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trip. reports are starting to look for g.w. . this is news live from berlin investigators say a russian missile was used to shoot down flight m h seventeen over ukraine prosecutors leading the probe say a russian military unit fired the missile that took down the commercial airliner nearly four years ago killing hundreds of people on board. also coming up germany calls on china to open its doors to more trade german chancellor angela merkel
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demands equal market access and better protection for tech companies to set up shop in china this as merkel visits beijing for two days of high level talks with italy's president gives. his approval to become comprised minister is a political novice who will lead a government office extremes is this the beginning of europe's next crisis and we'll bring you the latest from rome. and in football germany is getting ready to defend its world cup title. still has to decide who will make the trip to russia competition is intense and one of the biggest dilemma is whether goalkeeper manuel neuer is up to the task. so much going to good to have you with us we start with some breaking news coming in from the netherlands or a team of investigators say the missile that brought down the malaysia. airlines
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flight m h seven to me nearly four years ago came from a russia based military unit another passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed russia has always denied involvement in the downing of the jet let's bring in barbara valle she's been tracking the latest developments on the story for us from brussels hi barbara tell us more about what the investigators have found. now we're looking at a very long winded and slow moving investigation because as you mentioned soon the second in summer two thousand and fourteen but it is also a very difficult investigation because russia won't cooperate not really in name only the investigators are on their own and they are more or less corn firming what has been repeated several times they had the suspicion that this was a russian mischa missile and now they say they could narrow down the focus on which
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particularly the brigade and they name the fifty two third aircraft brigade which was stationed at that time in that particularly region of eastern ukraine near the city of course and so they i really narrowing down the focus of the investigation now they also say that they could narrow down the number of people involved from maybe around hundred to a few dozen so they seem to have identified some of the people who were working there and in service there during that particular time and then now trying to focus it down even more than peeling to people in the region whether anybody would have any further information about who those people where who was in command and who was particularly at the trigger of this particular missile that is very difficult of will take more time but there are dogs at the netherland investigation investigator
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barbara so they named a russian military unit but they're not saying that russia itself is responsible. they assume this i mean they have all because from the beginning on said this was the soonest the suspicion was confirmed that this might be a russian missile they have pointed their finger at moscow and said now the russian government has to be responsible the point is that if you look at the causal connections here who was that commander they couldn't identify him yet and then they have to say ok this was somebody who was under the command off the russian army and particularly in that sense of the russian defense ministry and not possibly some rogue unit who was sort of acting on their own in the end of course they hold russia responsible no doubt about that so that sounds very political barbara it is of course and that is one of the main sort of that is really at the core of this case this is one of the number of cases that cases that has been
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throughout the last few years really poisoning the the relations between russia and western countries particularly it was the netherlands because they really felt like completely innocent victims in this conflict that had absolutely nothing to do with them we remember that the majority of the people on this airplane where dutch people and so they're really determined to figure out what was behind here and to sort of get beyond suspicion and part partial prove it to the point where they can really say in the end it was the kremlin that was responsible for this irresponsible act and that's their political determination and they will carry on. bringing us the very latest on the story thank you barbara. now moving on to our other top stories a german chancellor angela merkel is in china hoping to strengthen trade ties between the two countries merkel is seeking greater market
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access for german companies and better protections for foreign companies operating there america who's on a two day visit to china told premier league chung that close cooperation between the two sides was essential michael also says both china and germany are committed to standing by the iran nuclear deal a she will be meeting of president xi jinping later today. more on the chancellor's visit now with a journalist felix li who's standing by for us in beijing hi felix why was this meeting today so important. in the last years relationship between china and germany developed very smoothly but the world was trying to get u.s. president has change and change also makes it complicated for the sign a german relationship iran for example merkel and she were talking about iran told to deal with iran after trump's decision to pull out of the nuclear deal out of sight that you want to solve a pitch snobbish the you run nuclear pact companies in both countries are afraid of
