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recycling. and transport can redraw the line find out what you can do today at redraw the lines on all. this is d w news live from berlin i do by royal disappears after an escape attempt on the high seas princess latifa has not been seen for months in a video released after her disappearance she says she was fleeing torture ordered by her father the ruler of dubai we have a special report also coming up after a mass shooting at a texas high school at least ten dead along makers hold
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a special session on gun violence but many of the gun lobby states say stricter controls are off the table. on a path of destruction from a hawaiian volcano moves in on a geothermal power plant raising fears of toxic gas emissions that could prompt on the gas evacuation. also coming up literary giant philip roth dies at the age of eighty five roth explored the tragedy and comedy of the jewish american experience we look back the life and works of the pulitzer prize winning novelist. i'm sumi so much got a good to have you with us a missing a morality princess a french spa yacht seized in international waters it has the hallmarks of being a bestselling geo political thriller but this is no novel princess latifa of dubai do. appeared after she tried to escape her family and her father the ruler of the
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emirates she had made it to the waters off india before she was apprehended human rights organizations are urging dubai authorities to reveal her whereabouts. you still feature reports. and if you are watching this video it's not such it. that's. thirty two year old she wanted to flee from her father the ruler of dubai and prime minister of the united arab emirates shaikh mohammad bin rashid al maktoum. latif us friends released this video after she was abducted attempting to escape they want to raise awareness of her disappearance these messages where the last that they ever heard from her the last people to see what he found where those who
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helped plan her escape from a french spy her bare and a friend from finland your hand then. and one with. some voice or i don't have to say. fled to dubai in february twenty eighth to get a wiki no they drove to oman's capital most cat and then sailed on a small boat into international waters there was waiting for them on his yacht one son board they sailed for go on in india. after six days at sea when they noticed they were being followed their pursuers then boarded their wessel. we heard some noises from the other day that sounded like gunshots. because very very scared and we looked ourselves to the bus around and soon after their whole
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gabin started dealing with this monk we were basically mixed with. men dressed in black. who values are don't. die using expel you know like. they were going to killers later on and i saw lettie following on from that she was repeating that she wanted to see wanted to go to asylum. but they were not listening to her and she said shoot me you're just don't they don't take me back to you in a way that was the last time tina and i have a solid they claim their wessell was supported by him ready forces assisted by the indian coast guard but the authorities are not admitting anything. think we have real concerns about the issue of the force disappearance so to force disappearance is what a government detain somebody and then they refused to confirm that that person is
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in detention. twenty five seen here skydiving has disappeared without a trace him or any media are keeping silent about her disappearance and anyone who asks questions has risks or reprisals. we've got bomb threats i have surveillance outside my home i had people you know coming into the garden banging on the windows anyone who would dare to criticize you even thought he could face arrest could be disappeared. you know the situation there in terms of respect for basic rights respect for the right to free expression free association for use and means absolutely that's. the teachers lawyers have filed a complaint with the united nations in the hopes that it will help free her. if the teacher is alive and we can get around the magnitude of this writes in the whole of the middle east he's groundbreaking. changes about lity for was aiming for
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she wanted to flee to torture and control of her country especially when it comes to women's rights and basic freedoms. that report from date of these paula you still beach's she's with us now to tell us more hi paula thanks for joining us you followed the story closely a lot of people might think this is a princess who might have a privileged life what was it that made her attempt to flee oh most importantly she wanted to live a life of her own not restricted by her father and his conservative rules we spoke to her lawyer who said that she couldn't for example just go out with side lay under discards alone she was always chaperoned and this is something that we take for granted while this isn't uncommon in these countries to have such security measures for prince this is what's made latif is life really unbearable within the family is this is what she saw happen to her sister so her sister broke these rules
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that were put there by her father she tried to escape and then she was jailed and she was tortured for that for that so far really saw the true face of her father and she wanted to live somewhere else so that's what she tried to do how are you able to confirm that the details of the story about latif are true so we have the witness reports from the people that i spoke to they showed the messages from latif from the time when she was on the boat and also the g.p.s. data from the boats which we verified and it corresponds to her story and also what latif i spoke about in her video she talked about her experiences in the past about the turks are in the past so it also gives credibility to the most recent events where do things stand with the chief and now is there any hope that she will be freed well her friends have real concerns about her well being since no one has seen of her they think she's probably locked up somewhere in dubai heavily medicated obviously without any access to the outside world but that being said
