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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the northern english city of manchester marks a tragic anniversary one year after a terrorist attack on a pop concert killed twenty two people and wounded hundreds more britains political leaders joined survivors in a wide swath of manchester's community to remember the attacks victims and send a message of solidarity. also coming up facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg prepares for tough questions from european lawmakers over the global data scandal engulfing his company. plus north korea invites foreign
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journalists to witness the destruction of its nuclear test site it's being billed as a goodwill gesture ahead of an historic summit with the u.s. but is it all a show for the cameras. and loose in favor of the new man in charge of the receipt borkman we'll find out if the former nice and blog coach can restore dortmund's glory days. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us britain is marking one year since a terrorist attack on a concert in manchester where u.s. singer ariana grande it was performing as a concert ended a bomb exploded killing twenty two people and wounding hundreds a ceremony to honor the victims and survivors there has been taking place at manchester cathedral survivor say the incident has brought the community together these are live pictures of that ceremony taking place now. prime minister theresa
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may and members of the warrior family have been attending the ceremony as well most of the victims of those killed after the pop concert a year ago were young people. and let's talk to melanie corrida ball she is following today's events for us from outside of manchester cathedral where that sort of money is ongoing hi melanie good to see you this attack is one of the most traumatic of chapters of manchester's history how was the city coping one year on. his sumi yes this really has been one of the most traumatic events that has ever occurred here and mentors to for the community it does really had a big impact on the community because what was supposed to be a carefree night for a lot of young people were you turned into a nightmare not only for the city but for the entire nation people have now gathered here in manchester you can see behind me the ceremony is still taking
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place of the memorial service and people are really standing here side by side together to send a message of remembrance of hope of love because if you if you just think back of the pictures that you saw last year they were just horrific they moved us all very they reached us or the tome you saw people wounded it was terrific but we also saw people sending out this message of hope already back then people were rushing to the hospitals donating blood we seen the images of people just rushing to the scenes and helping out and so now people are still healing here in manchester and what they want to do is really stand next side to side by each other and not only grieve but really pay tribute to those that they have lost it we see that a show of solidarity on display right there behind you so many people on hand today also at manchester cathedral. and we understand
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a number of important dignitaries have been attending as well. that's right and so the prime minister to resign may is here today and prince william has also been attending inside inside the cathedral you will also we also have the families the friends of those people who have rushed to the scene straight away and you know theresa may hasn't spoken today but she put out a statement. saying that really what has happened in manchester was horrible act of cowardice. and prince william did speak like terry to resign and put it didn't but prince william did and he really spoke to the people about love about standing side by side about hope about being a unity and manchester has really done that and i i my colleagues shot a person i met a friend of someone who lost his life here in manchester his name is harry jason
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has his friend who. unfortunately lost his life last year was called martin had and take a look at what he told us about people really sending out love and remembering together . hold on. tight. and then it became clear to an hour or so that it was a boy oh oh oh. oh oh oh. martin was just twenty nine when he lost his life inside manchester arena. you know i was just really great really love play. out. yeah. that's my
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fair share of here. for friends like harry jones the first anniversary isn't just a time for grief it's a chance to reflect on the lives of their loved ones. and for martin's friends that means tributes to him need to be just as larger than life as he was and it was it was in the. only fitting then that martin's life is celebrated with a touch of showbiz a new play written in his honor and tells the story through the eyes of his friends its message be more like martin. huge be loving the attention. who thought it was without him. but also. it's with unity and passion that manchester is choosing to remember it stood
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a mark of the resilience of the city shaken by tragedy. a really moving tribute there melanie ariana grande who was performing when the bomb went off she were turned to manchester just two weeks after to perform at a big charity concert for the victims families what is she said today. she has not said something but she has sent out a tweet saying thinking of all of you today and every day i love you with all of me and sending you all of the light and warmth i have to offer understanding day and it really is a challenging day but ariana grande the only one who is sending out her love and warmth when you walk across the city you see maple trees that are twenty eight in
