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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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ok i think on you should put out a program to go in there you know me show you can you can show that i've got our innovations magazine for. us from the pilgrim week and always looking to the future dot com science and research for you. tonight the countdown is on to harry a megan's royal wedding who's walking the bride down the aisle and who thinks it's all a waste of taxpayers money and later her rock n roll and this is the day. that i've got all the airing i do think it's wonderful that i don't carry it out but i love the fact that she's reactions to both see she's a real person my gosh she's got the family she gets away with it because we all have it come easy. but you can.
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be just be calling to me about being. a fool i would like. i. have nobody does it better than the british show me and the british people really we really know how to put a show on who built a wall. and also coming up on the day of charm offensive flowers for america as she meets with vladimir putin the two leaders try to hit the reset button and find common ground. we have
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a strategic interest in having good relations with russia and i think talking to each other is extremely important i mean. it's great to have you along we begin with the wedding that the world is talking about britain's prince harry and american actress megan marko will tie the knot in just a matter of hours now the groom and his best man a prince william are out meeting the fans earlier today thousands of well wishers are in the royal town of windsor ahead of the ceremony making markel and her mother arrived at a hotel in the town spend the night before the wedding. are now with the countdown on for the royal wedding a like any other day is going over royal will be broadcasting live on prince harry and marcos big day i'm joined by two members of our royal team in the place to be in windsor is that garrick much just and with me here is charlotte bill who also be
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providing a lot of coverage of that very big day i want to start off with you again if i may how fired up are people where you are. and what a fabulous that was fear here leila people have come not only from the city of windsor of course from all over the u.k. you have the super royal friends if you want to have been camping already for days and today there were joined by many others who are lining up to secure the best places to see the royal couple when they're coming and when they're leaving the cost was husband and wife and then you have many guests from all over the world when i came to windsor i expected the first two groups so the locals and the big friends but i didn't expect people from so many countries here were really enjoying the atmosphere and the electric atmosphere i have to say right i'm going to talk a little bit later about that a global appeal of the royal family but charlotte first there's been
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a lot of family drama in the lead up to this despite that there has indeed the big question has been will legan markel dad walk down the aisle with her today very sadly for magen that no he won't said it's going to be prince charles harry's dad he's going to get that on a he's going to take her up to harry at the top of the aisle there's been so much backwards and forwards though about this so much a scandal really the press hounded meghan's that he is said to have then suffered from heart problems have undergone heart surgery apparently just the pressure just got a little bit too much but it's not just about macon's dad it's also her brother and sister who was in trouble in the build up to this wedding you've got her hospice to samantha who's apparently writing a tell all book about meghan markle that's meant to be quite fiery and then you've got her health problems with kenya here in the build up to the wedding rowson open access telling harry actually maybe meghan isn't the woman for you he later retracted those comments and said he he got
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a bit over emotional he was upset that he wasn't invited to the wedding but there is going to be a lot of a lot of attention tomorrow on exactly whether or not this drama is going to continue is just not michael's mom he's going to be on the ceremony but you know some of her. more strange relatives are in windsor and it's going to be very interesting to see whether or not they they read the heads during the day but let's focus on the positive for the for just a moment to georg or prince charles who will walk the bride down part of the aisle very elegant solution i have to say. it is indeed and that is what many people here told me it's just a fabulous way of welcoming her to the royal family helping her out of this a big dilemma that she now will have to walk herself basically a jew the into the church but then there's also a group of people who said look the fact that she did is walking a quite a bit of a way by herself surrounded by page boys and bridesmaids all of them children is still a very positive sign it's something new that hasn't happened yet it may be
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a feminist statement but let's let's face it also there's a lot of room for interpretation of everything basically here so for instance the fact that every major shave for the wedding day has already been debated up and down the local and international media all right well on that point charlotte so why does everyone care so much what people like a fairy tale don't they this is the goal here is getting her prince and beyond that she's being seen as a modernizing fake and she's going to bring it over freshening new stance on the royal family she's american is going to be this transatlantic i mean americans don't need convincing a lot of the time to watch the royal wedding but the fact that she's one of the very anti the stars i think and a bit is something special for this pos you know she's a hollywood actress and a berry famous t.v. series seats no celebrities are expected at the wedding in fact there's going to be no real politicians it's just going to be friends of harry and and meg and
