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tv   Close up - Venezuela - On the Edge of Ruin  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2018 7:15am-7:45am CEST

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cock us capital of venezuela poor people search garbage dumps for food. crime gangs rule the city your fingerprints all. venezuela has more oil reserves than saudi arabia it should be rich but now it's nearly bankrupt and floated incessantly broke and listening into so amazingly going on in this thread and so unnecessary came from your life has become extremely difficult even for those who still have a little money standing in line for hours outside supermarkets has become an ordinary part of daily life. i've got there been violent most protests against the government for the past several months demonstrators are taking to the streets of caracas almost daily. they accused president nicolas
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maduro of violating human rights and they want the government to hold new elections and release political prisoners. really until jago is a twenty three year old violinist who's become a hero to opposition groups he plays traditional but as a way to learn melodies as the protesters clashed ever more violently with security forces. other yaga's old violin was smashed by national guard troops when that news appeared on social media a group of friends bought him a new one. that monopoly going to let you know his government policies have caused a lot of suffering people are dying on the streets they look for food in garbage dumps a lot of them at lost their jobs because there's no money to pay them and that's when we demonstrate to show the government that we're upset. but.
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i. think that the struggle for political power between the government and the opposition is played out on the streets with water cannons tear gas and live ammunition. this is another side of venezuela that the caribbean tourist resort to madiba most find as a way lands can't afford a vacation here. but there are lots of foreign visitors. it's difficult for journalists to get a visa to visit venezuela right now so i arrived here as a tourist. are there many tourists here no not that many a few washington ians some colombians and brazilians. but they also speak spanish.
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no venezuelans no not. my team and dyes shoot video with small in conspicuous cameras we even carry around a surfboard so we fit in with the tourists. we have to be discreet. we don't want the authorities to arrest us and we take pictures of situations that the venezuelan government would prefer to keep under wraps. even here in this plush holiday resort we can see evidence of the country's economic decline. tourists who want to change money would normally go to a bank but no one guys and neither do we. on the black market you can get five times the going rate. so when you hand out of
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a for one hundred dollar notes you get more than a million dollars which is what the local currency is called and inside venezuela a ball of really is worse not much more than the bible it's printed on. the international monetary fund predicts that inflation in venezuela will top seven hundred percent this year. we fly from margarita to karnak us the flight plants just under twenty five minutes . more than five million people live in the city's metropolitan region. urban growth has risen sharply since the start of the oil boom in the one nine hundred fifty s. but that growth has been chaotic oil production is the country's main industry other sectors of the economy have been neglected the government has no hard currency just. and on foreign goods. inboard so fall on seventy percent since
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twenty thirty. gasoline is still cheap though it costs less than a dollar to fill up an average car but there are serious shortages of food and medicines people stand in line for hours outside shops that sell state subsidized food products. every day and i got up at three this morning so i could come here and buy some flour that's what i've got here nothing else. you know who's to blame the government holding on to the people's money away and. police and soldiers are standing guard here
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a lot of the supermarkets are empty. shell all the big politicians have plenty to eat while people like me stand in line for i was . buying meat dicus for my child. but i can't find any. so life is hard here and run as a way. it is hard to really. look at these people standing in line you have to come over the day before to see if there's anything to find often it's dangerous i think he thinks full of this morning with my four month old daughter and when the coming. is there any use of. lucian there again i suppose there's
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a solution we've got to change the whole system. you can't go on like this. until a few years ago but as a well it was seen by some as a model socialist state. nine hundred ninety eight venezuelans elected a new president. a former career military officer job as promised a more equitable distribution of wealth and used petroleum revenues to finance new social programs a number of industries were nationalized. what is the basic principle of capitalist society is any quality. now they see was rampant irrational inequality. and also injustice and social violence really the seattle. exploitation of man
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by man has come oxcart it. but socialism is the kingdom of god here on earth is. why i first saw it chavez in two thousand and nine when he was near the i took his popularity and political power. this was not a regime so stay rational. this course is one of the regimes that was standing on cody's and a very strong charismatic leader with no money no. petroleum is venezuela's most valuable export and the country has become dangerously dependent on it. was his concept of twenty first century socialism was based on revenue from oil prices and he failed to promote the development of other industries. story and margarita lopez maya says the decline of venezuela's oil
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based economy was almost inevitable when a silicon they have the biggest reserves of one of them in the world. but the problem there has been that during this tell us into it the company has the tator it seriously especially in the last two years and we are reducing our oil production to kill the golden they have killed the golden goose. just as died in office in two thousand and thirteen and was succeeded by vice president nicolas maduro. the next year world oil prices collapsed and that prompted a sharp drop in venezuela's foreign exchange income. all the improvement that the chevy small did during the boom years very fast we did tell you david when the when the us price fell. i think chavez enjoyed widespread support among people who live
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in the slums of caracas we're on our way to talk to some of them. one of the largest of these districts is no. more than two hundred thousand people live here. the poorest of the poor live up here in the l's taxi drivers won't go into any mono they say it's too dangerous so we took a bus. then we walked for a while. and finally took a motorcycle taxi. leon get out on drives one of these taxis for a living. ears wife and three children live in one of the settlements up on the
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hill. with ali tracy working it's hard to put food on the table every day. just once a day sometimes twice a. day and i do my wife and i both work but we just can't make ends meet so efficient all of the line of it gets harder every day i feel trapped people can't even afford to use my taxi and. it's a disaster. like they do people appear still support the revolution. for you see on. only now now. the young i know most of them don't agree with the current president's policies. you know given we want him to leave but he want he doesn't want to hold new elections because he knows that it lives in the novel it's like out of the.