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total which all have messages from people who have come to manchester specifically to leave their tributes and written to those they have lost of course there's also been an outpouring social media but really what has been the amazing thing today to see. these people who are just leaving behind me the service has now finished they really did stand together next to each other in a minute of silence they cried together but they also celebrated together. and melanie was what i remember it's been a moving day dave melanie what other events are planned for today. we have one main event planned for tonight supposed to be three thousand singers joining boyce to sing together victims and we're also expecting a survivors quiet to be part of those three thousand syngas. and you can imagine
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for those who did survive having to go out and big crowds has been difficult and has been challenging but for today they have decided they will go out they will sing and they will show that sign of resilience that leave them mock of resilience and hope for all of those who can hear them. right melanie for us in manchester thank you melanie. now to some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan at least sixteen people have been killed and dozens injured after a container packed with explosives detonated while security tried to diffuse it officials in the southern city of kandahar said the area around the container had been cleared when it exploded bomb attacks have been on the rise across afghanistan with hundreds killed since the beginning of the year. scores of people are feared dead as an intense heat wave smothers the pakistani city of karachi authorities are
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urging people to stay indoors with temperatures hitting forty four degrees celsius there are concerns of widespread heat stroke as muslims fast to touring the holy month of ramadan. the palestinian foreign minister as well for israel to the international criminal court following recent bloodshed on the gaza border palestinians are calling for an immediate investigation into alleged israeli crimes more than one hundred people have been killed in recent weeks israel says it is defending its border against terrorists. and iran has dismissed u.s. threats of sanctions calling them ridiculous iranian president hassan rouhani was responding to the u.s. secretary of state might become pale pompei a warning to iran to expect the strongest sanctions ever if it did not stop enriching uranium. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is set to face a grilling from lawmakers in brussels today they want to know how data from millions of facebook users were leaked to
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a political consultancy employed by donald trump they also want to know why facebook failed to reveal that link despite being aware of its existence as early as two thousand and fifteen the meeting comes three days before a major new data privacy law comes into effect in europe. if his two day appearance before the u.s. congress last month was any indication members of the european parliament can expect a respectful. watchdog well congressman congressman. congressman congressman congresswoman building at the grilling in congress politicians were at times blunt your user agreement shocks there were also replies certain to get likes from facebook lawyers as someone who uses facebook i believe that you should have complete control over your data zuckerberg visit to brussels comes just days before a massive reform of european privacy rules is rolled out the ultra bureaucratic
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sounding general debt protection regulation the g.d.p. are will cause headaches for social media platforms with european customers as it greatly strengthens the rights of users it forces companies that exploit user data to seek explicit consent and it adds teeth to regulations so that enforcement is easier with tougher penalties for companies that don't comply so corporate can expect plenty of questions related to facebook's compliance with the g.d.p. are plenty more related to the alleged misuse of facebook data by cambridge and a little the now defunct british consultancy that worked on getting us president donald trump elected zuckerberg will have little privacy himself during his time before parliament all of the action will be live streamed from brussels. where a big day ahead in brussels teri schultz is standing by for us there hi terry will mark secretary get more of a grilling from the europeans than he did from the u.s. congress. well it will certainly be
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a shorter session the entire zuckerberg appearance of the european parliament will only be about forty five minutes long compared to the two days he faced on capitol hill but that doesn't mean it will be less of substantive grilling of course the heads of the political groups could have looked at the testimony that zuckerberg gave on capitol hill and really refined their questions also europeans are known to be much more strict about data privacy than the american so but just by the fact that he'll get questioned by fewer than ten people doesn't necessarily mean that he'll get off more easily also in the room will be on full of albrecht who is known as the data privacy guru of the european parliament and claude marie's the head of the civil liberties committee so those two are definitely going to be asking some very pointed questions of mark zuckerberg and as you as you heard in that piece this was going to be a closed door session and after a huge huge outpouring of of anger from the general public and from members of the
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european parliament it will now be live stream so we will all see what mark zuckerberg says a lot of pressure on him and on the heads of the political groups who will be asking the questions love that pressure terri coming from the cambridge analytical scandal do e.u. leaders think facebook has done enough to abide by their privacy standards. everything will change given the general data privacy protection regulation that comes into effect on may twenty fifth at that point there will actually be repetitions for not following european data privacy rules so i think that he may have a few more days before facebook could be called called to account for this but i don't think anybody feels that facebook has done enough to protect their their private data we hear that all the time we've seen that with facebook users banding the platform but that will certainly be front and center in the questioning that we see here tonight you mentioned that new data protection law coming into effect here