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possible u.s. sanctions be continued to trade with iran the problem you don't have a solution for this difficult situation saw. in beijing so does this mean that we could see an alliance now building up between germany and china. well virtually market and we are emphasizing how close the relationship between the two countries still are but under the surface there are lot of new problems also related to trump china's pledge to buy more american goods for example as part of the duty of going to trade war with the u.s. could mean that germany is first in line to suffer the calculation of very simple of china buys more products from the u.s. this could mean the chinese buy less from other countries especially from germany so this is a very difficult situation for chancellor merkel she relies on china but it's not trusting the chinese another difficult issue for chancellor merkel felix as the question of human rights and right now the case of activist lu shah who is under house arrest now trying actually didn't comment on this today when asked about it
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let's listen to what he said so if a woman public events i think we must respect humanitarian assemble and follow humanitarian principles of the on relevant individual cases we hope to have dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality pins and i thought she's. so felix how significant is it that teaching actually did comment on human rights when asked about it and what do you think that means for lucia well he mentioned that china at problems with human rights but she emphasized the country is improving. i didn't mention her name merkel is pushing people he was just released and there were some signs of china's government will let you share go but china did not give a clear commitment yet still seems for you sharr still unclear what is expected of
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chance america here on human rights because she's been under a lot of pressure to bring this up and push china. well germany is one of the few western countries that still dares to criticize china towards human rights violations france u.k. and not even the u.s. government going to trump nobody talks about this subject and what i saw from the dissident there's a lot of hope on chancellor merkel but the problem is the chinese don't lessen this subject for a journalist felix least speaking to us from beijing felix thank you very much thank you and while medical is addressing trade and international crises in china german foreign minister is attempting to do the same in the u.s. moscow said that europe is a quote long way from a compromise with the u.s. on a new iran nuclear deal moss who is on a visit to washington was speaking after back to back meetings with the u.s. secretary of state on pale and national security advisor john bolton of the u.s.
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pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen accord of move which germany has called a threat to national international security. evidence before and i'm called. in my opinion we are far away from a compromise for this or to achieve this if we are taking two completely different approaches the approach that germany has decided to take along with france and the u.k. that is the one we will continue to pursue in europe. or not in some other stories making headlines around the world yulia script all has spoken out for the first time since she and her father a former russian spy were poisoned she said the nerve agent attack has turned her life upside down she also announced her hope to return to russia despite the u.k.'s claims that moscow was behind the assassination attempt. a u.s. court has ruled that president donald trump cannot block twitter users who disagree with them from viewing his account seven plaintiffs sued trump after he used a feature on the social media site to block them the judge said that the
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president's account is a constitutionally protected public forum. a large lava lake has formed on hawaii's big island as molten rock continues to spew from volcanic fissures in the ground the killer whale volcano has been erupting for over twenty days now and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. and two people have been killed in a dozen others injured in a train accident in northern italy the train crashed into a truck to remediate on wednesday authorities say it's unclear why the truck was on the tracks as a train approach. italy's president has approved it to separate country as the country's next prime minister country was put forward for the post by italy's two main populist parties the far right league and the anti establishment five star movement the appointment of conte a lawyer and a political novice is designed to end weeks of political deadlock in his acceptance speech he promised to protect italians at home and abroad but said he was aware
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that he needed to honor european and international commitments. let's bring in data of use band record he is in the italian capital rome for us high band so questions have been raised about giuseppe contacts credentials and president did has a tape before indorsing him is it clear that they will be confirmed by parliament. yeah that little doubt that is that the county will win the vote of confidence next week in the parliament that those populist parties have sufficient majority in the parliament so that after that come to convene he starts to deliver on the long long wish list that the coalition has drawn up which contains a lot of tax breaks social welfare things which are very costly and the italians are now looking for that or expecting and curious how will you do it you promise to be a lawyer for the italians to defend them from the european union this is a quite new approach and it's all summed up under the slogan it's in the first now
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the two parties that nominated him form a very unlikely coalition of extremes if they do form a government what changes are italians likely to see. well the attendees expecting of foremost a tax reform they expect higher pensions they expect more social welfare they expect and correct down on my guns and the government really approach the un try to renegotiate the european treaties in favor of italy so this is a lot on the plate of the new prime minister and he doesn't that does not have much time to deliver because on average the tenure of an italian prime minister is only one or one of the obvious and experts say it would be very surprising if a consequence of vive longer than that and so we will see how that plays out all right so he might not have very much time at all but what could this new government under giuseppi content mean for italy's european partners this is this going to
