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this is deja vu news live from berlin investigators say the missile used to shoot down slide m.h. seventeen came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people onboard died in the crash in two thousand and fourteen a passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky but also coming up germany calls on china to open its doors to more train german chancellor angela merkel demands equal market access and better protection for tech companies who set up shop in china as medical visits beijing for two days of high level talks. and italy's president gives the country his approval to become
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prime minister country as a political novice will lead a government off extrude so is this the beginning of europe's next crisis. i'm so me so much going to good to have you with us we start with breaking news from the netherlands where a team of investigators say the missile that brought down the malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen need me for years ago came from a russia based military unit the passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed russia has always denied involvement in the downing of the jet schieffer let's get the very latest on the story with barbara vessel who is covering the developments of barbara tell us more about the investigators findings. now what's actually not new that this was
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a russian missile we've known this for around two years but the investigators a really narrow narrowing down the who where and when and how because they have now made a record struction off the pass that this particular missile took from the fifty third anti-aircraft brigade that's located near the russian city of course into eastern ukraine and then where it did fire on the on the mh seventeen the flight that was down and then made its way rather quickly and rep it lead back into russia so they have they're really narrowing down how would this happen and how this was possible and that it was in fact a russian military vehicle and missile that was fired on on this malaysian plane where two thirds of the people that died in this downing of the plane or
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dutch. national t.v. and this is why the reason why this investigation takes place in the netherlands and what the dutch really want is a trial they are now today talking about they have real evidence that would stand up in court to prove that this particular missile made its way from russia into eastern ukraine back and that it fired and age seventeen so that for investigators really is a sort of. major achievement but barbara they're not saying russia itself is responsible are they. they cannot of course because the causal evidence for that is not there but they are again putting out in the peel to the public and to maybe members of the military people in the region or experts who knew about the background of this to say please give us to investigate if you give us further
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information they have investigated so far is analyzing satellite images images on social media phone calls all the information that's out there and that they could get hold of and it's a very detailed work that they had to do so far to get to this particular point but they want to see people in court in the netherlands because russia is blocking in international tribunal and of course the know the ins has been from the beginning on pointing their finger at russia and this is one of the cases one of the major cases that has has been poisoning the relations between moscow and the west the scruple poisoning is the latest but this was one of the first really and so they are still on the case and the investigators in the netherlands will not stop barbara vessel with the latest developments for us thank you barbara and to catch up on some other stories making news around the world julius cripple has
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spoken out for the first time since she and her father a former russian spy were poisoned she said the nerve agent attack has turned her life upside down she also announced her hope to return to russia despite the u.k.'s claims that moscow was behind the assassination attempt. a u.s. court has ruled that president donald trump cannot block twitter users who disagree with him from viewing his account seven plaintiffs to trump after used a feature on the social media site to block them the judge said the president's account is a constitutionally protected public forum. and a large lava lake has formed on hawaii's big island as molten rock continues to spew from volcanic fissures in the ground the killer way of all kaino has been erupting for over twenty days now and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. german foreign minister heikal moss has said that europe is a long way from a compromise with the u.s. on a new iran nuclear deal the u.s. pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen accord a move which germany has called a threat to international security and now now must made these remarks during
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a visit to washington. was the foreign minister is in washington german chancellor angela merkel is in china hoping to strengthen trade ties between the two countries merkel a second grader market access for german companies and better protections for foreign companies operating there who's on a two day visit to china told premier league that close cooperation between the two sides was essential also says both china and germany are committed to standing by the iran nuclear deal she'll meet president xi jinping them later today. more on the chancellor's visit now with a journalist felix lee who is standing by for us in beijing hi felix why was this meeting today so important you know in the last years relationship between china and germany very smoothly but the world is trying to the u.s. president has change and change also makes it complicated for the sign of german relationship iran for example merkel and she worked talking about iran told to deal
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with iran after trounce decision to pull out of your deal out of sight that you want to solve each saw b.c. you run. companies in both countries are afraid of possible u.s. sanctions be continued to treat with iran the problem you don't have a solution for this difficult situation saw towards beijing so does this mean that we could see an alliance now building up between germany and china. well virtually market and we are emphasizing how close the relationship between the two countries still are but under the surface there are lot of new problems also related to trump china's pledge to buy more american goods for example as part of the duty of going to trade war with the u.s. could mean that germany is first in line to start for the calculation of very simple of china buys more products from the u.s. this could mean the chinese buy less from other countries especially from germany so this is