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in europe terry what exactly is that going to mean for facebook. facebook says that it already has upgraded its user consent any company that uses private data across the internet so it's not just facebook but all the major platforms cannot get away with it anymore in addition users will have more control they will have the ability to go in and look at what these companies are doing with its data and say no if that's not ok so it's not just facebook but certainly mark zuckerberg is for many people the face of both the misuse of data privacy and the need to do better and to read beyond our privacy what other issues does the european parliament want to see facebook and mark zuckerberg address. facebook is well known to have been a major propaganda tool in the us election when he was on capitol hill zuckerberg said himself that he wished he'd been more aware of how facebook facebook was being
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used to spread false information and he wants to do better with that that will be something that european union lawmakers will be very interested in hearing about of course there was the threat of. the misuse of facebook and other social media in european elections we've of course. european parliamentary elections coming up as well so they would like to see those kind of activities reined in before election campaigning starts in a year teri schultz reporting for us from brussels thank you terry. you're watching d.w. still to come the search for one of the earth's most precious civil resources nasa has new mission to measure the world's water supplies. but first event is here with business and a big question for the italian economy italy's new coalition has named its pick for prime minister just seppi conti fifty four years old a law professor and political novice has he got what it takes to steer
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a euro skeptic government through these times of change the eurozone faces reforms which i'll get to in a bit and italy's economy needs an overhaul the nation is in the red state that stands at two point three trillion euros trillion it accounts for almost a quarter of the total debt of all eurozone member states combined pretty steep when you consider the country makes up only fifteen percent of total eurozone economic output and has a government making all sorts of promises it may not be able to deliver on france's war in the italian government from going it alone and it's the french president tomorrow macor proposed the euro zone's sweeping reforms that include a finance minister for the monetary bloc and joint liability for other countries debts chancellor angela merkel is not a cheerleader of the changes a similar level of enthusiasm from one hundred fifty four german economists. the prospect of ever closer fiscal integration across the e.u.
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appears to have sent shivers down the spines of many german economists in a lesser published in the front for to argue mine a newspaper they say reforms proposed by french president emmanuel and eat you commissioner john karr presented great twists to european citizens they warn that a euro zone finance minister would further politicize the role of the european central bank. in the last year they maintain that the e.c. thieves existing large scale bond buying program are ready comes close. what they call state financing. speaking to die to valor earlier this month french president emanuel underlined his position that europe needs to change its rules and for him that means closer integration is. you know we need to move forward we need a more strongly integrated europe i'm convinced of. i'd like an economic government
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to minister call it whatever you want it's about what goals we have i want to europe that's more democratic and less bureaucratic. but the debase about exactly what that means is far from over. as. well stephen court says an economist at the killings to trade for the world economy my first question to you is if you signed up for this petition. you know well first of all this is extremely important to see that although this is a declaration by german economists this. declaration is deeply rooted in the european spirit so it's not about what is benefiting germany at the expense of other partners in the european monetary union it has an european approach in which way in what way because we're talking about european reforms and overhauling the euro zone but the germans are against that right well
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or at least the majority of german economists would say very much in favor of getting back to everyone swear to the strict rules of the maastricht treaty and these rules have not been obeyed in the last ten years they were strict they were strict rules but they were never in full they were not really in force and then you italian government or seems to nonce that they do not long and careful that but it's absolutely important that we come to a monetary consensus if you want to make this monetary union exists x. why can't we have both strict rules and more integration well integration should not be. a target in itself we have to ask what shelby integrate and what shall be left to competition we must never forget that the strength of europe is its diversity this has brought this continent to the top of all of
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a countries and this is the source of source of all wealth and therefore we must very clearly see what are the underlying principles for workers to pull monetary union and what are rather deviations from this set of rules that bring us in very difficult territory but a finance minister for the eurozone i mean wouldn't that be a good thing you know because there's nothing that this finance minister could to do actually we do not need. a euro zone budget we have a huge budget to pay for all of these collective goods that we want to enjoy together as europeans and no one so far has answered the question what is this euro zone budget good for so you should first come to a consensus what do you want to finance with it and i do not see a single club good as we would call it as economists a single public good that is specific to the euro area and not at the same time.
