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place. to. visit g.w. news alive from bird land a spectacular turnaround at donald trump cancels a planned summit with north korea. is a tremendous setback. for north korea and it is a setback for the world's a big us president blames hostile statements from kim jong un for his decision we will ask an expert what the shock move needs for hopes of peace on the korean peninsula. also coming up how will china and europe react to washington's latest
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ploy germany's angela merkel is in china for talks with korea just the latest issues from being sprung on girl and in beijing to find an unpredictable white house we will bring you up to speed on day one american says it. and investigators say that the missile be used to shoot down a flight m.h. seventeen over a crane four years ago from a russian military doing all the few hundred and ninety eight people on board died in the crash of the moscow tonight as any involvement in the attacks. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has canceled a highly anticipated summit with north korea's kim jong un planned for next month trump blamed the decision on quote opening. hostility from pyongyang now that is
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despite goodwill gestures from the north korean side including the reported closure of a nuclear test site commenting on its decision trump warned against committing quote any foolish or reckless acts and said that the u.s. would continue to exert maximum pressure on king on kim jong un's versioning to begin by saying that based on the recent statement of north korea have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore in june twelfth well many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world i've spoken to general matters and the joint chiefs of staff in our military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the
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world that has been greatly enhanced recently as you all know is ready if this is sarah. claire richardson is standing by now with the latest reaction from washington claire what was the statement by north korea that donald trump was referring to there. hi sarah this statement in question was from north korea was referring to u.s. president vice me u.s. vice president mike pence as ignorant and stupid and that was in response to some comments that he made over the weekend in which he said that kim jong un could face an end like the libya model if you refused to make a deal now it's worth unpacking what that means the libya model why that would be seen as something that would elicit such a response from north korea if you remember where gadhafi government in libya back in early two thousand agreed with the george w. bush administration to give up its nuclear program and then years later we saw
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during the arab spring uprisings that this leader was brutally murdered by his own people and nato backed rebels and so kim jong un and the north korean a regime are looking at the libya model as a matter of in terms of how it stands for their own political survival they see that if you give up your nuclear weapons there is a chance you could meet the same fate as moammar gadhafi and so these comments from times are highly provocative and that is what prompted north korea to call them is stupid and trump said that this was the last straw but you know it's not unlike rhetoric that we have heard before from both sides we have to mention so what was really behind this cancellation and was trump simply not prepared for such a high stakes meeting. certainly a lot of the details still needed to be ironed out they had just set single poor as the possible location but lots of the nitty gritty items like how long it would take place who would be there all of the small items that are so important to the
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optics particularly to the north koreans really saw this as an opportunity to be seen on equal footing with the united states president and what would have been a historic meeting between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader all of that still has yet to be done and usually in this kind of meeting we see a lot of low levels of the at play first in which a lower level aides go and negotiate and try and set the terms preconditions instead of going straight for a high stakes leader to leader meeting of the kind that had been proposed so it could be that the united states and the donald trump felt that they were unprepared for the meeting many say that north korea would come out of this decision to not attend the summit looking like a more honest broker they had said they were willing to come to the table and now that trump has pulled out of of the coming possible talks could alienate american allies that they would need in future negotiations like south korea so let's let's drill into
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a little bit deeper what trump exactly had to say in his written statement and i'd like to just quote a bit of it for our viewers he writes the following sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used you know on the one hand here claire saying the north korea has lost a great opportunity but also seeming to say that the door is still open for talks so we're getting some mixed signals i think it's fair to say in this letter is the door really still open for talks at a later date. it doesn't seem like we would see any sort of high stakes talks at the level of a camera trump meeting it's interesting that after this letter came out trump also said he was waiting to see whether north korea would engage in what he calls
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constructive dialogue but again of course he's saying kim can pick up the phone and call me if he's willing to negotiate but it's actually trump who is stepping away from this meeting and it looks like the united states is prepared to go back to a maximum pressure campaign on north korea and that tensions are again rising claire richardson in washington thank you. and the united nations secretary general antonio led international leaders in expressing disappointment at the summit's cancellation i am deeply concerned by the cancellation of the claims meeting in singapore between the president united states so that we that of the democratic people's republic of. the bottoms to continue their dial to find the best to the peaceful and then foreigner who didn't realise asian is the korean peninsula. and this latest move by washington on
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north korea is sure to join a lengthy agenda in beijing where germany's angela merkel is meeting with chinese leaders merkel had intended to focus her two day visit to beijing on open access to chinese markets and human rights but recent u.s. policy moves are revealing cracks in germany's longtime alliance with the u.s. pushing global security issues to the top of her diplomatic checklist. brass bands red carpets and a guard of honor in china at least the old rules of diplomacy still apply. good news for anglo american who amid carbon global headwinds is looking eastward for a friendly face. from the iran nuclear deal to fending off u.s. trade tariffs belin and beijing find themselves side by side. we
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are of the view that we should be getting an unlimited exemption from these tariffs we are in discussions with the american government as the chinese government also is. and we work together well in the area of steel within the framework of the g twenty steel forum and could really solve some of the problems. well we we agreed to maintain multilateralism and rules of free trade. so we agreed to promote trade liberalization and investment opportunities to the. chinese door is open to you for help and will be open even wider better for. the reception here is a far cry from merkel's report with another ally.