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that's not to say that they just because she's bringing something something more than and fresh to the royal family doesn't mean that people think will say enough the pomp and circumstance in the tradition where of course going to get a lot of that smart as well but i wouldn't be doing my duty if i did point out that not everyone is very excited about this there are a lot of republicans in the u.k. who are quite thinking and we're going to talk to that for him to with gay yorker because to charlotte's point you're not seeing it in windsor where you are but not everyone shares the love for the real family right. i have to say it's very hard to find people who are not into the steak which is not surprising because you have caught the fans flocking in the day before the big day i met one gentleman who pointed out that he things that he point he improved me and said look that just to be clear this is not how the whole country feels not everybody laughs this pomp and and his concerns about the cost and in fact my colleague. bigot must talk to one of
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the leading boston's and in the republican movement and here is what he had to say . graysmith well candidate's ability we're here to windsor everybody is happy everybody was celebrating what's not to like well i mean this is a celebration of the monarchy the morning here is part of our constitution so this is i mean this is politics really this is you know the. political convention if you like for the family and you know when i'm happy for the couple they're getting married but they've decided to turn into a public parade which is going to cost the taxpayer millions of pounds and which is designed to shore up support for the royal family you know doesn't it is a little bit stingy to say it caused a lot of money i mean people are here people are celebrating and one argument of people who are for the royal family is also that it brings in two or isn't it brings in money i just got of applied back from visit britain yesterday that's the agency that promotes queerness tourist destination i said you know give me all the
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evidence that the molecule brings to us and they couldn't give me anything. now all i'd say in terms of stingy i would say to any german taxpayer would you be happy to pay for the wedding of your president offering americal to a huge lavish party to the tune of you know millions of years of german taxpayers' money of course you wouldn't say why should we have to put up with it you know we need to stop taking it for granted that the we fund the private lives of the royal family but then again you do need to fund somebody who is the head of state which is here the queen so you do need to have you know somebody who represents the country countries it might as well be the queen right oh no i mean the point is we want to get rid of the monarchy so that we have as in germany as in. ireland as well we have a head of state who's accountable is a man in the country and we still have a prime minister but we have somebody accountable and also doesn't cost a fraction of the money to the war found the cost of the annual cost is about three
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hundred forty five million pounds every year i mean the cost isn't the issue really isn't it's a symptom of an institution that is not account. you how someone who's accountable and can be thrown out of office if they get it wrong they don't spend that much money because they know they'll get in trouble but people don't seem to care that much i mean there is a lot of support for the royal family and especially at the moment it's been rising one nomen hasn't been rising i mean we've had seven years of major oil events in the polling is as i say now as it was seven years ago ten years ago and twenty years ago the polling out this week two thirds of people in this country don't care about this wedding on interested the vast majority of people don't want their tanks is going to this wedding and i think what we are going off of we're not a nation of oil is not nation republicans yet but we're a nation of people to have a monarchy and most of us don't care do you have any message for the royal couple. say you know good luck enjoy your day please pay back the six million pounds we're going to be spending on your wedding greg smith thank you very much. hard so
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complains there about the cost of the where they are it will certainly one of the most expensive weddings of all time the wedding after bride book has done to break down the cost of the venue is an estimated four hundred thousand euros most of that going towards a luxury market it will cost them more than half a million to keep the guests out wined and dined and they can marcos dress could run to more than three hundred forty thousand euros but she's paying that and there are many more big bills to pay but then factor in security that's expected to cost the british taxpayers around thirty four million euros that makes a grand total of more than wait for it thirty six million euros i gave york i want to bring you back in how beefed up this security where you are and is the british taxpayer getting their money's worth. i'd say at the moment the security is still very discreet i've seen
