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this is deja news live from bergland another gun massacre at a school in america at least eight people killed at a high school near houston many of them students in the suspected gunman is in police custody but possible explosive devices are being investigated we will have the very latest. also coming up peace hopes were revived for eastern ukraine as russia's president leaves germany's chancellor in the black sea resort of sochi putin says that both sides will reconsider options for
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a multinational peacekeeping mission and italy's antiestablishment five star movement reaches agreements with the right wing lead that sets up a clash with the e.u. italy's debt is a likely battleground. i'm sorry telling welcome to the program thanks so much for joining us. of these state people have been killed most of them students at a shooting at a high school near the town of santa fe near houston authorities fear that as many as ten could be dead one officer is also being treated for injuries sustained in the incident two suspects are in custody both are students at the school and this comes three months after the u.s. is deadly and shooting in parkland florida where seventeen people were killed that
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massacre prompting a nationwide movement against gun violence back then u.s. president donald trump came under fire for supposedly shying away from gun control measures and favor of arming teachers he expressed sorrow in the wake of friday's tragedy this because in going on too long in our country too many years too many decades now we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students secure or schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to them. and that was the u.s. president speaking a short time ago for more let's bring in our correspondent alexander phenomena who is standing by with the latest from the united states and alexander just like to begin by first asking you about the situation we have these reports about
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potentially explosive devices on the school compound what more can you tell us. yes we go it's an update from the pull this in some toughie of all it's thirteen minutes ago the police chief there are confirmed that there have been explosive devices found in the high school and in the surrounding areas and now the main priority for the authorities is to secure the school and to evacuate old students and stouffer's and they seem to be very concerned they warn the public you know not to peek and they think not to touch anything because they assume that they could be possible explosive off the campus so the situation is quite serious and we have to say that the compass is huge itself high school with one policy one thousand four hundred students so the authorities are very concerned in the moment
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and do we know more about the attack or at this point have the police released that information well according to the police one suspect is to cost of the it is a student some media outlets here in the u.s. are reporting that it is a seventeen year old male student but so far we don't have any confirmation for that we don't know anything about his motive or it was someone who you know was a troubled person may be stretched and to do something like that on social media we don't have any information about that what we know is that there is a person person of interest that was detained however it doesn't mean that is a person that you know was in connection with the shooting or the shooter. tell us a little bit more about alexander how this is likely to be received on the national front because we know that for example the gun control movement has really picked
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up steam in the wake of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school shooting that was back in florida back in february but you know texas for its part is relatively gun friendly isn't it yes it's true texas is a quiet girl when we talk about gun control laws and it will remain to be seen whether this movement started but this amazing students in parklands will really gain speed and will are we are going to see more protestants more demonstrations on the streets demanding strict gun laws alexander phenomena with the latest from the united states thank you. turn to some other news now german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir putin have rekindled hopes of peace in eastern ukraine at talks in the russian resort of sochi putin said that
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diplomats on both sides would look again at options for deploying a multinational peacekeeping force to the region at their post summit news conference merkel declared that germany had a strategic interest in getting on well with russia rather than the somewhat chilly relations of recent times. she speaks fluent russian. and he speaks fluent german. yet they still struggle to understand one another in the past few years now of all people donald trump is changing that the u.s. president's unashamedly anti european foreign policy is forcing germany's chancellor to look elsewhere for allies instead of relying on washington for example in moscow which hasn't exactly been her favorite hunting ground. we have a strategic interest in good relations with russia and even during the most difficult times i supported for example the continuation of the nato russia council
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and that easy to tell you remains in contact i believe talking to each other is about most importance but then on the meeting for absolute fifty germany and in fact the e.u. as a whole are on the same side as russia on certain issues both sides want to save the iran nuclear deal even without the u.s. and both considered the u.s. moving its embassy to jerusalem a huge mistake but a few things stand in the way of getting too cozy the biggest stumbling blocks are russia's illegal an exception of crimea from ukraine a move that is not being recognized by most nations and russia's overall aggression towards ukraine. in the case of the former russian double agents sergei script all who was poisoned in london has also triggered tensions russian president putin claims russia is innocent in the whole affair offering his own insight. here the experience that. if a military great agent had really been used we men would have died on the spot the