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eighty percent of the residents of caracas live in slums like this one called barrios. poor people trusted president jobless no other venezuelan leader had paid as much attention to their needs. many of these people are not even officially registered as citizens job was built sports facilities and ospital is for them and the local residents still love him for. a new day when i think you know half we miss him a lot. he took care of us and now we're into trouble again. even dying our charter is supporters like retiree yourself you know no press or little good to say about his successor. and i won't say that he's a bad person but he's been deceived by his he finds this. ruling that.
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he has no charisma is what so what he does is a tell this is something happens to me this is my success. that is his legitimacy with that finger of what this said if something happens to me he is the one who has to succeed me because he is the one i trust and he knows my legacy. portraits of hugo chavez are still everywhere in caracas watching over his people. but this man even has a job as a tattoo on his forehead. good job. will fight well live and fight chavez lives on a country is moving ahead and that is the only mind this is the commandante. chavez for us. oh i see everything but.
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support for a child as a socialist project is not as strong today as it used to be but many poor people still back the current government because of its connection to chavez and to social programs. they've never forgotten that the previous conservative governments basically ignored them. and they don't trust the current right wing opposition party. lose. that say the opposition party is out the q u two. we don't know who we're supposed to vote for. the country has collapsed. and the politicians aren't doing anything to win us over so i'm not going to vote. for but i.
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want is a way where is sharply divided between the haves and the have nots. the feeling that people here in the west apart as you've seen with the people over there on the east have lots of money. the majority of prosperous middle class residents live in the eastern district so caucus. this is where most of the opposition parties are based. their founders and many of the members live in buildings where security is tight. the government says the opposition are holdovers from the old elite perhaps the most prominent figure is martin according to much audio had a vent take. one of about twenty opposition groups she's been dubbed venezuela's margaret thatcher for staunch comparable is to neo liberal stance she's raised a number of legal charges among women only gratian but she taken part in a plot to assassinate president maduro
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a charge that has since been reduced everybody that there is to do criticize the destruction of the country after fifteen years of the biggest oil boom in history everybody who criticizes is can see that and then to me and he's treated as such no. way in twenty eleven machado was physically attacked at a public appearance. think group of these are military came into action os had to getting back on and one of our my colleagues was less hard on on her head on for a fortunately fortunately less and it was a minor hurt but he was with her and she was shot and she was just beside me. but shot her often appears on private media outlets which are not controlled by the
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government. she sent her three children to the u.s. for their own safety and she can't visit them because the authorities won't let her leave the country. the moral dimension perhaps spared your hand they are demain reason for me to to keep on moving ahead i mean and turning to see my kids as well as all of his own children leaving a nation full of opportunities with solidarity innovation of prosperity and freedom . but a lot of people in the body those say that right wing hardliner much auto is out of touch. i love how he doesn't have a lot of support in the neighborhood people hate usually talk about president mentor and.
