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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany calls on china to open its doors to more trade german chancellor angela merkel demands equal market access and better protection for tech companies who set up shop in china. medical visits beijing for two days of high level talks also coming up italy's president gives his approval to become prime minister contains a political novice who will lead the government the extremes is this the beginning of europe's next crisis and bring you the latest from rome.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel is in china hoping to strengthen trade ties between the two countries acol is seeking greater market access for german companies and better protections for foreign companies operating there. who's on a two day visit to china it told. that close cooperation between the two sides was essential she'll meet president xi jinping later today michael spoke at a press conference earlier. if once we are pleased with the announcement about the opening in some areas for example the area of finance and also the possibility of the joint ventures to exceed fifty fifty ownership i think german friends will make use of these opportunities. jessel markel there addressing trade ties with china
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well for more on the chancellor's visit to china let's bring in irish times correspondent clifford kernan who's standing by for us in beijing clifford we just heard there from chancellor merkel what are germany's business interests in china well germany has many business interests. mostly focused on cars technology engineering german cars are all over the streets in china today books are going as one of the biggest companies here she will be looking just to deepen not relationship now especially to get better access for german firms she often complains about a lack of level playing fields where chinese firms in germany have different. and better circumstances than german firms working in china so should be pushing to deepen the relationship and to and to get these level playing fields for german firms operating in china ok thoroughly or chancellor met with premier li ke
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what was the focus of that meeting was trade dominating those talks or other aspects. trade is always it was always the top of the agenda between germany and china and the coach young is also the senior leader who's responsible for dealing with the economy so they would have been discussing and various trade issues both germany and china have got high trade surpluses with the u.s. with the u.s. so in that way they would be have a sort of united front because donald trump has been very critical of both countries over that at the same time she will be have been pushing them to present germany as a place that's open for business just as much as she hopes that that china will be open for business too on this is this was legal chance message she was saying china is open for business and that you would that china was opening up and trying to become better at implementing these rules now the chancellor will also be meeting
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with president changing paying later on today what can we expect there. i imagine there to be talking about various bilateral issues again trade is going to be the main focus of those talks it's possible she will raise human rights issues. it's one of the things that. from our bill always does when she's here is that she raises the human rights issues and. at the moment and one of the bigger concerns is about who shot who is the wife the widow of the nobel prize laureate. and there's been a very speculation that she could be released and. so perhaps she could go pressure in that area also talking to she they will be discussing issues like the iran nuclear deal which america which john king has just pulled america out of and earlier today she said us and china and germany were standing and united in keeping
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that deal going. thank you so much that was irish times correspondent clifford cohen in there speaking to us from beijing. and while there is addressing trade and international crises in china german for mr holcombe us is attempting to do the same in the u.s. has said that europe is a long way from a compromise with the u.s. on a new or brand new clear deal who is on a visit to washington was speaking after back to back meetings with the u.s. secretary of state and national security advisor john bolton the u.s. pulled out of the twenty fifteen accord with the rent a move which germany has called a threat to international security. in my opinion we are far away from a compromise. we are taking two completely different approaches to the approach that germany has decided to take along with france and the u.k. that is the one we will continue to pursue in europe. and that was high cholesterol
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his foreign minister speaking there on his first visit to washington in office now to some of the other stories making news around the world today yulia script paul has spoken out for the first time since she and her father a former russian spy were poisoned she said the nerve agent attack has turned her life upside down she also announced her hope to return to russia despite the u.k.'s claims that moscow was behind the assassination attempt. a us court has ruled that president trump cannot block twitter users who disagree with him from viewing his account seven plaintiffs sued trump after he used a feature on the social media site to block them judd said the president's account is a constitutionally protected public forum. and a large lava lake has formed on hawaii's big island as molten rock continues to
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spew from volcanic fissures in the ground a killer way of all canuck has been erupting for over twenty days now and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. two people have been killed a dozen others injured in a train accidents in northern italy the train crashed into a truck close to two were in late on wednesday authorities say it's unclear why the truck was on the tracks as the train approached. italy's president has approved just hope it can take the country's next prime minister was put forward for the post by italy's two main populist parties the far right leak and the anti establishment five star movement the appointment of context a lawyer and political novice is designed to end weeks of political deadlock in his acceptance speech he promised to protect italians at home and abroad but said he was aware that he needed to on or european and international commit.