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cause more headaches in brussels. is it's a show will they tell the newspaper put it this way this morning they said we're not going to eat the cake we don't have meaning that the money is simply not there and the europeans are very that italy could plunge the e.u. currency into a new crisis because if the debt is not serviced by italy then the tide is expect europe to jump in but the europeans are not willing to do that so there's a lot of crisis ahead and also on other topics like migration the italians are now at the odds with the european partners this is a new approach that might be quite an adventure in the future for their opinion in italy was a cornerstone of the e.u. and now nobody knows exactly what is going to happen and could even venture ahead band record for us in rome thank you very much as that was saying country's appointment has left some in italy concerned the parties are putting forward the five star movement and the league both red fiercely anti immigrant election
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campaigns now foreigners in italy are starting to worry about their prospects under the new government. they. were. doing is learning italian through games like this one originally from mali he comes to this school in eastern rome four times a week along with other migrants and refugees but that might change if the new italian government has its way. you know. students are definitely aware that something has changed here people are starting to give them strange looks are they getting a first hand experience of the shift in italian politics. the head of the right wing populist league party. wants to push through a hardline anti immigrant agenda as italy's next interior minister he and coalition
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partner luigi de mar you are from the five star party want to deport half a million migrants as part of their agreement but experts say that might not succeed they will try things but i don't think they will be able to do really effective things the common basis of these parties is these idea that they are both. parties. i do not expect. a very long longstanding cooperation after months of uncertainty there's a sense of relief among the general population polls suggest six in ten italians are ready to welcome a populist coalition government. gave that we've had very little substantive progress in politics over the last few years i hope this alliance if you can call it that will make a positive difference. also most tension that i feeling nervous about this.
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we're taking a big risk oh and kevin i'm going to school my son i think change is good italians have had enough of traditional politics and we haven't got much to show fours. down what they're doing yeah. but many refugees in italy like to come out to and from mali have reason to feel uneasy now. i think it's crazy that they actually want to send us back i can't believe i've been hearing about this since i got here it's just insane. man shit for. that's why people in classrooms like this one on the edge of rome hope the new government won't accomplish all it set out to do at least when it comes to migration. i get out of here with business now and big changes underway at thought a bank that's right sue me germany's biggest lender has announced it will slash
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more than seven thousand jobs in the next year is the call is part of a restructuring of the larger bank on the new c.e.o. . and mainly hits the investment banking business saving tried to reassure shareholders today we'll hear from all correspondent in frankfurt later is that his work because if you look at the figures you understand his challenge budget of the twenty twelve. as the world's second largest investment bank since then it slipped to number eight as puts it puts it behind some of the large american banks and credit suisse of switzerland of course and barclays from britain george's market capitalization there is the value of all the company's shares combined has dropped significantly to from just over thirty billion euros to twenty three point seven billion making shareholders seven billion euros poorer there's been a steep decline in revenue to which have fallen from over thirty three billion euros to twenty six point four no wonder shareholders are up the noms many other
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active that anger at this man here supervisory board chairman paul a flight net he's been in the position since twenty twelve leading to accusations he's been steering the bank in the wrong direction. but the new man can't deny his responsibility either christians living is a true dodge of buying thorough bred he joined the bank as an apprentice in one thousand eight hundred nine and has held senior positions in the bank's risk management and legal departments for years well the bank a.g.'s have been tumultuous in the past that cross over there's no demand for who's in frankfurt for us asked the banks headquarters who's been at the a.g.m. earlier today. you know the exhibit has given a speech what did he say and how did it go down with shelled. well he's reiterated basically these announced plans to cut more than seven thousand seven
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thousand jobs in order to bring costs down he's advocated a return to boring for the bank which is quite normally an unusual name for a c.e.o. to have but is obviously a reference to the turbulence and scandal that's dogged deutsche bank in the last two years now shareholders haven't been particularly impressed with the speech and see if we saw the share price go down after that speech but you know the reason i moved here in front of the deutsche about headquarters is also to try and get a reaction from the people here that i wanted to know how they're how the speech went down with them and from what i can gather it's most of them have been mentally prepared for this step now they're only too aware of the problems the dog. continued restructure was definitely in the cards so not much talk here emanating from the employees of deutsche bank but certainly quite a strong feel of resignation. told to stop that but have you heard anything from