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there is still hope her friends would be doing what they're doing right now if they had lost all hope so they are they have been talking to the u.n. this is an organization that has been successful in pressuring hughey to release their detainees. before so there certainly is hope you mentioned her sister she so this has happened before yes exactly even though these cases don't always involve the royal family members such disappearances of government critics in the u.a.e. are quite common as human rights watch has reported on such cases so what is most concerning is that usually these people who are detained they don't stand a chance for a trial or a fair fair trial at least and this is actually a violation of several international treaties. paul used of which i thank you very much for keeping track of that story for us. now some other stories making news around the world south korea's former president lee myung bok has arrived at
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court in seoul for the first hearing in his corruption trial least as accused of receiving a total of ten million u.s. dollars in bribes while in office between two thousand and eight and two thousand and thirteen he denies any wrongdoing. a court in india has halted the expansion of a copper smelting plant a day after protests against it turned violent at least eleven people were killed when police fired on demonstrators demanding the closure of the strike site in the mulatto in the south activists and residents say the plant poses a health risk due to pollution emissions. italy's two populist parties the far right league and the anti establishment five star movement are struggling to quell accusations that their pick for prime minister conti padded his resume kaante claimed he quote perfected his legal studies at new york university but the prestigious school has no record of him studying there. lawmakers have demanded better data protection and privacy measures from facebook's c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg faced questioning at the european parliament in brussels in the wake of a massive data scandal of the company but a byzantine committee process meant of a did some probing questions even if he made sure to apologize for the social media giants glaring failures lots of fake zuckerberg demonstrating in front of the european institutions. but inside the parliament not so much the hearing of the facebook c.e.o. was supposed to take place behind closed doors so that gave some the impression that the privacy of mr zuckerberg was more important than the privacy of facebook users but some parliamentarians fought back and managed to have the hearing that took place right here in this room live streamed. so everyone could see how mark zuckerberg apologized for digital facebook tools causing real world problems once again we haven't done enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as
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well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and developers misusing people's information. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility now is a mistake and i'm sorry for it to the start of an interesting debate not really the european parliamentarians used up most of the time to ask dozens of questions with zuckerberg sitting there quietly for nearly an hour in the end this questionable procedure worked to his advantage because he got to pick and choose those questions he answered now what we're doing is taking a much more proactive approach rather than waiting for people in the community to flag for us that there may be issues we are going through in investigating ourselves up front all the different apps that had access to a large amount of information but with time many parliamentarians felt like they
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didn't get the information they wanted i am quite disappointed by his appearance here in the european parliament and i think that his company did the european parliament serious and told him to come but he didn't really it took the question serious which we had to pose and i think that he lost a lot of credibility tonight and the ability to also reste or trust with european consumers in the end the hearing left a bitter aftertaste for the way the european parliament handled it and for the answers it got from zuckerberg. you're watching data view news still to come a spectacular show of nature's force on an island known for its tranquil beauty more fissures are opening up around mount killer way in hawaii and now threaten and you know buying power plants. at first in a landmark vote the u.s. congress has rolled back regulations of banks as wide and that means that the vast majority majority of banks in the united states will now face less regulation the
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u.s. congress dismantled part of the twenty ten dog frank law which was enacted by the obama administration after the financial crisis it's am was to prevent another financial meltdown and future taxpayer funded bailouts of banks considered too big to fail the u.s. congress volta rollback don't funk rules is a big win for the banking industry only banks with more than two hundred fifty billion dollars in assets will be subject to the post financial crisis regulation. until now banks with more than fifty billion dollars in assets were subject to stringent rules which included higher capital requirements more protection for consumers and stress tests measuring banks' ability to survive a major economic downturn proponents say loosening restraints on banks who boost lending and spur growth critics say it could lead to the next financial crisis.