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useful for the other european partners so this would actually drive their euro zone members apart from the rest of the european union just explain to me on a date why the germans don't want to share the liability of that i know the germans are like that or they do like helping out other countries we've seen that in greece why not help out on this level it's a completely different level sure but isn't it just the fact that germans just don't like that you know because it's even not in the interest of there are currently heavily indebted countries look at italy italy has a problem with its own transfer union between the north and the solve and the south is now a net. recipient of transfers for decades so it does not really help the development the economic progress in the currently distressed countries if you just there come up with a debt equalization scheme that is now proposed again it's important to see it's
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not in the interest of the union as a whole as a euro zone as a whole even not in the interest of the currently weak economist to come to a new rule that says everyone can. take up debt but the rest of the union will have to pay for it from the kill institute for the world economy seven coats thank you very much to our pleasure. i've. a court here in germany has rejected a move by prosecutors to rio rest of the catalan separatist leader carlos pushed him up the german prosecutors argue new evidence from spain showed the exiled catalan leader was provoking by lence against spanish authorities pushed him on has been in germany since he was arrested on an international warrant two months ago the court said he can remain free in germany pending a decision on his extradition to spain. let's bring india because political correspondent kate brady is keeping an eye on the story for us hi kate what did the court decide today prosecutors say they have new evidence what is that evidence so
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the court the state court. rejected that renewed request today from the prosecution to rearrest put your mom and they came to that decision saying that he didn't pose a risk of flight and as you mentioned that to me the prosecution did also say say that they now have new evidence which they plan to use to push forward their case extraditing put him on on the ground on the charge over a billionaire you might remember it was back at the beginning of a fool that the german courts actually ruled that could not be extradited on the grounds of rebellion saying that the violence which took place didn't amount to a comparable charge under german law but now we're hearing from the prosecution that they have received new evidence just actually video footage of spanish police and violence against all thora teasin they're saying the prosecution saying that
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they say it does now amounts to two charges and german law there's been treason and breaking the peace thank you just very briefly if you can when can we expect a decision on extradition. well the court said today that still very much are you paying as to when a decision will be made regarding this extradition of course it's also worth bearing in mind that they are also still examining whether they also extradited on a second charge and that's the misuse of public funds and on top of that the prosecution although they have that new evidence which we heard about today they are still yet to submit a formal application already got his kids ready for us thank you kate now it's an element that's crucial to our survival but climate change and overuse have left the world's water supplies depleted today nasa is launching a mission to find out how much water there really is on earth. the satellite pair will unfold there in tennessee as soon as they arrive in space if
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all goes to plan they will pass over antarctica half an hour later and send their first signal back to earth. one of their tasks is to measure the changes in water distribution on and below the earth's surface using microwaves the distance between them will be continuously measured down to thousandth of a millimeter while orbiting different gravitational pulls caused by the different sizes of mass below calls the satellites to move apart or closer together this data is then used to calculate the water content below the satellite pair will send a snapshot of the mass distribution on and below the earth's surface every month. the data will help us better understand the effects of climate change. for example how much ice on the north and south poles is actually melting. now says forerunner mission grace revealed that the mass of ice in greenland saw an overall decline
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between two thousand and two and sixteen around two hundred seventy billion tons of ice that misha's there every year. the satellites will enable researchers to monitor the global water supply they will also examine how over use of water has affected the height of the water table or how climate change has affected the distribution of water across the globe through changes in precipitation. both satellites are carrying a newly developed laser system created by researchers in hanover and the u.s. . it will be used for the first time during the mission to test its capabilities. it should be able to measure the satellites range ten times more precisely than conventional technology this could in time help provide even further insight into
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the constantly transforming physical processes on earth. the obama's on netflix and a new coach for dortmund those stories coming up in the next thirty minutes. a country on the brink of economic collapse. but on the cusp of the medical training venezuela again and again violent protests erupt demonstrators try australia as a character campbell reports undercover from a country on the edge of ruin. that is where. true so in the forty five minutes i want to believe. hijacking the news. we're arguing from the news it was being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us versus them black
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and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist figure and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work had to do as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me no longer smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i were good enough to. own. a. good quality for the white house. rounded straight you know but the children truckle who is your favorite team.