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conti's appointment has left some in italy concerned the parties who put him forward the five star movement and the league both red fiercely anti immigration election campaign ads now foreigners are in it in italy are starting to worry about their prospects under the new government. were. doing is learning italian through games like this one origin only from mali he comes to this school in eastern rome four times a week along with other migrants and refugees but that might change if the new italian government has its way. you know. students are definitely aware that something is changed here people are starting to give them strange looks are they getting a first hand experience of the shift in italian politics. the head of the right wing populist league party. wants to push through
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a hardline anti immigrant agenda as italy's next interior minister he and coalition partner luigi de mar you are from the five star party want to deport half a million migrants as part of the earth green mint but experts say that might not succeed. they will write the things. they will be able to do really effective things the basis of this is these idea that they are both. i do not expect. a very long longstanding cooperation after months of uncertainty there's a sense of relief among the general population polls suggest six in ten italians are ready to welcome a populist coalition government. that we've had very little substantial progress in politics over the last few years i hope this alliance if you can call it that will
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make a positive difference. also most tension that i feeling nervous about this. we're taking a big risk. on kevin i'm going to school my son i think change is good italians have had enough of traditional politics and we haven't got much to show fours. and we don't yet. but many refugees in italy like to come out to and from mali have reason to feel uneasy no. i think it's crazy that they actually want to send us back i can't believe it i've been hearing about this since i got here it's just insane. man shuffle. that's why people in classrooms like this one on the edge of rome hope the new government won't accomplish all it set out to do at least when it comes to
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migration. children prosecutors have charged three former german football federation officials with tax evasion in connection with the country's successful bid to host the two thousand and six world cup former dia the president spoke on news and theos funds and former general secretary horst schmidt are accused of hiding the real purpose of a payment of six point seven million euros to football's world governing body. the pain it was declared as an operating expense but investigators believe it was actually the repayment of a loan made three years earlier to world cup organizing committee chief beck and boa the three men denied the charges. now it's a car that's cruised into the hearts of millions worldwide the v.w. beetle has a vast fan base here in germany and beyond with many one over by its cute round form and reliability as the bug celebrates his eightieth birthday today d.w.
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takes you along for a joyride. with its red orange paint job and circular headlights it had months in the months pride and joy he's been a big fan of v.w. beetles decades. troon alone so they're nice and round really costly just adorable almost when you stand in front of it you see a really friendly face looking back. hammon cinnamon takes me on my first ride in the legendary car. there's not much next room in this doesn't have power steering automatic windows or any all the. cars i probably wouldn't buy one but many people around the world have
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a completely different opinion. twenty two million have been sold and it was even once the world's best selling car it has also been popular in the u.s. and. helped lay the foundation for the v.w. factory in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight his propaganda promise was a car everyone could afford what he called the strength through joy car the vehicle made to evolve into the v.w. beetle in the one nine hundred fifty s. it became the symbol of freedom and independence in germany germans drove it to the countryside invocation spots it didn't take long for the millionth people to roll off the you simply line the car represented the country's economic miracle on wheels and restrain now and for its durability no other car goes through so much more so with.
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the w.b. to even made it to the silver screen disney made millions with its film the off back. hammond simmons car has even helped him to make new friends he joined other beatle enthusiasts to create a fan club the vehicle has been out of production for fifteen years now but love for the bee to never die. just a reminder of our top story before we leave each day in beijing german chancellor angela merkel has called on china to further open its doors to trade to better protect foreign companies that set up shop there. in china for two days of high level talks expected to also focus on international security and human rights. you can always get news on the go just download our google player from the store
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that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as pushed out of questions for any breaking news also used to send us photos and video . so in news for now soon we will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full thanks for. good. luck to hold g.w. on one element for an insult is global insights the news hour for local heroes. a double made for mines.


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