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a couple of police officers i've seen helicopters snooping go over with a but i haven't seen the kind of police operation which is supposed to be the biggest police operation this country has seen in recent history and that is to come tomorrow when basically the whole city of windsor will be sealed off like an airport where you only and of via security checks you have all your backs checked there's thirty thousand police officers deployed into a windsor in and around so it's a very tight security operation that is up to come all right now charlotte we don't have a royal family here in germany but you would be able to tell by all the royal fans that we've got thousand a row family there are some descendents us don't walk around they were occasionally make their way into the top of the press in the absence of a proper monica general that royal founds have to look out sweat many brits and i met one such woman tucked away in a small town in northern germany let's have it. yes i have the first one in
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germany. meets germany's biggest royal fan. if it has a royal face on it evans got it from cardboard cutouts to cushion someone come on will do a diana shrine. than some personalized stamps. evelyn's love of the royal family began while visiting relatives in england as a child and has blossomed ever since she and members of her lady di fan club travel to london several times a year and like any self respecting super fan she's heard new were swirling counters along the way there's i'll spend some i know diane lost brother and the last years he gives the hand to me when i call all of them a view from germany our source strongish who prince charles. josh and my gosh are sure of charge i was sure it showed you she again and the queen mum too
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great to go by it was lovely to see this people and prince william he looks my flyers and then he looks at me and said i love you aren't. now there's anyone special royal man left to meet dress in a wedding bestial be in windsor to watch harry get hitched and she'll be battling it out with other fans to localise with the happy couple to be such as astounding out she's enlisted the help of a few die hard members of the lady di club and they didn't disappoint. me tell me about this. as assigned to get the couple's attention home they would she hid. well wishers for relief. and of course the lovingly prepared congratulations conative forty alice a smattering of gold leaf and a handful of we'll all winter into this walk about hopefully not invading your home
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guns comes to all we really hope harry will wear the red uniform will have a problem we'll have to fly to england and quickly redo it. with all this fuss about the british royal family i'm left with one big question. so you're such big fans of the british royal family do you really wish there was a rule family here in germany no. no. no no no no no no no we actually have a german royal family but how should i put it i know exactly the best. i could not imagine that i was stored with the flag with the american on. that. sorry germany britain wins this time reading. great stuff show thank you for bringing us the surge i think they're now in windsor
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where you are garrick one night to go before the big event do we know what title the queen has decided to give them as their wedding present. well meghan would get officially the title her royal highness princes henry of wales but you'll only have the title if she's standing next to a hospital and the title of the actual title as she would get is if the queen grounds her grandson the title of a duke and then she would become a duchess and carnley rights are high use that she could become the duchess of sussex but that we'll have to see how i did my just in windsor and with me in the studio do you have use charlotte tell some feel think you so very much have fun tomorrow. right now to our other top story german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir putin have tried to smooth over some of their differences today at talks in the russian resort town of so cheap the two leaders who don't see eye to eye on many issues rekindled hopes of peace in eastern ukraine
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putin said that diplomats on both sides would look again at options for deploying a multinational peacekeeping force in the region the german leader has been left scrambling after u.s. president trump pulled out of the iran deal threatened to impose steel tariffs and pressured her to pull out of a lucrative gas pipeline project while at their post summit news conference merkel declared their germy had a strategic interest in getting on well with russia rather than the somewhat chilly relations of recent times. she speaks fluent russian. and he speaks fluent german. yet they still struggle to understand one another in the past few years now of all people donald trump is changing that the u.s. president's unashamedly anti european foreign policy is forcing germany's chancellor to look elsewhere for allies instead of relying on washington for example in moscow which hasn't exactly been her favorite hunting ground fiamma in
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stockings we have a strategic interest in good relations with russia and even during the most difficult times i supported for example the continuation of the nato russia council and that the e.u. to you remains in contact i believe talking to each other is about most importance but then on the eighteenth the absolute finish to germany and in fact the e.u. as a whole are on the same side as russia on certain issues both sides want to save the iran nuclear deal even without the u.s. and both considered the u.s. moving its embassy to jerusalem a huge mistake but a few things stand in the way of getting to closing the biggest stumbling blocks or russia's illegal an exception of crimea from ukraine a move that is not being recognized by most nations and russia's overall aggression towards ukraine. in the case of the former russian double agent sergei screwball who was poisoned in london has also triggered tensions russian president putin claims russia is innocent in the whole affair offering his own insight.