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in the gym is not going to win them as a church and european politics in the entire country champion three instruments for the last sixty five years just for mines. welcome back you're watching news our top stories well wishers have gathered in the northern anguish in the city of manchester chill marks one year since the deadly terrorist attack political and community leaders join survivors in manchester cathedral to remember the twenty two people who died in the attack on a pop concert in the city. and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is set to face a grilling from the lawmakers in brussels today they want to know. so how data from millions of facebook users were leaked to a political consultant the employed by donald trump. north korea's kim jong il and has asked us mall group of foreign journalists to witness the dismantling of the country's nuclear test site the journalists arrived in pyongyang earlier today kim
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promised to destroy the facility as part of efforts to create a positive atmosphere ahead of a planned summit with u.s. president trump next month but experts are divided on whether kim's plans to dismantle the site well actually achieve what he claims there's also been concern that south korean reporters were uninvited at the last minute. in a new tourist lease secretive country this is one of its most secret sites north korea's main nuclear research facility is hidden away in a system of tunnels several hundred meters underground. situated in the north east of the country sixty kilometers from the chinese border the site has been central to kim jong un's nuclear ambitions it's where all of north korea's six million nuclear tests of taken place. the latest one in september last year pyongyang declared as its first successful test of
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a hydrogen bomb. a bomb that could be used on an intercontinental missile to carry a nuclear weapon as far as the united states is north korea has threatened in the past. the closure of perm yury was announced after the historic meeting between the north's leader kim jong un and south korean president in at the end of april in which the two pledged to work for the complete denuclearize nation of the korean peninsula. north korean state television carried the news saying that all of the tunnels at the site would be collapsed and the entrances blocked it also announced that foreign media would be invited to cover the event. however some analysts have said that the closure of the site doesn't prove kim jong un renewed plans to denuclearize and so far north korea has not
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responded to pools to let independent experts verify the shutdown. skeptics have pointed to the destruction of the young people nuclear complex by kim jong un's father ten years ago the cooling tower of the plant was blown up in front of foreign t.v. camera teams and fell into to special day for the occasion. the nuclear activities at the side however continued. let's bring in correspondent jason strother who's in the south korean capital seoul covering the story for us hi jason was this a or is this a show for the cameras and why were no experts invited. right well it would indicate that this could be just a big photo op for the north korean regime since no independent analyst or nuclear experts were invited to observe the demolition of the poem gate or the site so we've had you know a team of mostly western journalists enter north korea however despite pyongyang
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saying south korean reporters would be allowed eight south korean journalists were denied entry to north korea up and were more or less left in beijing hoping to get on that flight south korea's unification ministry has expressed regret but hopes that the demolition of this nuclear site later this week will. will back up what will it will help support the ongoing talks that the plan summit between president trump and kim jong un for next month in addition there is a skepticism whether dismantling the site will achieve what conjunction has claimed does have other testing sites if kim decides to continue developing atomic weapons . assuming we just don't know north korea is a mountainous country the poetry site is located under a mountain even north korea's conventional weapons systems are often hidden behind
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many of it's hills and mountains so it's entirely possible that there are other testing facilities that we just don't have any clue about jason everyone looking towards the summit with u.s. president trump in a few weeks what could be rail it at this point. pretty much anything sumi i mean it's just last week north korea said that because of ongoing south korean and u.s. military exercises it might consider calling off the talks and also said that washington's insistence that come young denuclearize unilaterally could also call off the talks as well as pointing out that some of what national security advisor john bolton said. that he'd like to see a libyans style denuclearization take place in north korea of course moammar gadhafi died after giving up his nuclear program in the early two thousand.