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truth but you. maybe because the last time the two leaders met things weren't so friendly this time at their meeting in sunny sochi on the black sea the russian leader wanted to leave a better impression by saying it with flowers. italy's anti establishment five star movement says that it has reached a final deal on a coalition programme with the far right league they agree meant brings together two parties keen on challenging european union limits on government borrowing and spending and if the parties receive the backing of their supporters the coalition government could take office as early as next week ending eleven weeks of political paralysis the two parties rejects the post-crisis austerity measures and are promising a major spending spree but they have yet to agree on a prime minister for more let's bring in. a political science professor from the university of naples frederico the second thanks so much for joining us as we just heard there italy's and five star movement the far right league publishing this
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joint government program what have they agreed on exactly here. exactly is not the right word actually because it's a very long document and it's basically making a lot of promises some of these are contrasting with those which were in there an electoral programmes so take for instance and then a because there is the issue out where they're going to find the money for this so this looks more like a compromise new electoral programs because their own to so many promises so i can pronounce a program and then the question becomes are they really going to be able to implement this take forty cents of the fight to the evaders you know so the whole idea is we'll be very tough with big evaders god knows how but in the meanwhile they're also taking off a major technical you know system to really go
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after the the the fish babies evaders in the country so that's the second one is serving the north to be the first one is serving the propaganda of the fascist movement let's talk a little bit about the money here because that also has a lot to do with the fact that this yele could put italy on a collision course with the e.u. right what are you expecting in that regard. well you know it's going to be promises in the first place implementation especially in the child in the bureaucracy it's a much as well or process so in the beginning this is going to receive and pull electoral support and this is important because we do not know how long this government is going to last and so this is a good way to good i mean you know to make promises on a wider spectrum meanwhile i don't expect any kind old tough confrontation with
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the europe it's going to be like ok we'll see we can find the money let's wait and meanwhile we'll see whether the government last and the real question is who's going to be the prime minister. that is a big question indeed. for joining us with the very latest from naples thank you. well now daniel wynter will be taking a closer look at the new italian government's financial plans in business news a little bit later after the break so do stick around for that but in the meantime we want to head to london because tomorrow britain's prince charles is to accompany macon markel down the aisle after her father was unable to attend because of heart surgery excitement about the big events the big wedding is building across the u.k. and more than one hundred thousand people are expected to flock to the town of windsor to catch a glimpse of prince harry and back in marco. and say.
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it is waiting. tired but very very happy that's the mood of these royal sukkot fans there's been camping out food days to secure their prime spot just a stone's throw away from windsor castle when a lot of tents so were literally on to the stalls out in the winds and the cold is very cold last night and any time yeah it's awful awful what dana says yeah it's awful. it's the first royal for the sisters they came all the way from australia to see that that's what you have done this were any of the riots no no no no i don't carry i think it's wonderful now i know they're very show and i love the fact that israel has the full say she's a real person like us she's got the family issues it's our way we all have it. a couple people can relate to combined with pomp and tradition the key ingredients
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for a modern day fairytale for nearly a thousand years windsor castle has been home to kings and queens. betty how big is the excitement behind these walls oh incredible lots of preparation taking place as you can imagine there's thousands of people involved in getting everything wrong everything is tolling droit down to the last second where the royals are going to be as usual nobody does it better than the the british army and the british people really we really know how to put a show on to watch. but it's not just the army that's been rehearsing in the streets. that you know the a choir of singers living with or having overcome disabilities has a special whiting a love song written by sandra goard. only a gospel singer and a big macon mark can say. yes to madonna this background my girl yes
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absolutely and it's still lovely because the world family have already accepted her and for a lot of people culturally this is an amazing occasion to change direction as it were and hired some are somebody outside of his normal culture we're all celebrating the new really wish him the very best we're making. across the street from the council free pizza for the super funds and also a slice of royalty doesn't he look just like prince charles is good because a you know young people take an interest especially now harry's you know merry making and you know he does have a great deal with the invictus games and she's got many marry charities she is supports and travels i mean he's a we're very refreshing in these in the new era and finally time for ourselves to get really close to the royals everybody loves a wedding what is not to laugh about that well with that you have to date now on
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news and if you can't make it to britain for the royal wedding do stick around here and because one of our favorite brits daniel winter has the latest business news he's standing by for you and he will be back in just a few minutes i'm sorry kelly in berlin extra. w.'s program guide. week. dot com highlights. a blessing. and a curse. the force of nature and in this.


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