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now this was a bill that passed the house with broad support from both republicans and the democrats let's go to another milan our financial correspondent who's standing by in frankfurt as you know there seems to be a broad consensus. among lawmakers in washington that the need for reform regulation outweighs the risk of a rise. well the issue here is that it doesn't make sense to apply the same set of regulations to big or systemically important banks as to smaller ones there's this provision in the bill for example that would see banks that with less than ten billion dollars in assets be free from a ban on making risky kinds of investment now those were the banks that were doing a lot of that anyway but at the same time it cost them money to have to comply to the regulations so the argument here seems to be that the smaller banks didn't cause the financial crisis and shouldn't have to bear the cost of the corrective regulation that followed it but how much credit is you can we give to predictions
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of another impending financial crisis. you know it's not so much of this iteration of the bill that's making people nervous it's the attitude that's driving it this is this has been an administration that has been very trigger happy when it comes to deregulation this bill does not preclude future action we may still see banks being of big banks be freed from restrictions like borrowing limits and cat and capital requirements as such people who are afraid of the financial crisis are doing so because of this rollback in resilience. in frankfurt for us thank you. humber has to become the first german city to introduce a diesel ban albeit only a very limited one from thursday of next week older diesels that is models that do not meet the so-called euro six emissions standards will be forbidden from driving in certain sections of just two thirds last year dozens of german cities were found
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to have exceeded emissions limits several other german cities are mulling over similar bathrooms. some critics say this fear of the diesel is wildly exaggerated but it's become part of a wider trend more and more countries are trying to get local emissions under control by putting electric cars on their roads china especially has been pushing the technology in a bid to reduce air pollution pollution in its big cities china just recorded the highest number of newly registered electric cars in twenty seven teen with more than half a million new the cols on the country's roads the us was in second place and germany rounded out the top five but when you look at the share of electric cars indian vidual countries it's different picture emerges while china has the most cars in total only two point three percent of them are electric by contrast in norway more than a third of cars are electric as you can see that one of the main challenges facing
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most countries is infrastructure electric car owners need access to charging points becoming more common in major cities but are still hard to find in other areas and that puts off potential buyers of course and one way to reduce emissions is to get people out of their cars and into public transport and ideally that should run a low tricity two and one polish company is at the forefront of the shift towards green of public transport. here in the polish city of poznan heavy traffic and poor air quality are part of daily life that's prompted authorities to set their sights on electric mobility first up public transport one company at the forefront of the industry is so loris. the family run business was founded back in two thousand and one. the buses are necessarily one hundred percent clean whether or not they can be described as such depends on the kind of electricity that powers them still they're
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much greener than their diesel counterparts and many european cities have been investing in them despite their higher cost. so. the buses have an advantage over eight car as. we know the routes how often they operate and what distances are involved. so we can plan accordingly to ensure that it operates like a diesel run password. it's certainly an efficient system but on the downside it's not very flexible and then there's the problem of charging up just as it used to be with mobile phones not all eve buses can use the same charging equipment despite those challenges there are ready to size indeed buses on the roads in europe one hundred fifty of them come from the celebrities factory near poznan with the order books full and demand rising the company needs funds in order to expand that is that to develop investor. that we
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need investors because innovation is expensive. right now we have a huge potential for growth we might not be perfect at what we do but we're good customers want our busses but we don't have enough money to build as many as they need. so. she's looking for an investor to take over a majority stake the hope is that this will enable the company to stay ahead of bigger competitors. and the business fresh office on the way to rein in north korea's nuclear program and soon as that's thank you go ahead well doubts are growing over next month's scheduled summit between leaders of north korea and the us donald trump has warned of a possible delay but said he still believes north korean leader kim jong un is serious about denuclearization. the white house honor guard would also have been
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ready for the historical summit between the u.s. president and north korea's leader but now concerns are growing in washington that kim jong ditched the meeting planned for june twelfth in singapore trump was still cautiously optimistic as he welcomed south korean president in. their talks focused on efforts to convince young to denuclearize and accept a lasting peace despite aggressive signals from the north korean capital. kim reiterated his unwillingness to completely dismantle north korea's nuclear program saying he needed to guarantee his political longevity. we'll see what happens there are certain conditions that we want and i think. we don't have the meeting and frankly it has a chance to be a great great meeting for north korea and a great meeting for the world. if it doesn't happen maybe it'll happen later maybe