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said that could also be rail the talks so but despite all that there there is no indication that they are there's no indication that they are off the table now all right correspondent jason strother reporting for us from seoul thank you jason. still to come on d w the royal academy of the arts in london is celebrating its two hundred fiftieth anniversary with a redesign overseen by star architect david chipperfield. and in sports percy dortmund announced their new coach will loose in five years experience in the bundesliga be enough to help revive germany's second biggest club will take a look. at first then its back with an improvement then in the us china trade you know what happened to that trade war sumeet china plans to slash import duties on foreign cars starting july first tarps we load from as much as twenty five percent to fifteen percent beijing's announcement comes after promises it will gradually be easing restrictions on foreign investment in the auto aircraft and ship building
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industries the united states and china recently said they would hold off on punitive tariffs on each other's goods the two countries a negotiating a deal that's aimed at narrowing china's trade surplus with the u.s. . of course one of the. joins us from beijing with us how much of a difference are these compromises making a very cosmetic obviously designed to appease trump. well china has announced this some time ago these slashes in import taxes on cars they were probably not make a big difference to most of the car makers they will impact the imports of the high end comm makers such as the high end models of b.m.w. or dima or tesla which is something that donald trump will probably be happy about for most of the other car makers this is not probably in going to influence their
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business too much they all have joint ventures here in china they produced locally and it doesn't make sense for them to replace their local production with imports this is something that china is probably it's probably something very safe for china to do at the same time it's something that the western governments have to manage for a long time so it's i guess this is a gesture more than real policy change game it is betting a forest there on the trade war that isn't and a good deal in trump's eyes we'll see what beijing comes up with next thank you. the united states has imposed new sanctions on business way in response to the reelection of president nicolas maduro washington is now restricting the country's ability to state assets and data in the us american companies and individuals are also prohibited from purchasing debt from venezuela the new sanctions aimed to
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limit financing for the socialist leaders bankrupt government duros reelection has been met with condemnation across the globe and it's where the opposition boycotted the election in which two popular leaders had been barred from running. what do you do after you leave the top job in the world former u.s. president barack obama and his wife michelle and planning to go into show business they have to multi-year deal to make films for streaming platform netflix before the first couple the set up a production company in recent years netflix is been investing heavily in producing original content platform now has more than one hundred million subscribers. a little over a month before the next election turkey's president bad one is trying to create an image of a country with a strong economy for the first glance sees right g.d.p. grew by more than seven percent in twenty seventeen but growth is not the only
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number that accounts for a strong economy. many young people in turkey can't find a job a sure sign that the boom years are over one in five in that age group is now jobless the country's economy has taken several hits in recent years one main reason more and more foreign capital is leaving turkey an emerging economy especially dependent on outside investment. those factors have sent the country's currency the lira tumbling by twelve percent since mid april alone it's lost seventeen percent since the start of the year. to stop the trend and to attract foreign money again the central bank would have to raise interest rates even further it lifted one key rate to thirteen and a half percent in april. president bad one recently called interest rates the mother of all evil and pledged to force the central bank into lowering them seen by many as an election bribe to indebted citizens and companies. to ones plan to
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influence this ostensibly independent institution is only likely to further deter foreign investors the. meaning new jobs could remain a pipe dream for many for some time to come. sugar has fallen into disrepute it's being made responsible for a raft of health problems especially the hidden sugars in lemonades and dairy products so demand for low calorie substitutes is rising and grease farmers are forming co-operatives to boost production of a substitute stevia. wide open plains and plenty of sun here in central greece conditions are ideal for cultivating stevia growing interest in the plants used as a sugar substitute has prompted seventy local farmers to clump together and form a co-operative stevia hell us is now europe's biggest stevia plantation. to begin with we knew nothing about how to cultivate stevia but step by step we
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discovered how to make sure it grows well. but i've not got. the farmers consulted scientists who told them more about the plants properties. as consumer demand for the sweetener grows farmers are keen to learn more about growing as a kilo of dried stevia leaves purchased between two and seven euro's depending on quality a large portion of exports go to germany and france demand for the sweetener in powdered crystal form is high too but there's only one factory that prothesis steve yeah and it's located in front unsurprisingly of the co-operative wants to open its own processing plant in greece members are hoping the e.u. will help them out with subsidies. for the next five years planting biased on new machinery and a bigger warehouse so we can collectively. process.
