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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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this whole sucks from having to live tomorrow we will have defeated the enemy all will never see one another again cause. we must pull cheap piece audio. to the germans every week on double. never before has the european parliament held a hearing with the c.e.o. at the level of facebook boss mark zuckerberg and never before has europe been equipped with a weapon that could do real damage to a company as powerful as facebook never before until now i broke off in berlin this is the day.
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we're very committed to here. would you consider your company as a monopoly i think it is time to discuss breaking facebook want to please can you convince me not to do so but it's like somebody would have someone up early in making costs day saying look i haven't won the bully making us with there is no problem you can take a plane you can take a train your company has already today a tremendous power it's a little bit like with the banks and in two thousand to sixty thousand to seventy two thousand and eight that they didn't do it and themself and it was needed to have differing edition will you companies see the european facebook users and what will be the amount that you will get them these can reach and the need to go in isolated case a would you say it's a top of the iceberg how you will be remembered as one of the treat big internet
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giants together with steve jobs i should say and bill gates who have enriched the world and all societies around the other hand in fact at the genius who created it the digital mums. that is destroying all democracies in all societies. also coming up tonight it was exactly one year ago when a suicide bomber killed twenty two people at a concert in manchester england tonight remembering with those left behind. life has changed for the good i never had obviously and i know for a fact that wherever. that it got the looking after each of the stupid ality many sometimes day to day still wanting the end of this street to see it it's kind of action everyone's minds for us it's just a myth that if baby. we begin the day with the
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european scolding of facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and i say scolding not grilling today facebook's boss sat down with members of the european parliament arguably the most critical and most tech savvy group of lawmakers zuckerberg has ever encountered and yet what the world witnessed via live stream was not an attempt to get to the truth through an exchange of questions and answers this was not forensics fact gathering instead this meeting quickly morphed into a series of time consuming statements and threats the message to zucker berkus we protect private data better than you we consider facebook to be a monopoly and we may break up your company give us a reason not to max hoffman picks up the story from there tonight in brussels. lots of fake zuckerberg demonstrating in front of the european institutions. but inside the parliament not so much the hearing of the facebook c.e.o.
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was supposed to take place behind closed doors so that gave some the impression that the privacy of mr zuckerberg was more important than the privacy of facebook users but some e.u. parliamentarians fought back and managed to have the hearing that took place right here in this room live streamed so everyone could see how mark zuckerberg apologized for digital facebook tools causing real world problems once again we haven't done enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well. and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and developers misusing people's information. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility now is a mistake and i'm sorry for it to the start of an interesting debate not really the european parliamentarians used up most of the time to ask dozens of questions
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with zuckerberg sitting there quietly for nearly an hour in the end this questionable procedure worked to his advantage because he got to pick and choose those questions he answered now what we're doing is taking a much more proactive approach rather than waiting for people in the community to flag for us that there may be issues we are going through in investigating ourselves up front all the different apps that had access to a large amount of information but with time many parliamentarians felt like they didn't get the information they wanted i am quite disappointed by his appearance here in the european parliament and i think that his company did it the european parliament serious and told him to come but he didn't really it took the question serious which we had to pose and i think that he lost a lot of credibility tonight and the ability to also reste or trust with european consumers in the end the hearing left
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a bitter aftertaste for the way the european parliament handled it and for the answers it got from zuckerberg. joining me tonight at the big table to help us understand this important meeting is alexander fanta he is a digital media journalist with the web site net's politico dot org and in brussels where these testimonies take place is our correspondent georg matis i will ask both of you gentlemen tonight lawmakers use all of the time allotted today for their statements they had to go into overtime just for zuckerberg to reply so what in the world did we watch today i mean i called the disco holding not a grilling georg let's start with you what was it i think it was more than a missed opportunity it was really a shame to see how suck up or got away with basically repeating his statement as a response to the to the answers and and when he said at the beginning of the answering part after more than an hour of questions he said i'll try to answer as
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many questions as possible in brackets not the ones i don't like i i was clear for me that there is not going to be much coming out of that session now is that how would you describe today's meeting i think clearly it was a fuss you know we weren't we didn't get the answers we. raised even though some good points were made so i think to some extent you can even call it a success because those important questions were raised but i think the big disappointment for the european public is that much like a pick again once again didn't the question is brought to him by lawmakers and it wasn't a q. and a do you mean have you been able to find out there in brussels to get an explanation for the format that we saw all today. and one of the lawmakers arthur that the hearing said he got a out of the jail free card in that hearing the reason i try i tried hard to find
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an explanation the best one i found is that the president of the european parliament. did choose the standard format for these kinds of hearing which normally aren't broadcast public and it was just that's the way the european parliament in these sessions works but these unconventional circumstances and it was just the wrong format to. exactly there were the right questions they were among them but it gave him the chance to pick and choose. what was the main takeaway from all of this is the e.u. preparing to declare facebook a monopoly and try to break up the company. no i don't think so and and the european parliament has not the power to do that but clearly the what we see is a shift towards more regulation i mean if you hear. the head of the liberals emphasizing that he is for free markets trade about he does see need for regulation
