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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin north korea dismantles its nuclear test site ahead of a planned with the u.s. north korea carries out what it says is the demolition of the underground facility it's seen as a sign of goodwill from pyongyang to washington but doesn't really mean north korea is on the path to denuclearization. also coming up investigators say the missile used to shoot down flight m.h. seventeen over ukraine came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board died in the crash in two thousand and fourteen
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a passenger jet was headed from placer down to kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky. and german chancellor angela merkel visits trying there for two days of high stakes talks their interests appear to align over trade feuds with the u.s. and the wrong new group nuclear deal. i'm so mean so much going to get to have you with us north korea has blown up its only no nuclear test site according to reporters after the north invited a handful of international as well as journalists from south korea to the testing grounds in the remote region to witness the demolition independent nuclear weapons inspectors were not present north korean leader kim jong un pledged to close the test site after an historic summit between the korea in april. let's bring in journals josh smith who's standing by in seoul hi josh now we haven't received
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a visual evidence of this demolition but what can you tell us about these explosions. so what we've heard from the journalists on the scene there is that over the course of several hours today the north koreans took the media in just briefly into the mouth of some of the tunnel showed them that there were explosives there and then proceeded to systematically detonate those explosives apparently sealing several tunnels as well as demolishing a number of observation post barracks and other facilities that are around the site how far in for example that collapse goes is not entirely clear and it's something that international experts have raised questions about whether this is something that north korea can easily reverse josh it appears to be a significant move and pyongyang has insisted it will not give up nuclear weapons ahead of this some planned summit with u.s.
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president trump in a few weeks so why are we saying this demolition. well north korea late last year declared that its nuclear force was complete and north korea has basically said that it like other nuclear powers no longer needs to test its nuclear weapons says that there are operational so it's not entirely clear that this is any kind of a first step towards north korea actually giving up its nuclear arsenal that being said the move was welcomed as a way to lower tensions over its nuclear arsenal especially ahead of some of these key summits including potentially meeting between kim jong un and don't trump at the same time that nuclear arsenal has been north korea's bargaining chips are there possibly than other sites where north korea could still be developing nuclear weapons. that is something that many experts have raised concerns about as far as we know this is their only site this is where they've tested all six of
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their nuclear weapons that being said most experts do say that all of this basically comes down to north korea's intentions if they do want to reverse these moves then return to testing nuclear weapons or otherwise developing their program so far that's something that they could very easily do our correspondent josh smith of reporting from seoul thank you josh thank you to the netherlands now we're a team of investigators say the missile that brought down the malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen nearly four years ago was made in the rush on a base a military unit the passenger jet was headed from after that the kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed russia has always denied involvement in the downing of the jet here with this today let's get more on this story with our moscow correspondent emily sherwin is standing by for us hi emily what more can you tell us about the investigators findings. well the investigators
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today found that the book surface to air missile that brought down the m h seventeen in two thousand and fourteen was from a russian based military unit they even named that military unit they said it was the fifty third anti aircraft missile brigade which is based in the russian city of course so they used photo and video materials to find that out including from social media this information though is not is not all new in fact the investigative committee had already sort of pointed the finger of blame towards russia though not at the russian state they had already presented results from their investigation two years ago where they showed that the surface to air missile the book had had actually come from territory controlled by russian backed separatists at the time and they also already showed the route that that book kind
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of took from russia and back so what we see here today is basically more information more details about about that missile family as we said russia has always denied any involvement in the downing of this jet so has there been any reaction from russia to today's news. well there hasn't been any official reaction from the kremlin yet though we did hear from the russian ambassador to the e.u. . he called these findings today old news he said that this was a media narrative that had actually already been around since the beginning and since two thousand and fourteen what is true is that an investigative team of journalists belling cat already had pointed towards this fifty third. brigade and so in that sense he's right but also this kind of plays into the russian narrative that we've seen all along russia has always denied being involved they've
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said that actually the airplane was shot down from a different town then the investigators found a town that's thirty kilometers away from that town and that was actually in territory controlled by ukraine so they've kind of pointed the finger at ukraine and the ukrainian army they also have throughout this investigation presented their own evidence including by the company. who actually kind of created those those book missiles made those books and they've also always question the investigation itself and have have said that it's not objective. reporting for us from moscow thank you emily. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world yulia screwball has spoken out for the first time since she and her father a former russian spy were poisoned she said the nerve agent attack has turned her
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life upside down she also announced her hope to return to russia despite the u.k.'s claims that moscow was behind the assassination attempt. a us court as well the president cannot block twitter users who disagree with him from viewing his account seven plaintiffs sued trump after he used a feature on the social media site to block them the judge said that the president's account is a constitutionally protected public forum and a large lava lake has formed on hawaii's big island as molten rock continues to spew from volcanic fissures in the ground the killer way of al qaeda has been erupting for over twenty days now and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. german chancellor angela merkel is in china at a time when a bevy of international crises appear to be aligning the interests of both countries merkel had intended to focus her two day visit to beijing on open access to chinese markets and human rights but recent u.s. policy moves are revealing cracks in germany's longtime alliance with the u.s.