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and have a better product. someone else pinning his hopes on more cooperation and quality is andreas paraphilia his dairy farm it's a two hour drive away the qualify technicians farm is one of fifteen the tesco like co-operative. down them buy medicines for the soul. food store for an hour for qantas and good prices and the flaws there is that he says it did not work and said before that. the south of the water comes. with its own outlets that lies its members to pool their resources to milk it produces it's cheaper than in the supermarkets and many would say that it's better as well. this galo also employs technicians its customer service representatives and vendors today so it's the only one of its kind in the dairy sector its members hope more funding will enable others to set up
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their own co-ops or government. or new co-operatives begin to serve them start over there or they go off with the beginnings to do something better for the different for greece better together for cooperatives in grief that principle has become a successful business model. and. the royal academy of the arts in london is celebrating its two hundred fiftieth anniversary this year by refurbishing and expanding and we have robin merrill here from our culture desk to talk more about this hi robin tell us more about this institution first which is pretty unique it is actually two hundred fifty years ago thirty six. texts. with the permission of the then king george. and it was promote art and design on the one hand it was all. so to hold an
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annual exhibition open to everyone and it was also to stablish a school of art and design so three main things and to this day instantly the school is academy is a wonderful place for young office to study it is as you said quite a unique institution because of this has no state funding as well and it actually relies on grants some stunts a ship and some very generous benefactors as we said talking of which they've just raise sixty million euros through for a major expansion to celebrate this two hundred fiftieth anniversary so that's have a look. right on time for its big anniversary the royal academy of arts in dundon gets a second entrance and plenty of new interior spaces. david chipperfield has turned to existing historic buildings into an impressive
4:46 pm
hole with a much more contemporary feel. basically it's it's a sort of understanding organizational requirements and the challenge here was really to understand how we could best use this building and how we could best connect it to the road academy itself. the royal academy of arts was founded in seven hundred sixty eight it is presented exhibitions ever since the expansion will allow the academy to display artworks that have been consigned to storage and displayed treasures in more fitting settings michelangelo's day tondo for example. these new interventions allow us as it were to breathe and not to feel constrained by having too much of
4:47 pm
a small i mean we've grown by seventy percent. this is the centerpiece of the restructured work a narrow artery connecting the two historic buildings and providing easy access to the entire institution. for david chipperfield it's not the first time he's briefed new life into hallowed allowed holes when you're building a new building. you are you are the or so and so everything you have to defend your ideas. when you're working with an existing building you're defending the building you're defending your you're working on behalf of the building the world and normally. the other people are also interested in them so you have a common you're more united. david chipperfield has brought a new light and clarity to these two buildings a twenty first century reboot that tree equips the royal academy as it sets course
4:48 pm
for the next two hundred fifty years. suddenly when they moved into those palatial surroundings burlington house which is right in the center of london in piccadilly back in the late eighteenth century they arranged a rent of one pound a year for nine hundred ninety nine years so these people are running these artists a very good business that is well that's a pretty good bargain this is a look at that seems like david chipperfield is the go to architect when it comes if he is i mean he's made a career out of designing museums and galleries all renovating ever since the one nine hundred eighty s. and we've got a couple of examples here the first of all the head west gallery that sort of the head with wakefield gallery in the north of england this is the you make sort jew mix contemporary art museum in mexico city completed in twenty c. one of his biggest projects of course was here in berlin at the noise museum which
4:49 pm
was left. empty shell of involvement in the second world war renovations began in one thousand nine hundred seventy took twelve years and he combined the old with a new social activity and actually to great acclaim to both the press and the probably and now this these pictures are from just yesterday these is the new frontage of the museum that's just being completed he does seem to have sort of changed a bit busy has been involved in the design of the u.s. embassy in london and in a new. house for the nobel committee in stockholm so it does seem to be branching out but i want to get back to the royal academy because it does have a special exhibition every summer where you can submit your own piece of art and do all i can submit a piece but there are these literally my eighty. one c. why i call the drawer a stick figure dog but there are these eighty artists that architects and
4:50 pm
academicians who academic sorry who look after the royal academy still there's a committee who has a jury we can send our faces but every year there are people like those who get to hang their picture next to one by gephardt rishta or i way way or something like that so it really is a very unique exhibition such this year on june the twelfth i think we're too late to education but i'm sorry it's these are there were academy celebrating two hundred fifty years more on our website the cool state of you don't consarn us culture ok thank you very much rob and now. to sports now and the worst kept secret in german football is out listen fiver has been appointed the new dortmund coach on a two year deal the experience with manager is leaving french club nice to return to the bundesliga but the former gladbach boss has a big challenge on his hands at one of europe's of best supported sides. luciana