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experience that. if a military great agent had really been used the man would have died on the spot trip but you've been and. maybe because the last time the two leaders met things weren't so friendly this time at their meeting in sunny sochi on the black sea the russian leader wanted to leave a better impression by saying it with flowers. well let's find out if that is going to help with highness or autumn my tea is a political analyst and expert on russia a very good evening says you have here with us flowers miles the optics of two leaders there trying to make up for less less warm times is president trying to reason behind this. book as i said i think it is about i'm more impressed by the the differences that we have seen surfacing at the summit conference we knocked and put in then the new confluence of interests and. of
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thought so just a big problem that we have these differences well let's talk about one of the big problems one of the thorns in the relating the by a lot of relation between germany and russia of course eastern ukraine the ongoing conflict there they seem to be getting together and trying to find a solution there i don't see any evidence for that whatsoever as you mentioned in this uptick. there is talk about the united nations peacekeeping mission but of course this is nothing new this actually has been the proposal of but ukrainians for several years and then use of timber of last year or put in the table this idea but ever since then really and nothing has happened because you cannot agree on the modalities of it so do you think this was just window dressing then today well i think this is just a restatement of position and of course is the same as with the commitment the
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commitment by both sides to the full and complete implementation of the minsk to an agreement there to has not been any progress whatsoever right ok so this might be confidence building measure but we'll have to see if it materializes into something concrete also high on the agenda of course is the iran nuclear deal both sides are signatories to the deal but support continued to support the deal so do you think that they will keep the new. clear iran nuclear deal alive well that depends very much on the iranians a but there's a joint position as you just outlined the three european powers germany france and the u.k. as well as the russian of course as china they want to maintain the agreement and it depends very much on whether or not the europeans and russia can persuade the iranians to stick to the agreement so the other thing that they don't see eye to eye on is of course syria do you see them reaching an agreement on that well there
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again the differences are quite quite apparent to me because putin is a quite intent on keeping assad in power and of course that surface at the meeting in such a way that russia would like germany to take a substantial role in the. reconstruction of syria so in other words it's almost ironic that russia is responsible for the large scale destruction of cities in syria and germany is supposed to be paying for the restatement of it going but what you're saying. america is in a very very difficult i find because of course on the one hand she's dealing with this deteriorating transatlantic relationship with the trump of ministration and is she trying to pivot towards russia and make up for some of that well i don't think so because this would be a very dangerous road to take very problematic because it would convey the notion
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that germany in cooperation with other european powers and russia is a trying to confront united states and that would be a very big mistake to convey the impression and certainly it would be an even bigger stick to the substance of the did she live to have us out of my political. alist an expert on russia thank you sir for wayne thank you. the world health organization has raised the national threat level of an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo to very high while this after the health ministry there confirmed to eleven new cases of the virus along with the two new suspected that's all that brings the total number of reported cases to forty five well the w h o's headquarters is rushing to ship supplies of a vaccine to congo. hectic preparations in geneva how to get the
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vaccine to the democratic republic of congo the temperature has to stay at minus eighty degrees celsius or the doses might not work two thousand units of the new experimental ebola vaccine are now ready to ship to conchita in the path in most of the ebola outbreaks in the sea it's been rural and fairly self limited but now we know that populations of more than a million are at risk the other major issue here is that this center of deca he's on the banks of the river congo it's around six hundred kilometers between bond dhaka and the capital kinshasa the congo river connects the two cities and is a heavily used transport route for both people and goods. here grips the capital everyone here recalls the twenty fourteen west african a bold outbreak that killed more than eleven thousand people.
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if this is a bona outbreak ever reaches can chasa we're going to see is. also just very dirty in the city governments and individuals must make an effort to improve sanitation. that's all some guys. the government must make vaccines ever live for us as well and must then last gatherings because it is very contagious. international experts are trying to contain the illness the world health organization doctors without borders and the congolese government have set up what they call ring vaccinations it involves immunising the friends family housemates and neighbors of any infected person. now the day is nearly done but as over the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at d. w. news or at all don't forget to use our hash tag the day the day we'll be back again
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next week we hope to see you then i will iraq in berlin on behalf of all of us have a fabulous weekend.
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to. play. such claims. please please. please. this is it every news line from berlin fever pitch in windsor just the hours ahead of the royal wedding and prince harry and his brother prince william come out to meet well wishers already in place for the big day and future father in law prince charles will accompany megan to the altar after her own father was only able to travel also coming up to moving over differences.


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