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pushing the iran nuclear deal and trade barriers to the top of her diplomatic checklist. in the. red carpets on the guard of honor in china at least the old rules of diplomacy still apply. the. good news for anglo american who amid card global headwinds is looking eastward for a friendly face on the way. from the iran nuclear deal to fending off u.s. trade tariffs. and find themselves side by side. you know. we have the view that we should be getting an unlimited exemption from these tariffs we are in discussions with the american government as the chinese government also is. there and we work together well in the area of
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steel within the framework of the g twenty steel forum and could really solve some of the problems. well we we agreed to maintain multi-lateralism and rules of free trade. so we agreed to promote trade liberalization and investment opportunities through the. chinese door is open to you for help and will be open even wider. for. the reception here is a far cry from merkel's report with another ally in. her encounters with president trump marked by all her body language and misunderstandings. perhaps no surprise then that merkel's foreign minister had little to show for his visit to washington yesterday with a compromise on iran said to be far off. back in china merkel spent the afternoon
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with president xi jinping pressing the case for strength in trade and a foreign line on the iran nuclear deal as she bolsters new alliances the german chancellor must tread carefully for fear of alienating the ones. italy's president has approved they contact the country's next prime minister content was put forward for the post by italy's two main populist parties the far right league and the anti establishment five star movement condy headed out for his first day in office a little known lawyer and political novice his appointment is designed to end weeks of political deadlock in his acceptance speech a promise to protect italians at home and abroad but said he was aware that he needed to honor european and international commitments a contest promise to form a government of change something many migrants and refugees in italy now see or.
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were. doing is learning italian through games like this one origin only from mali he comes to this school in eastern rome four times a week along with other migrants and refugees but that might change if the new italian government has its way. you know. students are definitely aware that something is changed here people are starting to give them strange looks are they getting a first hand experience of the shift in italian politics. the head of the right wing populist league party. wants to push through a hardline anti immigrant agenda as italy's next interior minister he and coalition partner luigi de mar you are from the five star party want to deport half a million migrants as part of the earth green mint but experts say that might not succeed they will try to feelings i don't think they will be able
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to do really effective things the common basis of these parties is these idea that they are both. parties. i do not expect. a very long longstanding cooperation after months of uncertainty there's a sense of relief among the general population polls suggest six in ten italians are ready to welcome a populist coalition government. gave that we've had very little substantial progress in politics over the last few years i hope this alliance if you can call it that will make a positive difference. also most tension that i feeling nervous about this. we're taking a big risk. on kevin i'm going to school my son i think i'll change is good italians have had enough of traditional politics and we haven't got much to show fours. and we don't yet. but many refugees in
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italy like to come out to and from mali have reason to feel uneasy no. i think it's crazy that they actually want to send us back i can't believe i've been hearing about this since i got here it's just insane. man shuffle. that's why people in classrooms like this one on the edge of rome hope the new government won't accomplish all it set out to do at least when it comes to migration. a reminder now of our top story. north korea. nuclear test site in the country's. borders on the. after between the two koreas. and investigators have said the missile that brought
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founding malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen nearly four years ago came from a russian military unit the passenger jet was shot down over eastern ukraine all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed. next washington wants to impose new tariffs on imported cars how will that affect your car industry. and we'll have that story. to. learn german with. any time any place. i need to. go in the. streets you special.


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