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here there is a clear momentum here on the part of europeans that they want to see more regulation he was asked the question can you name a competitor and he didn't answer that question he did not answer that in the long press he didn't answer it in brussels so there clearly the pressure is there to move in that direction but we're not yet there where we can talk about the and to trust body of the european commission looking into breaking up facebook and alexander let's pick up on this notion of regulation do we have a better idea tonight of how prepared facebook is for the new european data protection law which takes effect this coming friday i think it was very telling that max like a bike once again dodged a question on shadow profiles the information that facebook collects on even people who are not facebook users and have found that the liberal race is very interesting point about data being moved offshore away from european service and i think
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facebook is is has been avoiding these questions for a very long time and i think that applies to a couple of other questions too where i could because been dodging us ok so as you say he's been dodging us what about this data protection law that takes effect on friday is that influencing facebook at all in the way it does business it does and i think every facebook user got the new requests from facebook to adopt the privacy settings the users can make and in that it was very interesting that facebook doesn't really nudged people towards looking at those privacy settings even though much of the things they are supposedly should comply there are very telling so for instance do european users want to have facial recognition. on their facebook profile as a stand out setting you know these are people these are things that facebook needs to get us and also the way that they are complying or trying to comply with the law i think there is a lot of questions about that all right what about things but as
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a neutral platform for all kinds of content today nigel for raj the former leading brick city or. a he well he accused facebook of discriminating against conservatives take a listen i'm not generally somebody that calls full legislation on the international stage but i'm beginning to wonder whether we need a social media bill of rights to basically protect free speech and amounts needed a very very clearly the would you accent the day facebook is not a platform for all i did is that is operated impartially georg you can pick your jaw up off of the floor now i mean for your reaction to nigel farage calling for a bill of rights for all social media users across europe in the world. excel self censorship here is has been a big question about the whole question of censorship regulated or are self
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inflicted is really a big one for facebook because it's goes to the roots of the idea what can it censor what is freedom of speech what is freedom of expression these are very difficult questions but of course as the number of lawmakers when i asked them of that they they also pointed out that not a fraud is a very clever here linking declining popularity not to brag where some said for the doubt just his promises have worked out so far but rather linking them to. technology behind that so there's also a second agenda here involved parent yeah i mean for me the algorithms for this and if there any truth to that alexander i mean is the the right wing political spectrum is it being basically pushed out by zuckerberg secret algorithm for well as much as i would. agree with anything i do think that the facebook
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algorithm promotes content that is very divisive and it promotes content that is in some ways. not in the mainstream so to some extent that might push opinions of either side of the spectrum but i don't i wouldn't really say and facebook has tried to address that problem by pushing out news content all together which means a kind of a cleansing of the platform of the kind of information that we all have been getting used to getting from their news so in some ways both the problem and the remedy are terrible well we want to remind our viewers of how different the hearing before the u.s. congress was last month compared to what we saw today because i think it helps us also to understand what happened today here is a sample of the exchanges that we saw in washington take a look. mr zucker burt would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the
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hotel you stayed in last night. no. if you message to anybody this week would you share with us the names of the people you've messaged a senator no i would probably not choose to do that publicly here i think that maybe with this is all about. your right to privacy the limits of your right to privacy and how much you give away in modern america in the name of quote connecting people around the world and i think we will all agree that we saw nothing close to that today in terms of an exchange and someone trying to challenge our coburg members of the u.s. congress were also they were accused of a grilling a grilling white when they were questioning mark zuckerberg georg let me ask you then about the answers that we didn't get no answers on the cross use of facebook
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on what's on the data that we have on what's app on new answers on blocking of target ads in fact said in brussels basically what he said in washington let me get back with you so is he really going to do that. i think we will see some form of written statement on a number of questions that have remained open i mean there were enough to pick from from one hour of questions the key thing really is that the crucial questions the ones about cooperating with each want to trust us already the ones about naming competitors but also the ones about getting information from those people who do not use facebook where all remained unanswered and there was one i like particularly and we all have been in that situation i think where you can take it or leave it that was a good question from from one of the experts where you can press yes or no if you
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agree that the information is given out but if you do not agree you cannot have access to the product that question was also on answered so we'll see in the couple of next couple of weeks i think some form of written statement will come from ok we know you will be on that as soon if and when it comes our correspondent brussels motss and here the big table with me tonight alexander fancy with nets bullets to both of you gentlemen thank you thank you. well exactly one year ago on the evening of may twenty second two thousand and seventeen the arena in the english city of manchester was full of fans mostly young people want to have gathered for a concert by a pop music star on a grand day but it would not end that way a suicide bomber blew himself up and took twenty two lives with him well today manchester paused to remember the tragedy and the people who die.
