where it all began. but i think this is. going to be. you know that it doesn't get that emotion because of all the love because i don't think i thought it meant it but if. they let me go that's enough to show us that it's time. now that's an appropriate outfit but. by the way one of the most important is just a couple clicks away from you but he's not in because the coach is a second division team life and we're not doing this as an expert for state run t.v. conventions and. so i guess his opinion is for next time going on. argentina's rise to football same started here exactly forty years ago when it hosted the one
4:11 pm
thousand and seventy eight world cup which it won in the stadium right coming up. next stop up a pub and it's bartender. here will be operating out of saudi. and. back in seventy eight mario was there. you know pretty well there. were more and more strong. you know where the mere pool maybe you'll. be working we're all going to be prepared here you know going to be a move forward you know going on towards your goals i mean on the korean where i don't want to you. think people here say football is like art they like to turn.
4:12 pm
yeah. they did it again in one nine hundred eighty six beating germany in the final in mexico one became a national hero and the world what i can see of. that is what i want to get he said and it possible it will happen it is my own of my chief. field . so what i want to focus and i'm much you talking about i don't know. so much more pull the dollar and i bought a little ole miss a bit of. money come was one of argentina's first female football coaches back to our driver tell him i knew about a first. freshman class he called us from the latin i don't know if you know i'm like classico but yes it would have died yeah. nine hundred eighty six was the last time argentina beat germany in the world.
4:13 pm
this is germany st in one aside is on the fringes of the city it seems to be the shortest street in the city is this the punishment for germany having beaten argentina four times between one thousand nine hundred and two thousand and fourteen will be. on the hot seat. here was the. two of them are finals going to get in the daily money i'm going to do we'll. let them know what. and if you do you are. and this is a journalist and travels around the world with the argentine national team. and i get it for many here germany will play a deciding role in argentina's quest for a third world cup. going on. in the
4:14 pm
book on neighborhood i meet one capitol. hill field again every minute but he made out on the road to go to any. place that is going to build a little now out. there money or super bowl up on the ground in this little know. how the money is on the wall but about on the. number with the little weather to the yeah you. will see it with abandon their goal group. when i see you i don't know who are up to go i don't know who they are put up but i mean oh you know you're only going well for who are going to be more prepared or. more got your money and in your own soulful little manager well known name but a similar style but it won among the nickel second half and you know no. more now
4:15 pm
with a solid than a witch with a in mind yes run up a bench yeah well you know. and yeah come on two or three levels below germany that's a bit much. now of an hour outside of the inside it's i mean sure with one sebastian vettel who was one of em's until his greatest players of the last two decades she played in sea world cups ninety eight two thousand cheetos and sugar some of sorts. but it's a good food. he knew not by the dude i mean did i mean that on the bluntly as for my buddies who gave. him what i get on australians here the money not that i thought of it with a you know i want the meat out of us i think that they want to go in there personal
4:16 pm
nearly enough and you know from my walk us back unison video this reporter i want to go got me no particular solution she like less if you will. was. but then of course there is demand in the spotlight the unit miss seek you don't do argentina actually almost failed to qualify for the world cup and russia but then came message the messiah in the final match against a wild boar the. i . i can take it i mean the book of the. lone amicalola but i think the mission aligning with good model intimate. but additional me the missions i think you know. who are in love with justin for a nurse you don't know for myself.
4:17 pm
but i still get one that he says it was. going to do you not know me and i you know what i mean in this is. a lot of. what i saw in the. doctor says you got. on a minute they have the best player in the world but they don't appreciate him and yet they built this underground cathedral in his honor. is already quite good but an entire subway station transformed into a messy museum is really at risk. messy and argentina's relationship seems to be a complicated one. but there are the drama when you have. it all by government. and then one day out of the most important whether you're going to get to know me. they don't want to meet you i don't think it will be my no better than the other woman will simply need to i'm sure who. they may see i may
4:18 pm
see him a senior. probably a set of scene to go. through dallas to somebody but i don't know but i think william but i think we've got to do one of the fit in going to some video is this your family will young most of the new tools. and only one goal you know. i'm getting a little thinking look at the anyone want to learn not to know you're not going to be. in argentina one aside this is the one. other thing that you go to speak. thousands of kilometers. i wonder and i actually really wonder what people here have to say so thanks to all of the world. god will come to an idea or something for. the
4:19 pm
secretary of health care i said i was thinking anything when he was here you can be neighborly linda but if you let me. give you money only to do a little bit actually as you have a few minutes to do you train your mind along the way you know the venue where you are going to come in. peace if you believe that many of you know you're really only so it's going to be servicing on something she said was that it's in your midst you know someone you know. what you are you know not you know a second daughter you are going to get a little bit out of this handle when i'm just. being a quitter bill at least you're a little bit. hey i thought i was asking the questions here and. may see. how should i know what does your mother i don't know think about our stars . music oh my. god i know infinitely as you know british and little of what he knows if he even did all of. them in the room with the general if i
4:20 pm
did it i didn't move. the didn't have a home field. and as i strolled through the unsaid market back and went to site as i had a bit of time to think come on argentina let's be real if not missy who is going to deliver you the world cup the hopes of the whole country lie on his slender shoulders no matter how you look at it. looks like it's time for me to pick up a new shirt. and a decent pass into my medicine momento you want to make you think. that what i said when yeah. that's. it's a shirt off your main man dearest argentina. leo
4:21 pm
missy. finally i even found out that my germany's quit and it's quite big not sure of the argentineans will celebrate their two thousand and eighteen world cup victory right here just. one of the few. laughs. and poor messing with all the pressure put on but if argentina when the title they will probably just rename the entire country to what they call it. any ideas in the comments below. me i'm just. going to get out and out of money i lost it a while but first of all they have to be i slammed for a show and my job and then let me tell. you of yours and
4:22 pm
tina whenever possible. before.
4:23 pm
hijacking the news. more i go wrong with the news that is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us vs them why anyone. in countries like russia china churchy people or children is that something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my
4:24 pm
responsibility as a journalist is to give me on the smoking mirror it's not just about the prayer for balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. funniest for golf and i work you know. good. the freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended anew. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. some people don't care about me. because they don't see my beauty. some
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people don't care about me because they think i have nothing to give. but two billion people do. to them i am everything. their home. their food. their livelihood. but day by day i disappear. and so does everything i give. two billion people who care about me. me me. and now.
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this is news coming from but it can germany and russia differences just save the iran nuclear deal the relations have been tense between the two nations but as on the medical arrives in sochi to meet me we all must give this good mom the start of the ordeal ties between and moscow for succumbing up. its.


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