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stuff representatives who sit on the supervisory board and have they agreed to the job. you know even before the a.g.m. the representatives of the workers were already talking to the media saying that they felt that the numbers being discussed were not plausible were not realistic and will definitely be the object of a negotiations in the summer between the works council and management it remains to be seen however how tough of a line they will actually take remember that we're talking about workers here across all job categories administration infrastructure banking itself but they tend to have transferable skills and a high degree of employer employee ability so those who can go a probably will consider this option in fact saving himself said that six hundred investment bankers have already left or to a bank in the last weeks. was also directed by the chairman of the supervisor of
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bhopal. to get the traditional shareholder vote of confidence. well it's true acolyte or has been a constant presence in all the turbulence that's dog deutsche bank in the last years now nobody really seems to think he will get voted out today especially because he enjoys the backing of quite powerful shareholders like the qatari royal family like china. and also service capital but criticism is mounting you have the likes of hermes that's an investor from the u.k. saying that's a succession plan should be in place to replace acolyte now so he may survive he may survive today but it's hard to tell how long after. thank you. washington is looking into imposing new tariffs on foreign vehicles that has evidence that current polls have damaged the domestic industry so it is examining
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whether foreign vehicles are weakening the u.s. economy and in turn impact national security ministration has used the same legal argument when imposing tariffs on steel and. german cars remain popular in the united states that's a thorn in the side of u.s. president donald trump who maintains that foreign imports have a road it to the domestic car industry over the past two decades u.s. car imports have risen by fifty percent while the number of workers in american car plants has been falling german factories in the u.s. have to thousands of new hires german auto makers account for one in six jobs in the u.s. car industry but now donald trump is reportedly mulling a plan to impose import tariffs of up to twenty five percent on vehicles european car makers at present pay about a tenth of the. carmakers like mercedes b.m.w. and fox which money factor in the u.s.
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would be less badly hit than companies like porsche last year almost half a million german cars were exported to the u.s. it's not only german carmakers that are fearing a potential tariff hike japan another major car exporter is also feeling the heat. so if the u.s. import tariffs go ahead they cause great confusion to the global economy have a negative impact on multilateral trade under the w t o system that would be very regrettable. opinion remains divided about whether import tariffs would actually benefit the u.s. car industry some experts say the move is unlikely to create new jobs. truck drivers in brazil blocking major highways all around the country for the third consecutive day protesting against rising fuel costs the transport difficulties have led to rising fruit and vegetable prices in many cities petrol stations are running short of fuel and brazilians in international airport is
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having problems getting planes refueled the strike is also delaying mail delivery the cost of diesel has risen twelve percent this month in brazil the finance minister said the government is willing to help logistics industry by lowering taxes on diesel. wells less than two months till the world cup kicks off and russia has more about that that's right ahead and germany's a national team football team has begun to arrive in northern italy for training ahead of the world cup almost all twenty seven players and coach you all he knows for visual squad will be there by the weekend but fans hoping to meet their favorite players are in for a bit of a letdown. german players want to relive this when they last won the world cup back in two thousand and fourteen final preparations to defend the title have started at the team camp and upon northern italy this was an emotional that it's finally starting it's at hand and you can get to work otherwise it's all in theory now we
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can come together and try to have both team spirit concentrated into detail or. most by munich players still have a few days off after their loss in the german cup final but goalkeeper manuel neuer is here and working on his comeback not everyone believes that he can pull it off. neuer or barcelona as mark andre testing it's not the only puzzle you all can live to have to solve before the world cup kicks off but one thing is clear germany is hungry for another title oh american football now and n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has announced that the league will find teams if players on the field fail to stand during the national anthem before the start of the game some players chose to kneel during the anthem last year to protest police shootings of an armed black men stirring up controversy president donald trump criticized them for being unpatriotic the link will no longer require players to be on the
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field during the anthem along them to remain in the locker room if they wish. a reminder now our top stories here on d w investigators have said the missile that brought down the malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen nearly four years ago came from a russia based military unit the passenger jet was shot down over eastern ukraine all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed. and in beijing german chancellor angela merkel has called on china to further open its stores to trade and better protect foreign companies that set up shop there in china for two days of high level talks expected to also focus on international security and human rights. thank you for watching the dubbing will be back at the top of the hour. movie. going to.
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