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a very difficult situation for chancellor merkel she relies on china but it's not trusting the chinese another difficult issue for chancellor merkel felix's the question of human rights and right now the case of activist lu shah who is under house arrest now actually did comment on this today when asked about it let's listen to what he said so if a woman public events i think we must respect she managed terri and sam and follow humanitarian principles of on relevant individual cases we hope to have dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality and i thought that she's. so felix how significant is it that kid chang actually did comment on human rights when asked about it and what do you think that means for lucia well he mentioned that china at problems with earth human rights but she emphasized the country is improving and he didn't mention her name merkel is pushing people he was
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just released and there were some signs of china's government will let you starve but china did not give a clear commitment yet saw since flu shot are still unclear what is expected of chance america here on human rights because she's been under a lot of pressure to bring this up and push china. well germany is one of the few western countries that still dares to criticize china for human rights violations france u.k. and not even the u.s. government going to trump nobody talks about this subject and what so from the diffident there's a lot of hope on chancellor merkel but the problem is the chinese don't lessen this subject for a journalist felix least speaking to us from beijing felix thank you very much if you italy's president has approved you set the country as the country's next prime minister country was put forward for the post by italy's two main populist parties
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the far right league and the anti-establishment five star movement country headed out for his first day in office a little known lawyer and political novices designed to end weeks of political deadlock in his acceptance speech a promise to protect italians at home and abroad but said he was aware that he needed to honor european and international commitments to qantas promise to form a government of change something many migrants and refugees in italy fear. they. were. doing is learning italian through games like this one origin only from mali he comes to this school in eastern rome four times a week along with other migrants and refugees but that might change if the new italian government has its way. you know. students are definitely aware that something has changed here people are starting to give them strange looks they're getting
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a first hand experience of the shift in italian politics. the head of the right wing populist league party. wants to push through a hardline anti immigrant agenda as italy's next interior minister he and coalition partner luigi you are from the five star party want to deport half a million migrants as part of their agreement but experts say there might not succeed. they will write things i don't think they will be able to do really effective things the common basis of these parties is this idea that they are both. parties. i do not expect. a very long longstanding cooperation after months of uncertainty there's a sense of relief among the general population polls suggest six in ten italians are ready to welcome
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a populist coalition government. gave that we've had very little substantive progress in politics over the last few years i hope this alliance if you can call it that will make a positive difference. also most into that i feeling nervous about this. we're taking a big risk. i think change is good italians have had enough of traditional politics and we haven't got much to show fours. and we don't yet. but many refugees in italy like come up to and from mali have reason to feel i'm easier now. i think it's crazy that they actually want to send us back i can't believe i've been hearing about this since i got here it's just insane. man shuffle.
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that's why people in classrooms like this one on the edge of rome hope the new government won't accomplish all that set out to do at least when it comes to migration. to football now in germany is national team has begun to arrive in northern italy for training ahead of the world cup and russia almost all twenty seven players in coach york in lives provisional squad will be there by the weekend but fans hoping to meet their favorite players are in for a bit of a letdown. german players want to relive this when they last won the world cup back in two thousand and fourteen final preparations to defend the title have started the team campaign epona in northern italy this was an emotional that it's finally starting it's at hand and you can get to work otherwise it's all in theory now we can come together and try to have both team spirit concentrated into detail for. most by munich players still have a few days off after their loss in the german cup final but goalkeeper manuel neuer
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is here and working on his comeback not everyone believes that he can pull it off. neuer or barcelona as mark andre testi it's not the only puzzle you all can do for have to solve before the world cup kicks off but one thing is clear germany is hungry for another title. in american football n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has announced that the league will find teens players on the field fail to stand during the national anthem before the start of a game that some players a chose to kneel during the anthem last year to protest police shootings of on armed the black men stirring controversy president donald trump criticized them for being unpatriotic the link will no longer require players to be on the field during the anthem a lot of them to remain in the locker room distinguish. here watching the news still to come germany's biggest lender georgia bank slashes more than seven
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thousand jobs to cut costs the c.e.o. says the step is necessary to restore profitability. gadabout first we'll have that story for you coming up in business in one minute. europe. in stars jersey performance of plenty. plenty of concerts every weekend the to live in concert. to deliberate plenty of places.


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