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tv   Reporter - Sarah emigrates to Israel  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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continent's future to. be part of enjoying marketing youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challengers. a seventy seven percent. platform africa charge. six months ago handle emigrated from germany to israel despite the country's high cost of living and all the time political situation she has jewish roots and because she never really felt at home in germany she decided to move to israel just like tens of thousands of other choose from around the world due to each year. served zahra quit her job in falun barracks and started over in israel now she devotes her time to researching how families pasta.
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so. designer has been attending daily hebrew classes each morning for four months no. distractions i mean if i can speak the language quite well without an accent. but you need to know the words to be able to read them. it's a bit of a challenge but i think it will take several months or years before i can speak a language like an israeli. people from sixteen different countries attend the language classes hailing from places like the us going as a waiter and ukraine most are jews the israeli state covers their tuition but
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learning hebrew is a formidable challenge from the shock of the same enormous five months are nowhere near enough you need more time than that you'll learn the basics to help you communicate with me and to help you understand something so you need better language skills to work in israel. as our knows not of course back in berlin she had a permanent job as a journalist now she lives from her savings and does a bit of freelance reporting she wants to be able to work as a german language journalist. she found an apartment in central jerusalem near her language school but the rent is almost double the cost of a similar small apartment timberland. zahra is still furnishing her place.
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cowbird thus. i think i was a bit too comfortable for my age in germany when i had it all really a job at a partner an apartment would all but i wasn't happy. because i've got a few clues. but. this is not muslim so this is a great adventure. and it's just for me i don't have to think about anyone else it's a liberating feeling it's. along with her new life in israel zahra has started writing a book about her family history. and these are falls from. the document they help document my grandfather's holocaust odyssey. looking at their most
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depressing. state over and over that he was a jew. the reason for his arrest is that he was a jew it's really depressing to read this but it makes me appreciate being in israel even more for me. it means a lot to be among the majority know. i'm just one among many jews here. these files were the first things are turned up in their research into her family history. much more research lies ahead of her grandparents were originally from prague so i was great aunt once told her what her ancestors endured during the holocaust. she's made inquiries in today she's visiting the archives of yad vashem holocaust memorial to see what the archivist has turned up she's waited a long time for this moment. at the archives i mean.
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it was found some documents relating to zahra as family. down discovered files with many details about sars family history including the family's deportation to auschwitz concentration camp i think you. should point. details of the transport including the names of a good officer don't you know thomas entirely got the file documents the last time they were all together. so i was a grandfather thomas survived off rates he was an important influence on her as a child star spots one of missing inmate i.d.'s nothing. yet nothing because he of course we know smith's it took from him avenues to kill him like you see. in that but he is thinking it's very scary for the very first time in saddam's life she sees a picture of her great grandfather would rather he was murdered in auschwitz saw or . good looking.
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and it's the very first time she gets to watch out brush him video testimonies one features her great aunt how the guy was of us i or my family really ready for next thirty thousand strong connect yes we've seen this before passing away how to go told sorry about the horrific things she experienced in the holocaust things she had never told anyone before. it's all right as the only family member left to keep the memory you know alive it's a huge responsibility. it's hard to describe what i'm feeling now that i know all this. i deeply moved because i finally seen a photo of my great grandfather and seen his handwriting. and that gives me a better sense of his personality i feel like i know him best here. but i'm also somewhat overwhelmed it's a lot to take in. after visiting the archives
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explores your advice holocaust history museum knowing what her family members suffered has left a lasting impression on her. soon she'll return to yard by shams archives to find out more about her family's past. but for now she's also busy living her new life in jerusalem. it's friday is that true islam is my name you've got a market. it's almost ciabatta and she's buying groceries for the evening dinner. at things are quite expensive in israel it's definitely not cheap but you've got to be careful what you spend your money on but you can also get some things that are fresh and a bit cheaper than elsewhere. on
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friday afternoon street typically hangs out with her friends. today she's meeting her bodyguard grocer at one of the markets cafes. find you good for you to read. you one day something yeah this really. cuts. if you never been to college you know what they're looking really at like incidents where you know like. a citizen if you let's meet someone. next to you there's a lots every time you take a cab. like topic comes in any way like i want to go to this enough for example people like our synagogue or you to listen or not and then they come from to being journalist to israel and like stop talking about the jews around the world that. like israelis are suppressing everybody who ever lived anywhere when you went to
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iraq i don't go with you but my. but i've never felt like someone to. leave. that for you if. you keep. the situation it's not that easy people tend to sometimes just you know like run away you think you. might think oh we want to support israel i think at least some part i'm not afraid to go out cause i know we have problems in this country it's so important that we have this jewish state and i want one jewish state for us and the other candidate like. designer wants to take the initiative and do something for a new homeland for example by going into politics but for now she's focused on her new book. in twenty fourteen she visited the auschwitz concentration camp the memorial and discovered her great grandmother's suitcase it was if he wouldn't have i'd never seen it before and we
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didn't have any photos of it i've also myself how come of course my on that huge group full of suitcases i thought it pretty quickly once we arrived. that was a really special moment. custom and. discovering the suitcase convinced her to go through with her long time plan to move to israel. as the sun sets on friday israel's weekend the begins. and. so far it's been a bit tricky integrating into israeli society and finding a congregation. but it's nice to see everything closed down for us again so quiet it's great for winding down and celebrating this day.
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as our hasn't yet found a congregation to celebrate shabbat with at the synagogue so she spends the evening with a british friend from her hebrew class and her israeli partner. ok so we're like. ok letting the candles is an important shabat custom. but we'll cut out a night looking no matter how. tough it's even want to have about. this our likes observing jewish traditions and once or a future children to do so too. it's a way of honoring her ancestors she feels a strong connection to israel. i actually feel very home in israel i felt home here before this way came here i already have like day the routine of daily business a phone you friends we have so about together we do other stuff so we have it with
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me this is. a perfect start to building a new life in israel. so look they could say anything they want to because in any event sack you for getting like that it here said it said i think but take those should there be a. climate change. sustainability. environmental projects we give globalization affect biodiversity species conservation exploitation ecology. human rights displacement. of the global income to the local actually. global three thousand next on d w.
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