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tv   Interview - Stephan Mayer Heimat is a complicated term  Deutsche Welle  May 20, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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off the cuff comments were not mean seriously but they caused a major scandal. he managed to avoid getting into hot water at his press conference this time but he still provoked with the extreme violence of his new birth the house that jack. more than one hundred people felt compelled to leave the gallup hermia. and you're up to date now on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour american evanston from all of us in the newsroom thanks for watching. the to. the white child. around is taking. your favorite. place. to bring them.
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to the entire country champion. for the last sixty years. for mines. as you accidentally shot at some. time in the field. get out. with him because. this week new. stuff on miers a c.s.u. member and parliamentary state secretary in the german ministry of the interior building homeland i'm talking to him about refugees and the search for a new homeland and mr meyer what does the word homeland mean to you. to my mind homeland there's much more than just a one. in
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a time of globalization when mobility and flexibility are increasingly expected of people it's all the more essential that they have a sense of security to compensate it seems to me that the wish to have roots to belong somewhere is growing rather than receding. in light of that the idea of a homeland is not traditional or backward looking but very up to date on that of many of the ones who are i personally find it really exciting that the new ministry of the interior has expanded into this key area of homeland. or the federal states which already have homeland ministries have had an extremely positive experience with it i'm firmly convinced that in three and a half years this will be the case at the federal level and there will be no more doubt as to why we need a federal homeland ministry. if your family had to leave their home in former eastern german territory after the second world war with
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a flood of area you were born long afterward but do you still have a deeper understanding for people who are forced to flee their homeland today on how much. i mean with it and after the second world war my maternal grandparents were expelled from near prono in moravia and found a new home in bavaria and by i mean. the integration of almost twelve million ex pallies within germany around eight million of them in the western federal states is an extremely positive signal for integration if you want to embrace the complete thing that if then i think that's why people who've been displaced have particular empathy toward people who've been forced to leave that homeland popish and often think we mention it the idiot i might put off and especially today when almost sixty six million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide to look for decent more than a million of these people have been taken in by germany in recent years and many of them have been through perilous journeys to get here yet they are not allowed to
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stay as they are entitle ment to asylum is not recognized your catholic isn't sending these people back and on merciful act mentioned it it's what's. been the faith that i'm convinced that germany has behaved in an exemplary manner and this enormous migration and refugee crisis when compared to virtually any other country you avoid germany alone has taken in well over one point two million refugees since the migration crises broke out in twenty fifteen. this was the case in twenty sixteen but also in twenty fifty and we took in more than all the other e.u. countries put together and. these people the ones who risked their lives to come to germany but are not allowed to stay there isn't it merciless isn't it difficult for you to tell them that they've got to go back in this so. but if they're going to germany operates under the rule of law which has to take different facts
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circumstances and legal consequences into account. of course people who are granted asylum status and who require protection are permitted to stay in germany as long as those circumstances are in force. but those with a deportation order have to leave our country otherwise our asylum procedure is redundant you know if we grant refugee status and the right to remain to one person after a lengthy complicated and meticulous application process then someone else who is denied refugee status is allowed to stay here too that would make a mockery of both the asylum process and our rule of law put them through and when they thought that if the rule of law means that people who have been tonight the right to stay must leave the country the police balance a lot for lost innocence targets and the many who are supposed to leave only a fraction are compelled to do so why is that if you want it because there are various reasons why things still don't work as they should sometimes it's juta the
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individuals concerned they don't cooperate in establishing their identity or obtaining replacement passports sometimes it's down to the countries of origin which are not co-operative. i think the afterthought in the sometimes the individuals concerned are ill or injured and cannot be deported for humanitarian reasons. but i'm convinced we have to improve across the board we're not doing this is one as we showed. you about have alexander go brant who's also in the c.s. who says that lawyers for rejected asylum seekers are flooding german courts with their appeals hindering deportations is this true because i've often been there with. believe alexander dope it is absolutely correct he's put his finger on them nobody denies it. well there are tens of thousands of cases where people facing deportation meaning people who are not recognized as refugees or who are not
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eligible for subsidiary protection deliberately delay their deportation over extremely long periods by engaging in all sorts of legal maneuvers and pulling all the legal stops. with this alexander doctrine has put his finger on a key issue we have to improve in this respect as well we must improve how we implement this entire process. you're missing here both of you what's the effect if you don't if not fallen below isn't it if you were or still are a lawyer yourself do you find it appropriate that mr goh printers calling lawyers deportation server tours. alexandra dupre and has correctly identified a problem he hasn't discredited or offended lawyers to the country lawyers are essential as an independent element in the administration of justice under the rule of law. because people don't threaten for three thought if they have indeed been