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her encounters with president trump marked by all her body language and misunderstandings. perhaps no surprise then that merkel's foreign minister had little to show for his visit to washington yesterday with a compromise on iran said to be far off. back in china merkel spent the afternoon with president xi jinping pressing the case for strength in trade and a foreign line on the iran nuclear deal bolsters new alliances the german chancellor must tread carefully for fear of alienating the ones. that's investigators say that the missile that brought down malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen nearly four years ago came from a russian based military unit the passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed russia has rejected the investigators latest
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findings. they'd already established won't shut down the plane now for the first time dutch led investigators have determined the russian made broke a missile did originate in russia it's still the conclusion to goldman to birkdale a joint investigation team has concluded that the book missile that shot down i mean is seventeen came from the fifty third craft missile brigade based incur sc in russia. in the russian strait archie. the investigators laid out how they came to that conclusion using photos and videos taken by the public to discover crucial details and map out the missiles journey that journey tragically ended here in a field in eastern ukraine in territory held by pro russian separatists flight m.h. seventeen had taken off from amsterdam heading to the malaysian capital kuala lumpur it disappeared from radar screens four hours later over the village of. will
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two hundred ninety eight people on board lost their lives most of them dutch and as many as eighty children since that day in july twenty fourth scene investigators have been gradually piecing together the evidence they now want people to come forward to help identify who fired the missile. a lot of our work in the in the last years have been all the forensic work and all the work around the why of everything we found on the internet and now we are narrowing down and narrowing down to finding the perpetrators so she had this as a confident goal for the next phase but russia has repeatedly dismissed the findings of the investigation and blames ukraine for the incident and with moscow using its veto to block an international tribe you know any meaningful criminal trial looks unlikely. germany's national football team has begun to arrive in
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northern italy for their training camp ahead of next month's world cup in russia almost all twenty seven players in coach joachim nerves provisional squad will be there by the weekend all eyes on the fitness of goalkeeper manuel neuer who has not played in a competitive game since september because of a broken foot. german players want to relive this when they last won the world cup back in two thousand and fourteen final preparations to defend the title have started at the team camp and upon in northern italy this was an email that is finally starting at southampton you can get to work otherwise it's all in theory now we can come together and try to have both team spirit concentrated into detail . most by munich players still have a few days off after their loss in the german cup final but goalkeeper manuel neuer is here and working on his comeback not everyone believes that he can pull it off.
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neuer or barcelona as mark andre testi it's not the only puzzle your canoe full have to solve before the world cup kicks off but one thing is clear germany is hungry for another title. staying with football and istanbul's ataturk stadium has been chosen to host the twenty twentieth's champions league final the most watched annual sporting event in the world european football's governing body you a five made the decision at a meeting in kiev ahead of the season's final which takes place in the ukrainian capital on saturday when real madrid take on liverpool the english side were famously involved the last time that istanbul hosted a final producing one of football's great comebacks to beat ac milan in two thousand i you're watching news still to come on the program u.s. president donald trump threatens to impose a twenty five percent tariff on imported cars the announcement has left foreign car makers and european law makers on edge. all that more up with daniel winter
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after a very short break you're watching news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for joining us. global inequality. what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. the role of the media. joining the discussion and how to. digest as a global media following the twenty eighth. street by street. the most colorful.


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