4:51 pm
fiver is the man darkman fans hope can revive their club after a good start to the season government slid into a real crisis under peter marsh she had to go in december and peter shergold was brought in to try to fix things in the end narrowly managed to secure a champions league spot in the bundesliga but it was far from elegant now five has been tasked with putting the former european champions back on the right track she already has been busy experience having managed to berlin and go home. where he turned things around. with five at the home one for merely being relegated to the champions league playoffs within four years. after a bad run though five are suddenly resigned in september two thousand and fifteen and later joined me swear he impressed the sixty year old has long been linked with the dark one job and we presented in july and things are bound to get interesting favre is known to be a real perfectionist so dominant players will have to improve hugely on last season
4:52 pm
and he has a reputation for making his offensive players incredibly efficient another characteristic government will need if they want to challenge for big honors next term. and we have public fully ileus from database sports with us public what can he bring to dortmund he can bring a lot and we've just heard a little bit about what he's done and in the past and the type personality that he is one being he's a perfectionist of course he has he's also known as being a little bit stubborn perhaps and he's got very set of ideas here and he's a person who focuses very much on tactics which is going to be a good thing for us you dormant because they have been a little bit erratic to get to that medal in a little while and the thing about him is he's got this incredible career behind him not only as a player in switzerland but also because you know he was the manager in me and also him to go in this league clubs not only to out but also what has ever. and he's somebody who comes into
4:53 pm
a club and tends to sort of revolutionize things he tends to put a lot of energy into it he has these tactics he has these set ideas which is exactly what proceed dortmund need because they've been a little bit up and down what is he said about his plans for the club well remarkably he's taken on remarkably he's taken some holiday time because of course he wasn't nice that you know the world cup is coming up as well as so things are sort of a little bit quiet at the moment so in july we'll actually be hearing from him directly in a press conference but he did release a statement and we're going to see it now actually what he said he said that he wanted to thank the directors for the faith that they've shown in him and he also says that they will work together on the new team which is quite interesting because this is a manager who's known to often bring in new players now one person which is being floated out there in the rumor mill is mario balotelli of course he's a an incredible player and he's also somebody who has a very good relationship with him and who's played with him of course that nice he said that dortmund is one of the most interesting clubs in europe and i'm looking
4:54 pm
forward to returning to the bundesliga so a lot of big things he said they're interesting i think could have been perhaps a little bit of a full friend translation there ok that's the thing so because interesting is a kind of an. interesting interesting is an interesting globe and they've certainly had an interesting season they've also been a very popular club here in europe just briefly if you can what is needed now to get the to right the ship there well like i was saying it's an interesting flow bahai's unloads they need stability they need stability they need to focus on certain aspects of the team in particular to defense and they also need to come down and know what exactly their objective is as a team and they need to focus on that and make sure that they're not only just scoring goals but also avoiding making mistakes like the ones that we saw the season all right tall task there for the new coach thank you very much public fully alert us from the sports thanks. now for the bonus they got a playoff where a keel hosted both spurred in the second leg on monday the walls have
4:55 pm
a huge advantage after winning the first leg three one last week could kill beat the odds and win promotion to the top flight let's find out. it was my sport who struck first. but he was offside keep from home rightly pointed out and the video assistant referee agree i am then it was keels turn to put the ball in the nash can somebody hitting the target but it turned out the play had been blown dat. it stayed scoreless until the seventy fifth minute when the lord's finally made it one nil. robin konopka heading into maximillian on an old corner. she'll seem to answer in the eighty eight but they are ruled out the rafa goal for handball. one nil the final score for when the playoffs for a one on aggregate and stay in the top flight while keels fairy tale season comes
4:56 pm
to an end. you're watching to have your headlines in just a few minutes. country
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this is day eight of the news live from berlin the british city of manchester marks a tragic anniversary a year after a terrorist bomb attack on a pop concert killed twenty two people but as political leaders join survive as a not just to residents to remember the victims inside a message of solidarity also on the program. facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg upper passed to face tough questions from european lawmakers over the global data scandal engulfing his company. and north korea.


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