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there's always been a sharp divide between the economic classes in cockups. the rich were very rich and the poor were very poor. but those divisions have become blurred recently in what appears to be an economic race to the bottom. to suck up with me now they say something the had never happened in the twentieth century venice said is that the extreme polity is growing faster than it. which is something that never happened that we know of it since we had official numbers at the. eighty percent of people in caracas live in poverty. the economic collapse has contributed to a big increase in the crime rate. there were nearly four thousand murders in twenty
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fifteen an average of eleven per day. gangs of violent youth are taken over parts of the city. we've arranged to meet some of these gang members sixty miles and the site after we walk up some stairs to a darkened room where we meet six young men and two women that look at that very heavily armed and wearing masks that later played i ask the leader what is going to does to make money. a bit of everything drugs kidnapping auto theft contract killing. mostly drugs. do you worry about the police now i have good contacts. in the gang displays their arsenal of weapons imported from the us brazil and austria. the leader takes the
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clip out of his pistol and hands it to me you know a hell of a. first time. where they. hit you left your fingerprints are small. jolie yeah the leader says business is great right now. only one night life is better than it used to be sure times are tough for a lot of people last year was the worst in venezuela's history. i don't know why probably because the economy is in such a mess. everybody is protesting but i'm doing better. in a dozen. i asked whether these young people had always wanted to be gangsters. and when i was a boy i wanted to have a gun but i never thought about hurting anyone. but i changed when i was
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thirteen. at already lived a hard life on the streets. i'm . not a gambler and there are rumors in the opposition movement that the government is also involved in the illegal drug trade in february twenty seven thousand the u.s. government accused venezuelan vice president sunny of being a drug kingpin blacklisting him and freezing his u.s. assets he denies the allegations the government says this is part of a u.s. plot. ah the end is when i will use all means legal diplomatic political national and international even in the us to track down the sources of these false accusations of the bombing so no second so soon not.
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every year because hosts the venezuela tattoo expo said to be the largest event of its kind in latin america. and it was good. to. see. the big hit at this year's show was the band public disorder of their lyrics tell of the millions of venezuelans who feel abandoned by the government and who become so desperate that they've left the country. if maybe their most violent seats here next year america might be going to cause.
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you to do this reality for a lot of people these believe in the country a lot of junk people he's looking for new york a rise since in different countries different places all around the world even in australia and we sing about about this reality as a young boy. about ok. can i just feel. like. i. more and more venezuelans it decided it's time for president my good old to go. these people are demanding the release of opposition politician leopoldo lopez who
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was arrested in february twenty four team. a court found guilty of conspiracy and inciting mass protests and sentenced him to fourteen years in prison. at about the same time the mayor of kut aka santonio desmo was arrested and put under house arrest accused of taking part in a plot to oust the president. first the federal government took over a lot of his powers as men and prevented him from doing his job. and then they arrested him. face. to face. these days everyone in venezuela knows that it could be dangerous to stand up to the power of the state. to the country's opposition leaders were convicted of taking part in the plot the other two and to get up the lists and i'm not
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a yoko do you know much audio are still free. even though today over eighty percent of the population is desperate for a profound change and i would say it's not only political it's existential and the they have realised that. they no longer can have even uncompetitive election. the protesters are especially angry about the supreme court's recent move to take power away from parliament where opposition m.p.'s have a majority. president maduro wants to create a new constitutional assembly. the assembly would approve reforms that would give him more power. a number of former charges supporters see these efforts as anti democratic and have joined the protests.
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on it yet i'm against calling a constitutional assembly if we'd had new elections fewer people would have been killed drafting a new constitution is a sham it won't bring us any peace or no. there's not much left of the twenty first century socialism promised point will go to others the benefits that populism brought were short lived we wonder if that's the fate of populists of all stripes. when i look at trust this is populism. like a list populism is very similar and so what we have to see more carefully is how
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populism comes emerges when you don't pay attention to certain problems of society. poverty and social exclusion a lot of inequality and when you add that in a society. a new file a case but it leader it's like putting that the light on the candle i mean people us induced by that because they want to punish those political elites that have nothing to live up to but so. what you're seeing in the united states is very similar to what we saw or. i'm going to swear that at the end of the last seconds of her we leave her in as a way of life after nine days and we were able to smuggle our video part of the country.
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for voters away lose thirty million people there will be no easy solution to this crisis. led to. the fast pace of life in the digital. shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the which is phone lines and interviews with the makers and users. shifts next on d. w. . a news alison kosik she's at seafield unsub the same name sounds good so called shake it up into his
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