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. if the summit is canceled the memorial coin depicting trump and kim which is already been minted may be obsolete before it's even been released. over the next few days several foreign journalists have been allowed into north korea will report on the destruction of the nuclear testing site. the move is meant to be a confidence building gesture but since no independent experts will be on hand it may be viewed by washington as a destruction of evidence. that. lawmakers in the u.s. state of texas are holding a special session on gun violence this follows a mass shooting last friday at a high school in santa fe but there's little chance the lawmakers will agree on any serious reforms unlike those who pushed for stricter gun control after a shooting three months ago in florida the friends and families of the santa fe shooting victims are largely opposed to gun control more now from richardson. an
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increasingly common scene in the united states makeshift memorials for victims of a mass shooting this time at santa fe high school in texas. there are prayers for the eight students and two teachers who lost their lives. but amid a nationwide debate over how to stop such massacres this community thinks it's not about guns and most say stricter controls are off the table. i think right now what i just really want to focus on is it is this the city healing i don't have the quick answers for this i don't know that anybody does knowing our town probably not or they think are going all those are good the way they are. a lot of things that just need to be seen for the bigger picture than what it is and not these political reasonings that all these people keep bring you know about these guns and then i read r.j. doesn't have a minute to go in its own person does. no other developed country in the world comes close to the levels of gun violence in the united states but many in santa fe
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believe it's not gun legislation but society that's broken texas has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country but many here don't feel that changing that would help prevent tragedies like the massacre that took place at santa fe high school the response stands in stark contrast to the student led activism that arose after a shooting in parkland florida but it represents attitudes in many parts of the united states that guns are not the problem. sixteen year old marcel mcclinton is trying to find a way to connect with communities like santa fe he is also a mass shooting survivor two years ago a man opened fire at his church he says sharing that grief is a first step to bridging the divide how can march for a lives how can people who agree with going to reform reach all conservative unities in a way that doesn't offend them it isn't you know that i speak for them. it's the unanswered question that has so many students traumatized and others fearing that they won't live to see graduation. staying in the u.s.
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and authorities in hawaii are scrambling to protect a geothermal power plant as they kill away a volcano continues to spew lava and toxic gases the fiery flow has entered and is now stalled in the facilities property and there are fears that the lava could mix with the chemicals on site to produce hazardous gases that could prompt a mass evacuation. spectacular show of nature's force on an island known for its tranquility and beauty more and more fishes have appeared around mount killer whale and the volcanic activity is becoming increasingly intense lava has been bubbling up and forming rivers at several kilometers in length. geologists say more is install we're going to see increased activity potentially higher fountains more lava flows. among the risks people face who are also flying rocks. see what i mean donna muller and
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her family have decided to leave it's just too dangerous. it shows me the power of the power of our. love is also pouring into the pacific ocean setting off a chemical reaction and sending plumes of steam into the sky laced with hydrochloric acid and particles of glass vats very bad for the lungs of skin and eyes. a number of roads are blocked including evacuation routes lover is also threatening a geothermal power plant that usually generates a quarter of the island's electricity it's had to be closed down. geologists say the volcanic activity around mt killer whale is likely to continue for several weeks longer. one of america's greatest modern writers philip roth has died he was eighty five years old roth push boundaries with his fearless explorations of sex death and assimilation a lot at author one every major u.s.
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literary award including the pulitzer prize. reclusive and often reluctant to give interviews philip roth was known for his provocative and uncompromising novels about the american jewish experience there's a certain odessa to writing books without the audacity of can't write the books and perhaps there's even a certain recklessness in writing books. i think the society i live in can live with my recklessness such as it is roth was the author of more than thirty novels and short story collections spanning seven decades is a work frequently blurred the lines between fiction and memoir and drew on his experience growing up in a jewish family in new jersey many of his protagonists were thinly veiled fergusons of himself by have strong as addresses a life of men and i think my subject has been that. what
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what what is that what is what it what is the life of a man in my time roth was one of the most highly honored figures in american literature but for him a claim and controversy were inseparable he insisted writing should expose and not sanitize the human experience. or minder now of our top stories here on t.w. princess latifa of dubai has disappeared after a failed escape attempt from her family and her father the ruler of the emirate she had made it to the waters of india before she was seized human rights organizations are urging dubai authorities to reveal her whereabouts. and face focused c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to european lawmakers following the recent data scandal surrounding his company facing questions in brussels zuckerberg said his company failed to recognize the danger from third parties misusing personal information. thank you for watching.
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for the whitehall. round this shake you know but feel so much about was your favorite. electorate is not going to win them it's a joke in the politics of the entire country champion and fearing for the last sixty years. for mines. i want to welcome to another edition of euro max i'm your host megan lee from milestone moments to happiness seminars we've got lots of ground to cover here's a look at what's coming up. two hundred fifty years and counting that london's
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