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cases and these aren't just isolated cases that i find wondering. in these cases lawyers have been using legal maneuvers and tricks to delay deportations for as long as possible. hoping to eventually ensure that their client can remain in germany. with because if i'm going to see one you've said that you want to solve many of these problems in a single location in large refugee centers why do you think that will work better that is based on your voice. in the future the conservative c.d.u. and c.s.u. parties want to accommodate new arrivals in germany in so-called anchor facilities we want to make this process even more effective in the future we only want people who already have received official asylum status to be distributed to cities. and across rural areas. those whose asylum applications are turned down will be sent
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straight back to that country of origin from these anchor facilities at the end of the day it's in the interests of all concerned to determine as soon as possible who has a chance of staying here but those who don't they need to return home more quickly to fall if. you don't you plan to accommodate up to fifteen hundred people in said centers some worry that this will cause frustration and violence could escalate doesn't it worry you having so many people living long term in such an enclosed space one of them with the well a center that holds up to fifteen hundred people is relatively moderate in size. fifty percent of the first admission facilities with a far greater capacity already exist in germany they often house even more people than that. we also need to ensure that the local population accept the presence of pain centers and keep the facilities manageable. i think we're going faves ok so we're looking at having each anchor facility to accommodate an average of
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a thousand people with fifteen hundred as the maximum for why and to protect its borders very early is planning to set up new border patrols. is this how the very wants to block out a new wave of refugees. you pursue me personally i welcome the fact that that very in state government in particular the new bavarian state premier. has announced that he will reinforce the very in police force with extra star if it takes on the borders to austria and the czech republic of. germany security can only be improved by ramping up spot checks and police controls in the border areas the police are in fact going to stop to to even think. and i know the area is implementing its own border controls refugee centers and the homeland ministries are also
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election soon in the federal state is the c.s.u. hoping to win back voters at last to far right populists the if the so weak when. you put it. it's the job of politics to solve the problems of time. every year state elections take place somewhere in germany and the election for the bundestag takes place every four years. but if people always try to see a relation between upcoming elections and a new poll is this no new measures would ever be introduced. this proposal has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming state election in my feria. there's no. as the end of our interview approaches it like you to complete three sentences for us. and then me and i grew up close to the very incoherent side of all truth which are associated with. i associate it with a great personal faith. i believe that with all our faith in technology and the
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rational thinking about time each one of us is also guided and led. good or if and thank god there is someone who is watching over us both and put him in light of that the fact that i come from one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the german speaking world is a key benefit and orientation point for me. to migrants who want to make germany their new homeland i say. they are very welcome if they are recognized as refugees or asylum seekers as long as they become integrated in german society if you don't you can face off into could you there are two sides to integration. on the one hand german society has a great deal to offer even bought it has justified expectations of the people it extends that they take up these opportunities and acknowledge that they are in a country whose western values didn't simply appear out of nowhere these values
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have been defined of a centuries of humanism and christianity. everyone who is prepared to accept this is most welcome in our country at the record and from them through migration and displacement are on the rise for germany this means. that we are still facing a migration crisis which can only be mastered together with our european neighbors . in alliance with many other western countries and with the countries of origin and transit in them you have my franklin and. thank you. fax. your own max highlight show. for festival to spanish city of jerome celebrate spring. spectacular song the most produce live in concert. and massive murals french street art.
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you're rollbacks. so few in number their future and. the kingdom of the beast is facing extinction in africa. shrinking habitats disease and big game hunting. in terms of scientists are in search of solutions. they aim to stop the quiet death of the mind. in sixty minutes. would be fighting for the case taking seriously in the world oh boy here's what's come out women. for your claim it is more towards smaller states and the regiment brain creasing mean dangerous time for w. . global inequality.
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when differences become disadvantages. the benefits eat strongly. to the media. join the discussion and how do you think. dontcha velez global media form twenty one thousand the planks made from on us and. i want to welcome to our highlights show with the best picks of the week i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what's coming up. trending the alpaca is at the center of the latest
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