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twenty two colored candles and mentions her cathedral representing the twenty two people who died in the manchester arena bombing. the youngest was just eight years old. survivors families and friends of victims and first responders gathered in the cathedral for the national service of commemoration. they were joined by prince william british prime minister theresa may and other dignitaries. it's exactly a year since a suicide bomber blew himself up as thousands of music fans started leaving manchester arena after a pop concert. hundreds of people were wounded. twenty two people lost their lives over eight hundred serving the services
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manchester's bishop david walker urged britons to never stop caring for survivors. this is. not things we can simply franchised out to specialist provide this and then assume that we have just a geisha. if we ceased on going road in supporting the victims of the families of the. loss they continue to grieve and hurt for what has happened to them then we shall also fail in the practical task of building a society for them to live in. the service included a minute of silence observed across britain so would you please stand with me as real observe the one minute silence with people around the country. events commemorating the attack continued into the evening thousands of people
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including local choirs joined voices in central manchester for a communal sing along filling the air with songs of love and resilience. d.w. zaarly chosen pillars in manchester tonight good evening to you charlotte so a year on how are people coping there's no doubt brenda this is a city that has been irreversibly changed by what's happened people here is still scarred by the events of last year but everybody that we've spoken to has been very clear that they want to show that defiance and their resilience and it's exactly for the reason that so many thousands of people attend out today to show their support for the relatives for the families of those who lost their lives it is just
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a short time ago that thousands of people were in this square behind me singing songs clapping cheering holding hands all wanting to prove that manchester is strong it's that's very sad manchester there really defines the city's response to this attack i was here last year in the days off to the bombing and i found that the outpouring of support for those affected by it was really overwhelming that with people queuing up to give blood for those who were injured there were huge amounts of people on the streets trying to raise money for the victims fund and it's exactly the same spirit that is on display here again today one year old. to talk to me a little bit about how the city remembered the tragedy today what struck you the most today. for me i had to be at the event that we just had behind me in this square at the moment that people would chanting in unison to the songs that have such a strong meaning for manchester and not just for the united kingdom but this city
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here is while it was extremely moving when one point there was a minute's silence for those who lost their lives and then immediately afterwards manchester then wanted to hold a minutes where people were making noise screaming showing that they will not speak downtrodden they will not be affected and by what has happened here a year ago today is this defiance his resilience that is so i want to show you today that was so overwhelming for those who ahead and show that we've got about a minute left i mean this tragedy happened on the ground in concert she has been in touch today hasn't she yes ariana's one day has made sure that she's remained very connected to the victims of this attack only this morning she tweeted thinking of you all sending you all the lights and warms i have to offer on this very challenging day i'm sure you remember friend it was less than two weeks after the attack last year that ariana grande day held a concert alongside a number of other big names from the music world to bring together the people
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affected by this attack in china to show their strength and unity and this is again what we've seen today of course ariana grande is the only person to send a message of support for the city of manchester today would seem to reason may as well the prime minister who was at that service this one chime she put out a statement calling the attack an active sickening cowardice she also said that the response from manchester has really been a show of the best that britain can offer and that's exactly why so many towns and people wanted to come out today once again to show their strength after this attack . bill on the story tonight in manchester charlie thank you. well the day after italians heard of the name. for the first time most of them are still scratching their heads over who the prime minister nominee is many are wondering if he is who he claims he is. he said because he hasn't even taken
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office but already controversy has erupted the relatively unknown attorney who's supposed to head the new italian government is suspected of embellishing his resume with false qualifications for example he claims to have studied law at new york university but n.y.u. says he was never a role there so what do a talionis make of him i've never heard of him. i don't know him he's a newcomer but i'm a. devil but i will just hope for the best. italian president. has expressed skepticism about conti's competence the new prime minister will have to deal with the new populist coalition and its stridently anti e.u. rhetoric european institutions have been warning italy over the last few days because they fear iran could change its position on existing a huge contracts. the coalition says it wants to lower taxes and pay for other campaign promises with new debt the country's existing debt already stands at two
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point three trillion euros that's almost a quarter of the total debt in the eurozone but some italian say they're willing to give the new governing coalition a chance. the important thing is that we start to see change because we're pretty tired of politicians that only think of their own interests if they think about the citizens and the country will be happy. we need to see the facts in the lead that been talking for quite a while but see what i do now. we still need to see what happens but we need to give them some time and then we'll know more. if the coalition manages to dispel the president's concerns the new government could be sworn in by the end of the week. or the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter or you can write to me
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brant got t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag there dick. and finally tonight from hope to love this is the day when we heard that robert indiana die now the pop artist passed away at his home in the u.s. state of maine he was eighty nine indiana shot to fame in the sixty's with his iconic art works instantly recognizable because the letter over his being swept off its feet and he later refashioned it as hope of u.s. president barack obama the international success of love later became an annoyance for the artist because it overshadowed his other all just didn't work he went on to complain that it has become one of the most pledge arised artworks in history but will leave you tonight with a message of love to robert indiana and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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action a little audience the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is g w news live from berlin tonight facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg faces off with the european parliament. the european lawmakers for the recent data scandal at the social media giant he says the company was too slow to react after user data was manipulated and he was given a warning that europe considers facebook to be among.


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